Blackmailed into Submission Ch. 01

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It’s strange how some things get started. I remember from history the old navy phrase, “loose lips sink ships”. It was meant to warn sailors that bad things could happen from a minor slip of the mouth, in effect telling your enemy how you are vulnerable. It is a phrase that I myself would have done well to remember. Of course, I had never planned on anyone other than the person I was talking with to hear my conversation. And I would never have suspected that my “enemy” would be someone I thought I knew very well. I guess I should explain.

I grew up in a fair sized town in the Midwest, having fairly normal parents and a fairly normal life. At least up to a point. By the time I was 18 and heading to college, I was the proverbial wild child. It seemed like the more of the things I tried that my parents had warned me about, the more things I liked. You name it, and I did it or at least tried it. I drank, smoked, got high and had sex with anyone that I felt inclined to be with. It seemed like there was no stopping me. I was having fun and planned to live life to it’s fullest.

It was also while in college that I became much closer to my older sister, Vicky. I had been back home visiting the folks during my sophomore year and had gone over to her house for the evening. We very frankly discussed my wild ways. Now mind you, she didn’t disapprove and even claimed to have done much of what I had. But she also figured out that it was not in her best interest to make it a long term way of life. She decided to look at what was going to be important for her future. She realized she needed a well educated, stable man to provide for her. And that’s what she got. Now boring he was not, but he had that arrogant, self-righteous way a man that knows he will be successful has. And he had never been demanding of my sister. She was his trophy wife. There to laugh at his jokes and to look good holding onto his arm at the parties of his associates.

Later that night I went out with some old friends of mine. We got drunk and high and had fun into the night. I even screwed a couple of my old boyfriends, Tom and Chuck, while their girlfriends watched. Still the wild child, I let one fuck me in the ass while I sucked the other ones cock, enjoying the attention of being a slut for them. Then the realization hit me with a force that was instantly sobering, not only physically but mentally as well. I remembered how Vicky’s husband came in and bent down to kiss her on the cheek. A gentle loving gesture. I also remembered hearing my sister tell me they had a very large five figure checking account as I watched Tom and Chuck try to come up with enough money to buy another six pack and yelling at their girlfriends like a couple of assholes. No, like my sister, this is not what I wanted for the rest of my life. I did enjoy the wild life. But as my sister pointed out, there was no real future in it, unless I was going to be the queen tramp in some trailer park. I decided that it was time for me to calm down as well. Not an easy feet for me, but I did take it gradually until I was a perfectly normal and acceptable young lady. At least on the outside. I even changed schools and made sure my reputation did not follow me. The hard part was changing the way I thought and acted around potential suitors.

The “old” Beth would have just fucked or sucked the guy that she wanted to have stay around, giving it to him as much as he wanted because he would always come back for more. The “new” Elizabeth, had to do things differently. I had to learn to be polite and charming. I had to know when it was the right time to give in and when to put them off. I joined a sorority that helped me become a proper lady. They taught me how to act, dress, and stay in shape using the house gym. For the first time I was studying and making excellent grades as well. And it wasn’t long before I met Jackson or Jack as he preferred to be called.

Jack was on his way to the top. He was in the top of his class, the head of his fraternity, and a fairly nice looking man. Jack also had the backing of his father, a banker in a large city. Jack wasn’t a jock, but he wasn’t a nerd either. I will admit here that I did trick Jack into marrying me. No, not with the “I’m pregnant” routine. I learned to be more conniving. After a month of dating, Jack wanted to know if I would be willing to let him “do” me. I told him I would have to think about it and put him off for another month still. I consulted my sisters and asked for advice. A plan was developed and all Jack got from me was a hand job and the occasional glance and momentary touch of my tits. About two months later, when Jack asked if we could do more, I undressed for him, got him good and hard, kissed the end of his cock and told him he could have me anyway he wanted on our honeymoon. I immediately got dressed and left.

