Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 79

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists — Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 70). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 79 — Porn Stars At Play. Hunks. Condo Sex Club


After a phone call to Brita late in the day, Sheila and I brought Karyn and one of the male porn stars, Valdemar or Val, back to a restaurant where Brita and Nils joined us, and we all had dinner together. The conversation was free ranging, but Brita made it obvious that she had in her past been in the same field of endeavor as Karyn and Val.

After our nice dinner, Brita and Nils hosted us for a nice little fuck fest in the living room of her nice upscale townhouse.

I came to admire the stamina and recovery ability of Val. He’d been fucking on film all day long, taken a break for drinks and dinner, and then made a successful erotic foray on each of the three women with us that evening, extending their pleasure.

Val had already been with Sheila on film during the orgy scene that had taken the entire afternoon to video to Rolfe and Juul’s satisfaction. Sheila had told me he’d filled her up three times that afternoon. Meanwhile I’d had a sexual field day with Karyn and Felicia during the filming, but I had held back a little figuring we’d have an evening party of some kind. I knew Brita well enough to predict that much about what would happen.

After Valdemar left, promising to see us all the next day at the great house for more videography, Sheila joined Brita and me. Nils was opposite us in the living room with his cock still buried and pumping slowly in and out of Karyn’s snug little pussy. She was making adorable little mewling sounds with each stroke that encouraged him.

Brita chortled to us, “You made my husband’s day by bringing Karyn to our gathering. I had been wondering how I would find some new pussy for him to fuck and then you all arrived. Say, speaking of new pussy, where did your six American friends go for the evening?”

I teased, “Well, I can always send you over some American pussy that you can spread around … and our friends went back to their hotel to sleep. They’re all fucked out again. Now, do you want some fresh pussy?”

Brita laughed, “Don’t tempt me.”

My brain jumped a few clicks; “Hey, what ever happened to that Jean Jax video you were going to get me a copy of. I’m still very interested.”

Brita mumbled, “I’d hoped you’d forgotten, but wait and I’ll put it on the big screen TV.”

She shimmied and shook around the room and bookshelves for a little, and suddenly up the TV came a very young looking Brita in a red wig that looked like her real hair. She was hot. The scene was a small downtown area bus stop. Brita sat apparently waiting for a bus when a car with two men near her age pulled up. They chatted for a little, but the language for me was foreign. Brita got in the car, and the car sped away.

A second scene showed the threesome coming into a modern apartment, something that a student would have. There were books scattered around and even a typewriter — an item that dated the film. The trio sat on a sofa, and soon Brita was making out with both young men — turning to one and then the other. Their hands were soon all over her.

The clothing disappeared rapidly until the three of them were naked. Brita sat and jerked both cocks as she kissed one guy and the other sucked on her tits. She’d switch, but the handjobs continued. Those turned into blowjobs for the two men with Brita kneeling on the floor between them and sucking on each cock, and then on both simultaneously.

There was some pussy eating while she sucked the other guy’s dick, and then the fucking began. From what I could tell, the video was what I called a formula threesome for two guys and a girl. There were lots of positions tried, much trading back and forth, and then Brita got DPed, and at the end she knelt between the two men as they masturbated their cum all over her face, tongue, and beautiful tits.

I had gotten hard yet again as we’d watched the video. Brita sat in my lap and we were having a slow fuck, even though I didn’t think I could have another orgasm that night. We just enjoyed the closeness of having part of me inside her intimate sheath. Sheila joined in kissing Brita and playing with us. Karyn liked the film too, but hadn’t put together the fact that it was Brita. No one disabused her of that. Nils just winked at me.

Brita took the control and stopped the tape. “There’s two more scenes güvenilir bahis on the tape, but one is enough for tonight. I’m tired, and we have a workday ahead of us tomorrow. So, I recommend that we all go to bed.” She rose up off of my cock allowing my member to wave in the breeze.

