Big Fun With Trish Ch. 02

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Read “Big fun with Trish – part 1 for the background.

Becca slid off the bed and her mom rolled her large frame over saying “I’m next” without really saying it.

Becca made her way between her mom’s legs and knelt down by the edge of the bed. Her plump and tender young ass, protruding, shows me a beautiful view of her blonde womanhood.

She leaned in and took in the aroma of her mother’s freshly fucked cunt. My creamy white jizz slowly leaked out of Trish’s vulgarly splayed labia, and trickled down across her sweet red rosebud.

Becca tentatively stuck out her tongue and gingerly licked at her mom’s glistening hole. She contemplated the taste and then probed further. Within moments her face was planted firmly between her mom’s thighs as she licked and sucked every drop of my last load out of Trish.

I moved back and sat down in the bedroom chair, exhausted but unable to remove my gaze from the scene that was unfolding before me. Here was a sweet, and I thought, innocent teen ravishing her own mother’s pussy. I almost thought to pinch myself to be sure I was not dreaming.

Trish’s casino oyna gyrations became more pronounced as did her language, she started egging Becca on,

“Suck my pussy, baby” ”lick mommy’s cunt and asshole” she moaned.

Trish’s hands were busy stroking and pinching her own thick nipples as the teen ate her for all she was worth.

At this point I could take no more and my now mostly exhausted dick made one last ditch effort at an erection. I felt the dull aching throb as my capillaries filled with blood. It almost hurt, but the thought of sliding it into the warm wetness of this fine teenage cunt before me made it all seem worthwhile.

Trish didn’t see me get up and position myself between her daughter’s chunky ass cheeks, I positioned my cock at the entrance to her dripping teen snatch and boldly slid my cock head straight up her hole, balls deep.

She let out a muffled cry as my throbbing shaft penetrated her silky inner folds. The reaction of this moan, set Trish off and her orgasm immediately ensued. She bucked and rocked against her little girl’s tiny tongue. I pulled canlı casino out and immediately slide right back in again, and this time I felt the young teen wiggle her ass against me when I bottomed out. This horny little slut really wanted to fuck me like a whore.

As Trish’s orgasm subsided, she looked up to see her daughter still tenderly licking her soaking wet pussy and me kneeling behind her little girl, a look of shock registered on her face as the realization of me fucking her daughter set in. She slid out from under Becca, jumped up from the bed and started yelling and screaming at me and pounding her fists against my chest.

“You bastard!”

“How could you do that to my little girl?” she wailed.

I immediately stood up and grabbed hold of her tightly, my still hard shaft coated in her little girls juices pressed between the folds of her big belly.

“Calm down” I said.

“She’s fine, just look at her she’s happy”

Trish looked over to Becca lying on the floor, sliding two fingers deep into her pussy.

“I think its time we all sat down and had a talk about where kaçak casino this is going” I finished.

Day Two

I awoke to the warm feeling of two bodies pressed against me, one from behind and one in front, like a three way spoon. Becca was in front of me, and to my surprise my morning erection was already planted squarely between her teen pussy lips, deeply seated in her velvety hole. Becca was slowly ground herself against my stiffness.

Trish was behind me, her soft pillowy breasts pressed against my back and her left arm draped over me rubbing my chest. Her face nuzzled in my neck. The feeling of the teen pussy softly gripping my cock without any motion on our parts was heavenly. I was going to blow my first load of the day any moment.

Trish slid her hand down to the base of my cock and then felt her daughters body press against her hand. Softly Trish whispered in my ear,

“I love knowing that your hard cock is deep inside my little girl, it makes my pussy so wet”

As the words passed her lips, the swell of my orgasm reached fruition and I exploded a hot load of cum deep into the teens willing snatch. It was a ball draining orgasm that I felt from my head to my toes.

This whole scene really had Trish revved up and she was ready for anything…. More to follow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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