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I had been married to my second wife Sonja for about six months when we were invited to a Saturday barbecue at the house of one of her married friends. Katia was a girlfriend she had known since college and her husband Fernando whom she had known for almost as long.

Her friends live in Coral Gables, Miami and since we live in Fort Lauderdale, which is more than an hour’s drive, we decided to take an extra change of clothes just in case we had to spend the night from drinking too much, which has happen more than a few times in the past. We had also been told to bring our swimsuits so that we can take a dip in their pool and the hot tub.

My wife is Latin, Cuban to be exact and so are most of our friends. When we go to these types of events I usually end up being the only Anglo there, what I jokingly call the token white boy.

We arrived at their house about 4:00 in the afternoon. We brought some appetizers, key lime pie for dessert and a bottle of “Lemoncello” to drink after dinner. We all began talking and just generally socializing and of course drinking at a pretty good pace.

Around six o’clock the food was ready so we all sat down to eat, everything was fantastic and we were all having a great time. After dessert the girls started clearing the table and cleaning up. I decided to help by bringing in some of the dishes.

As I walked into the kitchen with my hands were full, Katia walked up and grabbed my crotch and said, “Let me guess your weight.”

I looked at her and said, “I noticed a lot of Cuban women shake hands like that, I assume it’s just one of those Latin things right?”

“You don’t have a problem with that do you? “She asked.

“No it works out fine for me I don’t have to take my hands out of my pocket, set my drink down and there is no doubt as to whether or not I’m happy to see you,” I replied.

She and my wife both laughed and continued cleaning up.

After they finished loading the dishwasher we all went out onto the patio and began talking. Fernando walked out of the house with large pitcher in his hand and said, “margaritas anyone?” So we started drinking margaritas and began feeling pretty loose.

“Hey, it’s a perfect night for the hot tub — you guys interested?” Fernando asked.

We all immediately agreed. I went and got our overnight bag out of the car and my wife and I went into the guest bedroom and began changing into our swimsuits.

Sonja put on her favorite black bikini that matched her raven hair and fit tightly against her tan Latina skin, God I love Latin women. She was feeling the buzz of all the drinks we had and as she was slipping her bikini top overhead she leaned over and gave me a sloppy wet kiss before turning and backing into my lap and asking me to tie her top. I tied her top just like she asked, the touch of her skin excited me and I rubbed her shoulders and neck lightly, sneaking in a nibble or two.

She turned around put hands around my neck gave me a big kiss and said, “Hold that thought we will pick this up later when we go to bed.”

We walked outside to the patio where we were the only ones there. We eased into the hot tub and sat across from each other and began playing with our feet and teasing each other.

Katia then walked out of the house in the world’s smallest micro bikini. Having only seen her in regular clothes, I was shocked by her true proportions. Behind two triangles were a pair of 42 D’s and beneath a few strings of dental floss was a nice round ass that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. In the front was a small piece of material which just barely covered her closely shaven Spanish treasure.

When she turned sideways there was a small gap between the material and her body which was driving me crazy. I wanted to see more and see what was behind that small piece of cloth or better yet dive in there with my tongue.

At that moment music filled the air from the speakers on the patio and then Fernando walked out of the house in a pair of Speedos and joined us. He brought a fresh pitcher of margaritas and proceeded to fill our glasses. The sun had gone down by now and there only a few landscaping lights around the hot tub which provide some dim lighting which set a nice romantic mood with the R&B music Fernando had put on the stereo.

Katia slipped into the hot tub and sat next to me and Fernando slid in next to Sonja. Katia’s hands were on my leg and with little hesitation, mine on hers.

“You don’t kiss and tell do you?” Katia asked as she looked at me.

I leaned in gave her my best macho man routine and said, “only if you’re good and worth bragging about,” she laughed.

“You know Fernando and I have been talking about doing something like this for years, how to spice things up a little bit. Now that you guys are married I think we are ready to try it,” she said.

“How about it, are you guys interested in getting drunk naked and crazy?”

I looked over at my lovely wife.

She nodded and said, “yea why not I’ll try anything once.”

“OK let’s go for it,” I replied.

Katia casino oyna climbed on to my lap and kissed me. My cock rested against her belly and she stroked it under the water while she rubbed her breasts on my chest.

