Brad and Marsha Ch. 05

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Alone Again — Marsha ‘Helps’ DJ Again

The next uncomfortable time came when the family was faced with Brad’s next business trip. Though nobody said anything, they were all a bit apprehensive. Though Dejuanne’s head had healed nicely, and there were absolutely no symptoms that indicated an even remote possibility of a repeat of the events that transpired on the beach, this was still in the back of everyone’s mind.

“Maybe I should post-pone this trip,” confided Brad to his wife that night in bed.

“You know you can’t do that. We are fine and you know it. What happened will never happen again, barring another port-a-potty being lifted into the air and striking DJ really hard in the head — two times. I would say the probability of that is pretty remote. Wouldn’t you?”

Brad had to laugh at his wife’s wonderful ability to sum things up. She was right, of course. She was always right. She was the best woman in the world, and he loved her more now than he ever had in the past.

She was simply the best. Most beautiful. Most intelligent. Most understanding. Simply the best. There was no reason to believe that Dejuanne would become aggressive again.

It simply wasn’t in the kid’s nature. It hadn’t been all these years. The only reason he had gotten aggressive that day was because of the head trauma he had suffered. As soon as he recovered from the blow to the head, the aggression stopped.

So Brad’s trip was on. As was customary on the night before an extended business trip, Brad made love to Marsha that night. For some reason, since the accident, their sex life had taken on a whole new charge!

Both Brad and Marsha often found themselves thinking of the incident on the beach quite often. For some reason, every time Brad made love to Marsha, when he first started to penetrate her, he would think back to that day on the beach — the show he was watching between their legs, as Dejuanne penetrated several inches of his incredible cock into his mother.

And while they were fucking, Brad would think of Marsha’s cum covering their son’s massive cock. Brad had to save this thought for toward the end of their lovemaking, as it always made him have an intense orgasm as soon as the mental image entered his mind’s eye.

Marsha wasn’t really much better. Each time Brad would make love to her, Marsha would close her eyes and imagine Dejuann’es immense cock. Granted, there was really no comparison between Brad and DJ’s cocks though.

When Brad entered her, she could barely even feel his tiny little penis. But her imagination, coupled with her stimulating her clit with her hand while they fucked — thinking of DJ’s cock…the sight of it in her hand as she was washing him, then the feel of it, as he slowly began to penetrate her.

Normally by the time she imagined DJ showering her in his amazing amount of cum, Marsha had entered her own earth-shattering orgasm. And of course, this was good for Brad’s ego. Never before had his wife been able to cum during love-making. Now she did almost everytime!

All this imagining for both Brad and Marsha gave the illusion to each partner that they were doing a really good job in bed. Brad couldn’t remember Marsha EVER cumming while he fucked her.

These days she seemed to cum at the drop of a hat! And tonight was no exception. Brad was starting to wonder if maybe he had just found the right position to give her just the right amount of friction during their lovemaking.

After Brad and Marsha each had a wonderful orgasm, Brad slowly pulled out of Marsha and rolled over onto his back with a satisfied smile on his face. Marsha looked over at her resting husband with love in her eyes.

She glanced down at his cute little cock and couldn’t help but smile. He was so cute. And his little dick — which was quickly shrinking after having cum — was also just plain cute!

Sure he didn’t have a monster cock like DJ, but she still loved him.

The next day Brad was off to the airport for his next trip. DJ had a track meet, and Marsha was busy cleaning up around the house.

When DJ got back from his track meet, he was very excited. It seemed he had not only won first place in the Avon Invitational, he had also set a new school record that night in the event.

He was honored at the track meet and awarded another new metal to pin casino oyna onto his letterman’s jacket. He was already starting to look a bit like a field general from all the metals he had been winning this year.

Marsha couldn’t help but feel the glowing pride of a parent as DJ recounted the excitement of the event to her. She listened with rapt attention as her son told her how he was able to beat the two best seniors in the district at their best event.

After supper, Marsha and DJ retired to the living room to watch a movie for awhile. Though DJ never spoke of the event on the beach to his mother, he thought of it often.

There was one thing that continually came back into his mind. Anytime he thought of it, he simply HAD to make himself cum – and quickly — it drove him wild with desire.

As the movie ended, DJ turned to his mother who was seated next to him on the couch. She was wearing a tight red shirt that showed off her perfect tits nicely.

“Mom,” asked DJ.


“Remember that day on the beach?”

“Uh-oh.” Smiled Marsha at her son “yes.”

“Oh, Never mind.”

“No, it’s OK honey. Don’t be afraid to talk to me about it. It’s really OK.”

“Are you sure? Sometimes it’s really hard for me when I think about that day.”

“Well, as I’ve told you before, you don’t have to feel bad about that day. You weren’t yourself because of getting hit so hard on the head.”

“Yeah I know. It’s not so much that…it’s just-“


“Well, every time I think about it, I get really excited. There are things that happened that make me almost crazy when I think about them! And that was my first time — ever.”