Karyn looked uncertain about what to do. It was midnight, and we were probably far from her flat. Brita went to the young girl and gave her a sizzling kiss that made Karyn obviously want more. Brita said, “Why don’t you come with Mark and me. Nils, you make sure that Sheila has a warm and loving person to sleep with.”

Nils grinned. I knew he had a thing for Sheila based on his past visits and the frequency with which he sought her out, especially as an overnight partner. Nils nodded happily.

We actually went to sleep. We were all tired and fucked out at that point.

Friday morning we reported back at the filming site of the large house outside of Copenhagen. Rolfe and Juul were jumping all around with joy over the prior days’ videos that they’d sampled the previous night. They were particularly enthused about my role during the orgy scene when I gave The Experience to Karyn. They didn’t need me to do that again, but they loved the footage.

Of course, there was to be more filming. Juul wanted to film me with several of the other women including Sheila. The other men would be similarly engaged. Part of this, he explained, was to be able to increase the ‘Slut Factor’ for each of the women by showing that they fucked around on an individual basis.

Karyn and I stripped down and she again worked on my wig and makeup as I sat in her chair with a hard-on. Her cute body danced around in front of me shaking her breasts as she applied the cosmetics or powder to my rather normal body. The more she worked the harder I got, and then she started to stroke me with one of her hands.

Karyn finally looked at me, “I hope you’re planning on spearing me with that thing as soon as filming starts.”

I chortled, “You make it happen; it’s yours depending on Juul and Rolfe.”

I don’t know what deal Karyn made with Juul, but when we started to film various combinations of men and women, the first on the sofa was Karyn and me. I guess there wasn’t going to be any foreplay and undressing scenes because Juul had the two of us just come into the room naked with Karyn pulling me by my cock. When we got to the sofa, she sat and proceeded to give me a highly credible world-class blowjob until I whispered that I was about to blow. At that point she stopped, kissing the very tip. Filming stopped while I backed down from my near-explosion.

Five minutes later, Juul said in a loud voice, “Lights, camera, action!” I went down on Karyn for about five minutes and she started those little mewling sounds she was making the day and evening before, enough time for several close ups of my tongue and lips in action. After that we had formula fucking: doggie, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spooning, and missionary, before I pasted a huge load of cum over half of her face and those beautiful shimmying tits as she smiled up at me. There were a few more close ups of everything, and then a “Cut” from Juul, and his pronouncement, “OK. Now I’d like to get Sheila and Val. In this case please use the sofa nearer to the fireplace.”

I helped Karyn clean off her face with a dry towel. She kept whispering ‘Thank you’ to me until I kissed her and assured her that the pleasure was all mine. We stood and watched Sheila go through the same formula for the porn film with little variation. She sure did look sexy and contented at what Valdemar was doing to her.

Each of the other girls got plowed by one of the men or me as the cameras rolled. Personally, I thought that Karyn and I had been more creative in our posturing, posing, and fucking. After the run through, Juul had the men double team Monica. The result of that run through was that Val and I plowed Vanessa’s hot slit for half an hour as three cameras captured every nuance of our sex act.

Sandwiches arrived for our lunch hour. We were an eclectic crew: half were dressed in casual clothes, and the actors and actresses were all naked. More than one crewmember had a hard-on.

Brita showed up just as the afternoon filming was restarting. She greeted everyone warmly, and then moved to take a back row seat and watch the filming.

Juul and Rolfe both looked at me as Brita walked away from our kiss, and I gave them a little sign that they should involve Brita in the filming in some way. We all grinned at each other. The two of them moved towards her not unlike two wolves about to woo a blithely innocent and happy lamb into their den.


I lay panting in the bed, feeling sexually sated as though for the first time in months. Somehow I knew the feeling would pass in a few minutes, but I had been steamed and reamed by three of the hunkiest men on the planet over the past ninety minutes — an hour and a half of pure pleasure that resulted in türkçe bahis more orgasms per minute than I’d ever fantasized about.

