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Sitting in the dressing room waiting for my turn on stage, I thought back to earlier today when I had an argument with my folks again. When are they going to figure out that I have grown up, that they can’t control my every move anymore? Sure I want to go to college, just not right this second. I mean, come on, I had just finished high school this year, and now it was time to have some fun. I leaned further back in my chair and propped my legs up on the counter. I looked around at the other girls dressing and undressing around me and let my mind continue to wonder.

My mom was one of those control freaks. With me being the youngest of three, she had held on tighter than hell with me. I couldn’t work, couldn’t party with friends and she wouldn’t even let me get my driver’s license until after I had graduated from high school. Even then I’d had to have a friend take me to get it. Now she was pressing me to move back home. As if that was going to happen, I snorted to myself. Like I would give up my first real taste of freedom. I’m living on my own with my best friend Kerra in the little community above the big State University and partying hardy almost every night. Why on earth would I give that up? Plus I have this job. Sure it’s not what you want to go around bragging about, but the money is really great and I can pretty much do my own thing.

I hear Randy the DJ call the girl’s name that dances before me to the stage. I jump up to go pick out the music I want. I look in the mirror and run a brush through my long black hair and add a little lipstick to my full pouty lips. I lean in closer to the mirror to make sure the eyeliner around my green eyes hasn’t run from all the sweating I’d done before coming back here to cool off. Deciding I look ok, I push through the door and head down the hallway toward the bar. My mind still on earlier today, I make my way across the floor toward the DJ booth when I hear something that makes the blood in my veins turn to ice.


At first I thought I’d heard wrong, but then it came again, louder. Now my whole body starts to shake. I was never called that name by anybody but my cousin Brian. I was so scared I wanted to turn around and run, I knew I was already nailed. I didn’t look at where he was sitting, just headed on up the steps into the DJ booth even after he called my name again.

Once I was safe in the booth I looked at Randy and found him watching me. “Baby you ok?’ he asked me. I shook my head no and looked back out the door. “What’s wrong Hun? Man you’re shaking all over and as white as a sheet.”

I jumped when I felt his hands on my shoulders. I looked up at him and shook my head no again. I couldn’t talk, for that matter I was having problems thinking. I couldn’t believe I was nailed, I’ve been so careful about keeping this a secret from everyone. But now a fluke of fate had my favorite cousin sitting in the bar less than ten feet from me. What are the chances my older cousin coming into this strip-club when there were five other ones in town?

Randy turned me around to face him and demanded to know what was wrong. I looked up into his brown eyes and started to calm down some. He always had this effect on me. Maybe that was why I hadn’t put up much of a chase when he let me know he wanted me in his bed. I gave him a small smile and told him about Brian being here and what it could mean if he told any of my family. He sat down in his chair and pulled me between his legs then wrapped his arm around me before turning slightly to start the second song for the current dancer. After he was done he looked back at me and asked. “Are you sure he knows it’s you? When was the last time he saw you, baby?”

I gave him a strange look before I figured what he meant. Randy had seen all the pictures of me growing up. I look nothing like I used to. At five-five I now weighed one-twenty and was tone all over instead of being pudgy. My face was slim, showcasing my high check-bones. My breasts were firm and perky as only an eighteen year-olds could be. Plus the longer I thought about it I remembered Brian had never seen me with my hair this dark. I was born with light blonde hair, but I’d dyed it about a year ago to a rich raven black.

I thought about all this for a second longer before answering. “It’s been about four years since we saw each other last. I was still overweight and my hair was shorter and a light blonde.” I told him. I thought about it some more. I used to be this chubby, little shy girl that would never look a guy in the eyes. Now, well now I took my clothes off for guys. I smiled as an idea came to me.

Randy seeing the smile shook his head. “I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I’m worried.” He told me with a smirk on his chiseled lips.

I laughed and punched him lightly in the arm. “Randy darling, I wasn’t a drama queen all through school for no reason. I’m thinking that I’ve changed enough I might be able to convince him I’m not who he thinks I am.”

