Birthday Gift for Mom Pt. 03

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Hello My Dear Readers…

Thank you for the positive response to the first two parts of the story.

If you have read my earlier works, you might know by now that I am not very good at finishing a story, and have kept a lot pending. However, that will not be the case here.

The following is the third and final episode in this Series, and most probably the last time you hear about the protagonists – Karthik & Kavita.

I have tried my best to conclude with a very rational climax, and an equally irrational tail-end, making up for the previous let downs. I hope you like it.

This is an immediate continuation, and I request you all to try reading the initial parts to have a better understanding of the plot.

Happy Reading!!

I was completely inside my mom, in a single thrust…

19 years later, I was back inside my mom!!

The process was so smooth, she had accomodated me so comfortably, I did not even realise that I had found myself a place in The Mother Fuckers Club.

A lot of it had to do with the fact that I was only as big as my dad, and also that he had been giving it to my mom on a regular basis – I assumed, and believed.

But, still, she was super wet… My mother was already dripping, and there was no way she could have ever denied it.

Because, that is how easily I entered her.

Because, that is how effortlessly I penetrated her.

To be honest, the lack of struggle actually bothered me.

“Was my mom horny for me?!” I asked myself, repeatedly.

It was her own son who was infiltrating her, but it was very much possible that she might have imagined, wished, or even considered, that her new partner was not her blood, but another man – Especially, a young lad who could do an older woman like her a lot of good.

After all, she was also a human being, and there were all the chances that she could have felt being turned on by her adult son’s presence!!

I was taking her from the back, and as long as she never told me what exactly she was feeling, there was no way I could make out from her facial expressions, I did not have the view of.

“Did I really make my mother crave for sex?!” I wondered, one more time.

3 minutes went by, very slowly, and I had not even completed 10 full thrusts yet. I was shivering, and was taking it very slow, even as my mother continued to encourage me.

5 minutes into doing my mom, I was a lot more relaxed, and I knew I had found my groove. I was no expert, but I was certain I was doing it right.

My movements were a lot more stable now, and further confirming this was the fact that my mom had started letting out soft rhythmic moans.

It shook me, but a part of me always knew this was a very probable situation. It was a very organic & natural after-effect.

“Shoot it!! Shoot it, Karthik!! Shoot it inside me!! Fast!! Let’s get over with this…” my mom said, trying to sound as composed as she could.

I was always convinced that I could never own a woman with just the size of my cock. I was only 7 inches long, and had nothing extra ordinary hidden underneath my trousers. Hence, I was certain I was only causing moderate stimulation.

I was happy to think that I was never going to dominate my mom, and she was sober enough to not stray, despite the taboo-filled act.

In-fact, I felt this great need to make myself understand that my mom still had the sense to push me into crossing the line as quickly as possible, and everything was only going according to plan.

Also, the urgency in her voice clearly outdid the scandalous questions her whimpers generated. There was nothing I had to worry about.

But, she managed to leave me baffled, with the immediate set of groans that followed.

“Ohhh… Yeahhh… Yess Babyyy… Yea… Yeahh… Yeahhhh… Babbyy… Ahhh… That is just how you do it…” my mom murmered, in an extremely vulnerable fashion.

At around 8 minutes of action, I had still not cum, but my mom appeared to have been doing all the work now.

She was moving her hips on her own, grinding my cock…

Well, hips surely don’t lie, but I really hoped this was not a preview of far more sinister things to come.

“Yess… Yesss… Mmmmm… Baby… Fuckk!!” my mom squealed, exactly a minute later.

“Was this also normal?!” I had to admit I was having second thoughts about the whole arrangement, now.

By the time 10 minutes passed, after my first stab, my mom herself was slamming her ass against my body, as I drilled deeper into her pussy.

I had to do absolutely nothing to keep the session running, but I was also nowhere close to reaching an orgasm.

“Karthikkk!! Don’t stand still. Do it harder!! Do it!!” my mom whined, suggesting to me that she had started to greatly enjoy it. She was so thrilled, it was impossible to not confirm the obvious detail.

Her enthusiasm even made me overlook the fact that her light brownish pussy was a little too pricky. It clearly indicated that she had shaved her pubes recently, and rubbed casino oyna against my crotch, non-stop, tickling me, in the most carnal way possible.

