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Boat Lemon Laws

All states have some type of legislation for defective cars, usually known as a lemon law. Lemon laws protect consumers in the event that the car they purchased is irreparably defective. Some states, such as Ohio, also have boat lemon laws. These are designed to protect purchasers of watercraft, including sailboats, jet skis, and powerboats.

Under the boat lemon law, if your boat is covered by the original manufacturer・s warranty and it is defective, you give the manufacturer a reasonable chance to fix it. In turn, the manufacturer must fix it under the boat lemon law. If the defect does not get fixed, or if there are an unreasonable number of defects, then you can see about returning the watercraft for a refund.

It matters not whether the hull, equipment, or motor is faulty. There are three things that must be met for the boat lemon law to take effect. First, the malfunction has to be covered under the original manufacturer・s warranty. Second, you must allow the manufacturer a reasonable opportunity to get the watercraft fixed. Third, the manufacturer must fail to fix the watercraft within a reasonable number of attempts, or within a reasonable time period.

If you can meet these three criteria, you may be protected under the boat lemon law. Be aware, however, that you have a limited window of time to file a lawsuit under the boat lemon law. If not, you may lose your rights to do so and be left without recourse. Generally, boat lemon laws allow 24 months from the time of purchase.

Additionally, in states such as Ohio, there are other laws outside of the boat lemon law that you can turn to for protection against defective watercraft. The Consumer Sales Practices Act also covers watercraft. Ohio has a Commercial Sales Law as well.

If you find yourself the owner of a defective boat, turn to the boat lemon law for recourse. Consult with an attorney that specializes in boat lemon laws. Make sure the attorney represents boat lemon law consumers, as opposed to manufacturers. Examine the boat lemon law statutes to make sure you・re protected. If your defect isn・t covered under the warranty, for example, the boat lemon law can・t help you.

As soon as you realize there・s a defect, make absolutely sure to contact the manufacturer. You don・t want to lose your boat lemon law rights due to complacency or indifference.

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