Beware the Mistletoad Ch. 02

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“Well, at least you won’t need to beware of the Mistletoad,” my wife tried to lighten my mood as we decorated our house for a Valentine’s party.

Not that the reminder helped. At our pre-Christmas bash, I had hung mistletoe in the doorway to the kitchen, as usual. As a child, our now fully grown daughter had always mispronounced the word as “Mistletoad” and the term had stuck. My literary wife and I often joked “Beware the Mistletoad” in homage to the “undertoad” in John Irving’s The World According to Garp – a dark foreboding symbol of doom.

I considered myself lucky that the Mistletoad had not doomed my marriage this year, as it had led to both my wife and I making out with my assistant, Raquel, and then drunkenly fucking on the top of the kitchen island. I still did not know whether my wife was aware that after she had passed out, I had also made out with our twenty year old daughter, up against that same counter. That had led to an incestuous blow job, and then after we carried my wife to bed, sex with my daughter right beside her sleeping mother.

Dina, my wife, had woken up the next day with a nasty hangover, and if she recalled Raquel giving her a finger fucking as they staggered out to the cab we had called for Raquel, she gave no hint. She also made no mention of having been aware that Jennifer, our daughter, had shared her true slutty self with me.

As I sipped my morning coffee and watched Dina stagger over to pour a cup, I smiled, recalling not just the great nasty sex, but also how Jen had seemingly promised to help me with my morning wood if Dina was too hung over. Of course, when I had awoken, Dina was still snoring, and I heard Jen in the shower. I had briefly thought of joining her there, but instead had waited until I heard her leave, for last minute shopping, before getting up. By then, my wood had subsided on its own.

Jennifer had thoughtfully made a pot of coffee, so I had poured a cup, and leaned against that kitchen island, grinning as I looked up at where the Mistletoad had hung before my daughter and I had carried it up to my bedroom to liven up our first shared sexual hijinks. My cock started chubbing with anticipation as I recalled those events and hoped for more.

I wasn’t sure whether Dina noticed my engorged state, because her eyes went to the space where the Mistletoad had hung.

“What happened to the Mistletoad?” she asked.

“In the bedroom,” was all I dared answer.

“Mmmm, yeah…we had loads of fun last night. I guess you thought I might kiss your cock good morning if I woke up under the Mistletoad, huh?”

I mumbled, positively I hoped.

“Well, it looks like you’re still loaded for fun,” she joked, and pulled the sprig of greenery out from behind her back.

Dropping to her knees, Dina whipped my now fully erect meat out of my boxers, held the Mistletoad over the tip, and without hesitation swallowed it to the root. The kitchen was quiet except for her slurping sounds. For some reason, I found myself wondering what time the cleaners were arriving to clean up the party mess. Then, I wondered why Dina was not worried about Jennifer walking in during this fantastic oral performance.

“Tastes spunky – I love it when you don’t shower after we fuck so I get the taste of both of us.”

I winced, just glad that apparently our daughter’s dried deposits on my flesh tasted not unlike her mother’s. To cover up my unease, I started thrusting my hips in counter-tempo to her bobbing motion. She used her palm to cup my balls, and then rolled them in her fingers. My mind drifted to how different Jen’s oral skills were – not better or worse, just unique – and I found myself wondering how Raquel might compare. This made my cock throb, and Dina obviously assumed that I was appreciating her efforts.

“Someone must want Santa to know he’s been a good boy this Christmas,” she laughed as she came up for air. Then she switched to licking me, using the head of my cock like a lollipop, as she fisted my shaft. Her tongue traced the veins along my length and then she licked my balls before drawing each orb into her mouth. As she did so, she snuck a finger along my taint and into my anus, and probed my prostate. Her tongue ran up the underside of my shaft and then she again swallowed my entire cock into her throat.

In spite of cumming repeatedly the night before, that was all it took for my ancient aching balls to pull tight to my taint and a surge of splodge erupted from deep within, flooding up through my shaft, out my slit, and filling Dina’s mouth. She swallowed as always, until the last splash of seed seeped out from her lips, dribbling down her chin.

My eyes were closed as I pumped out my last bit of spunk, images of Jennifer, Dina and Raquel all fighting for dominance in my imagination.

I opened them just in time to see Dina lean back on her haunches, smile up at me, opened her oral cavity and allowed me to watch as she ran her tongue along her shiny teeth, savouring every casino siteleri last morsel of my seed.

