Birth Of The Ringtaker # 3

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Flash forward 2 months:

This story picks up in the weeks and months after Birth of the Ringtaker 2


It just won’t go away

I started spending more and more time away from home. I found reasons to do things that didn’t involve my parents, let alone seeing Aunt Barbara and Uncle Rich. Everytime I saw my mom, I died a little inside. The guilt tortured me night and day. I can’t count the number of times it got so bad that I almost confessed. Things had gotten weird even beyond the burden of pain and guilt I was carrying. Things like, twice in the months after my little Christmas present to myself and a week after finding out that I’d not only knocked up poor Aunt Barbara, but my own mother as well. My mom came on to me.


The first time I was getting out of the shower. This was the weekend after mom and dad made the announcement. My bathroom was filled with a cloud of steam as I dried myself. I couldn’t feel clean anymore, no matter how hot the water was, no matter how much I scrubbed, I just felt so dirty. I turned around, yelped and jumped when I saw my mom standing in the doorway of my bathroom. She had a weird look on her face. I quickly wrapped my towel around my naked body and all but ran past mom. I plopped down on the bed, eagerly looking anywhere but at her.

“What do you need mom”, I said as I bore a hole in my floor.

I saw her shadow approaching me. She didn’t speak. I felt her fingers combing through my long wet hair. She pulled me against her stomach. Her fingernails raked down my bare back.

“Is something wrong mom”?

I felt her hand on the back of my head. She was pressing hard, forcing my neck to bend. She rotated her hips back and forth about the time my face was at her snatch. Suddenly she stopped.

“Ummmmm, dinner’s ready. Yeah, that’s why I came up here, to tell you dinner’s ready Stan”. Mom was stammering and suddenly unsure of herself. I looked up and saw a look of panic in her eyes. She was totally confused. “What did I come up here for…”? She seemed to be utterly lost. Knowing of nothing else to do, she turned and left.

Wierd. I know.

When I went downstairs mom acted like nothing had happened and seemed her normal self. She didn’t seem to be the angry bitch I’d come to accept as my mom over the last couple of years. She was laughing and joking with dad.

I got stuck doing yard work for my Aunt Barbara later that week. My Uncle Rich was out of town. Dad thought I’d been sitting around the house or goofing with my friends too much so he volunteered me. I begged not to go. I even offered to pay someone out of my own pocket. The more I fought the more adamant my dad became.

“Lazy kid. When I was your age I would have already been over there taking care of business and wouldn’t even need to be paid for it”. Ok, I’ll admit it. When he said this I almost laughed.

The morning I was to go my mom was going to drive me over. I was one of the few kids in my group that didn’t have my own car. Even though my folks made good money, dad insisted I buy my own car. So, mom had to drive me because she was going to need the car later. We were driving towards Aunt Barbara’s house. We were taking the back way to avoid city traffic. We were travelling through a residential neighborhood. As we rolled to a stop sign, I happened to look to my right.

She was the sexiest fucking MILF I’d ever seen. She had platinum blonde hair. A sweet, round ass, narrow hips and the most outlaw set of titts you’d ever seen. She was wearing silky short-shorts and I swear I saw a pussy print at the crotch as she bent over and flashed her goods to me. She stood, turned and winked at me then smiled and continued her yardwork. Her body was covered in sweat. The tight white t-shirt she was wearing clung to her melons and were perfectly formed around them.

This was the first erection I’d had since mom and dad dropped the bomb on me.

The effect was so intense that I was totally oblivious to mom’s hand on my thigh. It wasn’t until she slowly pulled away that I felt her nails raking my bare thigh. I was wearing my cut-off jeans because I was going to be working my ass off outside. I looked down just in time to see my mom’s fingers disappear up the leg of my shorts.

“Um, Mom”?

Her gaze was vacant. Totally lights on and no one home. How she was driving was beyond me. Her fingers stretched, touching my shaft. She began to stroke my cock through my underwear.


She jerked her hand out and quickly unzipped my shorts. Her fingers wrapped around the length of my shaft, seizing it and began to stroke me up and down.


The car lurched and we nearly ran onto the curb. Her eyes fluttered then opened wide. She was dazed, she was lost and confused. I quickly zipped my shorts back up.

“Um, we’re almost there”, she said robotically.


Mom locked the brakes and the tires barked as she pulled in front of Aunt Barbara’s house. The only way I can describe it is she pushed me out of the car. “Call your father when you’re done. He’ll pick you up”, she said as she rolled the window back up and peeled out as she pulled away.

I got to work mowing Aunt Barbara’s house. She wasn’t home yet and frankly I took the approach that maybe, MAYBE, I’d caught a break and would be done before she did get home.

It wasn’t to be.

I’d just finished edging the yard and trimming the bushes. I was soaked in sweat. Perspiration ran freely off my body. I never heard her car pull up from the other side of their house. I was washing my face with the hose when I turned and jumped. She was standing in her doorway watching me. Her hand was in her tight shorts. She had a bizzare look on her face.

“That hose isn’t going to get the job done Stan. How about a swim”?

Aunt Barbara had picked this house when she and Uncle Rich were house shopping. The pool was impressive and was a big selling point. I’d been over a lot over the last couple of years and got a lot of enjoyment out of it. I suddenly had zero interest.

“Um, actually Aunt Barbara I’ve got some work to do at home. I’m supposed to call dad to pick me up. I, uh, well I really can’t stay. Thanks anyway”.

“Oh, ok”. I didn’t like the look on her face.

I was putting the gardening shears away when I turned around and saw her gawking at me from the opening of the garage door.

“I just spoke to your dad. I told him I had some more things I could use some help with. I also told him I’d cook dinner for you”. There was something so odd in her tone.

“Um, gee thanks Aunt Barbara but I really have…”

“Your dad said not to worry. That stuff will wait”.

“But Aunt Barbara…”

“Your dad said you are mine as long as I need you Stan”. There was almost no emotion, no inflection of tone in her words. She was like a Stepford Milf or something. “I feel like a swim Stan. You should join me”.

She turned around and went back into the house. I was still standing in the garage trying to figure out what to do when she stepped through the sliding glass door. She was wearing a white bikini. She was more sexy than she’d ever been to my eyes. My first reaction?




I couldn’t make my feet work. I had to get out of there. I SHOULD get out of there. Her honey-blonde hair was pulled into a tight ponytail and hung freely over a shoulder. Her near perfect melons filled the cups of her bikini top.






She dove in the deep end of the pool. Her dive was a near perfect example of grace. Aunt Barbara wasn’t exactly thin. Her body had a clear and distinctive shape. She had the best kind of curves in all the right places. Even so, her dive made me think of a ballerina for some reason.

“Aren’t you coming”, Aunt Barbara asked so sweetly?

“Um, I really don’t have anything to swim in”. What a stupid, LAME excuse!