Randy leaned back casino oyna in his chair and watched me closely. “I don’t know Emily. But I guess it is worth a shot. I know I don’t want to lose you. But I know if your parents find out about you doing this they’ll force you to quit.” He kissed my neck then pulled back, showing me his worry deep in his eyes. “Are you sure you can pull this off?”

I wasn’t one hundred percent positive, but I had to try. I bit my lip then shook my head yes. “Well then it is show time, you’re up.” Randy told me. I heard the music ending and moved toward the door. ” Good luck baby.” He told me, then he turned to do his thing and announce me.

I moved toward the stage and kept my eyes away from Brian’s table. I took a deep breath and started up the stairs as my music was brought up. I moved to the pole and started to sway. I was moving slowly to the rhyme of the music and starting to relax. “I can do this.” I told myself. With this thought firmly planted in my mind I started to do my thing. I moved with the slow deliberate sway of my hip to the first guy to come up and tip me. I took the bill of his hat in hand and ground my hips in his face before moving down so my nipples almost touched his nose. When I was sure I had given him his money’s worth, I moved on to the next.

When the second song started I was moving by reflex, not thinking at all. I was grinding and swaying and really feeling good. I swirled around the pole before climbing it to flip upside down and slowly slid down headfirst. Once I touched the floor I wrapping my body around the base of the pole to grind my ass against it. I saw someone walk up to the stage and lowered my head and began a slow crawl toward him. I never once lifted my head to look at him, even when I came to my knees in front of him and cupped my breast in my hands and pinched my nipples. I slowly rotated my hips in a mimic of me riding someone, then slowly swung my legs to the side before standing up and working my ass in his face. My pussy was level with his face as I moved my back into a leisurely, back-rolling fucking motion. I ran my fingertips up the inside of my thighs before cupping my mound. I put on hand on the floor and went into the splits, opening my legs all the way and rubbing my cunt on the stage floor. I slid forward and rocked my hips back and forth a few times before rolling over on my side. I lifted my right leg high, near my head, and spreading my legs so I could look at him down the length on my body.

My eyes slid over my body and up his chest to connect with the intense blue eyes of Brian. I trill shot through me when I realized what I had just done in his face. Looking in his face I could tell he wasn’t feeling the same way. He was pissed, and if the heat coming off his body was any indication he could have gladly wrung my neck at that moment in time. He didn’t say anything, he just slowly slipped his money in my garter-belt, making sure he didn’t touch my skin, then turned to walk back to his table. I watched the controlled way he was walking and knew he was beyond furious. If my plan didn’t work I was a dead woman.

I took a deep breath, but it still took everything I had to finish the song. As soon as the last notes played I was picking up my top and putting it on as I moved off the stage for the next girl to take her place. I leaned back against the mirror that ran the length of the back wall and took a deep breath. I was shaking all over and needed a moment to get my composure back to normal.

“Ok Emily, calm down or this won’t work.” I told myself. I straightened my shoulders then pushed out from hiding place. As I walked out into the main part of the club I could feel Brian watching me. His stare felt like fire lapping at my body, stinging my flesh, but I brushed the feeling away and moved to thank every guy that had tipped me while I’d been dancing on stage.

By the time I finally made my way to Brian’s table it had been close to fifteen minutes since I had gotten off stage. Four of the guys I’d thanked wanted a private table dance. I didn’t mind, it had given me time to prepare for this upcoming confrontation. I licked my lips and moved around behind him. I deliberately ran my hand across his wide strong shoulders, feeling the muscles bunch under my touch. I then leaned in close to his ear and whispered my thank you, letting my warm breath caress his skin.

He turned his head and looked up at me. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing?” He demanded.

God he was magnificent with fire jumping from his eyes, I thought. I pulled back and gave him an indifference smile. “Why I was thanking you hot-stuff.” I purred. “Is there some reason I shouldn’t?” I asked. I pouted a bit then licked my lips in invitation. He looked so shocked I wanted to laugh, but I was also scared spitless. This planned deception had to work, it just had to.

“Damn it Emmy, what the hell do you think you’re doing working here?” He demanded again.

I forced myself to give canlı casino him an odd look. ” Honey, exactly who do you think I am?” I asked softly.

