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Every morning started the same. The harsh bell sounded and the lights came on.

Roberto whimpered. It was a beautiful dream. They were in a grassy park. The sky was blue, the clouds fluffy white. He was wearing a pretty pink sundress. Damon was laying on his back wearing only a white dinner jacket. He was kneeling between Damon’s knees. Damon’s big black cock was in Roberto’s mouth. In the dream it seemed normal to have Damon behind him at the same time, his strong hands gripping Roberto’s hips, driving his girly cunt asshole. Big beautiful Damon.

But it was just a dream. He was in his four foot by three foot cage laying on the thin foam mat.

Damon had crossed racial lines in the federal prison and claimed Roberto as his bitch.

Only five foot tall, twenty six year old Roberto had a pretty face. A wig, dress and a bit of eye liner he could pass as a Mexican beauty. There must have been a snitch. At the last minute he was pulled out of the boarding line for his flight to St.Paul. He was thrown over the edge of the bolted down steel table and the butt plug of product yanked out of his ass. His shoes were broken open to get the product out of the block soles. Third offense. Twenty years.

Damon of course had to be tough and mean in the yard, but after lockdown he was so gentle. His big cock almost choked Roberto at first, but Damon was patient. He took his time breaking Roberto in. One big finger, then two, then three before he gently worked his big roll of tarpaper into Roberto’s girly boy cunt hole. Then after lovemaking he would cuddle Roberto, whispering what a sweet little bitch he was. But at the institute there was no physical touching. They wore cock cages all the time.

Weeks ago, hard to tell how long, he and eight other young prey were called into the warden’s office, cuffs and leg irons, then loaded into the windowless box of a delivery truck and driven for hours. That was the last time they saw daylight. They were unloaded and operated on. Now they all had pierced ears, nipples and cocks. They all were circumcised and given vasectomies. Except for the fat white boy. He was castrated. At least he’s quit crying all night.

All day every day they were trained. How to serve, how to speak, how to apply makeup and style hair, how to give massages, and carry trays of wine glasses. Then there was the extra training. How to give a blow job that was way more than just sucking cocks. How to give a lady and orgasm with just their tongues. They did their practical on the male and female guards.

Today is different. The tall raven haired Matron and several guards are waiting in the classroom.

“Good morning.”

In unison, “Good morning Matron.”

“Today is your graduation, so to speak. Today you will be auctioned off. First we will parade you onto the stage in the auditorium, then show you individually. casino siteleri You will be brought back here, then auctioned. Now,on your desk is your number plate. Hang it over your neck and line up in numerical order.” Their cock cages were removed.

The bright stage lights made it impossible to see the bidders. They were shown, then one at a time led back onstage. Roberto stood straight, hands a this side as instructed. The auctioneer chanted his sing song. Roberto was led back to the classroom.

One at a time they were collared and leashed and led away. Roberto’s turn came.

Frank, one of the nicer guards, with Roberto’s leash in one hand and his other hand gripping Roberto’s left ass cheek led him out. Matron, two dark skinned well dressed men, and the fat white boy were just leaving her office. “Wait here, I’ll be right back.” Frank took off the collar, motioned Roberto into the office and stood outside the door.

Matron returned with a beautiful couple.

She was Roberto’s height. Oriental. her lustrous black hair was up in an elegant swirl. Her white angora turtle neck sweater had the kind of collar that flowed in a soft drift over her shoulders. Grey leather ankle boots peeked out under the hem of her maroon skirt. Her pink lips had a warm smile.

He was much taller, maybe six feet. A Viking. Blond hair, blue eyes. Impeccable suit. A warm smile with just enough lascivious twinkle in his eyes to make Roberto blush.

Papers were signed. Matron’s assistant, the sweet little Nancy (and fuck toy, so it was rumored) brought the lady’s white satin cape with the wide fur collar that tapered down and defined it’s hem, and the gentleman’s full length black mink with the raccoon collar.

Matron walked them down a flight of stairs to the parking garage. Their driver held the door. The lady and gentleman either side of Roberto, they drove out of the building. Roberto now saw it was a non-descript modern factory building. Window less, steel sided, sign with a three letter name. Just like all the others. Could be any modern industrial park around the world.

“We’re going to name you ‘Bobby’.”

He smiled. This was a good sign. “Thank you ,Sir.”

“See, Darling. So polite. So well trained.” She stroked Bobby’s arm. “Oh sweetie! You’re freezing.” She opened her cape and spread it over Bobby’s shoulders and pulled him to her. “There, is that better?”

“Yes Mistress, Thank you.” Her sweater felt so soft against his bare skin. She smelled nice.

They drove right out onto the ramp at the airport and hustled up the stairs of the Lear Jet.

A beautiful young lady, about five inches taller than the lady and Bobby took their coats.

“Kitten, get Bobby the toga we brought for him.”

It was a white material, knee length with a wide satin sash to tie around his waist.

The pilot announce canlı casino they could get airborne as soon as everyone was buckled in.

“Bobby, you sit there.” The gentleman pointed at a window seat and sat beside Bobby. The lady and ‘Kitten’ sat facing them. The ladies held hands as the plane rushed off the runway.

As the plane leveled out at cruise the gentleman reached over and undid Bobby’s seat belt, then gently stoked Bobby’s thigh. “As you probably figured out, this young lady is ‘Kitten’.”