Naturally, two nights later he proposed and I accepted. So a month after our graduation we were married. True casino oyna to my word, I gave Jack what he wanted on our wedding night. What I had not counted on was Jack’s limited imagination. While I had plans to be his hot little slut in bed, he planned on turning the lights off, getting off in five minutes and then falling asleep. Nine months later our daughter Veronica was borne. Three years from then and Jack’s prodigy, Steven was borne, named after his Grandfather.

For me, I accepted the life that I chose. I had no regrets and made the most of my life as it was. Jack got started at the bank with his Father and when not taking care of the kids, I dabbled in real estate. It was during a consultation for some business property that things really took off for us. As a result of the consultation, Jack invested in some property and eventually left the bank to become a very successful business owner. What Jack started was a chain of family type restaurants all along the Gulf Coast. We, of course, moved out of the Midwest so Jack could take better care of the business. Eventually, we had a very nice home built on a secluded piece of land. Jack did spend an enormous amount of time with the business, however I never minded as long as the money was good.

We managed to raise our children without many problems. Veronica graduated high school and choose to go away to college. Steven on the other hand wanted to be a fire fighter, much to the dismay of his father who had dreams of turning over the family business to him. While still in high school, Steven joined this group of kids who wanted to learn more about being fire fighters. He was actually very good at it. He studied hard and one of the counselors told me that Steven knew more about fire fighting than some of the guys on the job. Steven even had a special place in his room for studying and learning about fire fighting, complete with all sorts of radios and computers to listen to the calls. After several heated discussions, Jack finally agreed to let Steven get a Fire Science degree at the local college if he would at least back it up with a minor in business.

For me, I spent time planning the occasionally dinner party, stayed in shape with visits to the gym, swam laps in the pool and otherwise just hung out and spent money. I even got used to five minutes with Jack whenever he wanted, knowing full well that my vibrator waited for me as soon as he was asleep.

I guess it was a few months after Steven graduated high school that I sank my ship, so to speak. My sister, Vicky had called me on a Friday evening and was filling me with her woes over problems with her husband, Bill. Jack was out of town until Sunday, so I grabbed the cordless phone and headed to the bar to get a glass of wine. I don’t drink around Jack as I found that after a few drinks I start to slip back into my “old” Beth self, but since he was out of town I felt safe. Besides there was no one in the house but Steven and he was holed up in his room where he usually was.

Vicky told me that Bill was unhappy with their marriage. Being a good sister I offered her my “ear” to cry on and was opening a second bottle of wine to chase down the first, when I had my fill of her whining.

“You know what you need to do? You need to show him what he has been missing,” I tell her.

“Like what?” Vicky innocently asks me.

“Like what?! You know you are only three years older than me so it’s too early for you to be senile yet. I know damn well what I would do if I had the chance,” I informed her with the help of the wine, “I’d be Bill’s hot little slut slave. Hell I still remember all the fun I used to have. I’d give him that and then hang on to him while he begged for more.”

“Oh you think that’s what he wants, huh?”

“I don’t know for sure baby, but wouldn’t it be fun to find out?” I asked Sis.

“So what would you do?” Vicky asks knowing I have already drank too much wine.

“I would show Bill what a hot little slut I could be for him. I would strip down naked for him and let him get an eyeful of my 36Ds. Then I would get him out of his clothes and fondle his heavy balls while I licked and sucked on his big cock. I would get him hard and wet and then bend over for him. When he starts to stick his cock in my pussy I will tell him his aim is a little off and to see if he can find another place where he can put it. Then I will let him ass fuck me for as long as he wants. And when he is ready to cum I will drop back to my knees and slide his hot meat between my lips and suck his balls dry. Hell maybe he would get off watching me getting gang fucked. That would be hot. Or maybe I would have you stay and I can show him how good I am at licking pussy. I remember getting drunk in the sorority house in college and having fun with all the girls. Bet you didn’t know that either.”

“No, I didn’t. So you are telling me that my little sister Elizabeth is nothing more than a bi-sexual slut? Does Jack know canlı casino this?” Vicky questioned.

“No. Jack is too damn busy with the business to know anything about me. Hell, all I have gotten from Jack since we have been married is an occasional lights out five minute marathon. I have more sex by myself in one week than me and Jack have had since we have been married. Now that the kids are grown, if it wasn’t for the money, I might have to take off from Jack. Maybe I would go back to college” I laugh into the phone.