“Oh yeah?” smiled Marsha, as she thought about how events from that day did exactly the same thing to her.

“Well, though it never should have occurred, I do feel a sense of honor at being the first girl you have ever been with. So tell me, like what events that happened make you so crazy?”

“I can’t say.”

“Haven’t I always told you that you can tell me anything. Why is this so different?”

“Well…I guess you’re right. Well, when I think about what you looked like, laying on your back on the beach — when I was shooting all over you.”

“Mmmm…” An involuntary moan escaped Marsha’s lips.

“Whenever I think of that, I immediately get hard,” DJ motioned down to his shorts that he was still wearing from the track meet.

Marsha could see that they were starting to tent in the front.

“And if I think about it much longer, I start to leak, then I just have to rub myself until I go.”

Marsha felt her panties immediately growing soaked from the idea that her son was also thinking about her, and getting turned on just like she had been doing.

She could tell that her nipples were already hard as little pebbles, and when she glanced down, she could clearly see their outline in her shirt.

She was pretty sure her arousal was not at all noticed by Dejuanne, still it made her a tad uncomfortable.

DJ’s voice was already starting to deepen a bit as he spoke, and Marsha could tell he was getting excited both remembering that day, and talking to her about it.

Marsha felt a little bit ornery all at once, and decided to egg it on just a little bit. “What exactly about that turns you on so much?” asked Marsha as innocently as she could manage.

“Well, I think it was seeing how excited you became when my cum started shooting all over you,” answered DJ.

As he spoke, Marsha glanced down at his crotch, and could see that he was now rock hard, and that his immense cock was starting to leak pre-cum onto the front of his shorts. His cock was so large that it strained against the front of his shorts to such a degree that his mother could pretty much see every detail of it through the shorts — down to the power veins that ran down the side of it.

Marsha found it difficult to maintain eye contact with DJ as he was talking to her, as she was getting the urge to stare at the front of his shorts as his monster began to stand at attention again.

“So that gets you all goin’ huh?” smiled Marsha as she playfully reached over and started tickling his ribs in a teasing manner.

“HEY!” yelped DJ as he stood up to get away, Marsha felt something large and hard rub across her wrist as he stood. It canlı casino felt like someone had just brushed a large tree branch against her wrist!

Not being able to restrain herself, Marsha began chasing her son across the room. The nimble DJ made a mad dash to the stairs, and left his mother way behind to try to catch up.

As Marsha got to the top of the stairs, she realized that DJ was not in site.

“DJ?” she called walking into his room looking for him. Suddenly she caught a quick motion from behind her, and her son was on her — tackling her hard onto his bed, with both of them laughing hysterically as they landed in a tussle.

Marsha felt a bit giddy as she felt his huge hardon rubbing across her ass as the two wrestled around on the bed. Marsha immediately going for the tickle-tactic again and DJ just trying to restrain his mothers hands from the maddening tickling.

As they rolled around, Marsha pushed her son hard back onto his back. As she did this, his huge/erect cock sprang out of the leg band of his shorts.

“Oh my. You better put that thing away before it puts somebody’s eye out!”

“Hahahaha,” laughed Marsha pointing down to her son’s cock.

DJ immediately blushed and reached for the top of his shorts to try to get his cock put back away. This was just the opening Marsha had been looking for, and she immediately began mercilessly tickling her son again.

“HEY!” shouted DJ, letting go of his shorts and trying to get ahold of his mother’s hands again. Marsha couldn’t help but laugh at her son’s predicament.

He was totally embarrassed at having his cock exposed to his mother, but every time he tried to put it away, she would unleash a tickle attack.

“You better get that big thing put away,” laughed Marsha as she tickled her son again. Causing them both to laugh so hard that they were nearly crying.

“You must not want me to put it away very badly since you won’t leave me alone long enough for me to get it done,” laughed DJ.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” laughed Marsha as she continued tickling every time DJ tried to put his rock hard member away.

“But to be honest, it is very magnificent. I think you are going to make some lucky young lady very happy with it someday. I know, in fact, I speak from a bit of experience!”

DJ grabbed his mothers wrists, pulled them together, and attempted to hold them with one of his big hands…as he reached for his cock with his other hand.

As he did so, his mother started struggling really hard…to try to break his grip. To try to keep his hold, DJ pulled the hand he was holding his mothers with up to his other hand, and hence, to his cock.

Marsha felt the back of her hand brush against DJ’s hard cock meat. She couldn’t resist, she reached her hand out a bit and let it brush against DJ’s hard cock a bit more.

DJ immediately let her hands go. And she started tickling him again. He grabbed her hands, and this time pulled both of them back down to his crotch to get a better hold on them. Again, Marsha ‘accidentally’ brushed the back of her hand against his hard cock. DJ was getting really turned on.



“Would it be terrible if I asked you if I could cum like that again?”