I watched as Fernando and Sonja touched each other under the water and she smiled as he obviously was playing with her shaved pussy and that she also had her hands full.

Seeing this I knew that I could be a little more aggressive with Katia. She soon had a hold of my cock and was stroking me under the water.

I looked over at Sonja and Fernando who was really fucking her pussy with his fingers. Sonja moaned and squirmed as he was obviously hitting the right spot.

At that moment it started raining we all jumped out of the tub, retrieved towels and we headed into the house into the living room. Their living room had a very nice wrap around couch and Fernando found a corner to lie on. Sonja went over to him and pulled his towel aside, she began sucking on his hardening cock.

Fernando was perhaps 8 inches; Sonja was soon on her knees with her ass in the air as she sucked Fernando. Katia and I sat across from them and she was soon sucking me as well. I could not believe what an incredible scene it was watching both wives lovingly sucking our cocks.

“Hey let’s move this to the bedroom,” Fernando said.

Katia popped her head up from devouring my cock and said, “Baby get the video camera so we can take some incrimination pictures.”

We went to the kitchen got some fresh drinks and then headed to the master bedroom. Fernando pulled out a new digital camera he had just bought, which also took videos, and started playing with it.

Katia looked at me and said, “hey gringo, you sure you are man enough to handle me?”

“Sweetie I am more than man enough for you. In fact I will own your ass before this night is over,” I replied.

“You sound pretty sure of yourself. Who do think you are, Don Juan?” Katia inquired.

“No I am just a dirty white boy, the kind your mamma warned you about,” I responded.

She gave me a smirk and said, “OK big boy bring it on.”

I looked over at Fernando and told him, “turn on that video camera and let me show you how deal with this little minx.”

I began kissing her and started to play with her pussy as she rotated her hips to meet my finger. She kept rotating her hips against my finger inside her pussy. I positioned myself between her legs and started to rub my cock against her slit getting the head of my cock wet from her wetness.

I looked into her eyes as I asked her, “You want this cock inside you don’t you?”

“God yes I’m so horny I want to feel you inside me,” she responded back.

I turned toward Fernando and said, “Are you sure you want me to fuck your wife?”

He gave me this unsure look and said, “Yes go ahead do it, that’s the plan.”

I looked over at Sonja who was more interest in Fernando’s ass than me, and she said, “Yea baby go for it, make momma proud.”

Katia pulled me onto the bed between her legs. I saw her staring at her husband with the camera in his hand as she held her legs up and waited for me to slide my cock inside her. I knew she wanted my cock inside her pussy.

“This is the first time since your marriage that another man’s cock has penetrated that tight little married cunt and fucked you isn’t?” I asked.

“Yes this first new dick I’ve had in years that wasn’t battery operated or from the produce department,” she exclaimed.

She reached down and guided my cock to the opening between her pussy lips then put her hands on my ass and pulled me so that I would shove my cock into her cunt! I slid all the way in, as far as I could go, in one push. I stopped there for a minute enjoying the feeling of her red HOT cunt enveloping my cock!

Then she began to buck against me and said to me, “Come on, and fuck me! I want to FUCK!” she pleaded.

She continued to look at Fernando with the camera running, she then reach her arms around my waist. My thick cock was giving her too much pleasure for her to focus on her husband at the moment.

I flexed my hips and rotated my ass sending my cock as deep as I could inside her pussy. Katia was squeezing my ass now and begging me to fuck her as I watched her husband play with his own cock and videotaping us. I could see Fernando was getting excited watching his wife being fucked a few feet away from him and he was getting this all on video!

She responded to my thrusts and the pleasure of feeling my cock inside her. I continued to screw her hard while she moaned out loud.

I grab the sides of her head with my and hands and growled, “Don’t you dare close your eyes I want to look into your eyes when I plant my seed inside your womb and my baby inside your belly.”

She gasps sharply as I begin to release my sperm inside her. I blasted my thick load of seed deep inside her pussy. My cock spurted spewing thick sperm deep inside her.

“Come on baby take it, take my seed into your womb,” I whispered in her ear.