“Hello, Bobby.”

“Hello, Kitten.”

“You will call my wife ‘Mommy’, and me ‘Daddy’. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good boy.” His hand drifted up under the toga until his thumb was stroking Bobby’s balls. You see, honey, I like to play with little boys. Unfortunately, the law doesn’t understand. With your youthful looks, you can be my little boy. What do you think about that?”

Bobby knew a good thing when he saw it and felt it. “I’d like that very much, Daddy.”

Daddy kissed Bobby’s cheek.

The flight was very long. Bobby drifted in and out of sleep. At one point he woke in the dark cabin with Daddy’s hand fondling Bobby’s balls and stroking his cock. Masturbation was not possible, of course, caged, at The Institute. Nothing was better than another person’s hand there. Daddy’s hand was big , but soft and gentle. Bobby’s cum squirted into his toga. Daddy wiped his hand clean on the toga’s skirt. “The bathroom is at the back, better go get yourself cleaned up. We’ll be landing soon, Bobby.”

It was after midnight when they got home.

“Kitten, you take Bobby and get ready for bed. I’ll come and tuck you in.”

“Yes, Mommy.”

They took turns in the bathroom. Kitten first. When Bobby came back into the bedroom, Kitten was in a shortie pink satin nightie. She handed Bobby a cock cage.

“Not again?”

“We can’t be doing anything nasty without their permission. See?” Kitten showed Bobby her chastity belt. When he finished locking himself up Kitten told him to put the key on the dresser with hers, then gave him blue nightie the same style as hers.

“What side of the bed do you want?”

“Er? This side I guess. Is that OK?”

She got into the other side and Bobby got into his side..

Mommy came in just as they got settled. Her beautiful long silky black hair was brushed down to her shoulder blades. Her silk turquoise and gold dressing gown swept the carpet.

“Under the coves, darlings.”

She gave Bobby a warm kiss on his lips. “Welcome home ,sweetie. Sweet dreams.”

She went around the foot of the bed, picking up the two keys as she went. She kissed Kitten. “Sweet dreams, my love.” She turned out the lights on the bedside tables and left.

Bobby rolled onto his side, facing away from Kitten. The full size soft bed with blankets and pillows kaçak casino was so luxurious after the thin foam mat in his cage at The Institute.

Kitten’s hand slid around his waist and settled on his chest. “Mm, it’s nice to have a roomie. Sweet dreams.” Bobb’s cage became deliciously tight. Kitten’s breathing became quiet. Soon Bobby too was asleep.

In the morning Mommy removed Bobby’s cage but left Kitten’s device on. After breakfast they were sent to shave Bobby’s body hair off.

It was an erotic experience. Soapy and slick. Kitten’s touch. Bobby came several timed from her touch. One time he squirted cum all over her face.

“Sorry, sorry. I couldn’t help it!”

Kitten giggled and licked the goo off her lips then washed her face. God, that was sexy too.

Bobby showered and dried himself when they were finished. Kitten draped a long terry bath robe over his shoulders and they went looking. They found Daddy in his den.

“Ready Daddy?” Kitten swooped the robe aside like a magician. “Ta Daa!”

Daddy smile. “Turn around Bobby. Let’s see.”

Bobby slowly turned. Daddy smiled. “Kitten, I think Mommy needs your help.”

Giggle. “Yes, Sir.”

“Come, sit with me.”

Daddy stroked Bobby’s smooth legs. He stroked Bobby’s tanned hairless chest. He playfully pinched Bobby’s dark brown nipples. “So smooth, so soft, so young. My pretty little boy.”

Daddy stood and took off his trousers and boxers, then sat back down. It was circumcised, not quite as big as Damon’s big black pole, but a respectable thick seven inches. Daddy cupped the back of Bobby’s head and pulled him to a slow sweet kiss. Bobby opened his mouth. Daddy’s tongue slipped in. A long wet kiss. Daddy stroked Bobby’s hair. Bobby gently held Daddy’s cock. He bent down and kissed the shiny helmet. He slid to the carpet between Daddy’s knees.

“Good boy.”

He gave it a wet slurpy kiss. He looked up at Daddy’s Nordic blue eyes and smiled.

“Don’t just suck it, adore it” was the teacher’s motto.

Bobby kissed and licked up and down it. He stroked it gently. He wrapped his lips around the helmet and swirled his tongue around it. He poked his tongue at the slit.

“Mmm.” He growled as he swallowed. He swallowed more. He bobbed hi head up and down. He took it out of his mouth and gave it more sloppy kisses. He fondled Daddy’s balls. All the time ,Daddy was praising him.

“Good Bobby. Beautiful Bobby. My sweet boy. My pretty little boy. Good boy.”

Deeper and deeper he took Daddy. Big hard Daddy.

“Sweet Bobby. So Good.”

Then his reward came. Cum filled his mouth. Daddy gently pushed Bobby back. He pumped cum all over Bobby’s face. Bobby smiled up at Daddy. Daddy smiled back.

Bobby licked his lips. “Thank you Daddy.”

“Good boy. Now, go wash your face and comb your hair. Put on a button down shirt and the blue short shorts, it’s almost lunch time, honey.”

Bobby smiled at himself in the mirror as he brushed his hair. If today was any indication, he was going to love being part of his new family.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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