“I don’t know. I’ll try to talk to Bill some more and see if I can find out what is on his mind. If it looks like we can use your talents, I’ll let you know, okay?

“Anything for you Sis, you know that. I’m going to go ahead and finish this bottle and head off to bed. Don’t want it to go flat. You know, I think I’m going to talk to Jack about getting some stock in a battery company. Hell, then at least I will be getting something back for all the ones I buy. Night Sis,” I slur into the phone.

“Night, sweetie. Have fun,” Vicky said hanging up the phone.

I do finish the bottle, and then climb the stairs to the bedroom. My mind is already thinking about which dildo I will use tonight. Hell maybe I will even check out some porn on the satellite dish. Poor Jack probably doesn’t know what porn is or for that matter that it is fed right into his bedroom when he isn’t around.

I get to the top of the stairs and notice my son’s door open. I jump when he comes out the door into the hall.

“Jesus, honey. You practically scared the shit out of me,” I pant while pushed back against the hallway wall.

“Sorry, Mom. I needed to talk to you and wasn’t sure that was you or not.

“It’s kinda late honey, couldn’t we talk in the morning,” I ask my mind still anticipating an evening of self gratification.

“No, it’s really important. Besides, I’m hoping it’s something you can help me with tonight,” Steven tells me with a look of concern on his face.

“Okay baby, what’s the problem,” I ask.

“Come in here,” he tells me as he walks into his room. I follow and even though we are the only two in the house, he closes his door.

“So, what is so important?” I ask a bit impatiently as I sit down on one of his chairs.

My son Steven stands in front of me looking down and says, “I want you to suck my cock.”

“Excuse me, did I hear you right? Did you just ask me to suck your cock?” I query.

“Well, actually that was wrong of me,” Steven says looking down at the floor. As his gaze shifts to my eyes he rephrases. “What I meant to say is you are going to suck my cock. I’m not asking you, I’m telling you that you will.”

“And what the fuck makes you think I would do something like that? Have you gone out of your fucking mind?” I rant using the “F” word twice more than I ever had in front of my own son.

“I was messing around with my radios and it seems I heard a conversation between you and Aunt Vicky earlier, and it really turned me on.”

“I was just kidding around with Vicky. You know, you and your sister have joked around before too, I’m sure. That’s all that was,” I try to explain.

Steven moves from in front of me to his computer. I shift nervously in the chair, suddenly aware that I am only wearing a tank top with no bra, and a pair of cut off jeans. He moves to a sturdy leather chair and sits before he speaks again.

“Not only did I hear the conversation, I made a tape of it as well. And before you get any ideas, I have already sent several copies by e-mail to accounts I have that you will never find. I just wonder how dear old Dad would react if he heard this,” Steven informs me as he presses a button on his computer.

My head drops to the floor as I listen to myself describing how I would be Bill’s slut and what I would do, in too much detail. When the tape finishes, Steven turns towards me in the chair.

“As I see it, this can go one of two ways. You will either agree here and now to do everything that I demand of you, or, on Sunday night Dad will be listening to this tape. I’m sure it will be more than enough to send you on your way. Then you will be free of him and can go back to being the little slut whore that you really are.”

My head spins. Two bottles of wine and a misunderstood telephone conversation is on the verge of ending the life that I have. I almost wish I could cry. I almost wish I could go over and slap some sense into Steven. But at 6’2” and 200 pounds of muscle, I would be no match for him. He would do with me whatever he wanted. Which apparently is exactly what he wants.

“So what is it you want me to do? If I suck your cock will you be happy?” I ask.

“I’ll be happy for tonight. But I’m not sure how I will feel tomorrow. I may need another blow job or I may need to take a shot at your hot ass myself. To me it seems like an easy solution. You want to be a slutty whore again and you also want kaçak casino to live in this house and spend Dad’s money. For me, it’s just as easy. Either I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want with you, or you will be out of the picture and I get all of Dad’s money. Hell I fuck my girlfriend all the time. It’s not like I would be getting anything I don’t get now, except I think you will be better than most of the girls I date. That and it would be very convenient for me to have the ability for a quick blow job or nice fuck without having to wine and dine some stupid college bitch.”

