Breed Me Big Brother Chapter 3: Little Sister Bred and Loved

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Breed Me Big Brother
(An Incestuous Harem Story)
Chapter Three: Little Sister Bred and Loved
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

I trembled as I trudged behind President Carver through the halls of my college. All the pleasure, the delightful rapture of my naughty sex with my big brother had died into trembling terror. My stomach writhed and swirled, and a cold sweat broke out across my skin. My heart palpitated in my chest.

How could I be so stupid?

Why did I think having sex with my brother in the middle of my college’s cafeteria was a good idea? I just wanted to have the wildest, kinkiest sex possible. My friend Jenny suggested that to be bred by my brother, I needed to have the hottest sex I could. But since I was a part of my big brother’s harem, I had naughty sex all the time.

Threesomes. Eating creampies. Anal. Ass to mouth. Sex toys. Nursing breast milk. We had sex in every possible position: doggy style, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, standing up, bent over tables and chairs and couches, my legs thrown over his shoulders, and so much more. I needed something special. Something different.

I needed to fuck him in public. Taking risk that our illegal, incestuous relationship could be discovered was the hottest and kinkiest type of sexy my older sister, Zoey, and her girlfriend, Stefani, could think of.

And it was so hot and kinky. It was amazing to be impaled on my brother’s cock while looking like a little sister just sitting on my brother’s lap. Everyone at my college knew I acted like a little girl. I dressed like I was eight instead of nineteen, I kept my light-brown hair in pigtails, I wore tights and girlish skirts. My petite body helped sell it. I just like being his little princess, to hold his hand, to act so childish, and then to be fucked so hard by him.

I squirmed on his lap, stirring his dick around in my cunny. But by the end, we were both so lost to it, he was fucking me up and down his cock. I was cumming over and over, my hot cunny milking his shaft, so eager for his jizz to fire into me.

Then he erupted into me. I had one moment of utter joy as I felt my big brother breeding me.

And then President Carver caught us.

“Clint, Alicia,” he growled, his voice a deep, rumbling menace, “come with me.”

He had trembled over us, his face molted red with such a deep anger at us. My lusts had wilted as I climbed off my brother’s cock. His cum leaked out of my cunny, soaking my tights. I had a hole cut into them so I could keep them on and help sell that we weren’t having sex.

Melody, Pam, and Lee—our half-sisters—gave us suck looks of panic. Clint just put his cock away and stood up like a man, back straight, arms at his side, his strong jaw tense. He faced the president without flinching.

“Now!” growled the president which made me squeak.

My brother took my hand and we followed.

I tried to take strength from Clint’s grip, but it was so hard. We were brother and sister. It was illegal in the State of California for us to have sex. And since my big brother was two years older than me, he’d be in so much trouble. My breath came faster and faster. They’d think he molested me. He’d be a sexual predator and they would take him away from the family and how could I be so stupid and an idiot and I ruined everything and—

Clint squeezed my hand as I gasped and shuddered, on the verge of hyperventilating as the panic surged through my body. I looked up at him, pushing up my glasses as his strong, dark eyes seized me. I shivered as he gave me a brief smile.

He was calm.

Shouldn’t he be terrified?

But he wasn’t. He… he looked in control. He pulled out his phone in his other hand, unlocking the screen, manipulating it. For a moment, my fear vanished as curiosity surged through me. What was he doing? Was he texting someone? He finished and stuck his phone in his pocket as we kept following President Carver through the halls.

I glanced at the man in charge of our college. He trembled, his shoulders tense. He clenched his hands over and over. He was a tall, balding man wearing a cheap suit. He glanced back at us, hazel eyes hard behind his glasses. He licked his lips, his face a deep red, almost a puce.

We reached the school’s front office fast at his marching pace. He stalked passed the secretary’s desk. The older woman stared at us, her head following as we walked by her desk, pursing her ruby lips together. Her chair creaked and I could feel her judging eyes on us. She knew we were in trouble.

I squirmed. More of my brother’s cum leaked out of my depths. Another wave of fear washed through me. I squeezed my brother’s hand so hard. How could Clint be so calm? How did he think he would get away with this?

I’d ruined everything.

President Carver threw open the door to his office, motioning us to enter. He glowered at us both, his hazel eyes boring into me. I shrunk and pressed myself against my brother. I just wanted him to hold me.

“It’ll be okay, Princess,” Clint whispered as we entered the small office, shelves on the wall covered in books on education, several degrees framed and hanging on the wall proclaiming the president’s credentials. He had a large desk covered in paperwork, two chairs on one side, his much larger chair on the other.