Chase, Gar, and Griffin had done me over and over and over. The culmination was when the three of them DPed me and had me sucking on a cock that that had just been in Stacy’s sweet little pussy as she lay panting beside us, also the recipient of their largess. Airtight! I’d been made airtight, and I loved it. I loved just thinking about what was happening let alone what the physical reality was. I came three times, and then Chase started to assault my clit with his thumb as his cock wormed into me.

Saturday, at least during the day, we had a little rest and recovery time. We had a softball game on the flatter part of the property that had been mowed. The teams were drawn at random from a hat, but worked out amazingly equal in terms of skills — or more accurately, the lack of vital baseball skills such as hitting, throwing, and catching. We did well on cheering, beer, laughter, and team spirit.

I called a few of our other friends to widen our weekend party attendance. Jon and Amber, and Don and Edie came out and joined us for dinner on Saturday night. We did another barbecue because the weather was one of those weekends you pray for if you’re having an outdoor event.

There was a lot of teasing and horseplay that evening. I even got tossed into the pool by two of the hunky guys who had fucked me blind the night before. I think there were some kind of compensating forces going on. The evening was warm, so no one was wearing very many clothes. My sisters and I were wearing bikini bottoms or cutoffs with a crop top; the guys were mostly in shorts or cutoffs with no shirts. After getting out of the pool I was told I should win any wet t-shirt contest within a thousand miles. I was the first to become topless that evening; the other girls soon followed.

Cindy and I made love with some of our traditional friends that night, and left the new hunks to Alice, Melanie, Izzy, and KC. Since most of the sex occurred in the public spaces, in this case out on the pool patio, we all felt close to each other. There was even some more playing where all the women lined up and the guys just circulated down the line spearing their cocks into one pussy after another until every guy had fucked every woman for at least a stroke or two. I knew we were crude and debased, but it was fun and erotic and provoked a lot of laughter. I felt sure it gave the guys some mind-blowing experiences to think about when they jerked off.

Sunday morning, after my pre-breakfast sex with Jon, we had a large brunch for the two dozen or so people hanging around The Meadows. Mark, Sheila, and what I called the Porn Squad consisting of Felicia, Monica, Vanessa, Anna, Wes, and Scott, were due home at City Airport in the larger jet late in the afternoon. Mark had texted me so I knew their plans.

Amber and I were lying nude in the sun after breakfast with our bodies glistening with tanning oils. She commented on my pregnancy. “You’re having a baby at the idea time. You’re what, thirty one or thirty two?” I nodded. “That’s the ideal age these days. You’ll still have ‘It’ when the kids leave home for college, and a lot more fun years ahead of you.”

I turned the tables back on her, “But you’re close to my age and have a young girl don’t you? What led you to that stage in life?”

Amber smiled, “We started young. We married young, and I got pregnant a year later. Our daughter Penny is about twelve, and very independent and adult in her thinking. She’s just finishing up sixth grade. We thought long and hard about it and decided to just have Penny. She’ll be launched and at college when I’m forty. I think if we were to make a decision today, it’d be seriously influenced by the sexual fun we have where we live and with you guys.”

I hadn’t known that Amber had kid that old. That had been a hidden part of her life, although it obviously wasn’t secret, I just hadn’t taken in that she was the mother of a pre-teen. I sized up Amber, but only saw what turned out to be a hot MILF lying nude next to me. Yummy.

“Explain that,” I posed. I was curious what she meant about being influenced by all of us and having sexual fun where she lived.

Amber grinned in a way that let me know that a lot of sex was involved. I knew something about this but she laid it out. “About four years ago, Jon and I started to swap with another couple in our condominium. The four of us got daring one warm night and decided to do something daring. We went up to the public area on our condo’s roof to swap partners and fuck as we looked out over the city lights. We got into it in a big way; the guys were deep into us as we looked out over the balcony railings. Another couple was up there doing the same thing we were — doing it in a public place, but we didn’t see them until we were all well into our sexual activities.