“What do you mean?”

“Would you let me shoot on you like that again? I’m really horny again, and need to cum really bad.”

“Honey, I can leave the room and let you take care of your friend,” smiled Marsha as she looked down at Dejuanne’s rock hard cock.

“But it was so much more exciting shooting on you — having you look at me while I did it — it was so much more exciting that way!” replied DJ as he pulled his shorts and underwear down to the middle of his thighs, sitting straight up on the bed onto his knees in front of his mother.

“Oh I don’t know honey,” replied Marsha, though her eyes were completely glued to her son’s hard cock as it waved before her face. It was almost hypnotic.

“Pleeease…” begged DJ as he started rubbing it right in front of her eyes.

“If I don’t cum it will start to hurt! When I get this excited if I don’t make it cum it will get really sore,” begged DJ.

“Yes, it’s ok that you make it cum honey. I should just leave the room and let you have some pri….” The rest of her sentence was cut short as DJ inched kaçak casino closer to her on the bed and rubbed the head of his cock onto her lips.

The strong masculine smell of her son’s awesome cock overtook her senses. Marsha felt herself coming very close to another orgasm. Acting completely on impulse before she could stop herself, Marsha opened her mouth a bit and allowed the head of her son’s cock to disappear into her warm & wet mouth.

“Oh my God mom, please keep doing that for me. Don’t stop.” These words from DJ brought Marsha back out of her trance.

“Oh DJ, I am so sorry. I should never have done that,” answered Marsha, still staring at DJ’s hard cock — unable to take her eyes off of it.

“Please mom, just do it a little bit more,” begged DJ. Suddenly Marsha felt that orneriness return, and she smiled up at DJ from at his cock.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Oh please just suck it a little bit more.”

Marsha suddenly found herself unable to resist sucking her sons cock a little bit. No matter how hard she tried, she could only get the head and the first couple of inches into her mouth.

Suddenly the realization of what she was doing hit her though. She took her sons cock from her mouth and said, “DJ, I really can’t be doing this. It’s not right.”

“OK mom…but will you at least let me do one thing?”

“What’s that baby?” asked Marsha as her eyes went straight back to the incredible cock right in front of her.

“Can I please jack my cum off onto you like I did that day?” DJ asked, and really didn’t wait for an answer from his mother — he got up in front of her face — with his cock pointing straight at her face — and started masturbating as fast and hard as Marsha had ever seen.

“Oh my God,” thought Marsha as she watched her son play with his cock. She desperately wanted to slide her hand up and play with her pussy as she watched, but dared not.

Within 30 seconds, DJ let out a howl, grabbed his cock with both hands, and started shooting his cum all over his mother’s face. As a reflex, to keep it from getting into her eyes, Marsha grabbed the cock in her mouth again, and started sucking DJ’s cum into her belly. This seemed to renew the force of his orgasm. DJ grabbed the back of his mother’s head, and started to fuck her face — hard.

“MMMMM…..moaned Marsha onto his cock, as she felt a third and fourth stream burst into her mouth, causing large glops to leak out from her lips and down her chin onto her shirt. Marsha also felt another huge orgasm overtake her. She could honestly cum just looking at her son’s big dick!

Marsha swallowed as much and as quickly as she could, managing to swallow the majority of DJ’s large wad. As he continued coming in her mouth, Marsha felt herself milking the large cock with her mouth, tickling the head with her tongue, trying to suck every drop from her son’s balls.

DJ just stared down at his mother as she sucked his big cock. Soon, after he was done, and it popped from her lips, he watched her scoop the cum that was on her chin into her mouth, and begin rubbing the cum that was on her shirt into her breasts. Soon Marsha was in the throes of another huge orgasm.

“OOOh YES!” screamed Marsha as she came hard.

“Did you go too mom?”

“Yes baby. Your impressive penis really gets to me I think.”

Marsha immediately felt the waves of guilt rushing over her as she came down from her orgasm.

“DJ, we shouldn’t be doing this!”

“I’m sorry mom, I just couldn’t help it,” replied DJ as he looked down at his mother on her knees in front of him.

God, she looked so sexy. He could feel the pulse quicken to his cock and it twitched a bit as he stared down at his mom.

This action wasn’t missed by Marsha either. She found herself staring up the length of DJ’s cock as it began to harden right in front of her face again. Marsha knew she had to get out of the room, or she would have to touch it again.

“I’ve got to go to the bathroom DJ. You need to get dressed and get ready for bed.”


“Honey, we really can’t let this kind of thing happen again. I love your father, and I can’t live with myself cheating on him like this.”

“Are you going to tell him?” asked DJ, half hoping that she would. At least if he knew, maybe DJ could do more things with his mom — whom he realized he was rather quickly falling in love with.

“Oh I couldn’t do that, it would totally crush him DJ,” said Marsha as she was walking out of the room.

“Please just get dressed now.”

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