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Special thanks to my editor Amela for her help.


The bricks were laid early. Her relationship with Lisa and the feelings for her daughter were the culmination of a series of occurrences. Renee’s marriage to Anna’s father didn’t go as she intended. She was a bystander to his monopolistic vision of the union. Renee never predicted that he would become the conservative and traditional figure after she tied the knot with him, later, gave birth to Anna. It became Renee and her daughter versus the husband and father of her baby girl. An outside mind might have deemed it a no brainer upon first look and now Renee had to get out of there. However, there was never any violence or fear of violence so the thought of leaving never garnered any serious contemplation in Renee’s mind.

More than anything, he suffered from extreme trust issues. Despite the girls’ opposition, he tried to keep a stranglehold on any liberties he could. As a coping mechanism, Renee secretly began to turn to the only arena he could not control: her fantasies. Their sex life was dull, unimaginative and the way it was since they began dating. It was devoid of any sort of role playing or elements to spice things up. Her mind became her only outlet to fill the void in her sex life. She pleasured herself to the idea of being with her own made up tales of adultery. Of seduction. Of forbidden desires and acts. Of other men.

And women.

The last time Renee flirted with the idea of being attracted to another woman was when she was still single. She was still in that weird phase of trying to discover her sexual identity. She toyed with liking women – in secret, of course. The female form was a beautiful thing to Renee. It signified new ideas and new possibilities. It was a lot gentler than a man’s body. Breast and pussy play were certainly two new intriguing options. However, these thoughts could never be explored as long as she was with her husband. He wouldn’t have it. That she was sure of.

But then Anna came out.

Renee was shocked at first and puzzled that she didn’t see it before, but was extremely accepting. Her secret thoughts about women certainly softened the blow for her. Anna’s father, however, did not share the same attitude. From then on, his actions were overtaken by irrationality. He blacklisted Anna. He condemned her for what he labelled as “unnatural stupidity.”

With the aid of her mother, Anna never gave into her father’s insults. She continued to stick to her guns and appear unfazed even when it wasn’t so inside. He eventually recognized he was not getting through.

So he gave up. In every sense of the word.

His departure was the best thing that could have happened to Renee. Sure, her life was rattled with uncertainty, but that seemed secondary. A whole new world opened up for her. In some strange way, Anna’s newly announced sexual awakening was a turning point in the mother’s own life. While she previously dangled with the abstract idea of lesbianism behind closed doors, Anna was a step toward dealing with it in a more substantive manner. The more Anna went through and relayed to Renee about her feelings, the more the mom came to terms with her own sexuality.

Eventually Renee arrived to the conclusion that she too was bi and, like her daughter had done some time ago, she came out to her. Anna was, of course, extremely supportive. Their new identities became a point of bonding for the two of them. In the post-father era, this was exactly what they needed to happen. The two of them became close. Really close. Topics of discussion now always revolved around Anna’s and Renee’s individual quests to find new mates.

The older female’s hunt proved to be very discouraging. For one, she felt by coming out at her current age she was already behind in the game. She questioned how many other women were in her exact situation and were also looking for love. She looked at her daughter and assumed there would be so much more out there for her. The lesbian bars and gay nightclubs did not house women who satisfied her in the ways she needed to be. Eventually, she was reduced to living out her own sexuality by hearing about Anna’s successes.

But this unfortunate situation produced a truly unexpected phenomenon.

In trying to exist vicariously through her daughter and maintaining a tight kinship with her, Renee began to realize that the woman for her was indeed this same girl!

Her own daughter: her lover.

It was so wrong. Renee’s awakening brought her some darker and foreign kinks, but incest was not one of them.

It became a feat for the mom to not stray on her desires. Anna had already matured into a good looking woman and, even in her age, Renee could pick out the appeal she had on other women and men. Tall, blonde, athletic. Nicely shaped and sized boobs that were not overly showy. She was very attractive!