How ever explicit the scenario was, there still was a degree of righteousness associated with the whole deed, I strongly wished to believe.

But, 15 minutes into the act, I ripped my mother’s pink satin bikini type panties apart, in the most gruesome manner!!

I myself could not accept that I had dared to do that, but there was no denying I had formally fully uncovered my mom’s lower body.

This was totally against the sequence of play, but paved the way for the inevitable, yet sudden, turn of events.

My mom forcefully turned her face, towards me, and had her mouth wide open – Looking more pleased than stunned.

That very moment, I also realised I could not trust that I had taken so long to unleash the man in me, further stressing how significantly I was being excited, during the sexual intercourse.

I was completely lost in the exploit, and I knew I was starting to have fun taking part in my mother’s sinful defiling.

The new view of her firm ass seamlessly made me forget the whole virtuous intention of this still immoral setup.

With her butt pushed out, considerably, my mom’s ass cheeks appeared to be spread wide, and I was blessed with the sight of her very tight ass-hole.

For a second, I seriously wished I was penterating her exposed back-door now.

I placed my hand on her rear, and even tried to part her cheeks further, reavealing a lot more of her teasing very clean anal cavity.

I felt so intoxicated, I almost slapped her shining bums.

I was so in love with her solid booty, I had not realised how badly we were sweating, until my mom indicated that she would like to remove her top.

“What?!!” I blurted, still nowhere close to being brought to my senses.

“Help me take my t-shirt off, Karthik!!” my mom said, hastily, eager to get back into feeling raunchy, without any delay.

I did just as she instructed me, but also found myself grabbing her boobs, as I continued fucking her from behind.

In-fact, I was mauling her melons, as I screwed her with greater force, much to

my own mother’s surprise and delight.

I even grabbed her loose hair for a few seconds, and almost proceeded to pull her, before quickly retracting from it – There still was some civility left in me.

“Yasssss… Fucking Yessss!!” my mom moaned loudly, awakening me to an extent, bringing me closer to reality.

With her top now gone, and her bra already absent, my mom had nothing left on her tanned body.

I was blessed with the sight of her gorgeous bare back, and I had to admit that she had the hottest curves any woman would ever have.

“Shit!!” I gasped, as it registered in my mind that my mom was completely naked in front of me – For me!!

I wanted to, and would have any second, turned her around, but fortunately for me, my mom herself did the necessary, changing our stance.

While one could argue that this was because I was very keen to feed on my mother’s body from a different angle, the hard truth also involved the need to resist the want to drill my mom’s butt-hole.

I was relieved I did not force myself into trying my luck sodomising her, and I gladly let myself be distracted looking at my mom lay on the bed, perfectly uncovered.

I did have to pull my meat out for a good long minute, before I entered her from the front, but it was well worth.

This was the first time I was seeing my mom in her full glory, and she looked ravishing in the nude.

Her nipples were hard, and her extremely moist cunt gleefully exhibited the remains of the multiple orgasms she already had.

Though I was no sex addict, I always admired the beauty of a bare woman. I have spent so many nights savoring the view of naked ladies, online & in my mind, and from my experience in understanding the dimension’s of a female body, I could say my mom was precisely of the size 33-26-33.

She had a slim figure, and had almost zero fat in her teasing well shaped hips, and flat belly. Her petite tits were only B-Cups, but still a very alluring pair.

Most importantly, she was very pretty, and very very charming. It was just that I needed my mother to be fully undressed to realise how amazing she really was.

I had not imagined in my dirtiest sexually charged fantasies that my mom was so irresistible, and I would ever have the oppurtunity to feast on her luscious body.

Her dusky melons, brown areola and contrasting pink nipples begged for my attention, even as I continued to screw her.

My mom had her pelvis slightly raised to help me have uninterrupted access inside her, and I acknowledged her kindness by increasing the speed of my thrusts.

As soon as we reached the 25th minute of our venereal activity, she asked me to bend, and bring myself closer to her body.

And before I knew it, I was shagging her in the proper missionary position, as she licked her lips with her wet canlı casino tongue.

“I so wish… Fuckk… I so wish… I could tell you anything and everything!!” my mom whispered in my ears.

“You have no idea what I saw in my sleep, last night!! You won’t believe it!!” she desperately moaned, not worried about the words coming out of her mouth.