Putting my coffee cup on the counter, I bent low and lifted Dina up, laying her back on the marble surface, legs dangling. She giggled girlishly, and dangled the mangled Mistletoad over her gash. I obeyed with enthusiasm. First, I planted a single kiss on each of her outer labia, and then teased her clit with just my lips. I inserted first one finger, and then two, and finally a third into her cunt without lifting my head, just allowing my breath to bathe her opening as it grew even wetter.

Twisting my finger playfully around inside of my wife’s twat, I stimulated the sensitive spots that were so familiar within her walls. As I did so I found my mind wandering, wondering whether Raquel would react in the same way at the same spots, or whether her pussy had its own rhythms and needs. Soon Dina was squeaking out her pleasure.

Flattening my tongue, I slurped all up her slit, enjoying the spunkiness of her musk. Her pearl bobbled as the tip of my tongue passed along it, but I did not want to narrow in just yet. First, I nibbled her swollen nether lips, fingers busily fucking her as she wriggled on the counter-top.

Dina bellowed loudly, making me glad our daughter was not in the house, although after the night before when Jennifer had walked in on my fucking Dina right in the same spot, and wanted to watch, I suppose that it did not matter, though I was still unsure how my wife would react if she knew how we had violated that taboo – and had gone on to shatter a few more. Dina must have felt my focus wander as she locked her legs behind my back and drew my face tight to her twat. I drew her clit up between my lips and her passions softened to purring as I followed a habit of sucking her organ, bobbling it with just the tip of my tongue and then teasing it gently with my teeth.

As I continued, I did not stop stroking my fingers in and out of her wet cunt. My right hand wandered up to fondle Dina’s perfect breasts. My left hand followed, slowly caressing her torso before centering in on her bosom. I then gave each mound a strong squeeze until Dina was crying out in protest. That was my cue to find her nipples with my fingertips, and draw them up and away from her body as my teeth nibbled her clit just a bit harder.

“Oghigawdohmifuckinggawd,” Dina exploded in a litany of expletives as her body lunged up to meet my mouth. It was all I could do to hold on to her hips as the shudders brought on by her passion threatened to push her off the counter. Finally, the waves of her climax subsided, and I slumped to the floor at her feet. She slid down beside me, still twitching slightly.

“Beware the Mistletoad,” she giggled. Her hand found my cock, which was already resurgent.

“Oh, somebody still wants to play. Should we share a shower?’

Just then we heard a knock at the door – the cleaners had arrived.

Dina ran off to the shower as I found my robe quickly, and went to greet them. Luckily, the robe was loose enough that my semi-hardness was not obvious. Once I got them started, I went to join my wife in the shower, where after Dina soaped me clean, she got me dirty again.

We behaved for the next few hours while the cleaners tidied up and washed dishes. Dina went out to do some errands. While she was gone, Jennifer arrived home. When she burst through the door with her usual youthful enthusiasm, my heart surged with joy that our adventures after the party had not had any lasting negative effect. My cock quickly chubbed at the sight of her trim athletic beauty. When she saw me, Jennifer’s mouth spread into a wide grin, her eyes twinkling. My erection became more engorged.

“Where’s the Mistletoad?” she asked, her gaze flicking upward to where it had been hanging the night before.

“Ummm – somebody took it down after the party…” I stammered, wondering whether my daughter had forgotten that she had used the sprig as set dressing for our bedroom activity.

Jennifer giggled.

“And you didn’t put it back up in case Mom noticed?”

Apparently, she remembered our encounter.

“I managed to distract her in other ways.”

“I bet you did. Sober or drunk, my Mom is one horny broad. And it seems to run in the family.”

By this point, Jennifer had crossed the room and was standing so close that I could feel her breathing. Her erect nipples were obvious through her knit dress. A huge grin lit up her face as our eyes met. If there was any doubt about how she felt about our incestuous escapades, it vanished when her palm pressed firmly on my swollen member, and then she traced the outline under my trousers with her fingers.

“Oh, goodie, Mistletoad or not, somebody’s glad to see me,” she giggled, her hand still pressed against my throbbing thickness. Then she tilted forward, closing the gap until our lips met. Our mouths opened, our tongues played like puppies rolling together, just as they had canlı casino last night – or, really, this morning.

