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You stood up and walked to the window. This was a part of your usual morning routine. Get up, rub eyes, scratch balls, and walk to the bathroom. After a quick trip to the bathroom for your morning routine, like brushing, taking a dump, and releasing the pressure in your bladder, you would walk to the window while eating cornflakes for looking at something to release the pressure in your balls.

You moved the curtains and looked out of the window. There she was. The woman of your dreams. The erotic ones, and maybe a few romantic ones as well.

Your next door neighbour.

She was outside in a blue crop top and blue patterned leggings which reached to her calves. You saw that her ass was right towards the window at this point. That large, heart-shaped booty which you had come to admire for years now.

She was bending over and touching her feet, sometimes holding her ankles to stretch out her hamstrings. You watched her large, round booty jiggling slightly from the effect of her exercises, feeling a familiar stirring in your pants. This was what you actually lived for, apart from your Xbox One. And the PlayStation 4 you had pre-ordered from Best Buy.

You watched as she started moving her body back up, stretching her back. She placed her hands on her waist and moved her torso from side to side, letting her jiggly ass jut out on one side. You watched as her right buttock tensed from the side bend she did towards the right. She moved back up and stood straight, jumping up and down to release the tension in her muscles. As she did, her butt bounced up and down. It was better than watching those slutty Instagram models twerking for the likes or taking off their bras yet cupping their tits instantly to tease you. This woman was reputed to be a ‘yes or no’ type, the one who wouldn’t lead you on once she had made a decision to sleep with you or get into a relationship. She hadn’t had that many yet, and was apparently recently divorced. You hadn’t had the courage to ask her, but you’d heard enough from her friends and the whispered rumours around the neighbourhood.

You watched as she bent to the left, her left buttock tensing this time. It was so firm and juicy, and even after these few weeks of seeing her out on her patio, you wanted to sink your teeth into it and leave so many love bites on her ass that anyone else who pulled her yoga pants down would disappear on seeing this claim of ownership. It was just too delicious to resist. You watched her stand back up and bend her knees, pushing her big ass out towards you and the rest of the world. You wondered if she wasn’t wearing a thong, since you couldn’t see any outline through those pants. She started lowering her ass to the ground, stopping when her thighs were parallel to it. You watched her pants stretch out even more, the contour and shape of her booty highlighted perfectly by those elastic leggings. Her ass was all there in front of you in its juicy, curved glory. You wondered if anyone else had grabbed it, perhaps even randomly when she went out for a jog. As she stood back up and began her morning routine, lifting up on of her legs while bending her knees again for a one-legged squat, your mind wandered into thoughts of her doing different things.

You thought of her going out for a jog once more, but this time, you were jogging with her backwards, holding up a camera to her beautiful face. She had her long, blonde hair in a ponytail to keep it out of her face, and would throw it back over her shoulder while it was bouncing along with her body. You brought the camera down to her breasts, seeing the large expanse of cleavage exposed by her low-cut crop top. Her huge, 36DD breasts bounced like soft marshmallows, making a tasty valley of flesh down below where her crop top was holding her boobs close together, and the way her soft breasts were peeping over the top of her bra gave you a rock-hard boner as she moved forwards. You brought the camera down to her smooth, flat stomach with slightly defined muscles, seeing how her belly button undulated with her movements. You could just imagine kneeling before her fresh out of the shower, naked and completely shaved. You would slip the towel down as she released it from her hands, moving it off her breasts and exposing her stomach. Her hairless vulva would be right before you, glistening with the wetness of months of pent-up desire. You leaned forward to kiss it gently, licking around her soft petals as if they were the most delicious treat you had ever tasted.

