Bisexual Men’s Wives Ch. 05

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Who says a bisexual man can’t have it all? Modern society and the LGBT community apparently. Don’t ask these fools. They don’t know shit. Just ask me, Samuel Cullen. I’m a black man of Jamaican descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I presently work for Service Canada. I’m one of those nice people on the phone when you contact the Canadian Government about various services. Someone’s got to do it. Be glad I’m on your side.

Anyhow, I got a story to tell you. Today, I am happily married to a woman named Malinda Michelle Ways. She knows that I’m bisexual and she’s cool with it. We have two sons and a daughter. Not only that, but Malinda and I are fairly active in the swinger lifestyle. My best friend Anton Dwayne is also bisexual, and his wife Maureen Chan-Dwayne knows. Maureen is pregnant and Anton couldn’t be happier. They’re regular guests at our house, and believe me when I tell you that we do more than play scrabble. Good times, folks. Good times.

I became aware of my bisexuality a while ago, and although I tried to ignore it for a while, I’ve decided to embrace it. While most young men in my quaint hometown of Falmouth, Jamaica, were discovering the ladies, I found myself admiring both Tennis legend Serena Williams fine ass and Lebron James abs. As time went by, I continued to like big-booty women, but my fondness for tall, muscular and masculine men never went away…

Now, if you know anything about Jamaican culture, then you’d know that it’s not considered okay to be bisexual, gay, lesbian or whatever over there. If you’re a man whose masculinity is suspect, people will call you Batty Man. You can get mocked, or even beat up for that. Me? I never had to worry about those things. I’m six-foot-one, strongly built and dark-skinned, with a deep voice. I didn’t look, act or sound like a Batty Man. Lucky me.

I don’t know why some men sound and act feminine, maybe they’re born that way, or perhaps they do it on purpose. All I know is that I saw a lot of them getting beat up back in Jamaica and I didn’t want to suffer that fate. I definitely felt attracted to both sexes but focused exclusively on the ladies. Occasionally, another young man would come onto me but I always turned them down. I wasn’t trying to catch any diseases or have my life ruined by someone running their mouth. I was too smart for that.

When I moved to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, for university studies, I had the chance to experiment with my sexuality. I attended the University of Ottawa, which is smack in the middle of downtown. There were lots of bars and clubs in the vicinity. I would go to the Bourbon Room and pick up hot women and bring them back to my residence for a night of fun. I was more discrete in my liaisons with the fellas.

A lot of bisexual men think with their dicks and get themselves in trouble over sex. Sometimes they cheat on good women with lousy men. That’s why a lot of women are reluctant to get involved with bisexual men. Me? I’m smart. At the end of the day, I knew that I wanted a wife and a family, so a man could only be a temporary good time for me. If he wanted more than that, he was seriously out of luck and had zero chance of changing my mind.

If you’re a bisexual man, you can probably relate to this. Gay men don’t like the fact that you like both sexes and they try to sabotage whatever you’ve got going on with the females in your life. To them, women are shopping buddies and nothing more. To me, a hot woman with a pretty face, a nice figure and a big round ass is a good time waiting to happen. I’m not giving that up. So, for this reason above all, when I have to deal with a man sexually, I only deal with other bisexual men.

When you’re a bisexual man, you really shouldn’t deal with a man who is allergic to pussy. Those guys will always try to make you give up women. I cannot and will not understand their mentality, so I don’t deal with them. I see them walking around the Rideau Shopping Center and other malls, making way too much eye contact with other men, and they’re always eager to proposition you for some quick bathroom sex. Thanks but no thanks. I don’t like creeps…or STDs.

My first serious relationship while in university was with a young woman named Beatrice Thompson. You should have seen her. Five foot ten inches tall, sexy and curvy, with dark brown skin, short kinky dark hair and a big round ass. I love a woman with a big ass and Beatrice fit the bill to a T. Oh, and this cutie also hails from the Caribbean. She was born in Saint Lucia and raised in the City of Calgary, Alberta.

“I can’t get enough of you,” Beatrice told me, after a night of freaky sex. We’d gone to the movies at the Scotiabank Theater and then dined at Moxie’s, and finally came home. Beatrice gets really horny after fine dining, and she was feeling me up as we drove home. As soon as we got there, I pulled Beatrice into my arms, kissed her passionately and gave that big round ass a firm squeeze.

