Bound Breasts, Office Toy

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Shannon was excited to be called into her boss’s office for a strategic planning session. It was a right she had earned; she had busted her ass at the largest bank in the city to get the coveted title of Senior Lending Manager at the age of twenty-eight.

Before entering his office, she made a quick stop in the restroom to straighten her suit and tidy her appearance. She also took a moment to adjust the secret she hid underneath her blouse.

Outwardly, she prided herself on appearances. At this stage of her career, she had mastered the art of looking beautiful and feminine while simultaneously commanding respect from her superiors and subordinates alike.

Satisfied with her appearance, she left the bathroom and brisked past her boss’s pretty young secretary, Penny, with a quick wave.

When the Chief Lending Officer’s door closed, Sean Williams stood and made his way around the massive desk to brush his lips against Shannon’s, pushing his strong fingers through her hair and giving it a firm tug in greeting. She felt an answering thrill shiver down her spine. Their relationship was not romantic in any way, nor was it the reason for her success; it began months after she had accepted her new position.

This was purely about sex. She had finally found a man who truly understood and appreciated her submissive needs.

“You look amazing,” Williams murmured, releasing her and sitting behind his desk once more, leaning back in his chair.

Shannon sat upright in front of the desk.

“Thank you, sir.”

“I called you in here because we have important matters to discuss. This comes directly from the top.”

She smiled, loving a good challenge.

“What do the execs have in mind?”

“I’m not going to beat around the bush–we’re getting our asses kicked. Profits are down and don’t seem to be rallying. The competition is always one step ahead of us these days, and our shareholders are putting on some heavy pressure. If we don’t make some drastic changes, we may well be fucked.”

Shannon’s eyes widened–she had rarely heard her boss curse. He was normally very controlled. She was also surprised at the apparent state of the company; as far as she knew, they were doing fine.

“That’s a blunt way of putting it.”

Williams arched an eyebrow. “These are blunt times. We could be looking at big layoffs in the next fiscal year if this trend continues.”

Those words made Shannon’s heart skip a beat. Her job was secure, of that she had no doubt. The thought of having to fire any of her employees, however, had rattled her nerves. She loved her team and took pride in the individuals she had personally hired and coached to success.

“Oh god,” she moaned.

“Don’t worry too much yet, we may have a plan to drive up profits. I’ve spoken with the other execs, and they agree that it’s a solid idea. The question is, will you?”

This gave Shannon pause. She knew Williams was a direct man; this coyness was unusual for him. Something was up.

“You know I’ll do anything for this company,” she finally replied. “What’s going on? What tricks do you have up your sleeve?”

“We’ve decided we need to be more aggressive in the lending unit to increase our profit margin. This is where you come in.”

“We’ll redouble our efforts,” Shannon quickly asserted.

“I don’t doubt your ability to manage your team effectively. This is not in any way a criticism of you. We just think more motivation may be necessary.”

Shannon nodded, considering for a moment.

“Increasing annual bonuses always seems to work.”

Williams smiled and reached across the desk, caressing the fabric of her blouse with the back of his fingers.

“That’s exactly what I wanted to speak with you about,” he said with firm innuendo. “Monetary bonuses may be insufficient for the level of motivation we need.”

Shannon’s brow furrowed. “What do you mean?”

“Come here. Let me show you something.”

Williams led her over to the floor-to-ceiling windows which made up the far wall of his office and offered a breathtaking view of the downtown skyline. He pointed to a building several blocks down the street.

“You see that building?” he asked. “That’s our primary competitor, and they’re stealing our customers. Do you know how?”

It pained Shannon to have to answer. “Better customer service?”

“Motivated employees,” he said, once again caressing her silky blouse. “Those employees get more than just bonuses at the end of the year.”

“What do they get?”

“What every man wants,” he said, looking at her with meaning.

Shannon knew that look all too well but couldn’t imagine how it related to their discussion.

“How does that work, exactly?” she asked.

“Our intel suggests it was an idea started by a female executive to motivate her subordinates. Whoever has the highest quarterly numbers gets to fuck her. And you know what? It works. Morale and productivity have never been higher.”

Her eyes widened. “Really? Why on earth would any successful woman poker oyna allow that?”