You stuck your tongue right inside that sweet muff, exploring it thoroughly, and then pulled out. Looking up into her eyes, you started kissing upwards, moaning quietly as you moved your lips to her flat stomach, kissing around her navel. You lifted yourself up on your knees and dipped your tongue inside her belly button, güvenilir bahis making a few slurping noises for dramatic effect. She giggled as you licked out her navel, wrapping your arms firmly around her waist. You brought them down to her ass, grabbing each firm, taut cheek in your hands and squeezing hard. Her ass cheeks resisted your fingers after a while, the doughy flesh sinking inwards at the grasp of your probing fingers until you encountered the muscle she had put on it with regular workouts. You brought your face a little lower again, wanting to savour the scent of her sweet petals once more. Her wet slit left a small trail of juices across your nose and mouth. You stuck out your tongue and licked it off, then started to rub it into your skin in a sort of reverse facial. The taste and scent of her musk was overpowering. Feeling a raging boner starting to grow in your pants, you grabbed her firm ass once more and shoved your face deep inside her cunt. You opened her legs and nuzzled your nose inside her pussy as if it was the fountain of life. Maybe it would actually become one due to all those months (years?) of pent-up lust. You wanted to drink from her fountain of youth for the rest of your life, and maybe even be suckled by her sometimes. Maybe not like your mom did, but surely a little breastfeeding roleplay wouldn’t hurt, right?

You were snapped out from your mental porn by the blaring of your alarm. Turning around, you grabbed your phone, looking at the screen. The screen showed ‘Time to move — you’ll be late for office as usual for staring at that MILF’s ass’.

Sure, it was a long description of the alarm you’d set. But it generally snapped you out of your ass-filled haze to get a move on and put on your office gear.

You stumbled to your room as if you were drunk, almost tripping over some wires in your power strip and the coffee table. You were in perfectly good health, but the problem was that like any testosterone-fuelled male’s brain, you would get punch-drunk more than was necessary for normal functioning just on seeing the tight business suits some of your coworkers wore. It felt like they were painted on, or perhaps they never came to office in underwear. You weren’t particularly interested in them, but a quick romp or two in the office bathroom would have enabled you to have a clearer two heads for finishing those damn Excel sheets. It still felt wrong in a weird way, like you had wanted to save yourself for this gorgeous woman and allow her to take you away to exotic places only her body knew about. You had your fair share of escapades with young teens in garden sheds and the bushes near the sidewalk, and of course she must have had her own secret mishmashing of genitalia inside and outside her two marriages. But that was what made it more alluring. The things you could show her which those men didn’t, hence leading to their divorces — or how she could play with your body and bring you to the heights of ecstasy without instant climaxes — would all be worth the waiting the two of you had done all these years. Including the time before she moved in.

You took your best shirt out of the wardrobe, fumbling with the buttons as you dreamed of pulling up her crop top to see the lacy white bra underneath. Or perhaps no bra. Her big titties would bounce, the size of beach balls, right in your face. She would pull you in to nuzzle them like a child, and as your face pressed into those soft orbs, you would rub yourself into them, feeling how pliant and supportive they were. Your arms around her waist once more, your tongue out to taste her sweat and maybe some ice cream from her tits, feeling how firm yet yielding her ass cheeks were …

As your alarm went off snooze and rang once more, you were jerked out from your reverie. You swiped right on the alarm’s notification, and then tossed your phone on the counter. You put on your shirt, hoping she would notice. Good threads would mean good breeding and sophistication, or so you hoped. You groped your way through the pants you had, finally selecting a striped one in black. It might be good to go to office and have a random babe all over you. Jealousy was a motivating factor, right? Well, you would be sure to find out today or thereabouts.

You grabbed your phone off the counter and walked to the door. You took your keys, wallet, and a couple of slices of toast left on your table. You took a bite out of them as you walked out of the door. It was time to see what you could finish at work today, apart from —

‘Hello there, neighbour,’ purred a voice you knew all too well, causing you to freeze in your tracks.

You turned around, nice and slow. No sudden movements, she could be roleplaying in a cop uniform …

Your neighbour stood there, hands on her hips, her blonde hair flowing out behind her. You stood still, staring at her. You could almost feel the aura of sex radiating from her. It was as if she had been reading each and every one of your thoughts about her, and was ready to confront you for it.

You stood there dumbly türkçe bahis as she walked over to you, her hands still on those shapely hips. You had never seen them up close like this. They looked so juicy and curvy, like the butt you had been dreaming of on your face. You wondered if she would knock you to the ground and sit on your face while the rest of the neighbourhood looked on jealously, but of course it wouldn’t be quite that simple.

