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I’m a 53yo bi guy in Britain and have recently developed a bit of a taste for cum as part of MMF play sessions with couples. I especially love cleaning up a woman after her male partner has splattered her cervix and want to share a true experience of several weeks ago in Wales. I met a lovely older couple on a swinging site, in their late 50s, the sort of people who might live next-door, respectable looking but very very dirty in private – just my type! We arranged to meet in a convenient hotel in South Wales.

Sue had a lovely full-figure, nice big bottom and saggy pendulous boobs, and lovely legs. She arrived at the hotel in a smart business dress, heels and fishnets. She had short grey hair in a bob style and once undressed I discovered she had a lovely big wet cunt. In our play together it soon became clear that she also had a penchant for cum. Her hubby Alan was slim, bi-sexual, smooth and had a lovely cock. They explained that they were both very dirty in bed, loved no-holds barred bareback fucking with a nice bi-guy and that they both got very turned on by dirty talk. Alan assured me that he loved seeing Sue being used hard and they both loved filthy and messy sex with carefully selected guys.

Sue said that apart from pee, poo & pain, everything else was “game on”. She added that whatever else we did during the afternoon she wanted more than anything else to have both cocks inside her at the same time, as she adored double-penetration!

At one memorable point during the afternoon I was on my back, she came and slid onto my cock and draped her huge tits in my face, and I got really deep into her. I could tell that her hubby was positioning himself behind her lovely big ass and expected him casino oyna to enter her asshole as we had discussed DP. I had already enjoyed anal sex with her while she & he had been 69ing so I knew she would be prepared anally. So I was quite surprised when I felt his cock sliding into her cunt alongside mine. Oh God, my first DVP – I had just assumed we’d do DP – never assume anything!

It was very horny, one of those amazing experiences you never forget. The feel of his cock so close to mine was lovely, both of us guys were clearly enjoying it hugely as we were rock hard and that sent Sue into multiple orgasms. Alan & I took turns to thrust while the other lay still, otherwise one of us would slip out! It’s quite an art. In between each little climax she’d look down at me and tell me what a turn-on it was for her. I couldn’t quite believe this was a 58yo grandma, a school secretary, a lovely grey-haired, full-figured lady-next-door type, begging her hubby and her afternoon lover to fuck her brains out and fill her with cum.

We loved talking dirty, she asked if I was OK with her hubby cumming inside her and all over my cock. I told her I was very OK with it, so long as I could cum inside her too. She said that she and Alan loved DVP but that it didn’t happen very often, so when it did he usually dumped a huge load in her as he found it such a turn-on. I reassured her that I was very comfortable with another man’s cum and that spurred her on to another climax. She said she loved messy sex and how good it was with two relaxed bi-guys and that she hoped we’d both dump heavily in her cunt. She also told us both that whatever we left inside her would have to cleaned up after – and without using tissues or baby-wipes!

Hearing canlı casino his respectable wife talk like that was too much for Alan and he thrust deep and hard alongside me and ejaculated violently inside Sue. The feel of her cunt changed immediately and my cock was bathed in lovely warm baby batter. Alan stayed inside for a few more thrusts and then withdrew slowly, leaving me still inside. I knew what I wanted – I asked Sue if we could change position, I wanted her on her back, her legs spread wide and knees bent so that I could examine her cum-filled cunt. Alan placed a pillow under her bum and I used my fingers to scoop the cum dribbling out of her and push it back into her cunt. With her legs wide apart and her cunt glistening with pussy-goo and Alan’s semen, the smell of sex was gorgeous.

She was begging me to re-enter her and I knelt between her open thighs and stroked my swollen helmet up and down over her open gash, using my cock to scoop Alan’s cum back into his wife’s cunt. This turned us all on so much and I was getting close to cumming so I slid deep into her without warning and gave her a good hard pounding. Her cunt was so sloppy, I looked down as I slid in and out and enjoyed seeing my cock glistening with Alan’s semen. By now the need to cum had subsided a bit and after a few deep thrusts I was able to pull out and offer my cock to Alan to suck. We’d already discussed it and they were both eager for him to do some cleaning himself.

The sight of her hubby sucking my cock and my groans of pleasure were all too much for Sue and she begged me to re-enter her and fuck her doggy style, her favorite. “Tim, I want you to give me a good hard fucking and fill me with cum please” kaçak casino are the words she used – how could I refuse? She was making such a noise that Alan filled his wife’s mouth with his cock to keep her quiet. The sight of me fucking his wife hard had got him erect again and we proceeded to give Sue a vigorous spit-roasting.

With her now knelt on the bed the inevitable happened and gravity meant that Alan’s cum started to run out of her cunt all over my balls. The feel of her sloppy cunt, the smell of sex, the sound of my wet balls slapping against her was all too much. Alan was spurring me on with verbal encouragement and telling me to fuck the dirty bitch hard and splatter her insides with semen. He told me how they both loved her being filled with another man’s cum. The dirty talk and the sound of all three of us in the throes of pleasure combined to tip me over the edge, I held Sue’s hips tightly and emptied my balls deep inside her. God, she felt lovely, her cunt in spasm and squeezing every last drop of cum from me. Alan by now had withdrawn his cock from Sue’s mouth and was wanking over her face. She was using filthy language, this otherwise respectable middle-aged grandmother begging me to dump cum deep into her cunt. Alan too was using dirty talk and really getting off on it, telling Sue what a dirty little whore she was to have another man’s cum inside her and what a filthy bitch she had been to have two cocks inside her at once. He asked her to imagine what her colleagues at school would think if they knew what she liked doing in the privacy of her bedroom and what a little cum-slut she was. They clearly both loved this sort of talk and Alan soon unloaded again, this time all over Sue’s face.

We spent the rest of our time together cleaning each other, snowballing, swapping cum and stories and slowly winding down from an amazing sex-high. I’ve not seen them since as it’s quite difficult to organise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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