book of fortune part five

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Brad woke up that morning with a feeling of excitement and anticipation. He first wanted to see his sisters to see how they would act. He knew they would think it was all a dream, but he wanted to know how that would translate to them acting towards him.

When he went down for breakfast he had a strange confidence about him. And seeing his two sisters wince when they sat down but couldn’t remember why gave him tremendous joy.

He sat on the bus thinking about whom he would fuck next. He would look over at his sisters and their friends. He had already fucked one of them but there where two others he didn’t fuck yet, and then there are the teachers. Three were men and four were too old and ugly, but most were definitely fuckable. Then he remembered a fantasy he had once and that sealed the deal on who was next.

He took out his beautiful little book and wrote, “In the middle of first period the vice-principal will call for me. She will say that my grades are horrible and that I might be kicked out of school. She will tell me that the only way to stay is if I get an A in fucking. She will then seduce me and force me to fuck her. When we are finished she will then change all my grades to A’s and send me to class.”

He closed the book and waited. He sat in history looking at the clock. Sure enough in the middle of class the vice principal walked into the class and asked the teacher if she could have a word with Brad. He agreed and all the students went ‘oooooo’ as if he was in trouble. He took his stuff and followed her. He enjoyed the fact that they had to go up the stairway to get to her office, because it gave him a chance to stare at her ass.

His vice principal was a hot little ebony beauty. She was five foot five a little on the heavy side, but most of her weight was in her tits and ass. She had dark creamy skin and an ass like the girls in rap videos have. No one messed with her; she was one of the toughest teachers in school.

They got to her office and she closed the door, she then sat at her desk for a while and just looked at papers. If he did not know better he would have thought he really was in serious trouble. She broke the silence but still looked through her papers not acknowledging Brad’s presence. “Do you know why I brought you here?”

“No,” he lied.
“I have been looking over your records and I found some troubling grades.”
“Really,” trying to sound surprised.
“How well do you think you are doing in your studies?”
“I think I am doing pretty well. I may not be a genius but I will at least graduate with my class.”
“Pretty well you say. According to my records you are failing all of you classes, F’s right down the board. At this rate you will never graduate.”
“What that can’t be right, there must be a mistake.”
“No mistake. I am afraid you are going to flunk out.”
“There must be something I can do to raise my grades. I could do extra work or stay late after school. Tell me what I can do and I will do it.”
“There is nothing academically you can do, it is mathematically impossible. However, if you can prove your dedication to you education then I might be willing to overlook you grades and give you a second chance.”

Brad knew this was going perfectly according to plan, he knew where this was leading to. “Name it I will do anything you ask me to.”
“That is a great attitude Brad. First I want you to answer a few questions I have.”
“Sure, anything you want to know.”
“Are you not doing well in school because you have a girlfriend that distracts you from your work?”
“No I don’t have a girlfriend.”
“Really? A cute young guy like you is still on the market?”
“Is it because you are inexperienced with girls?”
“No, I have had experience with girls before.”
“What kind of girls. I mean girls your age or have you been with someone a bit older. Have they only been skinny little white girls casino oyna or do you like the chocolate swirl” She then moved from behind her desk to sit on top and face Brad with her legs crossed.

“Most of the girls I have been with are my age but one was older, and none have been African queens like some women I know.” She uncrossed and crossed her legs in front of him giving Brad a quick view of her pantiless nether region.

“Most? You really are quite the stud, aren’t you?” she uncrossed and crossed again this time much slower, and she even spread her legs a bit when she did it giving a perfect view of her pussy. “Tell me more about these women. Did they have small breasts or where they as big as these.” She started caressing her tits through her blouse.

“None of them hand tits as great as yours.”

“and what of there asses,” she stood up and turned around. She bent slightly over her desk sticking her ass out at him. “Were they small little butts or big booties like this one?”

“There asses where so small they aren’t even in the same category as your booty.”

She sat back down on her desk and smiled at Brad, “No wonder the girls flock to you, you are quite the charmer. Now tell me were these flat girls charmed when you stopped talking and started acting.” Brad stood up and moved close to her, “I thought we were talking about what I could do to stay in school, not the fact that I have satisfied a bunch of women.”