“Ohhhhhhhh, those shorts are fine”, she said with a wink. “Hop in”.

“I, um, I, errrrr, I…”

“Stan, get in the pool and do it now”. Even though there was no real inflection in her words, the harsh nature was redily apparent.

I tripped and stumbled a couple of times as I made my way through the gate into the pool area. I slowly made my way into the pool, taking one step at a time holding the railing as I walked in. The water was cool, almost cold. Aunt Barbara was doing a lap when I got to the point I was waist deep in water. I looked around.




All 3 were eating me alive. This was an upscale neighborhood and was sure anyone that saw all of this would know what was going on. I was reminded how impossible this was as I saw the enormous bushes that ringed the backyard. Aunt Barbara was swimming under the water as I was looking around, checking to see if there were any witnesses to this sordid display. I suddenly felt her hands working up my legs. I felt her hands slide under my shirt. I heard the splash as she breached directly behind me.

“Lose the shirt Stan”, she said as she peeled my wet t-shirt over my head.

Her arms were wrapped around me. I felt her firm breasts pressed against my back. I felt her chin resting on my shoulder.

“Stan”, she whispered, “I know you like me. I’ve seen you looking at me. And there’s something else I’ve seen as well…”, she whispered as her left hand cupped my balls through my denim cut-offs.

I tried to pull away. “GOD, AUNT BARBARA…”!

“Shhhhhh, it’s ok. I don’t mind”. I felt her nimble fingers unzipping and unbuttoning my shorts.

My hands found her forearms and tried to push them away. She resisited. Suddenly my left hand found hers. I felt the rock on her left hand. My hard on got bigger.

This was going from bad to worse.

“Mmmmmmmmm…maybe you’re not minding as much as you’re pretending”, she gasped in my ear. She nibbled on my earlobe as an exclaimation point.

She slid her hand in my underwear. Her soft fingers began to stroke the length of my shaft.

“You’re playing with fire BITCH”!

Who said that?

Did I just really hear that?

It sounded like me.

But that wasn’t possible, was it?

I would NEVER say that!

But, I wouldn’t rape her either, would I?

I would never rape my own mother, would I?

I would never impregnate the 2 of them, would I?

“Oooooooooo, big man”, she said with a coy tone.

“You shouldn’t play with me like that, you fucking CUNT”!

Who the hell WAS THAT?!?!

I felt her soft touch on my shoulder as she turned me around. Her hands snaked behind her neck. Her bikini top dangled as it hung from her fingers. She tossed it, wrapping it around the back of my neck and pulled me to her. Her bare, ample breasts pressed against me. I don’t know if it was the cold water or the fact that she was so obviously turned on, but her nipples were hard as diamonds. I felt them press against me.

My nostrils flared. I felt something akin to anger mingling with a burning lust building inside of me. I’d tried so hard to be good. I was so ashamed of what I’d done. Why was my mom teasing me the way she had? Why was this bitch playing with me like this? I was working so hard. Why were they fucking with me like this?

“Aunt Barbara”, I said through clenched teeth, “you’d better stop this and I mean RIGHT THE FUCK NOW”!

She gave me an evil grin. “And if I don’t”?

That was it. I could take no more.

I jerked her to me. My mouth attacked hers. My lips sealed over hers. My tongue stabbed into her mouth. My hands slid down her body, cupped her ass cheeks and squeezed. All the anger, all the passion, all the lust, all the desire, all the wanting, they all exploded. With a quick lurch I untied the knots holding her bikini bottoms. Grabbing her by her sweet ass cheeks I lifted her up, spun around and planted her on the side of the pool. I forced her legs apart. Acting on pure animal instinct, I was going to ravage this cunt like I hadn’t before, in a way I’d never wanted to in my most sordid, wet dream. Using my fingers I pried the hot pick pussy lips apart. My mouth attacked and ravaged her pussy. Grinding the base of my tongue against her clit, I shoved her back. She was lying on her back on the deck with her legs dangling over the side into the water. I lifted her legs and draped them over my shoulders. Grabbing her ample ass cheeks, I pulled her to me. Forcing her hips to angle back, I now had a face full of her snatch. I fluttered my tongue over her clit. I felt it getting warm. The tip of my tongue touched the opening of her pussy. I felt her body shudder. Her back arched. I heard her gasp. Using my tongue I began to lap visciously at her pussy. I felt her fingers softly touching mine. My cock was now as hard as the rock I spied on her left hand. My head bobbed. My tongue swayed side to side, eagerly slathering over her hot, married twat. With her legs draped over my shoulders I could hear and feel the effect I was having on her. Her feet kicked and splashed the cool water behind me. I used the fingertips of both my index fingers to massage her clit as I began to tongue fuck her. Using my thumbs I’d parted her pussy lips giving me full access to her hot milf snatch. She made a weird sound, almost like a cat mewling. Her fingers were in my hair, jerking me as her hips moved in rythm with me.

She came.

My tongue was as deep inside her as I could get it. Bending my tongue upward I began to scoop her cum into my mouth. The taste was incredible. Her breathing seized, her body locked, she dug her heels into my shoulders then she slowly let out a gasp. For all intents and purposes her body melting right there on the pool deck. She lay there limber and unmoving.

When she did move she mumbled something about needing something to drink. She rolled away from me. Her movements were robotic and disjointed. Water and sweat rolled down her spine. I watched this sexy, naked woman who obviously wanted me walk away. I had an erection that wouldn’t go away. I took my time stroking myself. She’d come out, I’d invite her into the pool and I would take her there. We’d kiss. We’d spoon. We’d make love. We’d fuck. Hell, we might even talk some. I didn’t know what the fuck was going on and for the time being I totally couldn’t have cared less. It wasn’t that I really didn’t care, I just had something better to think about and do.

I guess it was about 10 minutes or so and still no Aunt Barbara. I hadn’t taken my eyes off the sliding glass door. I began to feel conspicuous. I slowly pulled my shorts back up and climbed out of the pool. I looked around, suddenly cognizant of how exposed I was. Not knowing anything else to do I padded my way across the deck and softly knocked on the door. Peering in I didn’t see Aunt Barbara. She wasn’t in the kitchen. Maybe she was in the bathroom? The questions I’d been ignoring quietly began to nag at me. What the hell was this? What the fuck was going on? When I got no answer to my knock I cracked the door open.

“Um, Aunt Barbara? You ok”?

No response.


I opened the door wide enough and stepped in. “Aunt Barbara? Is everything ok”?

Total silence.

Closing the door behind me I dripped water on the floor of her breakfast nook. “Are you ok Aunt Barbara”?

I finally heard something. She was coming down the stairs. She was in her bathrobe. When she saw me she jumped. “WHOA! Um, hi Stan. What um, what casino oyna are you doing”? Her visage was one of total confusion. It was like she was coming out of an intense dream and was just in the process of waking up.