I gingerly sat down, feeling the cum soaking into the back of my skirt. I let go of my big brother’s hand, folding mine across my lap. I sat there, head bowed, my pigtails swaying down my blouse. Another sickening writhe went through my guts.

President Carver sat down across from us. He folded his hands before him, leaning forward to glare at us both. I wanted to whimper. Clint just sat there unconcerned. He even had a slight smile on his face. He looked more in control of himself than our president. His lower jaw quivered.

“Clint, do you understand how much trouble you’re in?” President Carver demanded. “Even if she wasn’t your sister, you would be in serious trouble. In the middle of the cafeteria? What sort of perversion led you to do that with your own sister. In public. At your college?”

Clint just arched an eyebrow, not answering.

The president drew in a deep breath. “Son, you understand that I have to notify the police. Unlike your… relationship with your two cousins, this is illegal.” He shook his head. “And to do it in public… What were you thinking, son? You’re not only getting expelled, but you’re going to be arrested.” He reached for the phone. “I don’t understand how you could do this. I’ve heard rumors about you. The things you’ve had your cousin, Lee, perform. In the restroom. In her locker room. I’ve never been able to prove… any of it. But now I got you.”

“I’ve heard rumors about you, too, President Carver,” Clint said, his voice even.

The older man’s hand froze on the phone’s receiver. “W-What?”

“That you like to fuck your students.” Clint pulled out his phone. He swiped his screen, a picture appearing. “That’s you, right? Fucking Leyla Umayyah in her mother’s classroom. You’re just ramming that cock into her nineteen-year-old cunt, aren’t you? That’s a good shot.”

President Carver’s jaw dropped. The puce from his face melted into pale fear.

Clint swiped the screen. “And is that you and Kimmy Myers? Oh, and here’s you and Kendra Cooke. And you’re getting a titty fuck from Izzy Carter and her big boobs. I bet that felt nice.”

“H-How did you get those?” choked the president.

“You didn’t know Mrs. Umayyah has webcams set up in her classroom?” Clint asked. “And I bet you didn’t realize I knew her husband. I know how much you pay him to fuck his daughter, wife, and his other three whores.”

The president inhaled.

“So… why don’t we just ignore what each other does?” Clint gave him such a big grin while hope surged through me. My big brother was dominating the president. He felt like he was in charge here. He was in charge. The older man squirmed and melted. “You have your fun with Leyla and Mr. Umayyah’s other whores, and I’ll have my fun with my cousins and little sister.”

“Y-You can’t do that… in the cafeteria.”

“Fair enough,” my big brother nodded. “So we understand each other, President Carver?”

“Yes,” croaked the president.

“Well, you have a good day, sir,” Clint said, standing up. “Shall we, Princess?”

I nodded my head, just so shocked that this happened. I took his hand and followed him out of the room, a smile growing on my lips. I stared up at my big brother. He just… dominated the head of our college with no effort.

“That was awesome, big brother,” I gasped the moment we left the office. “You’re amazing!”

He grinned at me, giving my hand a squeeze.

“How did you get those pictures? How did you even know he was fucking Leyla and the others?”

“I fuck Mrs. Umayyah from time to time,” Clint said. Mrs. Umayyah was an Arab professor with big tits. “I met her husband after he found about his wife’s… whorish behavior. We talked. Later, I recommended to Mr. Umayyah an understanding gynecologist when his daughter Leyla became pregnant.”

“Jenny’s mom?” I asked.

“Jenny’s mom,” agreed Clint.

She was our family’s gynecologist. And since she was pregnant with her son’s child, well, she understood incest. I had no idea my brother was so well networked. But then Lee mentioned he’d fucked Mrs. Umayyah at that gangbang a few months ago starring Leyla and her fellow whores.

“Did you like what we did?” I asked him.

“Princess, it was so worth getting in trouble.” He winked at me. “But if you’re going to be bad, it helps to have a way out, doesn’t it?”

I beamed at him.


My pee flowed out of me, splashing on the end of the stick. It felt so strange doing this, having my hand shoved between my legs as I urinated. It felt weirder than peeing on Lee or Aunt Cheryl. They were both humiliation casino oyna sluts and let Clint just do whatever he wanted to them. He degraded them, and they loved it.

My urine stream died as I lifted the pregnancy test. It was two weeks since our hot sex in the cafeteria. My period was a day late. I knew it didn’t mean I was pregnant, but I just couldn’t resist using a pregnancy test. Jenny’s mom told me they were very accurate. The hormone they detected was only found in pregnant women.

Now I just had to wait.