‘So cute,’ she whispered, reaching out her hand to brush against your cheek. You closed your eyes and savoured the sensation of her slender fingers on your face. ‘You look a lot better from close up, you know.’

You opened your eyes to see her pressed up against you, just like that. Her huge breasts were squishing against your face, although with breathing room. Her pants were pressed up against your semi boner, much to your embarrassment. You tried to move away, but her hands gripped your behind tightly. You realised that your own hands were caressing her hips, running up and down the smooth skin of her sides. You were both embarrassed and aroused as you realised that, but deep down, you didn’t actually care that much. Her body felt warm and comforting to be against, and you were copping a feel of the chick you had lusted after for too long. You wanted to milk this opportunity thoroughly, but you had the normal butterflies in your stomach and chest from finally getting so close to a woman who had haunted your dreams forever. She felt erotic and caring all at once, a kind of combination you wouldn’t find in your parents. Her blue eyes were looking into yours, reading every little dirty thought you had in there, while her hands were roaming your body in places you wouldn’t have dared to touch her without knowing if she was actually interesting in you. This was really hard to fathom. Was she actually, possibly into —

‘My eyes are up here,’ she teased, raising a long index finger to lift your chin towards her eyes. You had your gaze buried in those luscious boobies. ‘And I think you owe me something for staring at me through your window for weeks and not doing anything about it.’

Your jaw dropped. How the fuck could she have known? ‘I-I’m sorry, why do you think —’

‘Oh, please,’ she said, taking your body into her arms and pushing you more firmly against her. ‘You know what I mean. I’ve seen your face peeping out of your window at around this time each day, hoping to catch a glimpse of me in these tight spats.’ She wiggled her hips erotically against you. ‘The way your curtains move aside at the moment I’m out of the house, and then slowly close back up again when I’ve gone.’ She gave your ass a little slap. ‘And the way you look when you walk out to your car, hot and blushing like a cute schoolboy.’ Another grope of your vulnerable ass. ‘I take my own time watching you adjust your pants several times when you’re about to sit, and before driving out of here. It’s so much fun to think of teasing you like this. It’s like I own you or something. Not you per se, but your thoughts. Isn’t that right?’

‘Sarah, that’s not —’ you were cut off by a gentle squeeze on your crotch. You looked down to see her hand on it. You swallowed hard and looked up at her, wondering why she was being so forward, but she wasn’t looking at you.

‘Mmmm, nice and juicy,’ she whispered, giving it another squeeze. ‘I may have to try this out tonight — um, sometime.’ She looked up at you and gave you a sexy wink. ‘Now, about what you owe me for staring at me — and don’t deny it, or I’ll have to punish you later — I’d like you to meet me tonight at my place for some coffee. Don’t dress up, pretty boy.’

She squeezed your crotch once more and turned around, walking back home. Her ass and hips swayed around in her pants, arresting your attention towards them once more. When she reached the door, she deliberately put on a show of swinging her hips to give her ass more volume like a Victoria’s Secret model. She turned around and looked over her shoulder, giving you a look which would’ve made you spurt your pants if you were a teenager. Her smouldering eyes looked into yours, and that sultry wink came once more. Oh God, you could’ve cum all over the place right then. She jerked her thumb over her shoulder towards your car, then walked inside her house. The door closed slowly, a sexy, suggestive smile on her face the last view you had of her before it vanished.

You shook your head and whirled around, jogging to your car. Dammit, you’d be late again. And you’d arrive to office with a huge boner begging to be noticed. Could things go any better?

At least you had the memory of her touch on you to carry you through the day.


After an unusually good day at the office, where you came close to making out with your coworker’s friend’s sister in the janitor’s closet, you drove back home and parked in the driveway, humming happily. Shame the janitor came at the wrong moment and was banging around on the door since he really needed his cleaning tools, but whatever. You had güvenilir bahis siteleri a coffee meeting. And at least you got in a few kisses with groping of some fat booty cheeks for the memories. You could always smash later for sure.