“I should tell you this… I need to… I woke up today morning, dreaming about you fucking me… I was so low when you started the conversation, in the living room, but also immediately found myself being aroused…” she was not going to stop talking.

“If I already knew how this was going to end, I would have neatly stripped down for you right there!!” she confessed.

“Mom?!” I treasured each and every word she said, but still almost screamed in reflex.

“You are so big, Karthik… Ahhh… Your Dad… Mmmmm… Kaushik… hardly even gets an erection, these days… He has just not been able to do me any good…” she continued.

“I have been using too many of those big plastic dildos on my… Fuckk!! This is so good…” my mom added, just before I got myself ready to ask her how her pussy was still so loose, and thereby clearing my doubts.

Kavita : And… He hates it… Oohhh… I should have never told him about my collection… Yesss… That is why he keeps the cupboards locked. All my toys are in there!! Fuckkk!!

Karthik : Ohh…

Kavita : So… Mmmm… I will be calling you in, more often…

Karthik : What?!

Kavita : Err… Nothing… Just don’t stop!!

I did not know if it was the position, or the realisation that my dad had not been giving my mom as much as she desired, and I was actually the stud providing her gratification, but, it was right then that I discovered I was equally enjoying this pursuit.

Well, I had been relishing for some time now, but it was that second my mind & body unanimuously agreed.

I looked straight into her eyes for the first time since the erotic task began, and she reflected all the fulfillment I had helped her achieve.

I was fully aware of how rough & intense I was turning… I definitely knew I was ramming my pole inside my mom’s dripping twat.

I was fucking my own mother – I finally conceded!!

There was still disbelief, reluctance and even an ounce of anger, but I had crossed all stages of sanity, and I just had to think that I was giving a woman the time of her life, and I had equal right to savour on the pleasure.

30 minutes since commencement, we changed poses, again. I was now screwing my mom in the face-off position, and she was sitting on my lap, riding me, with a lot of intensity.

She had her hands on the back of my head, and forced my face onto her lower neck, and the enticing flesh on her shoulders.

As we neared 35 minutes of the persistent attempt at reproduction, my mom pushed me back, onto the bed, and began grinding her wanting pussy walls, against my hard dick.

And just seconds later, she was riding my tool, even harder, jumping on me, in the cow-girl position.

“I am cumming!!” my mom screamed, for the fifth time, in only as many minutes. She looked as if she was turning into a sex crazed slut.

As time went by, she compelled my hands on to her perky breasts, and pressed my hands, with her palm, making me grope her jugs.

She had squirted thrice, and also grabbed my balls, bouncing on me, vigorously, biting her lips in ecstacy.

My mom had moaned & groaned, and screamed & shouted, but I was still very much in control, and going strong.

She even kissed me on my lips, twice, smooching me for a whole minute, on both ocassions.

While the initial bid was to keep her mouth shut, and hide her extremely vulgar cries, the second was definitely an oral display of affection.

But even after a whole hour of hardcore unalduterated sex, I was still inside my mom, touching the interiors of her ripe hole, as my stick insisted to hold erect, and yet not discharge.

We kept shuffling between positions, even discovering new postures, throughout the session, but to no avail.

“Karthik… Babbyy… Fuckk!! Your friends call you cutter, right?! I think I now know why… Cut right through your slutty mummy’s whorry pussy!! Please!!” my mom grunted, in the most blunt & insensitive tone.

This was clearly the most controversial sentence ever said by a mother to a son – A line so filthy, even a sleazy production house would have avoided it in their adult video.

However, it seemed to have done the trick. My mom’s shameless blurting had pulled the trigger.

I could feel the rush, and I was nearing an orgasm!!

80 minutes after my mother delightedly submitted herself to her own son, I had finally been made to unload my young fresh juices into the very space I came out from, almost two decades ago.

“Aaahhhhh… Fuckkk… Yessss…” my mom sighed, softly, as she felt my hot cum shot deep inside her womb, at-last.

There was a wide smile on my mom’s face, and she even giggled like kaçak casino a young girl, who just had her first orgasm.

She was very happy she got what she wished for. But, she also very evidently looked like she had been sexually satisfied, in great proportions.

I had filled her in the edge-of-the-bed position, with her legs in the air, and I had also lowered myself as I climaxed.

