Bishop Takes Knight Ch. 04

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Brad looked about the club wondering where in the hell they kept the loo in the club. Certainly if they had every other bodily function going-on or being seen-to around here; logic would dictate there should be a place where you could go to the toilet nearby, or at least that’s what you’d think! That was the nagging problem with all these oh so artsy type clubs because it was never obvious. You could find the bar; you could find three or four painted nude people standing perfectly still as performance art statues, but you were often hard-pressed however to find out where you could go and take a blasted piss when it was urgent!

“Scuze me!” he shouted to Wendy the tall barmaid as she walked past, “Can you tell me where the loo is please?”

“I’m on break now luv,” she said, “follow me.” They met at the end of the bar and the pair walked past the dancefloor. It was smaller than the floors outside in the rest of the club. This made it more crowded as well, but Brad noticed even less clothing was being worn. In the corners around tables, clubbers were paired off and participating in all manner and forms of sexual hijinks.

The difference was no one seemed to be attempting to hide anything as opposed to the other side of the wall of secrecy; nothing was covert. This place however, didn’t feel to him like the swing establishments he’d heard and read about. It was definitely all about the hookup and less about an organized setting for couples to come and party at. You came in and you danced. You stuck your cock in a hole and had it sucked, or stuck it in a wealthy lady on the dance-floor, or you shagged in a corner, or in the loo; you then moved on. Hummingbirds and butterflies probably executed more bloody foreplay.

The two now arrived at the restrooms. The Ladies and Gentlemen signs apparently were just suggestions (at least that was the case in the men’s room). As Brad stepped through the doorway he’d noticed that Wendy had not peeled yet off and headed to the girls room, (to his surprise he noticed out of the corner of his eye she was just of the back of his shoulder). His attention was immediately diverted to the urinals where in front of him howls of laughter had erupted amongst the male pissers.

A woman had pulled up her dress and plopped her naked bum down on a urinal between two men; who could barely keep their piss streams going straight into their porcelain receptacles from all the drunken laughter. As the woman peed and emptied herself, she chatted with both the fellows and made drunken conversation; even allowing them to reach out and touch her bum. Definitely the boundaries in this establishment were more suggestions or “nice to know items!”

Brad found a free urinal and took care of his business. The lady who’d been at the urinal had left with both of the lads on her arms and she’d been joined outside the entrance by a girlfriend of hers who’d been two meek and timid to come in with her to use the boys facilities. Brad was thinking about the surreal craziness of it all; having shaken off the last drop or two and he was in the process of zipping up to leave, when an arm shot out from a stall doorway to his right and he was pulled in.

It was Wendy. She reached behind him and locked the door. She planted a kiss on his lips and smelled his breath and his neck and shoulders. Her nose got a whiff of his sweat mixed up with a bit of his cologne and Anika’s perfume. It tickled her libido. She smiled and scolded him,

“You were a very naughty boy going wee over there in the wall pisser when you could have come in here and kept me company. Now you’ve made me wait! She dropped her jeans down to the tops of her boots and quite unceremoniously brought his trousers down as well; she knew what she wanted – made no bones about it.

Her ass plopped down on the toilet seat and she took a long hard steaming piss. As she did she immediately brought Brad’s cock to a pair of lovely Nubian lips; sucking and throating him hard, like she’d skipped lunch and supper and was absolutely famished! Brad ran his hands through her long frizzy hair. She reminded him a bit of a cross between the old MTV hostess Downtown Julie Brown and the supermodel Iman.

The truth was struck absolutely gob smacked by her features. She had beautiful high cheekbones and full lips that hugged his cock nicely as she nursed and milked his prick back into stout saliva-coated hardness. She had the long slender limbs of a Lladró statuette and he guessed that the camera must absolutely love her! He wondered what somebody this attractive was doing mixing drinks and pulling pints in a place like this. She should be walking down a runway in Milan or Paris by the looks of things.

He chalked it up to that fact that her boss Anika liked beautiful and unusual people and she collected them to work in her club; much in the same way that some women collected cats. There was probably some interesting back story that casino oyna had brought the gorgeous thirty something West Indian/Nubian goddess into this club to work as a barmaid; he just didn’t need to know right now at the moment! He simply looked down into her hot knock ’em dead green eyes that simmered back up him as she continued to slurp him and allowed he allowed himself to enjoy the moment until she was done weeing.