“Today, you’re much more dressed though,” she spoke as she came up to breathe.

Before I could respond, her fingers skillfully found the tab for my zipper and my daughter swiftly extracted my cock with practised ease. Perhaps being a slut really did run in the family! My warmth filled her fist as she slowly pumped my shaft, as casually as if we had done this a million times. I felt more blood flow to my manhood until it was solidly stiff, and I felt that her dainty fingers could not quite contain my girth.

Jennifer sank smoothly to her knees and swallowed me to the root. Her tongue rolled around my shaft as she drew back.

“Yup, tastes like Mommy,” she grinned, recalling a comment she had made earlier, when I had tasted of both our flavours, having spewed my seed in her mother’s wet cunt. “I’m glad you got with her already. Not fair if I get you twice in a row – and I told you that a good orgasm is the best cure for a hangover. Mommy surely needed one of those this morning – that’s why I went out, to give you guys some space. I don’t think she’s quite ready to fuck in front of me. Not sober anyway.”

She stood gracefully, stepping closer so that her body was pressed to mine, her rock hard nipples threatening to pierce my chest, my cock poking the hem of her dress upward. My hands ran down her back and settled on her tight young ass, squeezing firmly. Jen squirmed against me, moaning. The scent of her sex filled the air.

“Shall I model my new bra for you?” she whispered into my ear, her tongue teasing the lobe.

Without awaiting my response, she stepped back and spun all in one motion, the dress flying up and over her head, landing god knows where. She stepped facing me, her chest thrust up and forward.

“Very pretty, what do you call that colour?”

“Red, silly, it’s for Valentine’s Day.”

“Not for six weeks,” I somehow mumbled.

“True, but this year it falls during my break week so I thought I’d just leave this set here, and wear them to your party.”

My blood deprived brain could not sort out which was more startling – that my daughter wanted to wear racy lingerie to my party, or that this might interfere with the possibility of exploring more intimacy with Raquel.

The lingerie WAS sexy. The panties were cut high, so her athletic hips were bare. Although her quim was well covered, the V shape of the fabric emphasized what awaited beneath. The creamy lace trim matched the bra, which supported her breasts, but barely covered the nipples, exposing half the aureolae, and an eyeful or two of succulent young bosom, including the entire curve of the inner valley, accentuated by the way the bra pushed the two tits together.

“Ohhh…I like how your little soldier is flexing more every time you drink me in with your eyes, Daddy although he’s really not so little.”

She pressed her arms tight to the side of her boobs and wriggled them, rotating her hips to accentuate the deep “V” between her well-toned thighs. That made my cock throb even more.

“Is that how it reacts to Raquel? Well, since she’s not here to kiss your cock again, I guess I better do it.”

Just like earlier, my daughter dropped quickly to her knees and grasped my aching ancient cock by the root. She kissed the drop of precum on the tip. This time though instead of deep throating me, she licked the helmet like a lollipop.

“Doesn’t Raquel have the most delicious looking tongue? Or is it her full lips that excite Daddy so much?”

She rolled her tongue around my shaft, licking at the tender flesh where it linked to the head, and working all the way down and around the length.

“I may not have Raquel’s plush lips or lush figure, but I’d take her on in a cock sucking contest anytime,” she moaned, and then she started bathing my balls with her tongue while her fist pumped my cock.

“What do you like about Raquel best, Daddy? Her sparkling big eyes?”

Jen bobbed down and back up my cock once.

“Or her lips, so full and fuckable?”

A second time my daughter deep throated me.

“Or her great big pillowy titties?”

I had a perfect view of my daughter’s girly tits jiggling in the tight pushup bra, and instantly was wondering how my sexy curvy assistant’s olive toned flesh would look. Jen however did not notice my distraction as she was busy bobbing down to the root and back up to the tip of my cock.

“That belly, in such great shape that even though she’s curvy, it seems concave? Is it her belly button you want to lick? To fuck?”

This time Jen teased my scrotum with the tip of her tongue as she sucked me once more.

“How about Raquel’s hips, Daddy? Do you get all hard just thinking about grabbing her there?”

One more suck. This time my daughter took a moment to lick my taint before speaking further.

“Her sweet wet cunt is just too obvious Daddy…”

This kaçak casino time Jen did not swallow my cock. She just pouted up at me with the tip of my helmet resting on her lower lip.