Things were further complicated by the fact that the young girl valued her close relationship with her mom. Renee did not want to ruin this bond casino siteleri despite her thoughts that it would be best to separate herself from these feelings. It was the classic rock and a hard place dilemma. At the same time, for Anna’s sake, she did not want to alienate the girl. Reluctantly, she tried desperately to imprison and suppress her own needs so as to not spur any undesired responses from her daughter.


Enter Lisa.

Lisa came over a lot after school. Renee saw a lot of joy in their relationship. They would come through the door smiling, greet her with bubbly enthusiasm, then skip on upstairs to Anna’s room. They were regular BFFs. Girls being girls.

BFFs with benefits. Girlfriends being girlfriends.

This new twist in Renee’s jagged psyche picked at her. In one sense, she wanted to be happy that Anna had found a seemingly long-term mate. But she could not. Every little peck on the lips or display of affection jabbed at her. She had to add jealously to the list of harboured thoughts.

For the first time in their household, she began to spy on her own daughter. She’d peek in on her while she was sleeping and just dream that she could be alongside her. Whenever she did her laundry, Renee sniffed any piece of her undergarments and just dreamed about all naughty things that occurred under the fabric. She was floored at the thought of her own daughter’s sexuality.

It came to a point where her voyeurism extended to seeing Lisa and Anna in the middle of the act. Renee benefitted by the fact that the two were always together and quite frequently at the house. Often times when the pair would close their door, she’d have to supplement the sounds with her own imagination. In rare occasions, the couple allowed her a peak through a tiny crack in the not quite closed entrance. Watching their young, fit bodies converge was such a turn on for the mom. She entertained her own libido while her daughter and her very dear friend tickled their own senses.


One afternoon, the three women were having coffees in the family room. Anna and Lisa were relaying comical stories to Renee about the ways they tease and then deny perverted guys hoping to get in on a threesome with them. The conversation had them all in stitches. The young lesbian couple again appeared so natural with one each other Very comfortable. Renee could not help but stare and study them with envy.

Anna excused herself to the little girl’s room. Renee watched her until she disappeared out of room. She had the hottest tennis skirt and tanned legs on display.

“I’ve seen you, Renee.” That line from Lisa broke the woman’s gaze.

Renee cocked her head and lowered her eyebrows. “What?”

“I’ve seen you, Renee,” The girl repeated.

Her eyes widened a bit. Not too much, though. Let’s just see what she had seen. Oh, she couldn’t know. She laughed and shook her head. “I still don’t know what you’re talking about dear.”

“It was so obvious from the start; you really got careless in hiding it. And the extended looks, the ogling…”

How could she be so stupid?! In watching them, she was not watching herself. She knew that sometimes she could be so open when staring at the two lovers, but she was hoping it would never catch up to her. It was all over.

Or so she thought.

The girl continued with the mom’s seemingly impending condemnation. “I mean, Renee, I’m so flattered and quite frankly really relieved!”

Wait. What?!

“Don’t worry…I won’t tell Anna that you have a thing for me.” She winked. “It’ll be our little secret, yay!”

The girl had put two and two together and came up with eleven! Renee could not believe it! She faced a situation here. Obviously she could not deny what she was saying.

There was only one option. A completely nonsensical one, but it was an option nonetheless.

At that moment it all clicked for Renee. Lisa was the key! That’s how she would get close to Anna without getting close to her. Lisa’s pledge to confidentiality sealed it too. And it would not be like Lisa was just a toy in all this. At least, Renee did not think it was. Lisa was a very beautiful and sexy girl in her own right. Dark skin, curly black hair, a body that was slightly more full than Anna. And that ass! So big and tight! Anna had scored quite the catch.

And so had Renee.

It was irrational and Renee knew it. She was afraid of the consequences of admitting an incestuous attraction to her daughter, yet she was engaged in an act that would garner just as equally devastating and scarring results. Yet the only way Renee could counter the sting of not being with her daughter was to get close to the closest person to her. Lisa became the substitute. Obviously not the real thing, but certainly comparable.

When she smelled her, she hoped to gather another whiff of her daughter’s remaining odour.

When she kissed her, she was conscious that indirectly she now had kissed.

When she fucked her, she felt connected to her in slot oyna the sense that she had been where Anna had been.