“Suddenly, we spotted them. We broke apart, embarrassed, frantically tried güvenilir bahis siteleri to cover up, and then introduced ourselves. One thing let to another and almost immediately they joined in, so then there were six of us trading back and forth. A few weeks later, another couple we were all hot for joined us when we asked them, and then another. We also discovered another small group of people who were similarly inclined to sexually enjoy each other, so we merged our groups. Gradually, over the following eighteen months, more and more of the other people in the building became part of our informal swing club, until we had everybody in the whole building.”

“Everyone?” I gasped. “How many is that?”

“Around seventy. There are a few empty condos. We were pretty balanced between men and women; mostly couples. We have like all ages, sizes, colors, and such; we’re a diverse group, but we all like each other a lot. Some love affairs have started, but no one’s marriage has suffered; quite the opposite I think. We couldn’t believe it. People would get wind about our parties and beg one of us to attend and participate. Eventually, the way it is now, we had to start using multiple apartments on the same floor to host our biweekly parties because they got so large and were so well attended. No one wanted to miss them. [Author’s Note: Read my story entitled ‘Condominium’ for more about Amber and her condo friends.]

“Anyway, we’re a couple of years into that lifestyle now. If Penny suspects anything she keeps it to herself. She knows we go off to parties frequently, but she’s generally not around when the clothes start flying. Both sets of grandparents live in the suburbs, and she loves to spend the weekend with one or the other set. They even take her off on vacations and such with them; one pair has an RV that she just loves to travel in. Jon and I are ready to answer her questions about what we do when they come, but we decided that for at least another four or five years we’ll just stay mum on the topic unless she raises it.

“So, back to your question,” Amber said. “I’m having too much fun. Some of the women in the condo have young kids and they participate, but they miss some of the parties and swapping around mostly because of the kids. One woman uses her sister to babysit, except now her sister wants to come to our parties as an alternate. I guess I’m thinking selfishly, but I wouldn’t want to give up any of my lifestyle now. I’m perpetually horny. Jon’s the same way, in case you didn’t notice. The nice thing about where I live is that I can usually find somebody to help scratch my itch.”

I allowed as how Jon was always able to scratch my itch. After a little more witty conversation, Amber moved over to my chaise and the two of us made out for a little while. We both liked the sapphic interaction.

Later in the afternoon, we gave Mark, Sheila, and the Porn Squad a huge welcome when the limousine with the eight of them arrived at The Meadows. By that time we had a huge banner assembled just inside the front door that said:

* * Welcome Home Porn Stars * *

They all got a laugh from the huge sign and the pornographic sketch beneath the words that Stacy had drawn of a couple fucking. Of course we cheered and were full of hugs and kisses for everyone. Quickly the large group of us pulled the eight of them apart, and small clusters peppered our arrivals with questions about what they’d been doing and so on. They also shed most of their clothes to be in keeping with the dress style we adopted that was close to nudity, if not entirely bare.

Instead of barbecuing, Mark took command and decided that we were having pizzas for dinner. There were nearly thirty of us, so we ordered up fifteen pizzas from the local parlor. The establishment about choked on the order, but promised us a priority. A little over ninety minutes later the delivery boy arrived. Cindy and I greeted him to take the pizzas and sign the credit card slip and tip; we were both nude and enjoyed teasing the horny teen.

We all ate in the media room, most of us sitting on the floor. Vanessa stood in front of everyone in her thong and explained about Rolfe and Juul, how they filmed, and about the exclusive home they’d used as the set for the entire week. She also talked about how Mark and Sheila had joined in on the filming for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and then explained as how Rolfe had spun off six DVDs — one for each day — with what he thought were the highlights of the filming that day. They were unedited; camera shots had not been synchronized; the audio had not been enhanced in anyway; but at least we could get a feel for some of the results. The finished products ready for commercial distribution would start to arrive in a couple of months.

Van popped the first DVD into Mark’s player and with his help got things showing up on the sixty-five inch 4K high-resolution screen. The opening scene on this DVD showed Van and Monica on a street in Copenhagen with a map, obviously as tourists trying to figure out where they were and where to go. Two hunky men came up to them, offered to help, took them to lunch, and then to this grand house. The seductions started, and then the formula sucking, eating, and fucking.

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