“Oh, um, I was just wondering if you were ok”?

“Huh? Oh, um, yeah I’m, um, why wouldn’t I be”, she mumbled.

“Well you said you were coming in for something to drink and then coming back out”. Somehow I knew where this was going. My hard on began to shrink and wither.

“Huh? What are you talking about Stan? I just woke up. At least I think…”. Now she was totally confused.

“B-bu-but we were just…, I mean we…, we were swimming after I finished the yard and…”

“Oh you’re done already? I didn’t even see you when I came back from the store”.

“Y-you don’t remember us um, well, I mean, you don’t remember swimming with me”?

“Huh? What’s wrong with you Stan? I got back from the store. I guess I must have been tired because I didn’t see or hear you. I guess I needed to take a nap”.

Yeah. I knew exactly where this was going. Aside from blushing because I was suddenly ashamed of myself, I was NOT happy.

In face, I was PISSED! This fucking cunt got hers, I got her off. And when it was time for me to get some, now she decides she doesn’t remember anything?

Something was wrong though. Normally I might think that she was fucking with me. But mom was pulling the same shit. Was it possible, could they know what I’d done? Was it even possible they were playing with me now?

No. That just didn’t figure. If they knew, I was sure I’d be fucked. They would have reacted out of anger, not comming onto me like this. This was something else.

I turned and left. In her right mind Aunt Barbara would have pressed the issue. Instead she sat down and zoned out watching the tv that wasn’t even on. I wrapped up putting the tools away and called dad. I wasn’t going to deal with Aunt Barbara anymore. Dad asked about the additional stuff Aunt Barbara wanted me to do. I just told him I’d done some of it. If she wanted me to do more, she’d call.

This was going to take some working out. Was this how women acted when they’d been fucked? Was this how they acted when they were pregnant? Was this hormonal or something? The answer to all of these was no. There was something else, I just had to find it.

Benjie, the guy I’d bought the pills from. I’d been an occasional customer of his for some other purchases. He had an extra bag of pot that he needed to get rid of. A buyer had backed out on him and he needed the cash. I could use the release so I agreed. We decided to take a ride in his truck. I needed to talk to someone, anyone. While I couldn’t give him the exact details, OBVIOUSLY, I needed his input. Benjie drove his truck to the river bluff past the high school. He pulled his truck to a stop, we lit up and chatted. I desperately wanted information. Could his pills have had something to do with what I’d been going through? We talked about the upcoming school year. Benjie wasn’t sure he was even going back. He made a good living on selling his drugs and didn’t see how school was going to help him. The chatter turned to girls. He had 4 or 5 that he was currently fucking. I took the impetus and started questioning him.

“Benjie, dude, what the FUCK is going on with the pills you gave me”?


“This bitch I gave them to, she’s fucking Jeckyl and Hyde with me”.

“What are you talking about”?

“She comes on to me like a drunken prom queen then all of a sudden she’s confused, cold and distant AND doesn’t remember ever coming on to me”. I saw the wry sneer on Benjie’s face. “You fucking knew about this”?

Benjie chuckled. “Uh, yeah, yeah I knew”.

“And you didn’t tell me because…”?

“Well for STARTERS I didn’t think you were going to hit her with 3 pills, and on TOP of booze”.

“So what the hell is going on”?

“Power of suggestion my man, the power of suggestion”.

Benjie launched into a speech about how his drugs worked. He was quite proud of himself. He told me 1 pill would render most any bitch pliable and open to suggestion while she was directly under the influence. Afterward she wouldn’t remember much of anything at all. 2 pills would render the victim totally open to suggestion. Afterward she would be open to remote and vague suggestions but they would wear off eventually. 3 pills? Not only would the victim be totally pliant and open to suggestion, but the most intense suggestions would actually stick with her. The problem in my case was because Aunt Barbara and mom were so drunk when I drugged them, the suggestions were muffled and the effect was inconsistant.

Benjie was damned proud of his work and he had good reason to be.

I placed an order for more pills. He could get me 10 for now. Since I was a regular customer, he gave me a discount. I paid him $60 for the 10 and he’d charge me the same rate.

“Just make fucking SURE the bitch doesn’t drink this time, ok”?

I got it.

We talked more. He kept trying to get me to tell who my victim was. Even though Benjie wasn’t the student with the best attendance record, he still knew the best pussy not only at our school but at our rival across town as well. We spent a couple of hours relaxing in the bed of his truck passing his pot back and forth.

I fell asleep that night having made my plans.

Aunt Barbara called the first thing. It seemed she still had chores she wanted me for. Dad gave me shit over it and called me lazy.

“Dad, I absolutely DO know there was more to do at Aunt Barbara’s house. I’ll get right over there and get it done”! He didn’t see my ear to ear smile as I turned and headed back to my room before he drove me over. I dropped 3 pills in a sandwich bag, stuffed it in my shorts and off we went.

Aunt Barbara was completely in her right mind when dad dropped me off. I got the mandatory lecture about being a better worker and not so lazy. I gave him a smile. I was quite sure I’d be getting a glowing report this time. She apologized because she overheard some of dad’s sermon on work ethic. I told her it was no problem. She lead me into the kitchen and poured a glass of her famous sweet iced tea. She’d been working in the house and was parched. She finished hers before I could down mine. I grabbed the pitcher and poured a glass for each of us. She never saw the 3 small blue pills plop into her tea. I gave the tea a shot of lemon which she preferred. She stirred the drink to properly mix the lemon. Unbeknownst to her, she also mixed in a little surprise.

I stood and got to work. Or so it seemed anyway. Mainly I was goofing in her garage, just looking busy. I waited 30 minutes as I’d been told to then walked back into the house.

Aunt Barbara was on the couch. The tv was on. Her eyes were glazed over. She mumbled something to me about not feeling well and maybe needed to go to the hospital. She couldn’t lift her arms to hold me off as I approached her, eagerly invading her personal space. Her legs were all but useless and were splayed open.

“S-st-stan, Stan wait, what are you mmmmmmmmfffffff…”

My lips sealed over hers, muffling whatever she was going to say. Her lips were so soft and warm. I already had a hard on that only got harder. My hands went to work on her titts. With what now was practiced ease, I grabbed her tight t-shirt at her ribs and jerked it up over her heaving melons. My fingers attacked her milk sacs with a vengence, kneading into the full breasts through her sports bra. Sliding a hand down her belly, I folded my fingers and began to massage her clit through her tight hot pink shorts.

“Oh my God, wha-what are you d-doing to me”, she mumbled as her chin rested on my shoulder as I attacked her. “St-stop this. God Stan, stop it”, she whined.