She canlı casino let a low moan as she spread her legs, and jammed her pelvis into me while arching her back, feeling my huge cock filling her vagina all the way up to her cervix. Then my cock spurts again and again. Hot molten sperm was streaming with great force, straight into her womb. She gasps again, feeling all that seed penetrate her core.

I looked into her eyes and commanded, “Wrap your legs around my ass and squeeze it like a big pimple and get every drop of cum out.”

She was more than willing to comply; as a matter of fact she was already milking my dick with her pussy muscles so hard I thought she wasn’t ever going to let me go.

“Yes, Cum in me, honey… Cum in my fucking cunt… I want you’re cum in my fucking cunt,” she howled.

I was moaning with pleasure as my cock throbbed in her pussy and she was moaning right along with me. She obviously needed to cum, I could tell she was close and almost anything new would be able to set her off.

Her hand now moved to her clit and she grabbed it between two fingers and gently squeezed. She started to bring herself off. I was watching her body tense in anticipation; she had been shaking and moving her head around like a dirty beast. She was on the edge and holding back, and I couldn’t even let her hold back anymore.

“Cum for me baby, cum for daddy,” I shouted.

A smile broke the surface of her lips. I felt her inner walls pulse around my cock, squeezing it between them when her juices were forced out around it. She let out a moan and leaned her head back as she screamed out her orgasm. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful sight.

I collapsed beside her and we cuddled and kissed while we caught our breath. I leaned over her body and kissed her neck tenderly. She beamed and hugged me but then she pulled back. She looked at me, smiled sweetly, then she rolled over on her back with her arms and legs sprawled out and said she was so worn out and exhausted.

I stepped back, dragging a rope of cum with my half-erect penis. Cum was dripping from her cunt down to her ass and then to the bed, there was a huge, dark, wet spot running down the end of the bed and forming a puddle on the sheets. It sparkled in the light from the lamp. She was lying on her back with her knees in her air.

“Get a nice close-up shot of that well fucked pussy with my sperm dripping out of it and get a shot of my cock here next to her pussy, the smoking gun,” I told Fernando.

After a minute or two of recovery I got up and took one last look at her lying there on the bed, cum oozing from her pussy, freshly fucked by ME! I couldn’t believe we had really done it! But, there it was! All of the evidence seeping out of her!

Katia got up from the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up. As she sat up to get off the bed, I saw some globs of the mixture of her juices, and my load of cum, spurting out of her pussy and onto the bed.

“God, you guys were fucking hot I almost shot my load just watching you,” Fernando said as he sat the camera down on chest of drawers across from the bed.

I was relieved to hear that, I wasn’t sure how he was going to react to my aggressive fucking of his wife, but he seemed to be ok with the whole thing.

Katia came out of the bathroom and Fernando handed her a drink and said, “You were fantastic babe,” and gave her peck on the cheek.

“Did you get it all on tape,” she asked standing there sipping her drink.

“Oh yea the whole thing,” he announced.

I took a drink from my glass and felt quite pleased thinking to myself, “You are the man.”

Around that time the other shoe dropped so to speak. I had been so absorbed in the moment and myself, I had forgotten about my wife standing there the whole time watching me fuck the shit out of her best friend.

” I think you enjoyed that way too much you Pueto,” she said as she walked over and glared at me.

“Hey don’t get mad, get even it’s your turn let’s see what you can do,” I snapped back at her.

As soon as those words came out of mouth I realized that it was probably not the smartest thing to say. A certain amount of anxiety sweep over me as I remembered that Latin women tend to be very possessive and very vengeful when you make them mad.

She walked over and looked at me, “OK, you got it asshole,” she said.

Around that same time Katia made some remarks in Spanish to Fernando that I could not make out; I saw his face turn red his nostrils flare and his eyes looked like they were going pop out of his head. From the expression on his face I could tell his Latin male ego was clearly bruised and he was not going to hold anything back. It was everything goes, take no prisoners and Sonja was already in that same frame of mind so I knew this was going to be a night to remember.

Sonja walked over to where Fernando was standing, getting close but not yet touching him. She put both arms behind her back which caused her beautiful bare breast to jut out further.

She shifted a little kaçak casino as she stood in front of him, giving me a good view of her beautiful round Latin ass as she tried to appear as if she were being childishly seductive. Sonja made things harder for him by grinning widely then bending over to give him a premium view of her upturned ass.

