Bisexual Black Male

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I stand in front of the mirror, looking at my reflection. A tall young black man stares back at me. I smile. I like the way I look. My name is Jason and I have always been a seducer, of both women and men. My six-foot-two, 230-pound, muscular and dark brown form attracts a lot of attention everywhere I go. I’ve got a pretty face too, and I am still very masculine, thank you very much. Now that you know who you’re dealing with, you can’t fault me for taking advantage of what I’ve got.

Recently, I hooked up with this married couple I met at a bar. George and Barbara Dalton. They were a black couple in their forties. George was around six feet tall and lean, with jet-black skin and a clean-shaven, handsome face. He was a good-looking brother who worked as a financial analyst in Boston. Barbara was a stocky, somewhat chubby woman, standing around five-foot-ten, with light brown skin. Her hair was short and bleached white. Apparently, she was a social worker. She wasn’t very pretty but had large breasts, a thick and curvy body and a big, round bottom. Both of them were swingers and they wanted a piece of my action. We hooked up in a motel.

I got naked and they feasted their eyes on me. I smiled. Men and women always stare at me wherever I go. I’m a tall, canlı bahis good-looking black male. I can’t really blame them. George was especially eager to get with me. The man got naked so fast. I looked at him. His body looked nice, muscular and firm. He kissed me, then caressed me. He sucked on my cock and balls while his wife watched. Barbara Dalton got naked, and I looked at her plump body. I’ve been with large women before. They’re passionate sometimes. I smiled at her. George could certainly suck cock. He licked my balls and sucked on my dick like there was no tomorrow.

I decided to give him a piece of my action. I put on a condom and greased him up. George got on all fours and spread his butt cheeks, showing me his ass. He was no stranger to ass fucking. I positioned myself behind him. I slid my cock into his asshole. George stroked himself as I thrust into him. He had a tight ass. I plowed into him. Barbara wanted in on the action too. She came and sucked her husband’s cock while I shoved my cock up his ass. George screamed, mostly in pleasure. I could tell he liked it. I fucked him hard for a while, then pulled out.

Barbara looked me up and down. She licked her lips. I took off the condom and she sucked on my cock. She licked the same cock that bahis siteleri had gone up her husband’s ass moments earlier. I thrust into her mouth. Barbara could certainly suck dick. While she sucked me, George came up behind her. He held his wife by her wide hips and thrust into her. Shoved his dick into her pussy. I watched Barbara’s plump body shake under the force of her husband’s thrusts. Yeah, this chick liked cock. Definitely. George continued to fuck her for some time, and she sucked me. George came and pulled out of her. He sighed with pleasure. I smiled at Barbara. Time for her to ride my stick.

Barbara Dalton got on all fours and spread her big and plump butt cheeks wide open. I smacked that sexy ass of hers. Big and plump. That’s the way I like my butts, on both women and men. I applied some lubricant against her brown little asshole, then put a condom on my dick. I pressed my dick against her asshole, and pushed. Barbara Dalton screamed when my cock slid into her asshole. I thrust into her. Although her asshole was tighter than her husband’s very own butt hole, I could tell that she was no stranger to ass fucking. I plowed into her. Her ass shook and her sexy and plump form followed. I smiled and continued to fuck her.

George Dalton was bahis şirketleri masturbating while I fucked his wife right in front of him. I winked at this sexy bisexual black man. Yeah, George was fine. Even as I fucked his wife in the ass, I couldn’t help but admire the brother’s fine body. He was a sculptor’s dream. Why was he married? He could be having so much fun with the other gay and bisexual black males out there. Anyway, that’s his business. I continued to slam my cock into Barbara’s asshole. Damn, that ass of hers could certainly take a lot of dick. And she was a champ at butt fucking. I’ve shoved my dick into the assholes of many men and women over the years and Barbara was not the worst screamer I’ve had. Nah, this girl was cool.

I fucked her for some time, then came and pulled out of her. Her ass was gaping hole by the time I was done with her. Barbara got up and kissed me. George joined us and kissed his wife. I looked at them. They really made a nice couple. I’m not the marrying type. I can’t see myself living in a house with a woman. Or a man for that matter. I need my freedom. I need my space. I’m the kind of man who likes to be free like the wind. But I know most of my brothers aren’t like that. George and Barbara were lucky to have each other. Most women would flip if they knew their man was bisexual. Barbara embraced her husband’s bisexuality and accepted him for what he was. That’s really cool in my book. Anyhow, see you around. More adventures to follow, I promise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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