Standing and leaning back I jerked her hot pink shorts and white panties down her long, well shaped legs. Tossing them aside, I grabbed a fist full of her hair and jerked her toward me. I quickly grabbed her t-shirt and tossed it in the pile with her shorts and panties. With a yank I jerked her grey sports bra over her head then allowed her limp body to flop back on the couch. She slid down onto her side.

“What the hell are you doing? Get OFF me”, she managed to say with a slightly elevated tone. For the first time my eyes locked on hers. She was fully aware of what was going on but in no shape to stop me.

“You better be right Benjie”, I muttered.

Launching myself forward, I landed on Aunt Barbara’s helpless frame. I hooked under her left knee and threw it over the back of the couch then shoved her right leg to the floor. The hot pink lips of her pussy was stark against her lily white pelvis. The honey blonde patch of hair graced her precious clit. Past performance had shown me how Aunt Barbara reacted to having her pussy eaten out. This time would be no different. There was the slightest tartness to the taste. On occasion I’d feel one of her hands on my head as she feebily tried to push me away. That got stopped by a quick swat of my hand, knocking her hands out of my way. I opened my mouth wide. Sealing my lips over her clit I sucked the moistened patch into my mouth. My tongue slithered down, the tip teasing her pussy then lapped all the way up. Sucking hard I drew the tart patch of flesh into my mouth. I flicked it with my tongue before allowing it to slip out of my mouth. My lips and teeth ravaged Aunt Barbara’s clit. She groaned as I ate her pussy. She mumbled and sobbed as the enevitable orgasm approached. My tongue feathered over her hot, wet patch. Rocking my head back and forth, I established a pattern of sucking her clit into my mouth, tensing my lips then letting the tart flesh slowly slip from my mouth. I slid my tongue into her hot, married pussy. Curling the tip just inside the pubic bone, I flicked her sweet spot. Aunt Barbara’s back arched as her pussy exploded in a sudden gush of orgasmic fluid. I eagerly sealed my lips over the opening of her pussy and sucked. My tongue darted in and out and scooped her cum. The taste was even better this time, or so it seemed to me anyway.

I stood and slipped off my shorts and underwear. There’d be none of that bullshit again.

I saw the look of fear and dread in her eyes as I lowered my body toward hers. Guiding my cock with my right hand, I teased her clit with the head of my shaft. Rubbing my member up and down her vertical slit, Aunt Barbara began to mumble and sob more. I didn’t care anymore. I positioned my shaft and forced the lips of her pussy apart with the mushroom shaped head of my cock. My eyes were locked on hers. I was the man here and this bitch was going to know it. I lunged towards her face, my lips sealed over hers. I could feel her revulsion of tasting her own joy juice that still stained my tongue as I forced it into her mouth. Finding her tongue, I sucked hard and drew it into my mouth. I held my shaft in place, letting her feel the full effect before moving on. I saw the light of her spirited resistance fade as I broke her. Slowly I plowed my shaft into her sweet married pussy. The first drive was about halfway up the length of my rod. Slowly pulling it out then cramming it back inside her, I began pumping harder, deeper and at a faster pace. With each thrust I saw the fire of her passsioned resistance fade then disappear. I felt her pussy twitch, the tender wet walls folded around the length of my member. I felt her pussy twitch, then spasm then tighten around me. I was balls deep, my sack swayed back and forth with each thrust and slapped her ass. I sneered at her as I pumped my cock deep into her gash. My hands groped at her full breasts. My fingers teased, then tugged and twisted at her nipples. I slammed my shaft deep inside her, hammering away at her cunt. Reaching back with my hands I slid them just behind her knees. I don’t know why, it was just pure lustful, animalistic instinct. I pulled at her legs, wrapping them around my waist. This position gave me deeper access to her twat. I felt the knob of her cervix each time the head of my shaft slammed against it. Arching my back and leaning upward I was able to penetrate her deeper. I felt my own orgasm quickly approaching. She was mumbling something about begging for God or anyone to help her as she sobbed uncontrolably. She whimpered and begged for her husband Uncle Rich to somehow arrive and save her before it was too late.

It was too late already. I hissed through clenched teeth and sneered down at her again. With a hard, deep thrust I came inside her. Streams of thick, creamy goo shot inside her. Jets of my seed slammed against the back wall of her cunt. I couldn’t control my joy and adulation. Arching my head back I actually roared then laughed a cruel laugh as I looked down at the pitiful sight of poor Aunt Barbara cowering under me. Her face was a mixture of fear, panic then quickly replaced by shame. I felt her pussy lips clutch around the base of my shaft as she returned my favor to her and came again as well. Her pussy wrapped tightly around the length of my member and drank my jizz eagerly. For good measure I gave her one more thrust which her face and pussy each responded to with completely opposite reactions. Anger, fear and shame eminated from her face while her pussy eagerly thanked my cock as it wrung every last drop of my man juice.

Exhausted I leaned back. As the head of my shaft was pulled from her married twat, her pussy made a slight popping sound before belching a small stream of our combined orgasmic juices. Aunt Barbara couldn’t talk. Really, even if she could what was there to say? I sat back and drank in the sheer joy of the moment.

My phone rang but I didn’t answer it. A moment later I got a text. It was from mom. She’d be there in an hour to pick me up. When I happened to glance up I saw a face I didn’t recognize in the mirror. It only flashed for the briefest of moments then disappeared. The face was both pure lust and completely evil. Just a matter of weeks ago that would have scared me. Now I welcomed it. Slowly turning my head back to Aunt Barbara she lay there on her couch. She winced with each wave of orgasm that washed over her as her body slowly wound down from the heights I’d driven her to. Aunt Barbara gave a mewled whimper when I told her we were about to have company. I picked up Aunt Barbara and carried her naked body out onto her pool deck and laid her in one of her deck chairs. I raped Aunt Barbara’s mouth, forcing her to swallow the thick wad of jizz that shot into her throat then took a quick swim to revitalize myself. I felt invigorated. I finger fucked Aunt Barbara then smeared the goo on her face before drying myself and pulling my clothes back on.

3 pills plopped into a glass of tea as I saw mom’s car pull into Aunt Barbara’s driveway.

I explained to mom that Aunt Barbara was upstairs and getting ready to go for a swim as I handed her the glass I’d prepared for her. Somehow she knew something was wrong. I could tell by the way she looked at me as she drank her tea. Mom had brought over a load of clothes for the Goodwill. She brought them over to Aunt Barbara’s because they were both going to donate several bags of clothes they didn’t wear anymore. Mom helped me unload the black trash bags full of unwanted garments. Almost exactly on the 30 minute mark mom said she suddenly didn’t feel so well. She reached for the wall of Aunt Barbara’s garage, leaning on it to steady herself as I closed the garage door. I lead mom into Aunt Barbara’s house. Her hands were canlı casino shaking. I lead mom to the same couch where I’d raped Aunt Barbara an hour before. She collapsed, suddenly barely able to talk and all but unable to make her arms or legs work.