Fernando stood there smiling admiring her beauty. Her dark black hair hung to her shoulders. Her skin was without blemish. She was thoroughly enjoying his attention to her tits and she was enjoying all aspects of him.

“You know I always thought you were pretty hot but I didn’t know you were hung like a horse, why is it you never tried to fucked me before now, I know you wanted to?” She asked.

She then looked back at me, her face brightened in a naughty grin. I decided to grab the camera and started recording this special moment that we would probably all regret someday when we were sober.

Sonja then threw her arms around Fernando and rose up on her tip toes to put her mouth over his.

“I really want to do it with you,” said in a sultry voice.

I watched as they then engaged in deep, passionate, kisses. Their lips were locked together and their hands slid up and down the contours of each other’s body. Every now and then one of them would let out a slight moan as their state of arousal intensified. She whispered in his ear as she stood on her toes to lick and nibble his neck and ears.

He continued to knee her ass and pull her tight against him as he continued kissing her lips and fondling her breasts. Sonja’s tits squashed against Fernando’s chest and his erection rubbed up against her stomach.

With one hand Sonja reached down between Fernando’s legs; she cupped his heavy balls in her hand and gently massaged them as their tongues continued to probe each other’s mouth.

She stood directly in front of his body, and let just the tip of his cock graze her steamy vortex. He arched his back to contort himself closer, maybe even inside her. She moved back, smiling to underscore just who was in charge.

“I’ve only just begun,” she said with a smug smile.

Her pupils were dilated and that strange, crazed look dominated her expression.

“Things are going to get a lot hotter before this night is over, I’m a real fucking slut, when I want to be!” she said as she spread her legs to give him a peak at her very wet, very pink and swollen labia.

She looked like a centerfold in a men’s magazine as she looked over her shoulder and winked at me.

She leaned forward to wave her tits in his face, waiting to see what he’d do so she could respond to it. They engaged in this little teasing game until Fernando’s face communicated his utter surrender. He couldn’t play anymore, the look said—he needed to fuck and fuck immediately. She grabbed Fernando’s hand and moved it down to her slit. Fernando pushed a finger inside her tunnel and did something that made her groan with pleasure.

“Thaaaat’s it, sweetheart. Wiggle your finger. I’m so wet now,” she said, slurring her words slightly. She closed her eyes and put the tip of her middle finger on her clit.

She stepped back slightly put her hands on her hips and told him, “I think you’re going to have to eat my pussy now big boy.”

“Come on lick me until I tell you to stop, no fingers, I want you to use your mouth. Suck me and tongue fuck me, do everything to my fucking hole but you can’t use your fingers,” she barked in a loud and demanding voice.

Fernando knelt down and positioned his face before Sonja’s raw but creaming cunt. He took hold of her legs and put his nose to her crotch just before he extended an abnormally long tongue and wagged it at the spot where her pussy lips met. His tongue made contact with her pussy.

“Oh,” she gasped. “That’s right. Put your tongue where I need it. “

“Eat my pussy, baby. Eat it slow; tell me how much you like my hot, wet pussy,” she pleaded.

“I like it! I love your hot, wet pussy,” he said in a muffled voice.

Fernando slurped noisily at her hole, loudly sucking on her clit. He used suction but he also used his tongue in expert ways, folding it and rolling it just so, in order to extract what he wanted yet keep her excited. I could see by her flushed face she was excited and enjoying the moment.

Fernando ran his tongue up and down the insides of Sonja’s smooth thighs, then around the edges of her pubic mound and across her stomach. Sonja gently bit her top lip and moved her own hand onto her breasts where she tweaked and rolled her enlarged nipples.

Her hands left her tits and were placed on the back of Fernando’s head, holding him tight between her spread lips. She began gyrating her hips, rubbing her soaked pussy all over Fernando’s face, squeezing every ounce of ecstasy she could from his tonguing.

All of a sudden she stepped back and pulled him to his feet. She went down onto her knees in front of him; his cock was sticking out in front of him. She took his warm, rigid pole into her mouth, her lips rolled down the top couple of inches and she pressed her tongue flat on the underside, slowly teasing and torturing him until he was about to come, then she would back off a bit before going in for more. It was her favorite thing to do.

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