Birds, Bees and Booze Ch. 02

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Author’s Declaration: The only two characters in this story are both over the age of 18.



It was still pre-dawn when I stirred awake. For a few moments I’d forgotten where I was. That is, I knew I was in my own home, but not in my own bedroom. The small warm body breathing beside me brought it all back in striking detail: I was naked in bed with my own 18-year-old daughter, and I had taken her virginity just hours ago. My heart raced at the thought. What had I done? How would Cait react once she woke up?

With mixed emotions of lust, love and apprehension, I played back the events of the previous evening: the drinks, the dinner, the Sex Talk, then the fateful tickle fight…and making love! With a warmth of trust and openness I would never have expected, my daughter had asked to see my penis, and this had quickly led to kissing and stripping. With wild abandonment of mature thought or consideration of repercussions, I took my daughter’s virginity. What’s more, rather than use a condom or pull out as any logical thinking man should have done, I had ejaculated directly into Cait’s unprotected pussy. I could very well have bred my own grandchild last night!

Amazingly, after the deed had been done, rather than recoil and run from what she’d just done with her own father, Cait had simply leaned up against the couch with me, both of us completely naked, and gently mopped at her sperm-dripping pussy while we sipped on our final night cap of the evening. That’s when I found out that Cait wasn’t on any form of birth control. That’s also when she told me that she wanted to have me again, and she never wanted a condom to interfere with our love-making. Knowing that the poor girl would be sore from her first sexual encounter (and me having a significantly larger-than-average penis to boot) I had finally acted like a father and put my daughter to bed, promising that we’d have all weekend (while Mom was out of town) to have more sex. Of course, when I’d put her to bed I’d also climbed into her queen-size bed with her, and that’s where we were both dozing, both still fully nude.

I was on my back, and Cait was curled up against my right side. She was using my right arm for a pillow, and she had one hand draped over my chest with her legs loosely intertwined with mine. The lights were off in her bedroom, but there was some light coming through the open door from the hallway that was casting a faint illumination on us. The warmth of our connected naked bodies meant no need for a sheet or blanket over us. I rubbed my eyes for a moment and took a good long look at my daughter’s nude form. She was absolutely flawless, absolutely perfect. One of her large breasts was squished warmly against my ribs. I studied the curve of her exposed hip and buttocks. I felt my cock stir, pressing against her leg. It was very possible that Cait would wake up in an hour or two, now quite sober, and completely freak out about what we had done. But for now, in this moment, it was perfection, and in this moment I was completely and utterly in love and in lust with my beautiful daughter.

But I also had to pee. Badly.

I was loathe to untangle myself from Cait, worried that doing so would wake her, and upon waking our dream might turn into a nightmare. But my bladder would only hold out for so long. So, as slowly and as gently as possible, I began to maneuver myself from my daughter’s naked embrace. In the early hours of the morning, I was still feeling the effects of all the booze we’d consumed, so I could only assume (and hope) that such amounts of booze would keep Cait and her smaller, inexperienced form comatose for just a little while longer. I took almost five full minutes to disengage from her, and she appeared to remain dead to the world that whole time. Thank goodness!

I gently swung my legs over the side of the bed and stood up slowly so as not to jerk the bed around on its springs. Once I was standing, I glanced back to confirm she was still out. I took a deep breath, and the distinct (and sweet) smell of my daughter’s bedroom filled my nostrils. With whatever hair products and lotions she used, Cait had a very lovely and distinct aroma about her. But I could also smell traces of our combined bodily fluids—the smell of sex—and it would forever alter my established “Scent of Cait.”

To further avoid waking Cait I padded down the hallway to the guest bathroom to use the toilet. I would possibly make too much noise in Cait’s bathroom, and for some reason I didn’t want to travel the extra steps to the master bathroom, as if to enter the private domain of my wife and me would bring back reality too fast. So I stood over the bowl in the guest bathroom and let loose a solid steady stream of urine. I had to choke off the desire to let out a loud moan of relief, because only as I now pissed did I realize just how badly I’d needed to go. As I held my penis steady during this epic pee, I felt a little crustiness in my pubic casino oyna hair. I smiled knowing that this was from the combined bodily fluids of my daughter and me. My penis thickened slightly as my mind recalled our love-making, but fortunately my flow of pee continued…and continued…until finally it slowed to a trickle and I gave my cock it’s customary little shake at the end. I reached forward to flush but hesitated, figuring I could come back and do that later in the morning, after my girl had awoken. So I turned toward the sink, and in the mirror I suddenly saw Cait standing in the door.