“Because she understands what men want, sexually speaking. Any guy with a few bucks can get laid in this city, but the real prize is fucking women in power. Unattainable women. That’s every man’s dream: fucking their hot, female boss.”

Shannon gulped, suspecting where this was headed. “You can’t be serious with this. Me? Are you kidding?”

“You’ve said yourself that employees can often lag behind if they’re not being pushed. Face it, Shannon, not everyone works as hard as you do.”

“That can be fixed,” she said fiercely, slightly raising her tone because she knew he was right. “With the right coaching and incentives, we can easily outdo the competition.”

Williams shook his head. “The plan has already been discussed and approved.”

“Asshole,” she muttered under her breath.

Williams knew exactly how to handle Shannon in her feisty little bitch mode. Sure, she was a dominant woman in the workplace, but when he began to unbutton her blouse, that attitude shifted.

True to her innate nature, she kept her hands down while he disrobed her. Williams became excited when he saw that her breasts were bound by a thick, pink ribbon per his instructions, good girl that she was.

Shannon was blessed with an exceptional pair of tits. They were perky and firm, round and slightly upturned with coral-pink nipples. They were also extraordinarily sensitive and her primary erogenous zone. She could orgasm if her breasts were massaged the right way.

“Your nipples are stiff,” he noted.

“Of course they are. You’re touching me. And this is for you, not the entire fucking loan department!”

Williams moved behind her and rubbed her shoulders. “Think of the business, Shannon. You’ll be doing everyone a tremendous service. For yourself also. Who knows; if this turns out well, a big promotion may be in your future.”

While tempted by the possibilities, Shannon couldn’t stop the shudder that wracked her body.

“I’m not a whore.”

Williams was prepared for this response. “No, you’re not a whore. I would never associate with a whore. You are a beautiful, desirable woman who inspires others in many ways. All I’m asking is that you recognize your ability to utilize that to our company’s advantage. We’ve discussed our fantasies. You’ve been playing mine out. Do you recall telling me you fantasized about being controlled by one of your employees?”

Shannon gasped at the sharp pleasure the slight caress gave her.

“The keyword is fantasy,,” she insisted. “I’ve worked too hard and come too far to have my employees treat me as a…a sex toy!”

Williams tugged at the ribbon, making her squirm with pain and pleasure.

“There’s another position I’d rather have you in,” he said.

She flashed him a terse look. “Are we starting with that now? After you just told me you’re planning to offer me as a prize?”

“More like a gift.”

She sighed. “Now I’m a gift?”

“A gift and a prize. Nothing will boost the competitive nature of our men more than having a chance to explore your body.”

“This is getting ridiculous. My reputation will be totally ruined.”

“The other executives will never tell anyone,” he pointed out. “They’re tight-lipped and old-school. Remember that they’re the ones who approved this.”

She gave her boss an incredulous look. “And the men who work for me?”

“Nondisclosure agreements.”

“You make it sound so simple.”

Williams nodded. “It is that simple. I’ll have every man who works for you sign an NDA, and only then will they be told of the challenge. At the year-end holiday party, the winner gets time with you.”

“Oh goodness,” she sighed. “What happens then?”

He grinned. “Anything the winner wants.”

When she rolled her eyes and started to turn away, Williams squeezed her breast, causing her to moan. With his other hand, he hiked up her skirt, slid her panties aside, and felt her wetness.

“I’ll take this as a sign of agreement,” he said, petting between her legs.

Shannon’s sigh was a mix of pleasure and resignation. “The things I do for this bank.”

“Sealed with a kiss,” Williams responded, tilting her chin up to meet his lips.

They remained standing by the window, and Williams ordered Shannon to her knees. Without a moment of hesitation, Shannon undid his belt and unzipped his slacks.


Work was painfully awkward for Shannon after her male employees were notified of the competition. She hung her head as the men she passed snickered and shot hot, knowing glances her way. She was as humiliated as she feared she would be, despite her attempts to come to terms with this arrangement.

After some days had passed, however, she began to realize their reactions were going to remain limited to looks and whispers; she was still their boss, after all, and no one wanted to risk losing their job–let alone the chance of sleeping with her. She was especially comforted after one of her more outspoken canlı poker oyna employees joked to her that no one thought it was actually going to happen, but they all thought it was cool that it was even offered up, real or not.