He gave me a look that told me he wasn’t stupid and was getting madder by the second. “So your going to act like you don’t know who I am, are you?”

I smiled down at him and shook my head. “Trust me, if I’d ever meet you, I wouldn’t have forgotten you. You’re too fine for that to happen.” I lowered my eyes and looked up at him through my lashes. I was starting to have fun flirting with him like this. After all, Brian was the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. It didn’t matter if he was my cousin or not.

“So you’re going to stand there and tell me you’re not my cousin Emily? The same cousin I watched grow-up. The same girl that used to tag along behind me everywhere I went when our families went camping together.” He demanded.

I smirked and shook my head no. ” I wish I was though. I wouldn’t mind having a cousin that looked as good as you.” I licked my lips and watched his face. He looked up at me and I could see the moment he came to a decision.

“Ok. So you say you’re not Emmy. If you’re not her you won’t mind giving me a dance, will you?” He smiled up at me with mischief dancing in his eyes.

I swallowed and felt like I was caught for sure. I looked deep in his eyes and saw that he didn’t think I would do it. That just goaded me into doing it and being outrageous about it too. I smiled and leaned over so my breasts were right in his face. “Oh Hun, I would love to dance for you. What kind do you want?” I purred, licking my lips.

“Wh…What?” Brian stammered. The look on his face was priceless. He looked so shocked I think he forgot to breathe for a second, then he pulled in a deep breath and his nose brushed my nipple.

We both froze, our eyes clashing and holding. Tingles shot through my body. I never let anyone touch me while I was here at work, plus I hadn’t realized I’d gotten that close to him when I bent down. But I’ve got to admit it had felt really good. So instead of pulling back, I bent a little closer so I could feel his hot breath wash over the tops of my breast. “Well sweet thing, we have a couple of different dances I could give you.” I paused to see he how he reacted to that then continued when his eyes fell to my breast. “I could give you one here, by your table or…” I slowly ran my hand along his thigh. ” I could give you a couch dance and dance over you and infront of you.”

If anyone was going to back out I was going to make sure it was him. He tore his eyes away from my breast and looked around the club. He watched some of the girls giving a couch dance for a long silent moment. He licked his lips and looked back up at me and smiled. I could tell by the way he smiled that he was going to call my bluff. Shit!

“Ok. I want a couch dance. That is, if you don’t have any reason you can think of why that would be wrong. You don’t do you?” He asked softly. So softly I barely heard him above the music. I was caught and I knew it. If I backed out now he would know for sure and he would feel it was his duty to tell my parents what I was up to. If he did that my life as I knew it would be over.

I had to do this and had to be good enough to take his mind off the fact he thought I was his cousin. I looked around the bar and saw the bouncer flirting with one of the girls and made up my mind. I shook my head no and laughed at him. “I can’t think of a single reason I wouldn’t want you between my spread legs.” Saying this I held my hand out and lead him toward a couch on the other side of the bar, the farthest one from the bouncer, to wait on the next song.

Neither of us spoke as he stood watching a girl giving a dance on the couch next to us. She was grinding her pussy in the guys face before bending down, running her nipples right in front of his eyes, almost touching him with every pass. Every time her breasts were in his face, her pussy would brush his crotch, grinding into his hardening cock.

Brian looked away then down at me standing beside him waiting. He cleared his throat and I smiled up at him. “Come on Emmy… don’t do this, please. You really don’t have to, you know?”

I just shook my head. ” I must really look like this Emmy. Do you think she’s pretty?” I have no idea why I asked that. All of a sudden, I really wanted to know.

He gave me a disgusted look. ” ‘Emmy’ is my sweet little cousin and I love her. But not like that.” He told me before looking away.

I felt what could only be disappointment wash through me. I’d always found Brian attractive with his dark good looks. His hair was almost black and he kept it slightly longer than was fashionable. He stood over six-feet tall, with nice wide shoulders and a washboard stomach. But I loved his eyes, they were so dark a blue they almost looked black.

The music stopped and Randy called the next dancer’s name. I moved closer to Brain and showed him where to sit. “Now remember, no touching.” kaçak casino I told him. I slipped my high-heels off, grabbed a chair and pulled it over to the couch then stepped up.