“Good morning, Daddy.”

“Cait!” I gasped, startled. How long had she been standing there?

She said, “You really had to go, didn’t you, poor thing?”

Long enough.

I tried to gauge her attitude. I hadn’t turned on the light in the bathroom, so there was still only the light coming form the hallway, and it was casting Cait in silhouette. But while I couldn’t exactly see her expression I could tell she was still just as completely nude as I was, so that was a good sign.

“Well,” I said, “we drank a lot last night, so yeah, I was ready to pop.”

“I know the feeling,” she replied, stepping into the bathroom. Seemingly oblivious to me standing right next to her and watching, Cait lowered the toilet seat, sat gingerly upon it, and a few seconds later I could hear her own steady stream of urine splash into the bowl.

She looked up and saw the surprised expression on my face, and she smiled with a shrug. “I got to watch you go pee, seems only fair you get to watch me.”

I smiled back. “Makes sense.”

As she continued to pee, Cait asked, “Do you and Mommy go pee in front of each other?”

“We’re probably not this direct about it with each other when we’re both in the bathroom at the same time, but if it’s just for a quick pee we rarely close the door.”

Admittedly, I found it very erotic to watch my naked daughter going to the bathroom. My swelling penis betrayed what was in my mind, and Cait smiled at it.

“This is fun peeing together, Daddy,” she said. “Not sure why. But I hope we can always do this together if it’s just you and me.”

“Sure, pumpkin.”

“But just pee! I don’t feel very sexy pooping!”

I chuckled. “That’s a fair compromise!”

That was about when Cait finished pissing, and after she dabbed her bald pussy with some tissue and flushed we both washed our hands together.

“It’s still night time,” Cait said. “Let’s go back to bed!”

“No argument here!”

I followed her down the hallway, getting a good well-lit look at her backside for the first time. I was fully erect by the time we entered her room. She climbed back into bed, then turned and saw my cock as I stood by the bed.

“God, Daddy, I will never get over how huge it is.”

I grinned proudly, then tested the waters for future fun. “I hope I didn’t make you too sore last night…”

“I gotta admit,” she said, “I’m still kinda sore down there, yes. But it was sooooo worth it! And I know I’ll get used to you!” She grinned and added, “We have all weekend!”

There was now no doubt that I would get to have sex with my daughter again at some point, so if it wasn’t now I could be patient. But the thought that future sex was guaranteed made my cock twitch and bounce, and Cait noticed it and was now staring right at it.

“Hmm,” she said. “Maybe there’s something else I can do for you, Daddy.” She got to her knees and moved close to the edge of the bed where I still stood. “You know, to help relieve the pressure until we can do it again.”

My own grin widened. “Oh yeah? What are you going to do for me, baby?”

She finally reached out with one small hand and gently gripped the head of my penis. “You taught me how to have sex last night. Maybe now you could teach me to…you know…” She gave me a couple of tentative strokes. Pre-cum was already leaking out of me.

But I wanted to hear the words from her mouth. I wanted my daughter to tell Daddy what she wanted. “Ask properly, my girl.”

She blushed, then smiled and looked up at me, giving me the most innocent little-girl expression she could muster. “Please, Daddy, will you show me how to give a blowjob?”

“Is that what you want, baby?”

“Yes, Daddy.” She scooted closer. “I want to learn how to suck a dick.”

“Who’s dick?”

“Your dick, Daddy. Only your dick.”

“That’s my girl,” I said, my vision almost clouding over with lust. “Daddy will teach his precious little girl how to suck a dick.”

Cait pouted in the most adorable way when I took my hand and gently moved hers off of my cock. But it was only so I could climb back into bed with her. I put a bunch of pillows behind me to be able to recline a just the right angle to be able to relax and enjoy the pending fellatio while being able to watch and guide my novice little incestuous cocksucker at work. canlı casino

My daughter kneeled beside me and reached out for my erect cock again. She held it gingerly in her slender fingers. I was so turned on I was now steadily oozing pre-ejaculate fluids, which got on her fingers and made them glisten. I reached out and stroked Cait’s hair for a moment, then slid my hand down along her face and then toward one of her heavy breasts. I gently massaged it and nodded for Cait to begin.