I hated waiting.

I glanced at my naked form in the mirror, my breasts small, budding mounds. I could hardly cup them. My nipples were pink and small, little areolas with two hard, puckered points thrusting from their centers. My eyes trailed down my slender waist, lacking any curves like a young girl instead of a nineteen year old, down to the tight slit of my freshly shaved twat. It looked like such a yummy cunny.

“Come on,” I muttered, staring at the little display. My body trembled more and more. I didn’t like waiting. “Show me something.”

My heart thundered louder and louder in my chest. My breath came faster. I let out a whimpering whine as the stress built and built in me. It ratcheted my skin so tight with every moment, like my heart was working a crank on a mechanism that squeezed me flesh about my body until I thought I would explode and—

A pink line appeared.


“Big brother!” I shrieked.

I burst out of the bathroom and darted for the master bedroom. It was Sunday morning. I heard moaning and gasping coming from the bedroom. I burst in to find my mom on her hands and knees on the rumpled bed. At three months pregnant, she was just starting to show with a cute baby bump curving her belly. Her large tits swayed and bounced beneath her as Clint fucked her hard. She moaned, slamming her hips back into my big brother’s strokes. His muscular body rippled as he grunted, slamming his hips forward, taking her so hard.

“Big brother!” I shrieked and threw myself on the bed beside them. I thrust the pregnancy test before his face. “Look! Look!”

He froze in mid-thrust into our mother’s pregnant pussy, his hands clutching at her waist. He blinked at the sight, his forehead furrowed. Then his gaze shot down to my flat stomach. His eyes widened. Something twinkled in them.

“You mean…?”

I nodded my head with such eager energy.

“You’re pregnant?”

“Super pregnant, big brother!” I bounced on the bed, the springs creaking. “You bred me, big brother!”

Then I threw my arms around his neck, holding him tight, and rained kisses across his face. I smooched every bit of his strong face: his bold chin, his strong cheekbones, his straight jawline, his wide temple.

This was so amazing. My heart pounded in my chest. I was finally pregnant with my big brother’s baby. It was so exciting. The hot sex in the cafeteria totally worked. This was the best way to start the new year!

Me, pregnant!

“Oh, honey, that’s wonderful,” Mom said, crawling off my brother’s cock. She turned around, dyed-blonde hair spilling about her face. She had such a huge smile on her face as she engulfed us both, celebrating in the miracle of her son breeding her daughter. Her soft breasts pressed against me. “This is amazing. I get to be a grandmother again.”

“I know,” I squealed then kissed my big brother on the mouth. I shuddered, my hand sliding down his body to stroke his wet cock.

He was soaked in Mommy’s juices. I writhed in delight, my tongue dueling with my brother’s. I shivered as Mom’s hand stroked down my sleek back to my tush. She gave my rump a squeeze as she kissed at my shoulder, her lips so wet.

I shuddered at the feel of her body pressing against my back. She was such a loving mother; my brother’s submissive sex slave. Once, she was Dad’s sex slave, but with his passing, Clint stepped up as the man of the house in every way.

I shivered as Mom’s fingers slid between my butt-cheeks. She caressed up and down my crack, brushing my sphincter. I whimpered at the delight of her touch. It made such a tingly delight surge through me as she stroked my asshole.

I broke the kiss. “Oh, big brother, I need to thank you!”

“For fucking you?” he asked, sounding amused, a smile playing on those strong lips.

“For putting a baby in me!” Tears burned in the corners of my eyes.

I dragged my hands down his chest, my lips kissing at his neck then his collar bone. I wiggled, pressing my hips back into Mom. She moved back to let me bend over before my brother, still playing with my asshole. She sent such naughty tingles racing to my juicy pussy as my lips savored the feel of my brother’s muscles beneath his skin. I moved lower and lower, wiggling my hips, my cunny growing wetter and wetter.

My pregnant cunny!

“Princess,” he groaned as I reached his stomach, kissing past his six-pack until I nuzzled at his dark pubic hair.

“Going to love you so much!” I moaned. “You’re so awesome, big brother.”

“Mmm, she’s a good little sister, isn’t she, Master?” purred Mom, her finger wiggling into my asshole.

“Yes, she is,” big brother answered as I sucked in a deep breath, savoring the digit probing into my rectum.

As the pleasure burned out of my asshole to my juicy pussy, I reached his shaft. I kissed up it, tasting our mother’s spicy juices, trickles of my cream ran down my thighs. Mom tasted so good. I loved it. My tongue flicked out and gathered more and more of the naughty flavor as I climbed up his thick dick.