“Don’t worry about that.” He muttered to himself. I couldn’t help smiling at his disgruntled tone. I stepped over him and positioned my hips right in front of his face, almost touching his nose with the silky material covering of my thong. When the music started, I began to sway slowly. I moved even closer to his face before lifting my foot to the back of the couch beside his head. I looked down and my eyes clashed with his. As he stared up at me I couldn’t tear my eyes away and my mind began to shut down. The small tingle he had set of earlier by accidentally touching me was back, in full force. The longer we held eye contact the hotter I was getting.

I couldn’t believe I was getting so turned on for my own cousin, but I was. I began to move even closer to his face as I rotated my hips and my pussy brushed against his nose. I could feel his breath wash over me every time he let out a breath. My pussy started to tingle and I became wet. By the way his nostrils flared I knew he was able to smell my excitement.

I lowered my foot back to the cushion and leaned back on the back of the chair and rolled my hips forward before moving my body down so I was almost straddling his hips. I rocked back and forth, but didn’t let myself rub against him the way I wanted to. I kept about three inches between our crotches. Taking my hands from the chair I placed them beside his head and rubbed my breast up his torso, sliding up him until my nipples were in front of his mouth, begging to be kissed. A quick glance at his face showed his eyes were heating up, but he kept his face a stony mask.

I stood back up and finally broke eye contact to turn around. It was time to do my trademark move. I grabbed the back of the chair and put my feet on the arms of the love seat and stood up on it, then leaned down and smile at Brian between my legs. Then without warning I went into the splits, my legs spreading wide open, over the arms of the couch.

I heard Brain take a deep breath and I pushed back. Without really meaning to I pushed farther back then I normally would’ve, burying his nose in my thong-covered pussy. I gasped and felt him do the same. When I started to pull away I felt something that made my whole body quiver. His tongue pushed hard against me, pushing the material covering me into my wet slit. I moaned quietly when his tongue again shot out to lick my shaven lips. Almost hesitantly he started to eat at my pussy, licking my clit through the thong before pushing his tongue against the material over my entrance.

As another moan ripped through my body it dawned on me, that this is my cousin licking me, and at work no less. I pulled quickly away and came out of my splits. I stood back up and moved my ass right in his face. I left my panties where his tongue had pushed them into me and started to roll my back. With every undulation of my hips the thong pulled a little deeper between my pussy-lips and started to rub my clit. Over and over I moved my ass in front of his face, letting him watch as my clit began to swell and my pussy became drenched. I moved even closer to his face until I felt him place a small kiss on my left cheek.

I then turned around and grabbed the back of the chair behind me. Supporting my weight on my arms, I raised my feet to the back of the couch, one foot on either side of his head, spreading my pussy lips wide. I slowly began to grind myself in his face, letting myself touch him on every other pass. He soon caught on and his tongue would snake out to torture my aching clit. Soon I was dying to come.

I lowered my feet to the cushions beside his hips then moved even lower, bending my knees until I was straddling him, but unlike last time I let my pussy brush him. The feeling of denim against my sensitive core took my breath away and it took me a second to realize how hard he was against my begging cunt. I ground against him lightly, then harder. My hips bucked at the lightning that shot through my body. I couldn’t get enough of feeling him rubbing against me. I wanted him in me and I could’ve cared less at that moment that he was my cousin.

I looked deep in Brian’s eyes and pushed hard against his cock. I slowly rocked my hips then started to move in slow circles that rubbed my clit. More quickly than I knew was possible I felt the waves of ecstasy washing through me. I whimpered and bit my lips as shudders racked my body. The entire time he didn’t say a word or look away from my face. I licked my lips and rode wave after wave of pleasure as I continued to grind against him.

As the after-shocks were being to fade I noticed that the song was coming to an end. I was surprised that all that had happened in the space of one song. I’ve never in my life came that fast, never. I pulled my eyes away from Brian and as subtlety as possible straightened my bottoms. I climbed off the couch, but couldn’t meet his eyes. I was embarrassed over what had just happened. I had meant to push this dance a bit farther than I normally would’ve gone, but by no means this far.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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