“Feel free to explore,” I encouraged softly. “I know you’ll be wonderful.”

Cait leaned down and got close to my cock. She tilted it straight up and gripped it just a little more securely. She put her nose close to the tip and inhaled, obviously curious about the slick clear fluid that bubbled from the opening to my urethra.

She swallowed, her mouth apparently watering, and said, “I’m nervous that I won’t be good at it, Daddy.”

“Oh, my beautiful girl.” I reached out again and stroked her soft hair, gently brushing her long strands away from her face and behind her ear. “There’s no possible way you could be bad at this. Just do what comes naturally.” I guided her hand on my shaft, subtly suggesting a position and grip a little more comfortable for me. “Explore me with your hands. When you feel comfortable, taste me with your tongue.”

Tentatively, Cait did what I suggested. In a sign of good instincts on her part, she took advantage of the natural lubrication my pre-cum was making and began sliding her fist up and down along my rigid shaft. I marveled at the fact that even her middle finger couldn’t quite touch the tip of her thumb. The poor girl was probably wondering just how she was going to fit the fat head of my penis into her mouth. But she was prepared to try!

“You have such a beautiful cock, Daddy,” she said in almost a whisper as she stroked me.

“Thank you, baby.”

“I want to bring you so much pleasure.” She glanced into my eyes. “I always want to be your little girl. Can I still be that and still have this?” She gripped my penis devoutly.

“Oh, Cait,” I sighed, my eyes actually misting up. “You will always, always be my little girl.”

I now meant that last remark on a much deeper level. Had we never entered into a sexual relationship, I would always adore and protect Cait and be a good father to her. Now that she had given me her body as well as her love as a daughter, I knew I could no longer just love my daughter.

I would worship her.

We locked eyes for another long moment, an unspoken bond of love and lust being formed right there. And then, to my great pleasure, my daughter returned her attention to my cock. With one hand she continued to slowly and gently stroke me. With her other she began curiously and lightly exploring my testicles. She bent her head down and sniffed at the tip of my penis again.

“I want to know what it tastes like,” she murmured.

I gasped in wonton pleasure when she gingerly stuck out her little pink tongue and made contact with the swollen, purple head of my cock. Her first quick taste test turned into a second, and then a third. She glanced up at me and grinned.

“Not bad!” she said. I could only hope she’d hold that opinion when the real stuff came out. Through the lusty fog clouding my mind I made a mental note to warn her before the inevitable happened.

“You’re doing great,” I said. “You’re making Daddy feel so good. Keep going.”

Cait grinned at me once more, but this time in addition to the love there was something else, something a little devilish, and little mischievous. When she turned back toward my cock she pursed her lips, then licked them. She lowered her head down again and planted a warm puckered kiss right at my tip. I squirmed and moaned in pleasure. This was such sweet torture! Encouraged by the sounds I was making, Cait kept her kiss attached to my penis, and then I felt her tongue darting out, as if to poke into the opening of my urethra. And she was so slow about it that I almost didn’t sense at first that she was moving, but with just a little bit at a time, my daughter was sucking more and more of the head of my cock into her mouth.

“Oh, my baby girl,” I cooed. “That’s it…that’s it, baby.”

“Mmmm…” was all she could reply, and the vibration from that sound sent tingles of electricity through the shaft of my pulsing cock.

Once my head was fully inside my daughter’s mouth, she once again went to work with her tongue. She seemed to be using the same technique as if she were making out. With an eagerness to please, Cait swirled her tongue round and round and back and forth. All the while she kept stroking my shaft with one hand and massaging my balls with the other. This girl was a natural.

It was almost as if I were receiving a blowjob for the first time in my life. A few times in high school and through the first years of college I’d enjoyed some great blowjobs and some not-so-great kaçak casino blowjobs from a handful of women, but that was so long ago. Having been married to my wife for twenty years, it was natural that the frequency of blowjobs was decreased from our first days of dating. And even when my wife, Heather, did suck my cock, it was usually as a method of foreplay, leading quickly to intercourse. I wasn’t complaining, because my wife and I did truly have a pretty good sex life. Yet I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I’d been blown for the sake of being blown. So today would be a day I would remember—and treasure—for an eternity.