“I’m glad you’re here mom. I had something I wanted to talk to you about”.

“Huh? S-St-Stan? Wh-whu-what are you saying”?

“Oh, I just wanted to tell you something about that little bun in the oven”, I said as my open hand touched her belly.

Mom tried to pull my hand away. She was afraid, something was wrong. VERY wrong, and she knew it. “S-ssss-Stan? W-whu-whu-what are you s-sss-saaa-saying”?

“See mom, that’s my baby you have in there”. I let the words linger in her mind for a moment before I continued. “See mom, I fucked you at the Christmas party, raped you actually. That’s why you’ve been acting and feeling so weird mom. Still love me, mom”?

“S-st-s-stop this Stan. W-wh-whu-what are you…a-a-ar-are you c-cr-crazy”?

“I guess you could say it was my Christmas present to myself”.

“T-th-this can’t be-no…”, mom whimpered.

I began taking mom’s clothes off and tossing them into a pile next to Aunt Barbara’s. Her sleeveless summer shirt came off easily to reveal the thick white bra mom had bought from Sears. It took real work on my part to get her shorts off revealing the matching Sears white panties. It took time to seesaw the enormous panties down her legs. Reaching under mom as she whimpered and begged me to stop, I unlatched mom’s bra. Her small, flabby breasts rolled when they were no longer held in the thick cups. I squeezed her flabby milk sacs. I encircled the small breasts with my fingers and began to visciously milk them.

“S-Stan st-stop th-this. W-whu-why are y-y-y-you doing this”, she mumbled.

Mom brought her hands up to try and push my hands away from abusing her breasts. I slapped her hands away. Sneering at her, I grabbed her jaw in my fingers and made her look at me. “You see mom, I wanted to tell you to your face that I, your only son, raped you and knocked you up”.

“N-n-n-n-n-noooooo…nonottrue”, she whimpered.

“Oh yes mommy dearest. Oh it’s VERY true. I fucked your pussy, fucked your mouth, I even fucked you up that tight ass of yours”, I said still holding her chin in one hand while my other hand slid down her fat belly and began to paw at her dark pussy bush. “Now, I do have to admit while I was a virgin by the time of the Christmas party, I gotta say you weren’t my first. See, Aunt Barbara was the one that popped my cherry”.

“NNNNNNNNNNNNNooooooooooooooooo”, she groaned.

“Oh yes. In fact, I’ve already fucked Aunt Barbara today”, I said as I turned mom’s head and opened the blinds so mom could see a naked Aunt Barbara lying on her deck chair. “Oh and by the way, I’m the father of Aunt Barbara’s baby as well”. The look in mom’s eyes was PRECIOUS. She was crushed. “But I don’t want you to be jealous mom. Even though I’ve fucked Aunt Barbara first both times, I still saved some for you”, I said as I curled my fingers and began to stroke her vaginal slit. I was actually surprised how much resolve she showed as she managed to move one of her legs and almost stop me from fingering her twat. I gave her a hard swat on the thigh. “Now don’t you be a cock teaser mom. I’m TIRED of that shit! You ain’t gonna lie there with your body aching for me and then tell me no”. I slipped a finger deep through the folds of her flabby pussy lips.

“nopleasegodnonotagainnotyoupleasegodnonotyou…”, mom muttered. I didn’t pay attention.

I should have.

I took a different tact with mom than I had Aunt Barbara. I don’t know where the anger and rage came from but I wanted to grudge fuck this fat bitch and I wanted to see her eyes as I did. With Aunt Barbara I ate her pussy out because I wanted to make her cum. I didn’t give a shit if mom came or not. Lining up my fully erect cock with her saggy pussy, I plunged deep inside her. I had to slap my hand over her mouth when she screamed in sheer pain. Her reaction told me I was nearly tearing her apart. I snarled at her, nibbling at her nose then her chin as I picked up the pace. I took my time, sort of, with Aunt Barbara. Not this time. I hammered away at mom’s dry pussy. I could see the anguish in her face. Even through the pain mom tried to reach out to me with her eyes. She was begging me to stop. I could just hear her.

I’m your mother.

I gave you life.

I’ve taken care of you all your life.

If you ever loved me, if you ever cared, please God PLEASE stop this.

I laughed at her. I came just as her pussy barely even began to lube my shaft. I yanked my cock out of her and she gasped. Her pussy lips were blood red. I grabbed her by the hair at the back of her head, jerked her off the couch and shoved her out the backdoor. She landed with a thud on the slick surface of the pool deck. Aunt Barbara’s eyes were wide open. She heard everything I’d done and probably even saw it. There was such hatred in her eyes.

Like I cared?

I picked mom up and dropped her on the deck chair between Aunt Barbara’s legs. She positioned her arms to try and lift herself. I kicked her arms out from under her and she dropped again. I saw the pained expression on Aunt Barbara’s face as mom’s head slammed against her crotch.

Ok, it was time. “Benjie, let’s see if you’re full of shit or not”.

My eyes locked on Aunt Barbara’s. Benjie had told me how to speak to the bitch in question. “Aunt Barbara, I want you to look at me”. She did. She sneared at me. She muttered a curse at me which I could neither hear nor did I care. “You are to do exactly as I say”. I saw the look of uncertainty in her eyes. “You and I have been carrying on a torrid love affair for months now. The idea of me fucking you drives you crazy. You want me. You need me to fuck you. Uncle Rich can no longer satisfy you sexually. I am the only man you want to touch your body. You USED to feel ashamed for lusting after your own nephew but you don’t care anymore. Everytime I fuck you, you feel like a whole and complete woman”. The look of disbelief flashed across her face then began to melt away. “Also you want mom. You want her sexually. You lust for her. You crave her touch”. She wanted to say something but it caught in her throat. “You dream every day of touching mom and having her touch you. You have wet dreams about mom eating your pussy. You hunger to taste mom’s pussy”. Aunt Barbara’s lips quivered. Her hands started to move slowly. Her trembling hands slowly curled into mom’s Dorothy Hammel-esque hair. Mom fumbled around as she tried to pull away. “Having mom satisfy you sexually, you satisfying her sexually is all you can think about”. I saw mom’s hair pulled tight. She drug mom’s face towards her pussy.

I gave mom a quick swat on the ass to get her attention. I heard her yelp at the sudden burning sensation. I saw the strawberry colored impression of my hand on her chunky, flabby ass. “Mom, you want Aunt Barbara. You have had a burning lust for her body for years. You can’t think of anything more pleasurable than eating Aunt Barbara’s pussy out. The idea of having her eat your pussy out makes you wet. You know I have been fucking Aunt Barbara. You USED to resent her for it but now it turns you on. Because of knowing about the affair Aunt Barbara and I have been having, you have become interested in me, your own son, sexually. You want me to abuse you sexually. You want me to punish you because you are a disgusting, incestful slut. You deserve the abuse I heap on you. You get wet when you think of having me fuck you up your ass. You even cum when you feel my shaft inside of your anus. You and Aunt Barbara have finally come to an understanding and both of you are willing to share me unselfishly”. Slowly I saw mom’s head shake. Though I couldn’t see her fat, round face, I knew it would be about the same as Aunt Barbara’s. A blank, empty expression that slowly turned into something else.

