Black Cuckold with a Sick Twist

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Mistress Wilma smiled to herself as she watched her slave Stephen, a big and tall, somewhat chubby but still handsome Black dude, don the Gimp Mask. I want you to experience total submission, the curvy, light-skinned Black woman said with a wicked smile. Yes mistress, Stephen said. Good slut, Mistress Wilma replied, licking her lips. Nodding to Kenny, her Bull for the night, a tall, slim White guy who also wore a mask, she gave her okay for the proceedings to begin.

Tonight is forced bi and reverse interracial cuckold night at Mistress Wilma’s specially designed dungeon at her apartment in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. And the premier Black dominatrix of Canada was about to push some boundaries with her two bisexual male slaves. Sitting on the couch with her plump thighs spread, Mistress Wilma fingered her cunt while watching the action. Nothing turned her on more than hot man to man action and it was rare to find a bisexual Black man who was not only a sexual submissive but one who craved White dick.

Most of the time, it was a White male slut wearing the Gimp Mask and getting his ass rammed by a Black Bull’s thick ebony cock. Tonight, the roles were switched for the first time ever. Suck his White dick, Mistress Wilma ordered Stephen, and the big Black dude got on his knees and began sucking on Kenny’s dick. Mistress Wilma listened to the slurping sounds that Stephen made as he sucked Kenny’s cock and smiled to herself. All kinds of kinky people in this weird world, that’s for damn sure.

Mistress Wilma had been working in the world of BDSM for ages. At first she started out as an escort, entertaining men in the bedroom for money. Along came a particularly kinky client named Russell, who asked her to tie him up and fuck him with a strap-on dildo. At first Mistress Wilma was turned off by what Russell requested, and only agreed to do it when he paid her three hundred dollars instead of her standard fee of two hundred bucks for an hour of fun. The feeling of power she felt as a Black woman when she dominated the big White dude with the strap-on dildo was unlike anything she’d ever felt before.

Following that experience, Wilma had a moment of discovery. An epiphany of the sexual kind, as they called them back in the day. She did research on BDSM, female domination and male domination, and the more she discovered, the more fascinated she became by the lifestyle. Thus Wilma Venice, scion of a Jamaican mother and Hispanic father, became known as Mistress Wilma, the dominatrix. From that moment forward, she became dedicated to the domination of men and uplifting herself as a woman by becoming a dominatrix. Her world, and that of the men who came to her, has never been the same.

Tonight mistress Wilma was having a truly special treat. Thrusting two fingers into her wet cunt, she tasted herself and smiled with satisfaction while watching Stephen and Ken doing their bit. Stephen sucked on Ken’s cock until the White dude came, splashing the Black guy’s face with his spunk. Stephen guzzled down every last canlı bahis drop of Ken’s cum, then the two of them started going at it. Fuck him in the ass, Mistress Wilma ordered. Nodding, Ken did as he was told, sliding a condom on his massive White prick. Clearly anticipating what was to come, Stephen spread his ass cheeks wide open. Suddenly tired of playing spectator, Mistress Wilma joined the action. Taking a can of lubricant, she sprayed Stephen’s puckered asshole with its contents. Now you’re ready, she laughed, giving the big Black dude’s ass a loud smack.

Ken positioned himself behind Stephen, and got ready to enjoy his plate of Black male ass. Mistress Wilma stuck a gloved finger inside Stephen’s supple asshole, and smiled to herself. He’s ready, she told Ken, who nodded. Grabbing the White dude’s dick, the Black dominatrix placed it against the Black man’s asshole. Gentlemen start your engines, she cooed. Ken put his hands on Stephen’s hips and thrust his cock into the big Black man’s asshole. As the White dude’s dick slid into the Black guy’s asshole, Mistress Wilma’s dark little heart skipped a beat. Never had she seen anything so beautiful. Taking out her camera phone, she began taking pictures.

Getting more aggressive by the minute, Ken began ramming his dick into Stephen’s asshole, fucking the big Black dude like there was no tomorrow. Stephen moaned and howled as Ken’s thick White cock invaded his Black asshole, all of which turned Mistress Wilma even more. The curvy, light-skinned Black woman fingered her cunt furiously as she watched the hot man to man action between two tall and sexy bisexual men, one Black and one White. Hornier than ever, she joined the action. Grabbing Stephen’s face, she ordered him to eat her pussy. Mistress Wilma smiled to herself as she saw Stephen’s eyes light up behind the Gimp Mask. Lying before him, she spread her thick, sexy thighs invitingly, exposing her hairy cunt. Eagerly Stephen began licking her pussy, and Mistress Wilma asked him if he loved having White dick up his ass as much as he loved the taste of creamy Black pussy on his tongue. Amazingly, the bisexual Black male submissive replied in the affirmative, to his Mistress endless delight.

Noticing that Stephen’s dick was getting harder by the minute as Ken rammed his cock up his Black ass, Mistress Wilma decided to have herself some fun. Propping herself underneath the big Black dude, she cupped his hard dick and balls and began sucking on them. Stephen exhaled sharply as Mistress Wilma took his dick in her mouth. Ken smacked Stephen’s ass as he fucked him. As much as he loved fucking the Black dude’s ass, he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Stephen’s ass was too damn tight. Ken came, and pulled out. Spent, he lay on the matted floor and watched Stephen and Mistress Wilma going at it.

After getting her pussy licked, Mistress Wilma wanted to get filled. She looked at Ken, who shook his head. I’m spent, he shrugged apologetically. Never trust a White man to do a Black man’s job, Mistress Wilma bahis siteleri sighed. She looked at Stephen, whose dick was still hard as hell even though he’d been getting ass fucked for ages. Fuck me mofo, Mistress Wilma grinned. Yes mistress, Stephen smiled, and stroked his big ole ebony dick. Mistress Wilma climbed on top of Stephen and lowered herself onto him until his hard dick was impaled inside her wet, hungry pussy. And just like that, she began riding her submissive, since the so-called dominant wasn’t up to the task at the moment.