This dick bred me.

I reached the tip, nuzzling at it. I sucked it into my mouth, sliding my lips over it. My asshole clenched down on my mother’s probing finger. I whimpered and shuddered. My hips wiggled from side-to-side. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked so hard on his dick. I bobbed my mouth on his cock, my tongue sliding around his shaft.

Gathering more of those yummy juices. It was so naughty sucking my mother’s juices off my big brother’s dick. To share in the incestuous passion of our kinky family. I stared up at my big brother, seeing the pleasure crossing his face.

He grabbed my pigtails, holding them like handlebars. I whimpered, squirming, feeling so naughty.

“That’s it, Princess,” he groaned, pleasure rippling across his face. “Show me how much you love me.”

I sucked so hard.

“She loves you so much, Master,” Mom moaned, her finger pumping faster and faster in my asshole.

“Lick her cunt, slut,” he growled. “Lick my princess’s cunt and make her purr.”

“Yes, Master.”

I shuddered and moaned about my brother’s dick as Mom nuzzled into my pussy. Her lips felt so hot as she kissed and nibbled on my tight silt. Then her tongue slid through my folds, teasing me. My toes curled as the pleasure surged through me.

My asshole clamped down on her finger.

I whimpered in delight.

Clint tightened his grip on my hair. He growled, thrusting his cock forward, fucking my mouth. I shuddered, relaxing as he held my pigtails. I stared up at him, loving him as our mother devoured my pussy. She fluttered her tongue through my pregnant depths.

I was pregnant!

Her tongue danced and swirled through my cunny, stimulating me. Her finger reached so deep into my asshole, wiggling around. The two pleasures surged through my body. I moaned so loudly about my big brother’s cock fucking into my mouth, brushing the back of my throat.

“That’s it, Princess,” he groaned. “Don’t fight your big brother. Be a good, little sister and swallow my dick.”

I would be the best little sister in the world.

His cock slammed into the back of my throat. I relaxed it, swallowing his dick. He pressed it down my gullet, stretching out my esophagus. I moaned about it, his balls smacking into my chin, so full of his wonderful spunk.

Mom’s tongue lapped harder at my pussy as Clint drew back his cock. Then he slammed it into me. It made me feel so wanton to be used by my big brother. To be fucked by him. My glasses slipped on my nose as he rammed his cock over and over down my throat, fucking me so hard.

I whimpered and moaned, drool leaking out of my mouth. I wiggled my hips, my orgasm building in me. Mom’s tongue brushed my clit at the start of her every lick, my asshole squeezing down on her wiggling finger every time.

“That’s it, Princess,” he grunted. “That’s how you love your big brother.”

“You’re doing so good, honey,” moaned Mom. “Mmm, yes, please him. Worship him.”

She jammed her tongue deep into my pregnant cunny. My toes curled again. Pleasure swept through me. I moaned louder, shuddering on the bed. My fingers dug into the rumpled sheets. I breathed in his musk every time he buried his cock down my throat, his wiry bush tickling my nose.

I shuddered, wiggling my hips as the pressure swelled in my cunt. I sucked so hard on his dick, moaning to pleasure him. I gave him such humming bliss. I groaned and gasped, the dual delights swirling through my nethers.

“Princess!” Clint growled and buried his dick down my throat.

I whimpered as his dick pulsed. I felt his cum spurting out of him, shooting straight into my belly. It warmed my stomach. Waves of naughty delight fluttered down to my pussy filled with my mom’s wicked tongue.

Pleasure surged through my body. My orgasm rippled out of me. My juices squirted into Mom’s mouth. I whimpered and moaned, more and more of my big brother’s cum pumped into my stomach. My asshole writhed about my mother’s fingers.

“Oh, Master, I made her cum so hard!” moaned Mom. “Mmm, she taste so good and fresh. I loved it.”

“And I think you deserve a reward, Mommy-slut,” Clint groaned as he pulled out his dick from my mouth.

I sucked in deep breaths, panting, more drool running down my chin. My entire body buzzed in delight. I licked my lips then flicked the tip of my big brother’s cock. I gathered a drop of cum beading at the tip, loving the canlı casino salty taste.

“Princess, why don’t you thank our Mommy-slut and give her a nice orgasm.”

“Yes, big brother,” I said, my voice a little hoarse. My body shuddered as Mom pulled her finger out of my asshole.