“Babe, let me eat your pussy,” I said and Beatrice grinned güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and pulled down her short black skirt. I knew she had no panties on and grinned as she spread her thick dark legs. I love dark-skinned black women. Beatrice doesn’t shave down below and I couldn’t believe my luck. In Jamaica, most women don’t shave their vaginas. I have been with a few white women in Ottawa and find their shaved vaginas kind of weird. Alright, to each her own, I guess…

“Go for it,” Beatrice said and I buried my face between her legs. I ate Beatrice’s pussy like a champ, and soon had her squealing in delight. I like to take my time while eating a woman’s pussy. I enjoy sucking her clit and fingering her pussy with my thick but agile fingers. I like to get my whole hand in there and fist her. I enjoy making a woman cum with my fingers and tongue action. It’s a skill which I enjoy putting on display…

After polishing Beatrice’s pussy with my tongue, I put her on all fours and she shook that ass for me. I admired Beatrice’s big round ass. When I first spotted her while walking around the University of Ottawa campus, that ass was the first thing I noticed. Beatrice was bending over to tie her shoe while wearing Yoga pants and you know that ass was popping. I walked over to her because I simply had to holler…

“Make that booty clap for me,” I told Beatrice, and she laughed and did just that. I kissed her big round booty, then grabbed some condoms. I rolled a condom on my big dark dick and rubbed it against Beatrice’s booty. See? I’m a bisexual man who fucks responsibly. So much for the stereotypes about us being risk takers. I gripped Beatrice’s hips and thrust into her. She let out a happy squeal as I penetrated her. I began to fuck Beatrice with deep, passionate strokes.

“Oh yes, fuck me,” Beatrice squealed, and I went to town on her, slamming my dick into her pussy from behind and loving the way her big ass bounced against my groin. Beatrice and I fucked and sucked the night away. We had a great time together that night. Lying next to Beatrice, I found myself wondering if I could give up the other side and focus exclusively on her. I hoped I had the strength to do it. Unfortunately, Fate took the decision out of my hands.

The stereotype about bisexual Black men is that we are cheaters, liars and risk takers. Me? I loved Beatrice and wanted to have a future with her. Unfortunately, she was going through her hoe phase. You know, when females don’t want to be tied down, even to a good man, because they want to experiment and see what’s out there. I didn’t know Beatrice was like that. Shoot, she might be wild in bed but she was a church-going woman. Dammit, I was naive, huh?

One day, I went to Beatrice’s apartment in the Baseline area of Nepean, Ontario, to surprise her. It was our first-year anniversary. I brought her flowers and had a whole day planned. We’d go dine at a nice Caribbean restaurant, and catch a movie. I even planned on sending her to a Spa, on my dime. When I arrived at Beatrice’s apartment, I heard funny sounds coming from inside. I pushed the door, which was ajar, and went in. What I saw, I would never forget…

Beatrice was face down and ass up, getting fucked by Dwight, this white dude who was dating one of her girlfriends. I caught them right in the middle of some freaky sex. I got mad and attacked Dwight, and to my surprise, Beatrice defended his ass. Long story short? Cops got involved. Lucky for me I wasn’t charged, but I was forbidden from contacting or approaching either Dwight or Beatrice. Restraining orders are a bitch, man.

There you have it, the tale of the bisexual black man who was faithful to his girlfriend, only to have her cheat on him with a crusty-ass white dude. After that whole debacle with Beatrice, I wasn’t too keen on relationships. I went to the bars and clubs, and brought freaky women and even freakier men back to my bed. I was a horny bisexual man on a rampage. I didn’t care if you had a vagina or a dick. Bend over and give me your holes, and I’ll fill them with my thick bisexual Jamaican dick. Word up.

While going through my drunken man-whore phase, I met two people destined to change my life forever. The first was my future wife, Malinda Michelle Ways. Tall and slim, with long blonde hair and blue eyes, Malinda definitely wasn’t my type. We met when I ended up on academic probation. The dean of students at the University of Ottawa sent me to Malinda so she could help save my academic career. She ended up doing much more than that…

“Mr. Cullen, if you want to graduate on time, I can help you, but I’m not your damn nanny,” Malinda told me, the first time we met. I looked at this pretty but serious-faced white woman in her business attire and swamped office and smiled. Malinda kind of reminded me of two white actresses whose work I liked. The first one played the evil female angel in the movie Constantine. The second one portrayed the constipated-looking blonde lady in the TV series Fringe. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Look them up.