When Aunt Barbara felt mom’s mouth touch her clit, she bit her lower lip. She closed her eyes, obviously wrapped in the overwhelming emotional and sexual release. Her agile tongue licked her soft, full lips. Aunt Barbara whimpered. Mom snorted like a sow pig. I smiled.

Mom slowly turned around. From my vantage point I saw mom had 3 fingers of her right hand in Aunt Barbara’s pussy. She had a dreamy look. The only word I could use to describe it was serene. She reached for my cock, wrapped it in her fat, flabby fingers and began to stroke me. Taking the length of my shaft in her mouth, her head quickly bobbed up and down on my member. When she felt me toying with her wedding set she started to pull her hand away. “Your ass is mine mom. Everything you are, everything you own, it’s all mine. These rings belong to me because YOU belong to me”. Her hand relaxed. I first slipped off her engagement ring, then her wedding band. She forced her narrow jaw open wide. She flattened her tongue and lapped at my cock from the base to the tip. She released my dick long enough to turn back to face Aunt Barbara who’s fingers were feathering over her clit. She was helping mom get her off. Mom bent over, reached between her tree trunk legs and reached for my rod. Taking the length of it in her palm, she lead it to her tight asshole. I stood there totally amazed. I just couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I stood there, grinned and let mom do the work as I fucked my own mother in her ass. She winced in pain and whimpered as the head of my shaft disappeared between her fat ass cheeks.

“hhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh…”, she groaned as she took the entire length of my rock hard cock into her ass.

I placed my hands on mom’s enormous hips and began to fuck. I took long, slow strokes at first. The tender, warm flesh wrapped tightly around my shaft. It was soft and felt fragile. I gave her another slap on the ass.

Mom giggled. “Naughty boy. Do it again”, she cooed.

I did as she asked.

Mom turned her attention back to Aunt Barbara again. Her fat, round fingers pawed Aunt Barbara’s honey blonde patch of pussy hair. It was darker now from all the sweat and cum.

“Mom, I came hard and deep inside Aunt Barbara. You want my cum. You want to taste it. You want to taste Aunt Barbara’s cum”. Mom’s motions became more intense. She wheezed through flared nostrils. She had a mouthful of Aunt Barbara’s clit. Her fingers stroked in and out. Aunt Barbara’s breathing changed. She began panting, shallow gasps of air inhaled then quickly exhaled. Her breathing pattern was in rythm with mom’s fingering her pussy.

Aunt Barbara came first. Her back arched, she clenched her eyes closed and groaned loudly. This really set mom off. Her tongue quickly flicked inside Aunt Barbara’s snatch. Her fat jowls shook as she sucked and slurped up the sudden gush of orgasmic fluid. Then mom’s breathing began to change. She began to gulp deeper breaths with a more rapid pace. She groaned with each thrust up her poop chute, then gasped with each withdrawl. Her hands grasped the arm rails of Aunt Barbara’s chair. I suddenly felt a rush of warm fluid over my balls.

She’d just cum.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

Holding my shaft buried balls deep inside her tender anus, I shot wad after wad of cum into her anal cavity. Her head arched back and she cried out. It was a cry that came from the perfect combination of pain and ecstacy. I gave her one more thrust for good measure. She gave me a tiny, whimpering peep as I jerked my shaft out of her. A thick stream of my jizz oozed out of her puckered asshole.

I allowed her the “pleasure” of cleaning my shaft off with her mouth.

I’m a loving son. She’s my mom afterall, right?

Aunt Barbara suddenly rolled mom onto her back and attacked mom’s snatch with her mouth. Unfortunately mom’s tree trunk sized legs were so fat Aunt Barbara had trouble breathing. I stood, straddled mom between my legs, leaned over, grabbed mom’s ankles, lifted her legs up and apart. Aunt Barbara took full advantage. She eagerly slurpped mom’s gushing pussy. Mom came in Aunt Barbara’s mouth after only a couple of minutes.

It was lunchtime. I had mom fix some of her incredible chicken salad and make me a sandwich. Mom served it to me as Aunt Barbara had my cock for her lunch. Mom ran her fingers through the matted mess that was Aunt Barbara’s honey blonde hair. She lovingly kissed down Aunt Barbara’s spine then fingered her. I found Aunt Barbara’s left hand with my right. She clenched her hand into a fist when she first felt me toying with her wedding set.

“Aunt Barbara, you are mine. These rings are mine. The only time you will ever get to wear these rings is when you are with me. They are mine just like you are mine”. Her fingers relaxed. I saw the briefest hint of doubt and shame in her eyes.

I fired my load into Aunt Barbara’s gullet as I finished my sandwich.

“Alright you 2 sluts. I have plans for the day. You 2 go take a shower together. You can take your time with each other”.

I heard them upstairs giggling and talking. They were totally at ease with this. Neither of these 2 bitches probably ever had the first lesbian thought in their entire lives. And yet here they were going at it. I decided to take a peek. Mom had Aunt Barbara pinned against the wall in the shower. She was sucking on one of Aunt Barbara’s thumb sized titts. I stood and watched them kiss and hug each other. They fingered each other’s twats.

Finally they finished. Both women had hot pink skin from the hot shower. I’d brought their clothes up. Mom was going to take Aunt Barbara’s clothes back off. FUCK! Was it possible that somehow, WAY down deep, they actually DID want this? Screw it. I didn’t have time for this.

“Ok you 2. You are to forget all of this. Aunt Barbara I did every chore you had for me. I didn’t do it. YOU are going to do all the chores Aunt Barbara and still give me credit for it. Mom you came over for lunch. I have a birthday coming up (which I did), so you 2 are going to the mall for shopping. I am going to stay here. As far as anyone knows I’m staying to work. You 2 are to take all of the lust and passion and bury it deep in your minds. You won’t remember it. You won’t think of it. No matter what, until I say the code words, the 2 of you will only be the best of friends and no more”. I stopped and checked the both of them. Their expressions were blank. They were listening to every word, taking each command to heart and being completely obedient. “The code words are: BEND OVER AND SMILE YOU FUCKING CUNT! When you hear those words, you will do exactly as I and ONLY I command”.

Benjie, you are a fucking GENIOUS!