“Oh I know,” she grinned, “it’s her ass. You want to fuck Raquel right up her poop chute. Well, I can’t blame you, she has a bodacious big booty.”

My cock twitched and a teeny spurt of seed landed on my daughter’s lip, just enough to dribble down her chin. She reached up with a finger and fed it to her tongue. She then licked her lips and teeth, which shone brightly with the coating.

“Oh…it IS her ass!” she exclaimed. “My Daddy wants to fuck Raquel in the ass!”

Jen was so excited that she was bouncing up and down on her haunches. Her breath was bathing my balls. My cock was bouncing in rhythm with her motion. My eyes again admired how her tits moved. I was close to bursting, but knew I needed to hold off, to see where my baby girl was taking this. She took my cock by the root, her little finger tenderly grazing my scrotum. She slowly stroked me. I hoped she loved how my silky outer skin felt sliding over my hardness as much as I did.

Suddenly, I noticed the silence. It only lasted a second, but the quiet was a stark contrast to Jen’s boisterous behaviour to that point. I saw that Jen was nibbling her bottom lip, just like when she was a little girl about to ask for a treat, or to confess a transgression. Her doe-like eyes stared up at me.

“Daddy…” she began, but paused to chew her lip some more.

“Yes, sweetie, what is it?”

“Since Raquel isn’t here so you can fuck her ass, would Daddy like to fuck his slutty daughter up the butt?”

My surprise must have been painted all over my face. Jen pouted, and even released her grip on my cock.

“I know I don’t have Raquel’s booty, but…”

She had mistaken shock for rejection.

“You have a gorgeous ass, sweetheart. It is so tight and shapely. I get a bit of wood every time I see you walking away.”

My daughter rewarded me with a smile bright enough to outshine the sun.

“There is something about gals in their twenties and their asses, especially when they work out like you do, honey,” I explained. “I was tempted to try fucking your butt last night, because it looks so temptingly tight, but I was eager to fuck your cunt, and didn’t have the energy for both.”

Jen’s tongue darted across her lips again, and that cute butt was wriggling back against her thighs as she squatted before me.

“And I was kind of afraid that if I asked for that, and you weren’t into it, it would spoil the Mistletoad moment, and I was so hungry to fuck you, I couldn’t take that risk.”

“Daddy, all you had to do was ask.”

Jen rose gracefully to her feet, her grip tightening around my cock. She led me to the kitchen island before she released me. She spun around and released the clasp on her bra which fell to the floor. I had lots of time earlier to admire her naked tits and to taste her tender nipples, so was not too sad that I got very little display this time. Jen bent forward, resting her elbows on the marble. Her feet were spread a bit wider than her shoulders. She adjusted her stance so that her butt was thrust up and out, presenting it to me.

I stepped forward to close the gap, the tip of my cock brushing her backside, probing her thighs. She reached back and grabbed my hands, drawing them around her body and placing my palms on her breasts. My fingers found her nipples and gave them each a tug, pulling the nubs away from the mounds gently but firmly. This made my daughter’s hips gyrate, and my cock was rubbing along the scrap of lace that filled the crease between her glutes.

“Hurry up and fuck me Daddy, fuck me like you want to fuck Raquel. It’s okay if you want to close your eyes and picture her instead.”

“What about lubrication?”

“I’m so wet, just run your shaft along my cunt, or even inside my thighs, and it should get coated with enough cream to slide right in.”

I reluctantly removed my hands from Jennifer’s tits just long enough to run them down her lithe torso, grasp the sides of the dainty panties and swiftly tug them until they fell to the floor. As I returned my fingers to her nipples, I felt Jen shifting, stepping out of her panties.

Her scent had been strong before, so maybe it was just my imagination that made the odour more noticeable once she was totally naked, her flesh pressing back against me, her humping sliding the underside of my shaft along the groove that led from taint to spine.

Following her suggestion, I leaned back as she slid forward, and my prick slid naturally under her ass and along her slit. She was as soaked as advertised – so slick, and so turned on, that her muscles guided my weapon straight up toward her prize. It was all I could do not to just fuck her cunt as she leaned against the counter, but I knew that I only had one load left in me for now, and that was destined for her bowel.

My tip did tease her clit as I stroked along her labia, ensuring that her juices amply coated my cock. This made Jen moan loudly, and I felt the delicate muscle twitched of an orgasm nearing. We both were not far from exploding.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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