As her comfort with the situation rose, so did the pleasure she took in those looks which seemed to undress her whenever she passed. For the first time, unwilling as she was to admit or embrace the idea, the thought of fucking one of her subordinates began making her wet.

As assertive and professional as she was in her career, Shannon craved sexual submission in equal volume. Sex was the only part of her life in which she could release the tight leash of control she held herself by, the only time she could be truly free of the stresses of life’s– and her own– demands. Losing that control excited her in ways that nothing else ever could. Williams brought her to that state, dominant and confident man that he was.

Nevertheless, she had to come to terms with the fact that she’d become the plaything of someone who would likely not understand her needs. Would she be able to fully submit to someone who wasn’t as dominant? Or would she freeze up in panic and detest the whole experience?

Despite her overwhelming confusion, she did her best to maintain a professional presence when giving these men directives, knowing that they were all working overtime for a chance to be with her. It was noticeable, too. The guys were now busier than ever, working longer hours and showing more dedication to their jobs.

If only they’d always been like this….

Things were going so well that at the end of the quarter, Shannon was once again scheduled to meet Williams in his office. She followed her usual procedure, binding her breasts that morning in a particular way so that her tits would become especially sensitive, making her more aroused for their private meeting.

She made polite banter with Penny before whisking herself inside the office. She sat in front of the desk as Williams leaned back, eyes scanning through a portfolio. His face was expressionless.

“So far,” he said, still reading, “these quarterly numbers are exceeding our expectations. Well done, Shannon.”

She beamed. “Thank you, sir.”

Her moment of internal celebration was short-lived as Williams closed the portfolio and tossed it on the desk, a smile on his face and a gleam in his eye. That familiar look usually meant that he was going to push the limits of her sexuality to some new level, and with the ongoing contest, Shannon wasn’t sure she was fully prepared for whatever that was.

“Open your blouse,” he said, giving her his now-undivided attention.

Shannon obeyed, opening her blouse to reveal her bindings and her hard, pink nipples. His sharp inhale expressed his approval.

“Tell me about your group sex fantasies. The ones that take place in the office.”

It was obvious where this was headed, and Shannon gave her boss a miffed look, which he seemed to enjoy.

“You already know most of it,” she answered. “I enjoy the surrender. The overwhelming pleasure coming from many sources. Especially in the office.”


Shannon knew he knew the answers to these questions, but she continued. “The loss of control. In the office, I’m in charge of dozens of employees–“

“And millions of dollars,” Williams interjected, money clearly on his mind.

She cracked a smile, “Of course. How could I forget?”

“The amount of money you oversee is part of your power here. Aside from your appearance, that’s why so many men want to fuck you. Fucking a powerful woman like you is alluring. Do you like that?”

Shannon shivered. “Yes.”

“How about getting fucked by several of your employees at the same time?”

Shannon shook her head rapidly. “No way. Getting fucked by one of my employees is enough already. But two or three?”

“Three,” he said with a dead stare. “The pleasure you’d give to many, and how good they’d make you feel in return…it’s the ultimate thrill.”

The look he gave Shannon shot right through her, making her pussy clench and her muscles tighten. It had to be a joke, surely? This was her fantasy, but a fantasy is a fantasy. Everyone has their naughty little thoughts, but reality was much, much different.

The very notion of servicing multiple men at once–let alone her employees–seemed so far outside Shannon’s comfort zone that she couldn’t help but be daunted by it all. Maybe that’s why it gave her a little rush of adrenaline just thinking about it.

Her submissive side was listening carefully.

“Three?” she asked in a measured tone.

Williams nodded. “Three employees. Currently, there is a clear frontrunner to claim you at the holiday party.”

Shannon nodded. Mike Campbell was always at the top of the boards, and it was no different with this competition. Her boss continued, “However, there are several others whose numbers are very impressive and who clearly worked very hard to get there. We wouldn’t want to discourage any internet casino of the runners-up, would we?”

Williams had a point. Her team had been working exceptionally hard, and it would be a great disappointment to many of them if Mike was, as always, the winner.