“My dear boy, the two are one and the same. All you have to do is satisfy one woman, namely me, and these pesky little grades get changed.” This time she just uncrossed her legs wider than before. “If you do as well as I think you can, then you stay in school, and your grades get bumped up. Its up to you.” She leaned back on her desk exposing her large breasts and opening her whole body to him. He looked for a while and moved until his groin was right up against her naked pussy. He leaned forward and kissed her.

She could feel his growing erection through his pants and her desire grew to an uncontrollable height. Under normal circumstances she would never kiss a student let alone fuck one for high grades, but for some reason she could not control herself. The feel of that young hard cock so close to her hungry pussy made her crazy. She took her blouse off so quick she almost ripped the buttons right off.

Brad was happy to see that underneath her business blouse was nothing but smooth dark skin and large inviting breasts. He dove in and wedged his face right between her cleavage and buried his head. “You’ve never been with a woman with tits like these. Go a head enjoy your self. But remember if I am not happy then you leave school.” He spent another few minutes playing with her breasts and nipples before he got down on his knees.

He pushed her skirt out of the way so he could get to work. He circled her vagina a few times with his tongue and then he teased her by bringing his tongue just an inch away from her slit and then pulling back. She had no patience for his games. She grabbed a hold of his head and pushed it into her crotch. For a moment Brad couldn’t breathe but then her grip loosened and he was able to breathe and eat her out.

He licked her pussy getting it as wet as possible. He played with her clit before he shoved his tongue into her pussy. She pushed her groin out so his tongue would go deeper inside her and flick harder on her clit. “Yes Brad that’s just what I want. Don’t stop.” While he played with her clit he took his hand and started rubbing her pussy. He then took his finger and plunged it into her pussy. She was not expecting that, “O fuck that feels good.”

With his tongue working on her pleasure button and his finger penetrating her twat Brad couldn’t help but notice that the more she was enjoying this the more he was too. His dick had grown rock hard, but he didn’t want to make a move canlı casino yet, he wanted to see how things would play out if she were in charge. “I’m so close just give me a little more.”

He took that as an order to use another finger, only he didn’t want to stick it in her pussy. He removed the finger that was fucking her cunt and placed at her asshole. With his other hand taking its place at her pussy his finger started going inside her ass. “O god yes finger that fat ass baby. I’m cumming!” she let out a long scream as her legs clamped around Brad’s head and her pussy flowed with its sweet nectar. He did not take this as cue to stop though. He kept finger fucking her holes all through her orgasm causing her to go into another. He picked up the pace until his fingers were speeding in and out of her pussy and sphincter. It wasn’t until she was gasping for air that he stopped.

He sat back in his chair examining the elder woman as she recovered from her multiple orgasms. She barely had the strength to lift herself to sit up. After a few moments she looked at Brad, “Holy fuck that was amazing.” She took a few deep breaths and tried to calm down from her intense excitement. She looked at Brad with a hungry stare. Brad had never seen a woman give him a look so intense and full of lust. “You know Brad when a student does good work like that they are rewarded in kind.” She got off her desk and slid down to her knees right in front of Brad. She placed her hands on his knees and slowly started spreading his legs. “So tell me, would you like me to reward you.” Her hand slowly crept up his legs, up his thighs. He nodded his head, unable to form words at this point. “No, no, no. you have to say it if you want me to do it.”

“I want you to reward me.”
“What kind of reward would you like?” She started rubbing her hands across his already large bulge in his pants.
“I want you to suck my cock.”
She leaned in close, her mouth just an inch away from his zipper, “I didn’t hear the magic word. Don’t you know, you don’t get what you want unless you ask nicely?”
“Please suck my cock!”
“Well, you did ask nicely, and I do owe you an incredible climax.” She leaned in again, but this time her mouth went right to his fly. She grabbed the zipper in her mouth and opened it. Once that was done his dick popped right out of his pants leaving a thin fabric boxer covering his steel tool. She brought her hand back up and played with his dick through his boxers. She moved it around in circles like a joystick for a video game. She found the hole in his boxers and pulled his dick out. She let her hands roam around his prick, rubbing it, stroking it with incredible tenderness.