I turned around on my hands and knees. Mom stretched out on the bed. I smiled as she popped her finger, fresh from my butthole, into her mouth. She shuddered, her big, pillowy tits jiggling, as she sucked on it. The sight of her moving breasts drew me to her tattoo. She had a triangle drawn over her heart with the letter C at the top point, and the letters C and V at the bottom corners. Top C for Clinton, my dead father, and the other two letters for Cheryl and Vicky, her and my aunt’s names.

It was so beautiful. Symbol that they would always be our father’s. Our brother was just… borrowing them. He was taking care of them after our father’s passing.

I sucked in a deep breath, emotion almost overwhelming me. And then I felt my big brother’s hands squeezing my ass. Mom let out a wanton moan, her thighs parting to show off her thick, black bush hiding the very pussy that birthed me.

I had to make her cum.

With a moan of pure glee, I buried my face into her pussy. I reveled in the silky feel of her pubic hair kissing my cheeks and chin. They caressed me as my tongue lapped through her spicy folds, tasting her incestuous juices. I shoved three fingers into her cunt, loving the feel of returning to her twat.

“Oh, yes, play with your Mommy-slut’s naughty cunt,” Mom moaned, squeezing her big tits.

“Thank you for making me cum, Mommy-slut,” I said and then flicked my tongue on her clit.

Her pussy clenched down on my fingers. Her pussy walls felt so silky against them. I whimpered as my big brother’s dick nudged at the pussy he bred. I shuddered, wiggling my hips as he pressed into my depths. My cunny squeezed down on him as he slid deeper and deeper into my pregnant snatch.

I moaned in delight when he bottomed out in me. I loved being full of my big brother’s cock. His heavy balls rested on my clit. I was so glad he took one of the super Viagra pills his sex slave, Mrs. Hiragawa, procured through her drug store. It was the only way Clint could keep his harem of naughty sisters and horny mothers satiated.

“Ooh, fuck your princess, Master,” Mom moaned, her hips wiggling as I pumped my fingers in and out of her hot snatch.

I whimpered as he drew back his hips and slammed them back into my cunny. His balls smacked my clit. Pleasure shuddered through me. I groaned and wiggled my hips, stirring my pussy around his cock as he pulled back and thrust in again. And again. And again.

I moaned about my mom’s clit, churning her cunt to a froth as my big brother fucked me. I shuddered, loving this moment. His dick in me. My mom’s pubic hairs kissing my lips and cheeks. My fingers plunging in and to of her cunt. His balls thwacking into my clit. It sent such incestuous delight through my body.

I felt so loved. So cared for.

“Princess,” he groaned, his strong hands roaming my back and sides, caressing me with his calloused touch. I shivered, my cunny clamping down on his dick.

I thrust a fourth finger into Mom’s cunt, pumping them out as hard and fast as Clint fucked me. She groaned, her hands squeezing those big tits. Her stomach heaved before me, taut with the start of her baby bump.

My brother or sister grew inside of her. And my nephew or niece. I shuddered at how naughty that was. I fingered our mother’s pregnant pussy. My big brother had bred us both. I shivered, my hips undulating from side-to-side, stirring that amazing cock around inside of me.

His balls smacked into my clit. Pleasure sparked through me every time. My cunny tightened on his thrusting dick, increasing the silky friction. My toes curled and my rump clenched. Such pleasure rippled through me every time. My brain drank it in like a plant guzzled warm sunlight.

“Oh, Master, fuck your princess!” Mom moaned.

“Is she making your cunt feel good, Mommy-slut?” Clint asked, his hands sliding around my sides to cup my small tits.

My nipples throbbed as Mom moaned, “Yes, yes, yes, she’s stretching out my nasty cunt so well. Your princess is going to make me cum! Thank you for letting me cum, Master!”

Clint pinched my nipples and fucked me harder, grunting, “Enjoy yourself, whore.”

“I am!” Mom moaned as I sucked on her clit.

I loved our family.

I shoved my four fingers deep into my mom’s juicy snatch. Then I curled them. She shuddered, her dark eyes staring past her pillowy tits as I formed a fist in her cunt. She whimpered, her flesh squeezing down down on my hand. She whimpered, sounding like she was so eager to be fisted.

I punched my hand clenched deep into her pussy, stretching out her pregnant depths. She bucked so hard, her tits jiggling as I buried into the depths of her naughty cunt. My own cunny shivered about my big brother’s dick as pleasure exploded from Mom’s lips.

“Oh, yes, Alicia!” she gasped. “Oh, that’s how you pleasure your Mommy-slut’s whorish cunt. Ooh, yes, fist me so hard! Fist me while my Master fucks your pregnant cunt!”

“Mmm, yes, Mom,” I moaned and nipped her clit.