You got out of your car and walked over to your home. You groped in your pockets for your keys. Where were they? You went into panic mode as you shoved your hands into the front, back, and side pockets. Nothing. You walked back to your car and looked at the dashboard. Thank God, there they were. You opened your car again, grabbed them, and stuffed them into your pocket. Time to kick back and enjoy a cool beer with some chips.

‘Forgetting something?’ came a familiar voice from your right. You blinked, then, as the memories of that morning returned to your head, you turned around.

Sarah was standing in her doorway, her head and shoulders extending out from behind the door. You couldn’t see any other part of her. She waved to you, and you waved back, a slight smile spreading across your face. You had almost forgotten about her invitation because of your boss stroking her hair while talking to you about promotional prospects, and all those coworker asses you grabbed as a victory celebration.

‘You do remember my invite, don’t you?’ she asked, playfully curling her finger inwards at you. ‘I have something you don’t want to miss. I know you’re probably a little tired, and I won’t stress you out by discussing my boring day and work and how everyone hogged the bench press when I was at the gym. I have much more relaxing things on my mind. Up for it?’

She gave you her most inviting smile as she said that, once which had probably worked when getting someone to propose to her or fix her cabinets. You had been asked for those by women who weren’t your mother or sister, and it had left you a little wary. But everyone did talk about her caring nature apart from being sexy to those she was interested in, so surely it wasn’t all fake?

‘Come on,’ she said, her seductive tone tempting you to drop your plan to just sit around for the night and guzzle down a six-pack of liquor. ‘I’ve got candles and wine we can sip and burn until we have to grope for each other in the dark, you might find it more tempting than video games. Or anything else you had planned for tonight.’ She withdrew from the door, giving you a final come-hither gesture.

You felt yourself cave in at her words and walked over to her, brushing your hair back. You stepped on her porch, holding the bottle of champagne you had planned to have with dinner in one hand. You opened her door and stepped inside, avoiding the threshold. You looked around for her.

‘I’m over here,’ came her voice from the right. You adjusted your tie and collar button, walking towards what appeared to be the dining room. You stepped in and looked around — and were left staring dumbfounded at the sight in front of you.

Sarah stood there completely naked in front of you, holding handcuffs and a blindfold. She gave you a wide grin at your stunned reaction, your hands almost rising to cover your mouth. You moved them to your lips at the last second, brushing across them. You opened your mouth, but no sound came out.

‘Cat got your tongue?’ she said, walking towards you holding her implements. ‘I did tell you not to dress up, remember? I think we need to put that into practice. I’m already naked just for you, and I want to see you too. Strip, please.’

You instinctively put your hands over your crotch, making Sarah giggle and lean her head back in a cute laugh which you would normally get mad at.

‘Come on, dear, I don’t bite,’ she said, dropping the blindfold. ‘I’m a normal woman, and I have needs. I already told you I thought you were cute, and I stand by it. Don’t you think you could help me out for now?’

You took down your belt and tossed it aside, but hesitated at your pants. Sarah reached forwards and started unbuttoning your shirt, smiling at you reassuringly. Her fingers brushed your bare chest as she pulled the halves of your shirt open. With one flick of her fingers, your trouser buckles came undone and they fell to the floor. You stood there in your briefs, a half-active hardon showing through it. Sarah’s eyes dropped to your bulge. The smile which appeared on her face as she saw it was almost startling, like she was about to gobble it up. Perhaps there was some truth to her being horny and unsatisfied since the divorce. It was annoying having to transition from regular action to none.

‘Nice and big,’ she whispered, bringing your underwear to your knees as she looked at your hardening member. She licked her hot pink lips and looked up at you. ‘If there’s one thing I’ve needed since I got a raise last week, it’s a raise I can only get from a man. You’re packing some heat, darling.’

You chuckled at her joke, forgetting how embarrassed you felt. She was good at making people feel at ease before long. Score. You helped her take down your briefs, stepping out of them, and tossed them over your head. She leaned forwards and embraced your naked body with hers, your bare skin rubbing all over her tits, stomach, thighs, and your hands all over that wonderful naked ass of hers again. You couldn’t wait to have your nose buried in it once more.

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