blackout drunk pt2

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So it’s been a couple months since I first fucked my mother as we were both blacked out drunk, and in that time I come to find that my mother is a real whore. Even though she has only been with a limited number of men in her life and only me in these last two months. My mother loves dirty sweaty rough sex and my huge cock; we have fucked almost every day since I first fucked her up her ass and almost every place. One night I took her out to the movies because Amber was staying over at a friend’s house and during the movie I fucked her there in the theater. She likes to be told what to do, so when the movies started to get boring I turned to my mother and told her to get undress and sit on my lap and ride my cock. The showing was the last one of the night but the theater was still pretty full but I was into the feeling of being caught fucking and I knew my mother was too by how wet she was that night.

I love the boss my mother around the house when it was only the two of us in it. The feeling of this power over someone made fucking her even better. She was like my very own sex slave and there wasn’t anything that I could made her do if in the end I was going to fuck her brains out. I made her take a golden shower one time and as I was peeing on her it made her so horny that she got off just by her rubbing her pussy as she was being peed on. Each time I would do something I would push the envelope to see if there was a point when she would say no. After two months of fucking my mother and most of the time in her ass it started to retain the size of my cock. This was something I was most proud of as I would make her show me her asshole when ever I wanted.

One time the all family was together at my Aunt Sue’s house who was my mother’s young sister for a weekend casino oyna BBQ. She had a big pool in the back yard for everyone to go swimming in. When we arrived there my sister ran off to change and head to the pool but I stayed back to help my mother and aunt get the food ready inside. With my uncle out side watching all the kids I told my mother to go change into her swimsuit that was a bikini that she had when she was young so it showed a lot of skin. I took her into the upstairs bathroom and made her change as she sucked my cock. My mother looked great on her knees sucking my cock; we had been going to the gym a lot too so her stomach was nice a tight and I made her keep her pussy bald for now on. I had my cock down her throat but I wanted to make her work for my cum so I pulled out and blew the load all over her face. It was right then when my aunt walked into the bathroom looking for us and saw her sister my mother with a face full of my cum. I didn’t say a word to my aunt just told my mother what a good cock sucker she was and to clean up her mess. I walked out of the bathroom and for the rest of the day my aunt tried not to make eye contact with me.

Things were great but I knew that my mother could do more so I made plans to meet up with one of my good drinking friends for a night of some hardcore fucking. Dave was a good friend and I knew him since middle school. He was the one I called when I would go out drinking and needed some added fun. So I called him and told him the plan and to bring his younger brother that looked just like him. Dave and his younger brother Chuck were two big black guys that played football in high school but both found out that drinking was better. They both were about 6’2” and somewhere in the 250 range so I knew they would work great canlı casino for my plan.

It was Friday night and with my sister away for the weekend again I took my mother out drinking and shooting pool. It was about 1am when I knew that my mother was drunk enough for my plan and I took her drunk ass home. When I got there I told her to strip in the car and that she would walk up and in the house with only her heels on. I reached into the back seat of the car and got my camera and started to record my mother because I knew it would be fun in the morning when she was recovering from her hangover to watch what she did the night before. My mother was out of her cloths in no time and started to walk up to the house when I stopped her and told her to suck my cock a little in the pathway. She got down and pulled out my cock and stuck it in her mouth. I could see Dave and Chuck in the living room window watching what I had my mother doing because this was the sign I told him that would tell him if the plan was a go or not.

I looked around to see if there was anybody around that would see us but there wasn’t. I told my mother to get in the house so we can finish this and she got off her knees and made her way in. Once inside my mother was greeted by Dave and Chuck standing in the opening to the living room naked and there cocks rock hard. This was not what my mother was expecting and she turned to me and asked what was going on. I told her that she was my whore and my whore was going to so my friends what she can do. My mother has never been with a black person before and really didn’t have any as friends so two young black men standing there naked was a little much for her. I took her by the back of her neck and made her kneed in front of them so that she was eye level kaçak casino with their huge cock. I know that I was with an eight inch cock but Dave and Chuck were both much bigger then mine. Dave was about eleven inches long and Chuck was about nine but was the thickness of a soda can. As my mother was kneeing there Dave started calling my mother a bitch and to suck his cock. I loved every minute of this as Dave forced my mother onto his cock and started face fucking her. Chuck grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled her over to his cock and pushed it in. They went back and fourth fucking her mouth with their huge cock. Dave then pulled my mother up the stairs by her hair to my sister’s bedroom. I followed them up and film as Chuck laid on the bed and had my mother crawl up on him.

Once my mother was riding his cock Dave got behind her and rammed his cock up her asshole. This made my mother scream out as these two huge cocks filled her more then anything has ever done before and I was getting it all on film. By now my mother was in a different place because all she could do was moan and take the fucking. Dave got off her and picked her up so that he had her in a bear hug and started to fuck her standing up. Chuck got behind her and lined his cock up with her ass and pushed it in. I could see in my mother’s face that his cock was stretching her asshole even farther. They fucked her till she was going to pass out from it then dropped her to her knees and made her suck their cocks.

I moved up to get a real good close up as Dave and Chuck covered her face with their loads. They both had massive loads and soon her face was painted white with cum; after they made her clean off their dick and headed down stairs to grab their cloths to leave. After they left I told my mother to get her rest because their more to come. With my mother sleeping in Amber’s bed cover in cum I headed to my room to review the video on the camera.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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