Wendy ran out of wee soon enough and she squeezed out the last few golden steamy bladder squirts. Deciding her tank to be empty, she then reached behind and flushed while tugging at his cock; testing it now for rigidity, and simply because she liked to wank a good stiff prick. She now stood up and stepped out of one boot and pant leg. Spinning around, she brought that lovely long naked gazelle leg up and placed a pretty bare foot upon the toilet seat.

“Alright luv,” she said, “I sucked on it while I emptied myself, now how about you putting your tongue to work down in back here?” She tugged her arse cheek apart and to the side with one hand; exposing a lovely steamy pussy and perky bottom-hole just waiting for a tongue’s attentions. Brad wasted no time. He bent at the waist and his tongue found her pussy. He began to munch and nibble down there in the folds of her pink and purple lady-lotus; tasting and smelling the acrid notes pee (as she hadn’t bothered to wipe and figured he’d be a gentleman take care of that little chore for her). It was only fair; after all – she’d taken care of a drop or two of his when she sucked him!

He rooted around in her puss-hole like a dog who’d found something particularly exciting “hidden in the weeds,” while she faced the back of the stall; making contented gasps yips and yelps. His tongue and lips found her rather largish clitoris; making her suck in her breath hard and she let out a desperate UUNNnnnnn UUUUuuunhhh! that echoed throughout the men’s room. A couple of men standing at the urinals laughed and applauded; not that Brad nor Wendy gave one steaming shit now!

His tongue now swirled around her anus, rimming the cute rude little crater and Wendy sighed and with both hands pulled her bum cheeks apart give him better access. She jutted her lovely bum back and pushed herself upon the tongue; alternately biting her lip and giggling softly as the wicked tickles upon her little purple poo-crinkle lit up her brain with excitement. She frigged her clit and let him bum-munch for a minute or more until she was ready for his cock.

“Stick it in Brad,” she sighed in a covert whisper, “I’m soooo ready!” He straightened up and brought the mushroom of his cock-head at the entrance to her puss-hole. He was already leaking pre-cum from the end of his knob and she was already damp with dewy anticipation. She pushed back against him and her sex-hole opened for what it was starving for; stiff rude cock. With no trouble at all he eased in up inside her as she let out a contented and excited whisper of OOOOooooohh Yeeaahhhhh!

They rutted and fucked for several minutes like that; Wendy with her pretty bare foot up on the toilet seat, and Brad inside her balls-deep. The sounds of toilets and urinals flushing all around them seemed to cheer them on; urging them to proceed with their toilet stall fuck and not giving a damn about anyone else in the room. Wendy’s hand strummed and plucked at her cherry-sized clit beneath its hood and her sex juiced freely as she reveled in the lovely stretching she was getting. At some point late in the rutting, Brad reached up and under her black designer t-shirt to tweak and pinch at a pair of black-olive nipples. That was all Wendy needed.

AAAAARRRRAAAGGHH OOOOOHHHHH! she screamed and her puss piddled a generous summer rain-splatter all over Brad’s thrusting cock and balls before dripping on the commode and floor below! Her first quaking scream was followed by another just a few seconds after and she dropped her foot from the seat and plant it flat on the piddle soaked tiles of the floor for stability. Brad released her swollen nips and his hands gripped both her hips to fuck her hard and proper! His balls shuddered and blew. A split-second later he howled in happy triumph as his cock spunked thick clotted chunks of cum up into Wendy’s warm wet-hole!

A loud applause and riotous chorus of cheers broke out on the other side of the stall door and Brad and Wendy giggled and snickered as they got their clothes back on. When they popped open the door they were greeted by happy smiling faces of both male and female “restroom goers” who looked upon them with a mix of appreciation and back-slapping kudos! The two bashfully returned the smiles to the crowd and looking down at their shoes, quickly exited the loo. Wendy then pulled Brad up for quick snog on the lips.