Brad could not control his excitement. She brought her head down close to his cock and licked her lips slow and seductively. Keeping her eyes trained directly into Brad’s she leaned in again and took his dick into her mouth. The sensation was so incredible Brad thought he would blow his load right there. She kept one hand squeezing tight around the base while she bobbed her head up and down his shaft licking the entire length with her tongue. After a few good bobs she took the cock out of her mouth and looked at Brad, “Tasty dick I can see why the girls like it.”

She went back to her blowjob as Brad sat enjoying her experience. “It’s not the taste the girls love, its how it fills their tight pussies that drives them wild.” She let the dick out of her mouth again, all the while stroking his wet dick with her hand. “Is that so? Well then I guess you are just going to have to show me.” She stood up and sat down on her desk with Brad’s dick still in her tight grasp. He took a breast in each hand as she placed his dick at her waiting entrance. With one hard push he was inside her. “O I can see you like it rough, well go a head, fuck me as hard and as rough as you can.” A devious smile came a cross his face, “Don’t worry I kaçak casino intend to.”

He spent no time building up his pace. He went from stationary to hard fucking in no time. He was slamming his dick as hard and fast as he could physically go. Keeping his vice principal close in a tight embrace. He broke from another deep passionate kiss so she could let out another, “Fuck you are good with that thing. Harder baby fuck my cunt hard.” She lay down on her desk while Brad grabbed her hips for handles. Continuing the incredibly fast pace. After some time fucking her like that she told Brad to stop so they could switch positions. She told him to lie down on her desk. He did and she told him. She then got up and straddled him in a reverse cowgirl.

She gave her ass a little shake to tease Brad and then she grabbed his dick again and put it where she wanted it. When it was where it needed to be she sat down letting all her weight push Brad’s dick as far up her cunt as it could go. She waited a second before she got into her own groove. Soon she was lifting and slamming her ass down faster and harder than Brad was before.

The sight of her ass cheeks bouncing up and down mesmerized Brad. He held them as they slammed into his pelvis. Spreading them apart so he had a good view of her ass hole. He licked his finger and then plunged it deep into her anus. She turned around and looked at Brad, “Yeah boy, fill both my holes at once. That’s how I like it.”

He took this as encouragement to finger her ass. He went slowly at first, but soon his finger was fucking her ass as fast as his prick was fucking her cunt. The VP was moaning loud and swinging her head from side to side. Brad knew she was not far from an orgasm. With his free hand he reached forward and started rubbing her clit.

That was all it took for her to cum. She gabbed his legs for support as her muscles contracted and she was overwhelmed with pleasure. She moaned and panted as she was hit with wave after wave.

After a few moments of sitting motionless on top of Brad she sat up and turned around to look at him. “That’s twice now you got me off. I think its time I got you off now. So tell me, do you want to stick that magic stick back in my pussy, or do you want me to suck you dry?”

Brad stood up off the desk and moved towards her. He gave her a deep passionate kiss that he held for a while. When they broke he pulled her up onto her feet and turned her around, so that he was facing away from him. He bent her over her desk and told her to spread her legs.
He rubbed his cock up and down her slit, collecting her wetness of his head. Then he moved it up to her anus, “I Chose option C.” he shoved his dick up her back door. “No Brad you can’t fuck me there.” After a few thrusts though her winces of pain turned into moans of ecstasy. “Oh Brad, you feel good no matter what hole you are in. keep going.”

Her ass was even tighter than her cunt had been. Brad thrust until her large soft ass cheeks stopped him. He fucked her up the ass for a few minutes before he felt his orgasm coming. He speed up even faster and when he was going the fastest he had ever fucked a woman he lost all control and shoot a massive load up her ass. The feeling of her ass being used as a cum dumpster excited the VP into her third great orgasm of the day.

Shot after shot left Brad’s nuts and ended up inside his teacher’s ass. When both their orgasms were done Brad pulled his dick out. Causing some of his cum to leak out. He sat in a chair and tried to catch his breath. When his new lover had found the strength she got up and sat on her desk facing Brad.

“So was that good enough to stay in school?”

“Honey, if you keep this up you will be valedictorian.”

Brad smiled at his conquest and started to put his clothes back on. He took his backpack and smiled back as he left the office. He knew he had missed his morning classes but he could still make it to lunch. Where there would an entire cafeteria full of girls to satisfy the lust his Vice-Principal could not.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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