She bucked, her cunt clamping down on my fist as I punched it over and over into her depths. Her pussy swallowed my hand and wrist, her juices coating my flesh. I shuddered, my cunt clamping down on my brother’s dick as he fucked me harder and harder. His balls smacked into my clit, his crotch into my rump.

I rocked back into his thrusts as I fisted our mother. I lifted my face from her twat, her cream dripping off my chin, and savored the sight of my hand punching into her depths. Her pussy lips were stretched about my wrist and forearm, swallowing it over and over.

“Ooh, yes, Mommy-slut,” I moaned. “Take it! Take my fist in your nasty cunt!”

“It feels so good, Alicia!” she moaned, her legs twitching. She dug her fingers deep into her tits. “You’re going to make my pussy explode! I need it! I want it so badly! Oh, yes, Alicia! Please, please, make me erupt!”

“I will, Mommy-slut!” I moaned. “I’ll make you cum so hard! You’re going to erupt. You’re going to thrash on the bed. Yes, yes, yes! You’re such a naughty whore!”

As my orgasm swelled in my depths, I kept pumping my fist over and over into her cunt. I loved the feel of her hot flesh around me. And big brother’s hard flesh in me. His dick pumped away so hard at my pregnant cunny. He grunted and groaned as he enjoyed me, his fingers massaged my nipples in circles, zapping electricity down to my pussy.

“Princess!” he groaned. “I want to feel that cunny spasming about my cock. I want you to milk my cum out of me!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I whimpered, my snatch squeezing down so hard on his thrusting cock. “I’ll wring out every drip! I love your cum being in my pussy, big brother! My pregnant pussy!”

I jammed my fist deep into my mom’s pussy as I screamed that. The words sent me over the edge. My pussy convulsed about my brother’s dick. My hot flesh writhed about him. I whimpered, my pregnant snatch sucking at his dick as he pumped it through me. I bucked, my pigtails swaying about my face as I screamed out in rapture.

Such heady ecstasy slammed into my mind. It bathed my thoughts, floods of rapture sweeping across my brain. I loved it. Such delight filled me. I whimpered as Clint kept fucking his cock into my depths, sending more and more tidal waves of bliss through me.

“Princess,” he groaned.

“Yes, yes, yes, milk his cock, Alicia!” Mom moaned.

She bucked on the bed, her cunny spasming so hard about my fist. It felt so wonderful knowing I made her cum. I loved the feel of her convulsions. They drove me wild, increasing my own orgasm. My snatch writhed about my big brother’s dick. Such heat surged through me. My eyes squeezed shut as the rapture swept through my body.

He was amazing. He was wonderful. He had me gasping and moaning and groaning out such rapture. My body trembled and ached. I sucked in such deep breaths. My tongue fluttered against my mom’s clit.

“Yes!” my big brother growled.

“Oh, Master, she needs your cum firing into her depths!”

“Yes!” I howled, the pleasure bathing my mind.

Then Clint gave me what I needed. What I craved. His wonderful dick slammed into my cunny. Rapture flooded through my body. I whimpered and groaned. The pleasure surged through my body. My eyes fluttered at the heat billowing through me. My cunny convulsed so hard about my big brother’s cock. It writhed about his flesh, milking him, sucking at him, giving him all that pleasure he craved.

He groaned, sucking in such deep breaths as he pumped me full of his incestuous jizz. His seed swirled through me. I could hear how much he enjoyed the feel of my spasming flesh. How much pleasure I gave him. I whimpered in pure delight. I sucked in such deep breaths. My entire body trembled. The pleasure buzzed through my body.

“I’m pregnant, big brother!” I moaned. Tears fell down my cheeks as the joy surged through me. “You bred me!”

He hugged me, holding me as he laid us down on our sides. He spooned me, his dick still buried in my pregnant cunny. I twisted around, kissing him over my shoulder. He tasted our mom’s spicy cunt on my mouth as he loved me so much.

I felt so safe and loved in my big brother’s arms. I would always be his princess. I shuddered as his hand rested on my flat belly.

It would grow so round in the coming months. I would glow with all my pregnant beauty, bred by my big brother.


The sight of my mother nursing her son, Clinton Elliston III, and Lee’s daughter, Amber, at the same time sent such a naughty ache through me. My tits—I had tits now!—ached, feeling full. It was almost my due date. Summer was over. Fall was here. I should be starting my junior year of college, but with kaçak casino my due date so close, I was doing my schoolwork online.