“That was brilliant luv!” she said, “my break is over. Gotta get back to work. I’ll set up with a drink at canlı casino the bar. Alright if we see one another again sometime (and this time with only me, you and some clean sheets wif a towel underneath)?”

“I should hope so,” he said before pulling her back into him for a powerful kiss that crushed his lips into hers; just so she’d go to bed late that night remembering what he smelled and tasted like!

They returned to the bar and she set him up with another two fingers and a drop of water. The other glory holes at the counter were occupied so he nursed his drink at an empty booth. It didn’t matter to him; just like the compartment in front of him, his balls were completely empty as well. That was a temporary condition for both!

Across the bar Annette and Shelby had been knocking down men like nine-pins in their individual suck stalls. In the time that it had taken Brad to empty both his bladder and balls in the loo with Wendy the two glory hole enthusiasts had been quite “prolific.” Shelby had managed to throat two fortunate fellows to climax and Annette was one “lucky lad ahead” of the girl with three blokes blown!

While plowing Wendy’s furrow, Brad had thought he’d heard the brass bell go KLANGGG! a few times and he suspected that he knew “for whom the bell tolled!” As he stood sipping his drink, Penelope the nugget sized nympho, walked down the bar and related the story to him; conforming his suspicions! He smiled into his drink and listened as she finished giving him all the lurid details.

Across the bar, Annette and Shelby had built up a bit of a queue at their booths and both Penelope and Brad studied the spectacle with interest while they chatted. Penny turned to him after marveling at the line of patiently waiting gentlemen and smirked. Word had apparently “got around” it seems of the quality head to be had in those holes!

“Hope you’re not lookin’ to be getting home early luv!” she said to him shaking her head.

“No,” he answered, “here for the long haul.”

“Speaking of long things,” Penelope said looking down at his crotch, “over at the taps, Wendy told me about the luvely proper shaggin’ she got from you. One of the blokes who was taking a piss in there spoke about it too, well the bird on his arm told most of the story. You n’ Wendy made quite an impression I think!”

“Is that so?” he said smiling at her as the tiny little tart looked down at him from her perch up on the bar.

“It is,” she beamed, “and you know what else?” He shook his head. She deliberately fell forward off the bar and onto his neck in a cuddly kinky koala hug; biting him on the neck. She pulled from him a split second later and studied his eyes saying,

“I think you’ve never had the tiny tail of a hot horny hobbit in heat, now have you luv?” She wrinkled her nose at him as she made the offer and stroked his hair with her tiny hand.

“You’d be correct,” he answered.

“I just went on break a minute ago luv,” she said tweaking his nose with one hand as he set her back up on the bar to sit before him, “soooo does a naughty boy like you fancy perhaps something a bit… different?” She leaned forward and bit his chin while tweaking that nose of his nose again. He in the back of his mind he thought, I’ve been having ‘different’ all night. What’s one more thing? but his words came out with,

“Different would be lovely Penny!” He was always the gentleman.

“OH! I thought you’d be good for it!” she shouted happily hopping to her feet on the bar top and running to the end of the bar and down a small flight of steps. She ran back to him, practically skipping like a happy schoolgirl instead of a thirty-five year old little-person with ravenous appetite for large cocks. She shouted over the bar to him,

“Do you have your cell phone with you luv?”

“I do,” he shouted back over the noise. She took his number and she called him on her phone.

“Alright love,” she said over her cell,” I won’t be able to see you once I go in, but I’ll be able to see the required bits of you; if you take my meaning!” With that she ducked in under the bar and closed the door behind her. He could see her plainly down inside the booth.

“Alright luv,” she said over the phone, “are you still there?”

“Of course I am,” he said looking through the glass, “I am looking right at you!”

“Wicked,” she said back to him as she pushed the plush swivel chair closer to the hole after adjust the height to where it needed to be,” now you get that pretty cock run out n’ through the hole, I’ll take care o’ the rest!” He had a problem. He’d just cum, and cum hard.

He’d unbuckled his pants and his cock was out but he’d need some help. He figured he could get his long flaccid noodle through the hole, but she’d really have to go to town on it to get him solid again in such short order (no pun intended). It was then he looked down into the glass and kaçak casino got a bit of a surprise.