The dinner table housed many games of footsie. The living room featured much mental undressing and reciprocal ogling. They dressed to impress each other.

It became a game for the two of them to express themselves as much as they could in front of Anna without her finding out what was going on. Wherever and whenever they ran out situations up in the open, they resorted to the arenas behind closed doors. The bathroom became a much frequented convening place of the lips. If it was estimated Anna would be out of the room for a substantial enough time, they would take that chance. Because it was all just that.


Lisa and Renee both enjoyed one act in specific. After spending the night in Anna’s embrace, Lisa would sneak off into her mother’s bed. They both were exhilarated by the thrill of sneaking behind Anna’s back and fucking in the next room, yet knew the consequences. The oblivious girl could wake and find her mate missing. Moreover, at the end of the session, both Lisa and Renee had to remember to cover up the musk of the other person’s body.

But the mom enjoyed this night prowling for an additional reason. She was elated by the idea that her girlfriend came to her fresh after fucking her daughter. THIS would truly be the closest she could get to Anna without being physically close to her. The knowledge of this ALWAYS produced the best sex.

It was all a cycle.

Anna unknowingly got Renee going and knowingly got Lisa going.

Renee got Lisa going.

Lisa got Renee and Anna going.

As long as the passion emitted from each individual never waned, all their needs would be satisfied to the utmost degree.

This is where we came in.

Renee made sure she was always horny by carefully confiding in Lisa to aid her to change her own needs. She spun it so it was a friendly discussion about the obvious thing that unites them: Anna. Specifically, Renee wanted her daughter to show off even more skin than she already had. Even though the girls were close family members, the mom was not quite convinced that her daughter would react well if she herself told her to dress in skimpier skirts. Thus, she had to manipulate Lisa, a more acceptable character, to do her bidding. She fielded in a way so she made sure they were in agreement about the girl’s appearance. In the end, it worked! Much to her mom’s elation, Anna was showing off her smooth, statue-like legs a lot more.

While it seemed like Renee’s intentions and motivations with purely physical and superficial, she did develop a deep liking to Lisa. Nay, she loved her. She was in great love with her in every sense of the word.

Renee admired Lisa’s confidence and character most of all. She had a beautiful body and she knew exactly what to do with it. Lisa came out of the closet a full five years before Renee and her daughter so she was very experienced. She was seasoned in dealing with other women. In the bedroom she was a domineering individual. Despite being older, Renee gladly stepped back and let the much younger girl take the lead. Lisa knew a lot of things. She taught her what women loved. She showed her the proper way to eat out and the proper way to finger another woman. Despite her demanding way in the bedroom, she emphasized the importance in attending to certain needs and feelings. She highlighted the need for precision and care. The payoff in the end would be maximal reward of what these things were tended to.

She figured that this was what Anna was attracted to as well. Their relationship must have consisted of the same dynamic. Lisa as the loving dominatrix sat atop this twisted love pyramid and presided over both mother and daughter. They were her bitches.

Of course, it was all driven by love.

This new dimension messed things up further. Renee now risked hurting two people she cared about deeply. She had fallen in love with lovers. Oi! Lisa was in this position too so how was she dealing with this?! She desperately wanted to ask her but that was certainly out of the question.


One night Lisa and Renee lay in bed after a session. It was the umpteenth time they had done this: sneaking out of Anna’s room and into her mom’s. Yet with the thoughts of guilt still brewing, Renee could not get into it like all the other n minus one times.

“I have a confession to make.”

Lisa sat up. “What?”

She came out and said it. “There’s someone else…”

Lisa went hysterical. “I knew it, I knew it…something didn’t feel right but I just didn’t want to admit it. Something changed with you.”

“Yes, I started loving you.”

Lisa was taken aback by the answer. Never would she have expected a response like that. “What? What the hell are you talking about?”

“I started to get attached to you and then I got guilty. I can’t keep playing with two lives anymore.”

Lisa paused to think of her own self and the resonance canlı casino siteleri that line had with her. After a moment, she asked the inevitable question. “Who is she?”


My daughter.

My pride and joy.

My obsession.