“Alright, ma’am, what do you need me to do?” I replied, and Malinda took a deep breath, and outlined her plan to save my academic career and possibly my life. I was addicted to booze and sex, and my grades had plummeted. I’d also put on weight and looked older than I was. I needed to make changes. At Malinda’s suggestion, I began going to Goodlife Fitness, and that’s where I met Anton Dwayne.

“Samuel, my brother, I will whip you into shape,” said Anton, and I looked at the tall, muscular brother and smiled. Anton had recently moved to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, from Trenton, New Jersey. The brother was taking business courses at Carleton University, and he was engaged to a young Asian woman named Maureen Chan. The brother was cool, but when he looked at me, I felt…it.

“Sounds good, Chief,” I replied, wondering why I felt funny around Anton, who looked straight, and sounded as tough as any Army Drill Sergeant. Anton and I began working out, and he taught me a lot about fitness and about myself. The brother wanted to be a big-shot businessman, and he also played football for Carleton University. Anton seemed like a superman to me. Were we on the same team, though? No, I don’t have gaydar or bi-dar or whatever. Unless a dude looks/acts feminine, or comes onto me, I cannot frigging tell.

Anton and I became friends, and I even started attending his football games. I supported Carleton University’s football team because of Anton even though they often creamed the University of Ottawa football team. The brother made me turn against my own school. Isn’t that something? Anton was changing me in more ways than one…

At the same time, I spent a lot of time with Malinda, and slowly the Ice Queen melted, revealing herself to be a friendly, decent and outgoing woman. Malinda was quite reluctant to get involved with me, a student in her care, but I eventually wore her down. For the first time in my life, I was looking at a woman as an individual human being rather than an object of my lust. I was…changing.

“Samuel, you’re something else,” Malinda told me, after I convinced her to try some spicy Haitian food, at a restaurant called Soleil Des Iles in the east end of Ottawa. We sat there, eating some white rice, brown bean sauce, and goat meat which we washed down with Pepsis. Malinda looked great in a long-sleeved Gee-Gees shirt and black jeans, and I looked alright in a blue silk shirt, black dress pants and black Timberland boots. Afro-Caribbean men are snappy dressers, unlike those Canadian slackers you see every damn day…

“Thank you mademoiselle,” I told Malinda, and I smiled at her. While we dined, several people came in. A big-booty Haitian woman in a tank top and short skirt walked in, and I caught myself checking out her ass. I also discretely checked out a tall, muscular, light-skinned black dude who came in shirtless, his arm around his plump Hispanic girlfriend. Malinda, an astute student of human behavior, noticed where my gaze went, and called me out on it.

“Samuel, I notice you check out that woman’s butt and that man’s abs, are you bisexual?” Malinda asked me point blank. I looked at her and froze. The blonde-haired and blue-eyed, tomboyish white woman had managed to see through my disguise of the super-macho, tough Jamaican man and guessed my secret. What should I do? What should I say?

“Yes, Malinda, I am bisexual, I understand if you don’t want to keep seeing me,” I replied, and my shoulders sagged. I looked into Malinda’s eyes, wondering what she was thinking. I knew the script. When you’re a bisexual man, women always say they want you to be honest with them. They also leave you because they don’t want to take a chance on you. I’ve been with more women than men, but that wouldn’t matter to Malinda. I awaited her answer, certain that I knew what it would be…

“Hmm, I think bisexual guys are hot,” Malinda said, and she laughed heartily. I stared at her, dumbfounded. Seriously, I had several scenarios going on through my head but this wasn’t one of them. I figured Malinda would dismiss me. Or friend-zone me. Or tell me that I was deluded, in denial, or whatever. I wasn’t expecting her total acceptance of who and what I was. Like, wow, man…

“Wow, alright then,” I said, smiling faintly, and Malinda winked at me. That’s when I knew. In this life, men don’t choose women, women choose men. Malinda had chosen me, and I wasn’t about to let her go. When you’re a bisexual man, finding a woman who accepts you and wants a sexual/romantic relationship with you is like finding a unicorn…next to a suitcase containing a million bucks. I couldn’t believe my luck.

Malinda and I began seeing each other seriously, and let me tell you, I got over a lot of things. I’ve always been attracted to curvy, big-booty women with dark skin. Fate sent me a tall, tomboyish woman with small tits, a slim body, almost no ass, and güvenilir bahis şirketleri guess what? I loved her so much that I ended up marrying her. To hell with those big-booty women ( whom I still check out ) I am happy with my Malinda.