I whimpered, clutching my pregnant belly. It was so round and swollen with the twin babies in there. Clint had done such an amazing job breeding me that he put two babies into my belly. Melody, Pam, Lee, and Mom had only born Clint one child. Even the two lesbians—Juana and her sister-slave Carmelita—and the Japanese twins only gave birth to a single one of Clint’s babies. Only I would give him two.

His princess.

Being pregnant left me so horny. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like Lee sometimes, just needing to be stimulated. The rounder my belly got, the more and more I craved sex. I waddled away from Mom nursing the two babies and went in search of satisfaction.

The front door open.

“Clint!” I shouted. “Are you home from college?” He, Melody, and Pam were going to a local university now, pursuing undergraduate degrees.

“I know that sound,” Melody answered. “There’s a horny, pregnant princess in need of her big brother.”

“So horny!” I moaned, waddling to the master bedroom. My small breasts—still A cups but they were definitely breasts now and not budding mounds—jiggled. My nipples were larger, my areolas double their size from nine months ago. Pussy juices dripped down from my snatch freshly shaved by Lee this morning.

I couldn’t do it myself any longer.

I had just mounted the bed when Clint strolled in. He looked so handsome, twenty-one and a stud. Melody followed, her blonde hair falling loose about her face, her hazel eyes twinkling. Already they were pulling off their clothing, knowing I was in such need. I whimpered and squirmed, watching my big brother’s gorgeous, muscular body come into view. He had such a rugged presence about him.

Melody’s round breasts bounced into view. She rarely wore bras, loving to wear tight tops that showed off the shape of her tits, feeding that exhibitionist streak in her. She unsnapped her jeans, wiggling out of them as Clint kicked off his shoes and attacked his jeans.

I wiggled my hips, my pregnant belly swaying beneath me. My pregnant cunny needed a cock in me so badly.

Then they were naked.

“Let’s get you sorted out cupcake,” Melody smiled. “I remember how horny I was during my last trimester.”

“Her and Pam almost smothered me in pregnant pussy,” Clint grinned as he slid onto the bed.

“You loved it, perv,” Melody said with such fondness in her tone. My twenty-one-year-old half-sister crawled onto the bed.

My big brother grinned and grabbed his thick dick. “Come sit down on this, Princess.”

“Yes!” I moaned in such need as I shifted over to him. I straddled him and shuddered as I sank down onto his dick. “Oh, I needed this so badly.”

My hot cunny engulfed his cock. I whimpered as I bottomed out on his shaft, the bottom slope of my pregnant belly rubbing on his stomach. I shifted my hips, my swollen tits jiggling. They felt so overripe as my milk came in. I grabbed them, squeezing and massaging them, whimpering as my snatch clenched down on his dick.

I rose up his shaft, his hands grabbing my hips, and groaned out in relief. It felt so wonderful to stir up my pussy. To finally get the satisfaction from that hard cock. I stirred my hips around, my eyes rolling back into my head as I slammed down his shaft again.

“So good,” I moaned.

“It always is, cupcake,” Melody said as she straddled our brother’s face, pressing her shaved snatch against his mouth. “Mmm, Clint, it’s making me so wet staring at our little princess.”

I beamed at my big sis.

“Breasts sore?” she asked me, leaning forward, her hazel eyes twinkling.

I nodded my head as I pumped my pussy up and down Clint’s wonderful dick. I pulled my hands away, seeing that naughty glint in my big sis’s eyes. She cupped both of my breasts, squeezing and kneading them. Her thumbs swept over my hard nipples.

I whimpered, my snatch clenching down hard on my big brother’s dick. Then I gasped as Melody leaned over and latched her mouth onto my left nub. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked. I groaned, the pressure swelling right to the tip of my nipple buried in her mouth. I squirmed, riding my brother’s cock faster and faster.

“Big sis!” I groaned, bouncing on Clint’s dick, the silky friction shooting pleasure through my body. “Oh, yes, big sis, that feels so good.”

Then I gasped in delight. Something squirted from my nipple. I gasped as my milk flowed into my sister’s mouth. Melody moaned in delight, squirming on my big brother’s face as she suckled again and again. The pressure diminished in my breast as pleasure flowed down from my tit to my juicy cunt.

It. Was. Wonderful.

“Oh, big sis, yes, yes, enjoy my milk!” I groaned, my cunny clenching so hard about Clint’s dick as I bounced up and down his girth.

Such dizzy delight surged through me as I nursed my older sister and rode my big brother’s cock. I whimpered and moaned, my pigtails bouncing and flying about my shoulders. I sucked in such deep breaths, my body shuddering and shaking. It felt so incredible.