I had never thought of my son in a sexual manner. It never occurred to me that he wasn’t a little boy anymore. He was a man now. A man with sexual needs and desires. “Will you let me think about this first?” I ask.

Steven walks over to me and bends slightly cupping my chin in his hand and strokes my cheek for a moment. He then reaches down for the pack of cigarettes in my hand. He pulls a cigarette out and lights it.

“You can have till I finish this smoke,” he informs me as he moves back to his chair.

“And when did you start smoking,” I ask, as if the previous conversation had not even taken place. I light one for myself and take a deep drag and slowly exhale.

“Mom, there are a lot of things about me that you don’t know, but you will find out more if you agree to my conditions. In fact, let me see if I can help you decide,” my son says as he stands up putting the cigarette out. Standing now, he unbuckles his pants and unzips his jeans. He tugs them down a little as I watch the thick patch of hair begin to show. He reaches in and pulls his semi-hard cock out.

“This is what happens when I think about fucking you. I start to get hard,” he says as he starts to stroke his cock in front of his Mother.

I stare in disbelief. My son’s cock is beautiful. It looks to be about 8” long, bigger than his Father, and not too thick. Perfect for sucking and ass fucking. My god what am I thinking.

“Careful Mom, your nipples are getting as hard as my cock.”

I look down and sure enough, my nipples are poking proudly against the material of the tank top I am wearing. It seems my body has decided for me as I can feel my pussy getting wet too. I slide off the chair and drop onto my knees. As I begin to move, Steven sits back in his chair. I crawl over to him on my hands and knees until I am looking straight at the magnificent cock he is holding in his hands. I move between his legs and reach a hand out to touch him. It is the first strange cock that I have felt since being with Jack in college.

“That’s it. Go ahead and suck my cock. You know you need this in between your slutty lips don’t you bitch,” my son says as if he can read my mind and knows I like the way he is talking to me.

I lift up and kiss the head, already tasting a drop of precum that is glistening there. A soft moan escapes my son’s mouth as I lower my mouth over his hard cock. I ease it in a little ways, then slide back and suck on the head. Then I begin to lick up and down the length of his shaft. When I get to the bottom, I reach up and pull on his pants until he lifts up and lets me pull them further down and then reposition him on the edge of the chair. I use one hand to continue to stroke my son’s hard cock as my mouth moves down to lick his big cum filled balls.

“Oh you are a nasty little slut aren’t you? Be a good girl and suck my hairy balls for me, bitch.”

I instinctively open my mouth and let them glide into my mouth and gently suck while still fisting his cock. After a few minutes Steven speaks to me again.

“Fuck your good. Now get back up here and suck my cock again. “

I leave a wet trail from my son’s balls back to the head of his cock. I spread my lips slightly as I push my mouth back down over the head.

“Let’s see those tits. I have been dying to see them without anything on them for a long time.”

I reach down with one hand and pull the tank top up. For a moment I lift my head off Steven’s cock so I can get it all the way off, and then push his cock back into my mouth, trying to get as much in as I can. I used to be a real good cock sucker and I was determined to show my son just what I could do.

Steven reaches down to feel my tits and nipples as he says, “These are really nice. I’m going to enjoy titty fucking you and then covering your face with my hot cum.”

An involuntary moan ascends from my throat as Steven plays with my tits and holds one hand on the back of my head, keeping my mouth on his cock. I work feverishly over Steven’s cock. Using my tongue to lick as my mouth slides up and down, sucking on the head and stroking the rest with my hand.

“Put you other hand in your shorts. I want you to play with your pussy while you suck my cock. And don’t you dare cum until I tell you to. And don’t stop unless I tell you to. Understand?” he asks.

All I can do is moan and nod my head slightly as I push my hand into my shorts and begin to slide a finger up and down my soaked slit. I suck my son’s cock as I finger my pussy, being careful not to make myself cum before being allowed to.

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