She had so many names for her. She just needed one right now. There was a ball in her throat. With one short answer she’d seal her fate. Naturally, her mind shot to the worst case and at the moment, most likely scenario. If she told Lisa this now, Anna would find out.

Then she’d be blacklisted.




Just a sicko freak.

“Your girlfriend…the other one.”

They sat there in silence for a clichéd eternity while the words were processed. For the first time in her life, Renee followed up on the expression of “hold your breath.” She continued with his pessimistic mentality and waited for her complaint. “Well…?! Say something….”



“Yes. I am OK with it.”

“You are?”

“Yeah. I realized that I’m doing the exact same thing too so I really can’t judge you on this one.”

“Really? Hmm.” She laughed. “You are taking this a lot better than I expected.”

“I guess I realized I was using you and Anna. When the idea of being able to bang two beauties at the same time…both mom and daughter…without both of them knowing I was…I couldn’t resist.”

“So you’re not going to tell Anna then?”

It was Lisa’s turn to laugh. “About you? And us?” She giggled. “That wouldn’t be my place Ms. Candle. I leave that up to you.”

Renee offered no response to that statement.

Lisa rightfully interpreted her non-response as reluctance. “You are going to tell her, right?”

“I don’t know…” It was not a copout answer because she genuinely did not know if she would. If she even could.

How does a mom break it to her own daughter that she is in romantic love with her?

How does a mom break it to her daughter that she is also in romantic love with her very serious girlfriend?

How does a mom break it to her daughter that she has been using said girlfriend to try to get close to said daughter without being close?

And lastly, how does a mom break it to her daughter that she has been sneaking (and sleeping) around with said girlfriend?

This was a mess.

Lisa peeled off the covers and directed herself to the door. “Well, you’re going to have to. It’s going to eat you up inside if you don’t.”

It already was.


She was reminded of the less than appealing images of the maggots in The Wall. Pink had it easy. He may have had overbearing mother issues, but at least he was not harbouring incestual feelings for her.

Hey you. Out there in cold, getting lonely, getting old. Can you feel me?

From that point on, meaningful contact between Renee and Lisa ceased. The ogling stopped. The sneaking around halted. The sex was non-existent.

Lisa refused to bring up the discussion of Anna. On her end, all that needed to be said was said already. Renee became really isolated. She was unable to talk about this whole debacle with the one person she could talk without immediate repercussions. Lisa, of course, was withholding her bond with the mom in order to force the woman out of inaction.

The walls were up.

It was certainly trying. Renee had to endure the young couple’s bubbly and flirtatious ways in silence and in heartbreak.

Then the trio elected to go out for dinner one evening. It was Anna’s idea. It was bad enough that she had to watch them together. It was even worse when Renee was left alone with either one of them as the other used the restroom. For different reasons she could not speak to either one. At least, speak to them to voice what she wanted (and needed) to say. She was too reserved to address her own daughter. Her daughter’s (and technically still her own?) girlfriend would not have anything of her.

Yet she still waited for the worms.


Anna was ecstatic to have Lisa over tonight. Renee? Well, Renee was dreading seeing them together.

She herself answered the door. On the other side of the threshold was a beautiful young lady. Lisa had straightened her hair so it was now shoulder-length. She wore all black, from her halter top to her ankle boots. She looked amazing. And the young couple looked amazing in their embrace. Renee could only feel that Lisa was trying to stick it to her in her lustful hold on Anna. Her cryptic eyes reminded her of what she missing.

Once the trio moved into the dining area, Renee shrugged off those feelings and smiled for the camera. “So, what do you girls have planned tonight?”

Anna giggled. “Oh you know, girls’ night: ice cream, movies, boy talk.” She looked at her partner as they both smiled in synchronicity. “OK, maybe not that last one!”

“You’re so silly sometimes!” The black girl said while giving her girlfriend a peck on the lips. She was trying to force Renee into action.

Renee couldn’t watch so she excused herself to bring the food out from the kitchen. Lisa insisted on helping her. Upon entering the room, Lisa shoved the older woman against the counter and kissed her passionately and forcefully.

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