I was literally still on top of her, tired after all the exertion, and equally content about ejaculating.

I had, in-fact, not even bothered to pull my penis out of her vagina. But, it also had a lot to do with my mom wrapping her legs around my hips, as soon as I started to jizz inside her love-hole.

“Okay, Mom… I think that is it… I guess I should go now…” I said, regaining my breath, as I finally got out of my mom, again, looking at her blush.

I was just back on my feet, with guilt slowly finding it’s way into my thoughts, when she pulled me back, onto her, and hugged me tightly.

After everything that had happened over the last three hours, the point that we were both naked, seemed unimportant.

My mom continued to caress me, and once we were out of the bed, she let me go only after she kissed me on my cheeks, with a lot of intensity.

“Thank You!!” she mouthed, as she watched me put on my clothes, and leave the room…

It was a strange period at home, and there were very odd instances between me and my mom, the first few days after the wicked encounter, especially when dad was around.

Two weeks later, my mom missed her period, and she checked for pregnancy, even as she was always fully sure she had conceived.

I was watching TV, in the living room, when she came from the back, sat on the couch, and kissed me all over my face.

Dad was in the verandah, speaking on the phone, and I tried to push her away, in vain.

“Your Dad is going to fuck me tonight!! And tomorrow, I will tell him that I fear the condom broke!! Hahaha!! But, the Baby is yours!! Your dumb Dad will never know!!” she gushed, beaming like a possesed lass, making me feel more than just miserable.

Only to find myself totally frozen, when she showed me the Pregnancy Test Strip, in her hand, conveying the positive result.

“Thank You For Everything!!” my mom said, teary eyed, but also overjoyed.

I had impregnated my mother!!

I had succesfully bred my own mother!!

I had given my mother the perfect birthday gift!!


“What are you thinking, Mom??” I asked my mother, seeing her lost in deep thoughts, on a lazy saturday afternoon.

“It’s nothing…” she replied with a sly sheepish smile.

Karthik : Tell me, Mom…

Kavita : I was just thinking about my birthday, the year before you were born.

Karthik : What about it, Mom??

Kavita : Nothing… Hehe…

Karthik : Tell me, Mom… Please!!

Kavita : I was thinking about the gift I received that day…

Karthik : What gift?!

Kavita : A gift similar to what my son gave me, this year…

Karthik : Excuse me?!

Kavita : Hahaha…

Karthik : What was the gift, Mom??

Kavita : You…

Karthik : What?!

Kavita : You!! You were gifted to me!!

Karthik : Ohh… Yeah?? So, I was a special offering from Dad on your birthday…

“Hahaaha… Well… Yes… And, I was thinking how I got you…” my mom stopped abruptly, kissing me on my lips, rubbing her hand just over my crotch, as she showed me an old photo, in Facebook.

However inappropriate it was, my mom showering physical & sensual love on me had become a very common activity over the last few days, even as I did my best to keep myself out of it.

“You are the Father to my Child!!” was what she cheerfully replied, when I questioned her actions, and tried to stop her.

I could not accept she said that to me. I still was convinced I had made a sacrifice by being on the bed with my mother.

And to avoid having the uneasy burden of more such explicit set of words, I decided to just let her have her way, with things even reaching a point where she once slid her hands inside my trousers.

It wasn’t going to make a difference anyway… I had already committed a sin that would forever remain.

“Who is this, Mom?!” I asked her, surpised that the young man, in the photo, resembled me.

“He is your Father!!” my mom replied, taking a deep breath.

Karthik : But… Mom… I have seen Dad’s old pictures… He had very long hair, back then, and looked nothing like this.

Kavita : Karthik… I am sorry… But, the person who you call DAD is not your real father.

Karthik : What?! Mom??

Kavita : It was not Kaushik who impregnated me… But, my ex-boyfriend, from college!!

Karthik : Mom… What the hell?! Just stop it… What are you even saying, Mom?? I know you are lying to me… This is one of your tricks!!

Kavita : Tricks?! What tricks?? I am telling you the truth, Karthik… My first birthday, after getting married to Kaushik, was celebrated on my former lover’s bed, on the top tier of a stinking bunk, inside his shared room, in an old filthy lodge, located in the British Junction Bus Stand, behind the Railway Station.

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