“I guess not.”

“We need to continue motivating the rest by letting them know that the prize is still attainable. The gift is generous enough for everyone, isn’t it?”

Shannon allowed a glimmer of a smile to seep through. “I suppose it might be.”

“Here, read this,” he replied, digging through his desk drawer. “I had Penny write this up. Don’t worry, she can be trusted.”

He placed a flyer in front of Shannon, and she carefully examined every word.

Holiday Contest Update:

We’re pleased to announce that this year’s contest will be extended to THREE lucky winners! At our annual holiday party, you can ring in the New Year by having a special night with your boss. You can have your turn with the most beautiful and talented woman in the division.

What you may not know is that this is her fantasy, too!

Are you capable of winning her? Exploring her? Fucking her? Owning her? Yes, you can have it all.

By the way, did you know that she has the most sensitive pair of tits imaginable? Oh yes, she likes them tied, squeezed and played with.

All you have to do is your very best work. Your gift awaits!

x Management

Shannon’s eyes were glued to the page, as if the whole idea suddenly became real. Images of being ravished flooding her thoughts, and she was surprised at how aroused she became. Could she really do this?

She was so focused on the flyer that she barely noticed Williams getting out of his seat to approach her. She definitely noticed when he reached down to fondle her breasts, circling her stiff nipples with his thumbs. She closed her eyes at the sensations and allowed her imagination to run wild.

“I know how much the office fantasy turns you on,” he said in Shannon’s ear. “There’s always been a gleam in your eyes whenever you talk about it. I want to see you in action. I want to see how depraved and consumed you’ll be when you’re bent over the conference table, your employees taking turns with you.”

“Fuck,” she gasped as he punctuated his statement with a firm pinch to her left nipple.

“You’ll be the office toy at this year’s annual party. We’ll sneak into the boardroom while everyone else is having innocent holiday fun. Do you like that?”

“Hmmm…” she moaned as Williams slid a hand slowly between her thighs.

“Shhh,” he whispered, teasing her nipple with his other hand. “We wouldn’t want Penny to hear, now would we?”

Shannon shook her head, mouth slightly open as she panted with need. Only Williams had ever aroused her so easily, made her so desperate to please. She spread her legs as far as her knee-length skirt would allow, but he continued to avoid the area she needed to be caressed the most.

“You have to tell me, Shannon. I’m not feeling patient today.” His fingers began to withdraw from beneath her skirt and she gripped his wrist fiercely.

“Make me cum,” she whispered. “Please!”

Williams smiled. “That’s a good girl.”


The annual holiday party had finally arrived. It was always a festive time because the grueling pace of work slowed at the end of the final quarter and everyone was more jovial and relaxed. On top of that, there were always the bonuses to look forward to.

It was an informal affair but people still liked to dress up, showing off their best “non-work” clothes. Drinks were flowing, everyone was dancing, and the formerly staunch office had morphed into a relaxed, party atmosphere. Smiles were everywhere.

Shannon was in a much different mood, however. While people were laughing, socializing, having drinks, and having fun, Shannon stood by the makeshift bar downing champagne like it was her lifeline. Everyone was beautifully dressed for the occasion, and Shannon wore a sleek black dress which showcased her slender, yet womanly figure.

And while everyone was having a great time, all Shannon could think about was which of her employees she’d be fucking. Not something she ever expected to find herself thinking at a party.

She was about to have a new experience that could potentially be life-changing. Her sex life might never be the same after experiencing such a unique thing. Work would certainly not be the same, either…not when she’d be fucking three of her top employees, with the upper-level executives knowing all about it.

She prayed that word of this would never spread and the whole situation would remain a secret to everyone else.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Williams approached her, dressed in a sharp suit and carrying a drink for each of them.

“You look gorgeous tonight,” he smiled, handing her a vodka martini.

She gulped it down and placed it on a nearby table. “My stomach is cramping.”

“Not a good thing for a gangbang.”

“A gangbang,” she muttered. “There’s a scary word.”

He patted her shoulder. “You can always back out. No one is forcing you to do this. My secretary can always take your place, and we’ll compensate the employees with larger financial bonuses.”

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