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Best MMORPG Games

A new and popular massively multiplayer online role playing game springs up practically every month. These MMORPG games range from titles based on the Dungeons and Dragons universe to high budget thrillers firmly rooted in the galaxies of Star Wars. Still other recent titles have created comic book worlds where you take the role of either heroes or villains in your quest to either protect the world or dominate it. With the huge variety of games on the market, where is the best place to spend your hard earned money? This rundown of some of the most popular online RPGs on the market will hopefully help you make your mind up a little easier.

Credited as the granddaddy of all MMORPG games, Ultima Online is still relatively popular even after eight years. The game features a small purchase price as well as a flat monthly fee to cover for server costs. In Ultima Online you assume the role of a variety of characters that live in a fantasy medieval world. Unfortunately, the game is becoming graphically dated and has lost many of its players to other MMORPG games.

Everquest and Everquest II are Sonyˇ¦s venture into the market of MMORPG games. These two games are set in a universe resembling that of Dungeons and Dragons where players get to choose their own player classes. Both games require up front fees, but the same monthly subscription fee can be used to pay for both games.

As the most popular of MMORPG games right now in North America, World of Warcraft has over five million players. This game is set in the well established fantasy universe of other Warcraft games and the player is able to choose one of nine different player classes. There is an up front purchase cost and monthly fee associated with the game.

Finally, a new venture into the MMORPG games scene features a totally new take on the universes of standard online RPG titles. City of Heroes and its add-on, City of Villains both take place in a modern city environment where a variety of heroes and villains roam the streets. It is one of the newest MMORPGs on the market and both games can be combined under one monthly subscription fee.

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