I grabbed her tits, squeezing and kneading them. Her milk squirted from her tits, splashing my belly as she drank mine down. My nipple throbbed every time she nursed. My nub felt connected to my pussy impaled on my big brother’s dick.

“She’s nursing from me, big brother!” I squealed, grinding my clit into his pubic bone. Pleasure surged through me. “Oh, yes, yes, yes.”

“That sounds amazing,” Clint groaned.

“Uh-huh,” Melody purred between suckles.

My big brother squeezed my hips, his hands guiding my waist. I undulated and squirmed. I wiggled from side-to-side, stirring my cunny around his cock. My pleasure burst from my lips, singing out through the bedroom.

My orgasm burst through me. I bounced on his dick, my cunny convulsing about his amazing shaft. I squeezed hard on Melody’s tits, her milk squirting out again, bathing my stomach in her hot cream. I whimpered, her mouth suckling so hard at my teat as the pleasure washed through my brain.

Rapture consumed me.

“Big brother!” I howled.

“Damn!” Clint groaned.

Melody shot up, her hazel eyes glassy with lust, and kissed me hard on the mouth. Her tongue, coated in my milk, shoved into my mouth. I groaned, savoring this wonderful delight as I kept bouncing my cumming pussy on my big brother’s dick. The pleasure sloshed through me over and over as I shared my breast milk with my sister.

Then she broke the kiss, leaning back. I shot my head down, pleasure bathing my mind. I latched onto her nipple. I suckled. Her sweet, creamy milk squirted into my mouth. She gasped as I suckled from her teat, her body squirming as she ground her pussy on Clint’s mouth.

“Cupcake!” she moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, yes. She’s nursing from me, Clint! Nursing while she’s cumming on your dick!”

“Yes!” big brother grunted.

I slammed my convulsing snatch down his dick. More pleasure surged through me, another orgasm shooting through my body as I gulped down the wonderful, creamy milk. I savored the incestuous delight as the bliss buzzed through my body.

“Clint!” gasped Melody. “Cupcake!” She cradled my head to her breasts as she screamed out in pleasure.

I knew Clint was drinking down her flood of juices.

He grunted and thrust his cock into my pregnant snatch. I whimpered, hugging my heaving belly as bucked on him. His cock spurted into my pregnant depths. I loved it. I savored his jizz filling me. It was such a wonderful delight to feel him loving me. To hear him moaning into our sister’s pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes, enjoy her cunt, perv!” Melody moaned, fingers digging into my scalp as she held me to her tit.

I suckled hard as the pleasure peaked in me. Clint’s final spurt of cum fired into my cunt. I savored it as I swallowed Melody’s breast milk. Then my sister groaned and rolled off of Clint, stretching out beside us, trembling in delight.

Clint grinned up at me, his face smeared in pussy juices. “So… you’re lactating?”

“Melody drained my left tit,” I grinned at him as I rose off his dick. “But my right…”

His cum leaked out of me as I held him to my breast. I nursed my big brother. He suckled with such hungry passion. I shuddered, another horny ache shivering through me. I ran my fingers through his short, dark hair.

I loved this moment so much, my pregnant belly rubbing against him, his strong lips suckling at my teat. “Am I a good little sister?”

His hard suck and powerful eyes staring up at me answered that question. I was the best little sister in the world!


Three days later, I lay exhausted in my hospital room. But despite how drained I felt, I couldn’t sleep. Not with the two bundles of joy cradled in my arms. Clint’s children! The twins we made together, our incestuous love uniting to create these two miracles.

Aaron, our son, came first. He was so eager to be born. His sister was a little more reluctant. It took another hour before Cassandra came out of me. I could tell she would be shy. Luckily, she’d have a big brother to take care of her. Her twin brother.

“They’re beautiful,” Clint said, lying on the bed beside me, staring at our children.

“Yeah, they came out good,” Lee said. “Got all their fingers and toes. I was worried. You’re so small.”

I stuck my tongue out at my bratty sister. She beamed back.

“They’re perfect,” Mom sighed, holding her son and Lee’s daughter.

“Wonderful,” Melody said, her one-year-old daughter, Christie, resting on her hip.

Pam, holding her one-year-old daughter Hikaru to her chest, nodded in agreement. “Precious, Alicia. Just precious.”

Tears beaded my eyes as my Aunt Vicky leaned in, my sister Zoey and her girlfriend moving in with her. Mrs. Hiragawa smiled as she pressed up behind her daughter Pam. My entire family around me, united in such naughty love by Clint.

I was so glad my big brother bred me. It felt so wonderfully right. Our family was amazing.


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