Ken watched Mistress Wilma as she began riding Stephen’s hard dick. The curvy light-skinned Black woman rode her chubby, dark-skinned sub for all he was worth. Encouraged by Mistress Wilma’s moans of pleasure, Stephen thrust his cock deep inside her wet, hot cunt. It had been a long time since he fucked a tight, juicy pussy. Although he considered himself bisexual, he played with his fellow man more often than he played with ladies these days. As much fun as the fellas could be, nothing on earth beats a Black woman’s hot pussy. So Stephen fucked Mistress Wilma’s hot, willing pussy like it was the last thing he was going to do.

Interestingly enough, Stephen sought Mistress Wilma because she was the only Black dominatrix in the area willing to deal with a Black male submissive and also the only one into stuff like forced bi, reverse cuckold interracial situations and all that jazz. He figured he’d play the unlikely role of the Black male cuckold watching the White stud fuck the willing Black woman. The ultimate in humiliation. Apparently, fate had other plans. One look at Ken told Stephen that the White dude was totally gay and not bisexual at all. Mistress Wilma was one kinky bitch but what did she know about bisexual men? Even now, Ken’s eyes remained riveted on Stephen, and he was stroking his flaccid cock with gusto. Stephen winked at him, then pinched Mistress Wilma’s nipples, which caused her to cry out. I’m freaky like that, Stephen told her when Mistress Wilma shot him a surprised look.

Mistress Wilma licked her lips, loving the deliciously hot pain deep within her cunt as Stephen’s hard cock stabbed her womb. Craving him in an altogether different region, she got off him abruptly. Stephen gasped as Mistress Wilma got off him, and watched as she got on all fours, shaking her big booty at him. I want you in my asshole, she said, spreading her big ass cheeks wide open. Stephen grinned and rose, positioning himself behind Mistress Wilma. He took the condom and lube she offered, rolling the former on his dick and spraying the latter on her asshole. Mistress Wilma licked her lips as she felt Stephen’s hard dick slide into her asshole. It had been a long time since the dominant light-skinned Black woman had allowed any man near her ass, and she wanted to make up for lost time.

Stephen grabbed Mistress Wilma’s wide hips and thrust his cock into her asshole. Smiling with satisfaction, he licked his lips as he listened to Mistress Wilma’s moans. The big and beautiful bahis şirketleri light-skinned Black woman’s asshole felt wonderfully warm and tight around his cock, and he couldn’t get enough of it. Mistress Wilma fingered her cunt while riding Stephen’s cock. Nearby, Ken watched them. Irritated by him for some reason, Mistress Wilma told him to fetch her biggest dildo. The White dude did as he was commanded, and handed the dildo, along with condoms and lube, to the Black Mistress as she rode the bisexual Black man’s dick. Bend over, Mistress Wilma ordered Ken, who nodded. Smiling wickedly, Mistress Wilma lubed up Ken’s asshole then pushed the dildo inside. The White dude moaned, and told her it was too much. Turnabout is fair play, Mistress Wilma cackled as she slammed the dildo up Ken’s asshole. At the same time Stephen slammed his dick up Mistress Wilma’s asshole, causing her to squeal in delight.

Ken howled as Mistress Wilma’s dildo invaded his asshole. The big Black dominatrix began berating him, calling him a limp-dicked White male slut, a loser and a faggot for being unable to get it up for her. I’m sorry I’m gay, Ken whined pathetically as Mistress Wilma’s toy continued stretching his asshole. Lucky I’ve got a strong bisexual Black man to fuck me good and proper, Mistress Wilma said, licking her lips. She pulled the dildo out of Ken’s asshole and the White dude sighed in relief. Moments later he gasped for Mistress Wilma’s hand was invading his asshole, and his howls of pain filled the dungeon as he experienced fresh torment. Meanwhile, Stephen continued pounding his cock into Mistress Wilma’s asshole like anal sex was going out of style. He fucked the big beautiful Black woman’s asshole until she begged for mercy. Only then did he release her.

Mistress Wilma took a moment to recover from the ass fucking she just received from Stephen. Amazingly, the big bisexual Black dude was still hard. Fuck my slut for me, she cooed. Grinning, Stephen watched as Mistress Wilma pulled her fist out of Ken’s asshole, then placed Stephen’s cock into Ken’s asshole. Gripping Ken’s hips Stephen thrust his dick deep inside of him. He fucked the White male slut with gusto, wanting to make him pay for fucking his ass earlier. Ken howled like a man possessed as Mistress Wilma held his ass cheeks open for Stephen to slam his cock up his asshole. The merciless ass fucking continued until Ken’s ass oozed a bit of blood. Only then did Mistress Wilma tell Stephen to stop. Mistress Wilma watched with some alarm as Ken slumped on the floor, spent and vanquished. That was awesome, the White dude said, smiling.

A little while later, Mistress Wilma allowed her two subs, Stephen the bisexual Black college student and Ken the closeted gay White male, to return to their separate lives. Their servitude, which they owed her, was complete for the day. Mistress Wilma allowed her two subs to shower, then sent them on their merry way. Afterwards, she lit a cigarette and drank some wine before watching her favorite show, Supernatural. Sitting on the couch, her big butt felt a bit sore and she smiled at the thought of Stephen, the surprisingly versatile bi Black stud. Hmmm. Maybe she’d invite him over for some fun on the weekend. The dude was packing and knew how to use it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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