“Make love to me,” Malinda told me as we lay in bed together, at her apartment in the Glebe. I looked at her, this tall, slender European beauty and grinned. I kissed Malinda and tenderly caressed her small breasts, then licked my way to her pierced belly button. As Malinda spread her pale, muscular legs invitingly, I inhaled her womanly scent and began eating her pussy.

“Relax and enjoy, my goddess,” I told Malinda, as I fingered and licked her pussy. Malinda seemed tense at first, and I later learned that she hadn’t been with anyone in over two years, not since her last lover, some guy named Floyd, ran off with her best female friend Natalie. As I pleasured her, taking my sweet time about it, Malinda relaxed and enjoyed. I really enjoyed pleasuring her. There’s something special about making love with someone who loves you…

“My turn to please you,” Malinda said softly, after I gave her pussy a tongue bath. I smiled at her as she laid me down and reached for my manhood. Smiling, Malinda stroked my dick and then took me into her mouth. I closed my eyes as Malinda fellated me. While sucking my dick, Malinda fingered my butt hole, which I considered a nice touch…

“Ride me, gorgeous,” I told Malinda, after she got my dick hard as a rock. I watched as my tall, slender goddess climbed on top of me, a coy smile on her lovely face as she straddled me. I caressed her breasts with one hand and her ass with the other. Malinda grinned as I playfully smacked her ass, and rubbed my dick against her vagina.

“Fuck me,” Malinda demanded, and I grinned and lifted my hips, thrusting into her. Malinda rode me, screaming madly as I buried my dick in her pussy. My lady turned from the demure academic into a wanton, bewitching creature whom I simply couldn’t get enough of. Malinda’s pussy gripped me tightly as she rode me, and I fucked her furiously, wanting to make her mine…

“Give me that ass,” I told Malinda as I put her on all fours, admiring her cute little ass. Malinda turned around and flashed me a savage smile. I stroked my dick, and caressed her ass. With a swift thrust I entered her, and just like that, we were one. As I began fucking Malinda with gusto, it suddenly occured to me what a wild woman I was dealing with…

“Pull my hair and fuck me harder,” Malinda hissed, and I heeded the lady’s words. I slammed my dick into her, and she began grinding that ass against me. I bucked my hips as I thrust into her. Malinda’s happy squeals and sharp screams echoed my manly grunts as I went to town on her. I banged that ass like there was no tomorrow, and we fucked and sucked the night away. Our first time together, and it was epic…

Lying next to Malinda that first night, I felt too happy for words. It was the beginning of better times for me. Malinda’s love made me stronger and more confident. I embraced my identity as a bisexual man. With an accepting woman by my side, I was no longer afraid of being outed by vindictive gay men. I loved what Malinda and I had, and would never cheat on her. I even felt confident enough to come out to my parents, who disowned my liberal ass, and to my good friend Anton, who accepted me.

“Bro, I’m happy for you and Malinda, you inspire me,” Anton said, and I smiled at my good friend. We sat inside Tim Horton’s, grabbing ice tea after a steamy workout. I nodded at Anton, glad that my macho fitness trainer was cool with my being bisexual and all. Suddenly, I thought of what he said and what it meant. What did he mean when he said that I inspired him?

“Are you like me, Anton? You are bisexual?” I asked hesitantly, and Anton replied, smiling. I exhaled sharply, and nodded. I wasn’t sure what else to say. Anton went on, telling me about how he’d always felt attracted to both sexes. He hadn’t explored it yet, and had only been with women. That puzzled me, and I queried Anton about it. So much about this handsome, masculine man was shrouded in mystery…

“Well, yes, Samuel, I like both women and men, although I’ve only been with women at this point,” Anton replied, and I smiled. That was the beginning of our special friendship. I invited Anton to dinner with Malinda and myself, and we encouraged him to share the truth with his girlfriend Maureen. As it turns out, Maureen was okay with it.

“To great friends and better times,” Maureen said, toasting to Malinda and I, after we got engaged following my graduation from the University of Ottawa. I looked at my beloved Malinda and our new friends Anton and Maureen. I was surrounded by people I cared about and had life on a string. Things simply couldn’t be better. Or could they? In lieu of a graduation party, the four of us got drunk and ordered takeout. Can you guess what happened next?

“Go for it, fellas,” Malinda said, laughing, as Anton and I sat next to each other on the couch. We were drunk and horny, and long-repressed feelings came to the surface. I looked at Malinda, whom I love and felt intensely attracted to, and I looked at Anton, whom I strongly desired. Maureen, sitting next to Malinda, was also watching us.

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