Penelope, the massive mammary blessed midget MILF of the bar had her big tits out and was pulling her bustier off as well. Next her skirt, knickers, and shoes came off until she was sitting on her knees in the seat; like a lusty lady leprechaun nudist and just raring to go!

She was strange but in an enticing way; diminutive but with very large breasts on a tiny dwarven frame. Her blue eyes appeared large and her pretty slender face was perfectly framed by blonde curly hair that cascaded down to her shoulders. He could never again watch the Wizard of Oz and not be moved in a “special way.”

Yes…that image of Penny naked in the booth before him put a twitch in his cock and balls and as he wanked himself while looking down at her through the glass he felt blood return to his loins. He wasn’t completely hard yet but kink and the novelty of it all were just what he needed to get things started. He leaned close up to the bar, dropped his still limp cock through the hole and Penelope, the big boobed biscuit sized barmaid began to provide him with her famous “hobbit-hummer!”

Brad forgot his fucking drink and just let himself enjoy the wicked kinky “different” of it! In no-time Penelope had sucked him to something substantially stiff and rigid; just like a nugget sized necromancer she’d raised his cock from the dead! She now wobbled it back and forth in her little hands like a rubber sex toy; hitting herself in the face and lips with it to make him harder and at the same time relishing the tactile pleasure and feel of a large cock slap across her face!

Soon she ceased sucking and playing “cricket with her face” games as she had in mind another “popping crease” where she wished to put that stiff bat of his to good use. She turned around standing in the chair and jutted her tiny but delectable bum up to his cock protruding from the hole. She snatched up her phone and gestured for him ot do the same.

“You still there luv?” she asked.

“Still here Penny!” he answered.

“Good,” she said, “push it in me.”

“WHAT?” he asked, suddenly looking at his size relative to that hers and wondering if this had been such a fine idea after all. The garage looked a bit “snug” to park in for him!

“PUSH.. YOUR.. COCK.. IN..ME!” she said slowly and plainly. She then decided that talking him through it might be in order.

“Look luv,” she said patiently, “this may be your first time with somebody my size but let’s remind you of one thing, I am thirty-five years old and you’re not going hurt me. I like big cocks, and I got to liking them through trial and error! Now let’s have a go, right?”

“Right,” he said. He set his phone down on the bar and put his arms through the slots; grabbing the lovely little MILF-midget by the hips, and pulling her onto his massive member. He felt her shudder as the head of his cock stretched the mouth to her snug cunt-hole and breeched its way through! Apparently those months he’d spent at a job parking cars had paid off. He pulled one arm from the slots and seized up his phone,

“Penny are you alright?”

AAAGHH OOOhhh Yes! Never better… it hurt a bit when it pushed inside but I’m doing lovely down here now. Shall we start?”

“Ok,” he said, “I’ll stay her on the phone and fuck you one handed.”

“That will be fine luv,” she panted, “do a good job on me and sometime you can fuck me two-handed back at my flat with that wicked girl Shelby joining in!” He didn’t reply but her offer sounded scrumptious. Anyhow, he just began to fuck…the tall well-endowed man and the diminutive sex crazed midget lady; through a hole in a bar, and with a one-way mirror between them. Kink was floating in the atmosphere around them like cigar smoke!

He pushed up inside until her found his cock-tip striking the end of her tunnel; the limit of his advance. He was like draft-horse that had mounted a Shetland pony mare in heat for a good stout breeding. On the end of his cock, Penelope shuddered with joy and urged him to strrrrretch her; ever so forcefully! She nodded her head emphatically; shouting into her phone with,


Brad and Penelope kept up the pace and the force of their rutting fuck. Although he could not split her quim “balls-deep,” he most certainly could enjoy how wonderfully tight she was and the visual novelty of it all sent his blood racing! The two fucked on and on for several minutes until an inspired Penny seized up her phone and suggested another absolutely wicked idea!

“Ever wanted to split a hobbit up her hiney luv?”

“No but now that you mention it…” he said. His answer was cut short as Penny spun around and gave him a good sloppy throating; coating his cock with copious quantities of spittle needed for what she wanted for him to do!

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