“Mom, when I tell you to, you and Aunt Barbara are going to the Pine Flats Mall to shop for birthday presents for me. Don’t go anywhere else, don’t stop anywhere else. You are going to buy me that leather coat I’ve been wanting. Aunt Barbara, you’re not sure what you’re going to get me so you’re just going to shop”. Both women barely nodded. They understood and would obey. “Mom you will park around back of the mall towards the woods. Both of you will sit in the car for exactly 10 minutes. You will call 911 on your cell phone mom. You will ask for the police. You will tell them you and your sister-in-law have been robbed. Here is the story that you will give the police. You went to the mall to shop for birthday presents for me. You parked towards the woods because that part of the parking lot is heavily shaded and kaçak casino will keep the car cool while you’re in the mall. As you got out of the car, a man approached the 2 of you. He was a short, fat white guy. You didn’t see his face because he had a mask on. He pulled a gun and demanded your purses. You gave him your purses then he demanded your wedding sets. You argued with him until he cocked his pistol. You took your rings off and handed them to him. The robber suddenly turned and ran. The 2 of you chased him until he got into the woods. You stopped then and immediately called the police. Aunt Barbara you will tell the police you think the mask the robber wore was dark green, mom you will tell the police you think it was black”. I decided it might be weird if both women told the cops the exact same story with the exact same words with the exact same description of the robber. I’d seen enough TV to know that was a sure tip off that something was wrong. “If you are asked, the robber didn’t touch you and never hurt you. Aunt Barbara you will then say when he cocked his pistol you got the message”. Aunt Barbara nodded.

I sent mom and Aunt Barbara on their way. I sat back in a deck chair thoroughly enjoying myself as I examined my trophies. I took a swim then turned on the tv and waited to see how this would play out. I dug through Aunt Barbara’s purse first. I knew the credit cards were too dangerous, again I thanked all those episodes of CSI for the assit. I pulled the $52.00 out and put it on the table. Mom had $150.00. She was going grocery shopping for the week. The meat and vegetable markets preferred cash and mom was always eager to accomodate. For a brief moment I remembered just how accomodating she was, eagerly offering her ass to me. I stacked it with Aunt Barbara’s cash and crammed it in my pocket. Taking out a trash bag I tossed their purses inside then hid the bag in Aunt Barbara’s garbage can, hiding it among the 3 other bags already inside the can.

Mom called me just as I got back to the tv.

She was at the Pine Flats mall. She was crying and I could barely understand her through the blubbering. Finally Aunt Barbara took the phone. Her tone was hushed. She was upset, I could tell. It seems when they went to the mall to look for birthday presents for me, they got robbed. The guy took their purses. She never mentioned losing their wedding sets. I’m sure she thought that would upset me as well. There was also no mention of them going to the mall to shop for my birthday present. I’m sure Aunt Barbara thought that would only upset me more. My reaction was appropriately shocked and frightened. I asked all the right questions. Mom was so shook up she couldn’t drive so Aunt Barbara was going to drive her back to her house and said I’d need to drive us home. Dad was busy. He was picking up supplies for his bar, the family business, and no one could find him. Aunt Barbara told me again mom was ok but it was important that I drive her home.

I of course agreed and by the time they got back to Aunt Barbara’s house I was nearly in tears. I often thought I should have gotten into acting.

I’d tried dad several times and kept getting his voicemail. I left a rushed message, obviously tore up and upset over the fact I nearly lost my mom and Aunt Barbara. Mom sat in the car. I gave Aunt Barbara a friendly, brief hug. She shooed me on my way. Mom needed me. Mom saw me, hopped out of the car and ran to me. She buried her head in my chest and blubbered the entire incident. It was just awful. I proved my acting ability again as I was nearly on the verge of tears rather than laughing my ass off. I took the keys from mom and carefully managed to hide not only the wad of cash in my pocket, but both wedding sets. It wouldn’t do to have them jingling in my pocket.

Dad pulled in right after we did. The cops had found him and told him what happened. As the owner of the bar that was the favorite of the local cop station, dad was on good terms with the cops. Dad was understandably upset. At first he just wanted to make sure mom was ok. Dad got mom to bed. She was just so exhausted. Dad thought it was because of the emotional trauma. I happened to know mom had gotten a serious workout, but that was our secret, wasn’t it you fat assed bitch?

Then he started in on me.

Where was I?

Why wasn’t I with them?

Was I off somewhere goofing off (like I always did)?

Dad dismissed me, just like he always did when he got so mad he couldn’t talk to me anymore.

It was time for bed.

I dreamed dreams full of lust, the big titted honey blonde begging for me to fuck her. She told me what a fantastic lover I was. She told me how unsatisfied she was with her husband and needed me, a real man, to sate the unfulfilled passion inside her.

Mom and dad were making their calls when I woke up the next morning. I took my usual, secret position where I could hear every word being said and not be detected.

“Rich is completely freaked out. He couldn’t get a flight until this afternoon”, mom whispered.

“I bet. Are you sure you’re ok? What about the baby”? I peered down into the kitchen and saw dad touching mom’s belly. I felt an instant pang of jealousy. That’s my kid you’re groping dad, I thought. I suppressed the feeling.

“I’m fine. Really I am”, mom said reassuring him as she patted his arm.

“Maybe we should go to the doctor”?

“Why”, mom asked puzzled?

“You just seem, I don’t know, figety or something”.

“I’m fine, I swear it”, mom said chuckling at him.

“Honey I heard you on the toilet. It sounded like you were in pain”.

“Oh that? I’m sure it’s just nerves. I’m better now”.

“Well, if you’re sure. When do you want to go to the jewelery store”?

Not a big surprise. Even though dad was famous for his thrift, his wife was GOING to have a wedding set. I thought about that wedding set hidden up in my room.

“Maybe tomorrow. I’m not really up to shopping right now”.

The conversation turned back to the baby. MY baby.

For all my life dad had squeezed every penny for all it was worth. He rambled on and on about the value of a dollar. To hear him speak you would think we were going to lose the house at any given moment. As a family we rarely got a new car and when we did we would drive it until the wheels fell off. Our house was nice but nothing spectacular. Dad never failed to find a reason to bitch at me about something I was doing wasting money.

Then he started crowing about how proud he was that he’d hired contractors to come in and fix the bedroom for the baby. He positively beamed as he said it was $25,000 well spent.

I could NOT have heard that RIGHT!

Then mom made a mistake.

“We should get the shopping done for Stan’s birthday”.

“WHAT”, dad exclaimed as mom shooshed him. “Why”, he whispered.

“Honey it’s his 17th birthday. That’s something special. Besides, he’s REALLY had his eye on that leather coat”.

Then dad launched into the standard tirade. I was lazy. I had a lousy work ethic. I was shiftless. I was ungrateful for all they’d provided for me. Dad had quit his blue collar job years before and bought a bar. His former co-workers alone kept him in business. His bar was a favorite haunt for off duty cops who would often drink for free. Mom had a good job in her own right and between the 2 of them, surely the money must be good, right?