Cait was getting bolder now as her mouth started to become adjusted to my girth. She now had a good few inches of me between her sensuous lips. She was pausing frequently to get used to that and probably control her gag reflex. These pauses served to “tease” me to no end, which ironically made for the blowjob to be even better. Only as she began very carefully and slowly bobbing her head up and down did I feel the occasional and very light scrape of her teeth. But I could tell she was working out a way to suck me with as little tooth-interference as possible, and I didn’t have to instruct her about it.

Again, this girl—my girl—was a natural.

It was all I could do to prevent my own hips from thrusting up, I was so eager to bring about orgasm now. But I had to be patient. Cait sensed me fidgeting under her and glanced up at me, her big eyes looking so gorgeous above the erotic sight of my cock still halfway inside her mouth.

“You’re doing so well, pumpkin,” I said. “Daddy is just so excited, it’s hard to stay still.”

Cait lifted her mouth off my cock and worked her jaw a bit. “I’m so glad, Daddy.” She smacked her lips. “This is fun! And you taste so good! It’s just that you’re so…big!” She pressed her warm flushed cheek up against the length of my wet shaft. “I’m sorry but I just don’t think I’ll be able to get all of you in my mouth!”

I chuckled, quite proud of my size. “It’s okay, baby, really. You’re already so gifted at this, I just know you’ll get better with practice. You don’t have to get the whole thing in your mouth.” I touched the little hand of hers that was still fisting my shaft. “Just practice timing the rhythm of the pumping of my shaft with the sucking up top and you’ll have me ready to cum in no time, I promise!”

“Really?” she beamed. “Help me. Guide me, Daddy.”

With relish she once again engulfed the head and upper shaft of my raging cock. And with renewed vigor she began stroking the exposed part of my cock. It took very little effort to coax her into moving her head up and down in perfect time with her hand, and she quickly realized how getting it just right meant perfect stimulation between the sucking and the stroking.

“That’s it,” I moaned, “thaaaaat’s doin’ it right, baby.”

My balls were beginning to boil, eager to cough up their potent seed.

“You make Daddy feel sooooo good, my sweet girl.”

After a few more minutes Cait had to lift her mouth off me to relieve her tired jaw again, but thankfully she never slowed her stroking. She opened and closed her mouth a few times then seemed ready to dive back in. But first she smiled at me.

“Are you going to be able to cum, Daddy? Am I going to be able to make it happen?”

“Oh god, yes,” I said with passion. “I’m already so close, baby. Just a few more minutes of sucking and I’ll be ready to cum. I’ll let you know,” I added, remembering I needed to warn her.

Cait lowered her head back toward my cock again, but before she sucked it back in she said, “You made me a woman last night, Daddy, when you took my virginity. I loved feeling you cum inside me.”

“It was so wonderful,” I replied, desperately hoping she’d start sucking me again soon. “I will always treasure our first time.”

Cait said, “Daddy, I want this first time with my mouth to be special too. I want you to…will you cum in my mouth when you’re ready?”

My cock twitched in near orgasm as if to reply on its own. It was enough of a jump to surprise Cait, and she glanced at it, grinned, then glanced back up at me.

“Is that okay, Daddy? Can I taste your cum?”

“Oh, baby, yes, yes! If you’re sure though.”

My balls were starting to contract. It would not be long now.

“I’m sure, Daddy. I don’t know if I’ll be able to take it all if you cum as much as you did last night, but I’ll try.”

“That’s already so generous of you, Cait. It will feel so good to cum in your mouth.”

“That’s what I want for my Daddy,” she said, turning back to my cock, as if talking to it now and not me. “I want him to feel the kind of pleasure only his own daughter can give him.”

Her mouth was on me again, and to my astonishment she was able to get well more than half of my cock into her mouth this time. She was pouring her heart and soul into making her first blowjob the best blowjob ever, and the best it certainly was! I almost reached out to back her off as I felt her cough slightly and saw her eyes welling up with tears. She was fighting her gag reflex like a trooper.

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