This FUCK, he was going to begrudge me even a fucking coat?

All the feelings came back.

There was a time, in a situation like this, when I would sneak back up into the safety of my bedroom. Refusing to give this prick the satisfaction of making me cry I would instead plot. I’d run away. THEN they’d be sorry. THEN they’d miss me.

Thing was, I wasn’t a kid anymore.

I wasn’t even particularly upset and certainly wasn’t surprised.

After all, I was a man now. I was THE man.

Finally dad grudgingly gave in and said it was ok for mom to get me the leather coat. As for the rest, the party, dad put his foot down. Of course mom relented, like she always did. He ran over her, like he always did. He got his way, like he always did. I got shit on, like I always did.

Time to change things around here.

Dad had a couple of errands to run. I waited to ‘officially’ come down until I heard him backing out of the garage. Mom greeted me with a sweet, tired smile. She had made breakfast. She put the food on the plate and put it on the table in front of me.

Mom tried to twist her arm away from me when I seized it. Taking the wedding rings out of my pocket, I forced them on her hand. She didn’t take it well.


Suddenly all the struggling stopped. Mom’s face went blank.

If mom wasn’t going to have some backbone around dad on her own, then I’d provide it.

She looked up at me with that defeated, broken, lustful look in her eyes as she sucked my cock. I issued orders. She took them to heart and would obey. She dribbled honey on my cock and licked it clean. She begged me to fuck her but we didn’t have time and I had work to do. When I looked back she was staring oddly at the empty tanline on her left ring finger.

When dad came home I was already gone with mom’s car. I could just imagine the fireworks. Mom could put her foot down and scrap when she had to.

Thanks to help from Dr. Benjie, she had to.

1. They’d go shopping for a new wedding set the next day. This time SHE would pick the one SHE wanted.

2. She WAS going shopping for my coat that afternoon.

3. There WAS going to be a party for me.

4. I was about to turn 17 and it was time I had my own vehicle. She’d talked to me and agreed to take me to the dealership where we would shop for a brand new truck.

5. Dad wasn’t to shit on me or talk me down anymore.

6. If dad had a problem with this, tough SHIT!

I wasn’t there for it, unfortunately. I had to make sure my bases were covered with Aunt Barbara. She was doing the chores I’d originally been tasked for and doing so without complaint.


I programmed Aunt Barbara much the same way I’d done mom. Uncle Rich was certainly going to want to replace the wedding set that animal (I would laugh to myself) had taken. She wanted something new, something different, something BETTER, she was to say. It wasn’t like I had a particular problem with Uncle Rich or anything. He’d always been cool and treated me well. It wasn’t his fault I wanted his wife and it wasn’t his fault I didn’t feel like sharing her. I didn’t know if I had time to play or not so I left.

I met mom at dad at the dealership.

Dad didn’t talk much. It must have been a MAJOR blowout of a fight. Mom wouldn’t even look at him. She held my hand as we walked the lot. I almost felt like a kid again, like we were at a toy store. Well close enough, it’s just the toys were more expensive. Mom endorsed my selection. I made DAMNED sure it cost more than $25,000.

Aside from the fact that I was the kids father, I had seniority.

Mom drove herself home in her car. Dad drove home in his truck.

I took my new toy out for a shakedown drive. Me and my boys would enjoy the waning days of summer before school started back.

The night before my birthday mom and Aunt Barbara were taking a girl’s night out. Dad and Uncle Rich freaked at the very suggestion. Both women were adamant. I had a date. My “date” was fucking Aunt Barbara doggy style while mom sucked her swaying titts then watching mom eat out Aunt Barbara’s ass while I fucked mom up hers. Sitting was becoming more and more comfortable for mom as time wore on.

I got home early, my dates would get to enjoy another hour together before cleaning up then forgetting everything they’d done. Mom begged me to stay but seemed ok about it when Aunt Barbara rolled onto her back, began to finger her pussy and curl her finger, inviting mom to join her on the bed.

Dad was drunk. He was in one of those moods. I knew to just give him a wide berth. He was totally oblivious to me, thankfully. I took my secret spot and listened to him mumble about how mom didn’t know her place.

Then I heard something that caught my attention.

“…fucking bitch, writing in that goddamned journal all the time…tired of this bullshit…won’t fucking even let ME read it…I’m her fucking husband…fucking kid thinks he’s hot shit…fucking ungrateful shit…talk to me like that…”


What if…?

I was suddenly feeling distant pangs of doubt. Was it possible she was remembering? What if he’d fucked up? What if he hadn’t programmed her well enough? I had to know.

Dad went back to work the next day. He was still in his surly mood.


Mom told me where her journal was, journal”S”, actually. As in she had SEVERAL of them. I put mom back on clean up detail, the shit detail that dad had assigned to me before he left, the only thing he said to me at all.

I found the journals where mom said she’d hidden them and began reading. I flipped back to the pages right after Christmas. Something to know about mom. She’s always had intense dreams. She’s imparted this on to me. She dreams in color and strives to remember them. So I read with great interest when she started describing the dreams she was having after the previous Christmas party at our house. It seems her dreams had been invaded and contained this hideous zombie-like figure. The terrifying fangs that drooled, the pale greenish skin, it’s cold touch filled her with disgust. However instead of seeking to consume her flesh, this thing wanted to rape her. Mom confessed, in the privacy of her own personal, private journal that no one but she would ever read (yeah, I chuckled at the idea as well) that while being filled with a cold sense of dread, she was also turned on. The idea of this horrid figure forcing itself on my mother seemed to excite and titilate her. After she fully described what she was dreaming about she confessed to one more secret. Dad had mounted her and in her own words: “in his usual missionary position. He was figiting with himself trying to get in me”, with her fat belly, I laughed and said I could relate, “and for the briefest of moments I wanted Stan. Stan hasn’t seen me and doesn’t know, and can NEVER know, that I’ve seen him coming out of the shower. I gawked at his manhood swinging between his legs. I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I know this has something to do with his father. Somehow I just wonder if this might be some sort of punishment for how Stan was conceived. Stan and my husband got into a fight the other day. I got into it and sent Stan to the store to get him out of the house. My husband was furious. He was so angry with Stan that he was prepared to tell him exactly what happened right after we got married, how Stan was conceived. I told him if he ever did that I would leave him. Stan is such a sweet boy. He can never, EVER, know my awful secret”.

“Huh? What the hell…? What secret”, I mumbled.

Fingering through the books I saw about 12 of them. I did some quick reading, almost all boring shit. Mom really liked writing about her dreams. Then I found the one dated 18 years ago. The opening pages were about her dating and bitching about how controlling her parents were. I found the page where she met dad. Boring, blah-blah-blah. I found the one where she was so happy. “


More pages about planning the wedding. I was getting bored and tired of looking.

My blood ran cold when I got to page


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