Best Friends Forever

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As much as Sara loved to hear his voice, she hated not having him there with her better. His touch always warmed her like hot cocoa in a winter night no matter what the actual weather was outside or in. He was the man she always ran to whenever there was something wrong in her life and yet the only thing that was wrong with her now is that he wasn’t there in the flesh with her now.

Brandon Page felt the same way about Sara Vahle. Having her near him at all times was really all he ever wanted. Since high school their relationship always bordered on friends trying to work in benefits. At every chance they’ve ever had at taking their relationship to the next level, there has been an obstacle. In 10th grade gym class, a nosey student walked into the women’s locker room as they were pressed up on the lockers before a shirt was even lifted. 11th grade health class proved problematic as well. Sara and Brandon were assigned to each other as lab partners in a separate room from the rest of the class for 3 days. On the first day of the assignment they were too nervous to do anything with each other for fear that someone might intrude. On the second day they realized that no one would be coming into the room and began to explore each other when a 3rd partner was assigned to their group in the middle of the project as he had been on vacation up until then. The almost couple lived too far away from each other to see each other after school and neither of them got their own cars until about 19. The closest opportunity they’ve ever had was after graduating high school. Through sheer coincidence, Sara was able to come over to a friends to stay the night and invited Brandon over through the window. While her friend Cindy didn’t mind sharing a room with two people supposedly about to get it on under her nose, her nosey brother intruded on their get together and wouldn’t leave the room until Brandon left the next morning.

Another noteworthy obstacle during this time was their alternating “true” significant others. While they shared secrets, kisses and each others fantasies, they were usually in separate relationships that took up the bulk of their time apart. With both being popular people as well as popular friends it was always assumed that they were dating each other but this has always been a rumor, even now at both of their respective age of 24. Sara and Brandon may want each other badly, but Sara’s fiancée Jake wants her in the next room and Brandon’s girlfriend Alicia wants him on the other line.

“Looks like we’ve got yet another interruption,” Brandon said to Sara as the line beeped.

“Unfortunately so,” Sara said back. “Story of our life together, huh?”

Brandon couldn’t help but to smile and slightly nod his head, holding placing his index finger on the gray Motorola Bluetooth headset resting on his ear. Sara just knew what he was doing on the other line and motioned in a similar fashion. Same headset, same finger. Without getting into a long goodbye, they ended their conversation the same way they had since their encounter back in health class.

“One day,” Brandon said first.

“One day,” Sara replied before hanging up the phone.

And that was that, it was back to the “other” lives that they hated to live separately. No matter how they looked at it, they always felt that things would be better if they were together instead of with Jake and Alicia. It wasn’t even as though they were bad partners, they just clung to the idea of that untold possibility. What makes the curiosity so bad is their status as best friends, meaning that all aspects of their lives are shared from relationship woes to sexual prowess, the latter being the biggest temptation. Sara had always talked to Brandon about her sexual appetite, telling him stories about past engagements including all details such as positions, duration of past acts, her lack of a gag reflex and her willingness to give at all times when it comes to any sex act. She’s even hopped on the stage at a strip club with Brandon down below, throwing about $250 in fives and tens at her, even though it was a random act and not her actual job. It was really his way to show how much he cared in his own way.

Brandon himself was no better when it came to expressing his carnal pleasures of the flesh. He frequently discussed the sensation he received from giving or receiving oral sex with another woman and was always ‘complementing’ Sara with blunt comments about each and every one of her body parts. Once, he told her that he believed with lips like hers she could suck a dick better than Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick combined…while her fiancée was within earshot. Realizing this, he quickly quieted himself as though he said nothing at all. Jake shrugged it off; Sara became excited that Brandon had thought about her that way. The next night they had fantastic phone sex.

On Brandon’s side, Alicia was calling him for no reason in particular and also answered the phone as such in her normal, high and nasal tone. “Hey babe,” she started, “who were you talking to?”

Another free spin perk of their best friend status is that their significant others were completely okay with them having consistent communication with each other. In their minds, the two of them had known each other well before they came into the picture and if they wanted to be together, by now, they would be. “Just Sara,” he told her, “she’s about to go out with Jake later on but we were just discussing this blog she wants to write on My Space.”

“Well that’s cool,” Alicia replied. “What’s it about?”

“Stimulation; she wants to bring up how certain personal stimulants make people react to real life things and also affect your decision making. I thought it was a good idea and told her I’d be the first one to comment on it.”

“I’ll make sure I do to,” Alicia said. She was always one to support Brandon’s endeavors and close friends. He only had so many of each and she felt that it would be best to help out if it would keep him happy, frequently dropping her side of an argument before it escalated. This was usually followed by passionate make-up sex that she was readily available to give at any time. Brandon never minded this from her (as it was actually this little quirk of hers that sparked their relationship) and was always ready to give in with her. In all honesty, he was very satisfied in his relationship with Alicia. Alongside her willingness to initiate a romp in the bedroom, she wasn’t a bad woman to look at either. She was a relatively small, caramel complexioned black woman of 22. At 5′ 3″, in contrast to his 5′ 10″ stature, she has a very svelte frame, B-cup breasts and nice sized curves for a woman of her size. She was rounded out by a perfectly toned mid section, dark brown eyes and shoulder length black hair. Always with a smile or smirk on her face she exuded cuteness from every orifice in her body; and with her small frame it provided ample positions in bed, giving them free roam of the extent of both of their imaginations.

While Alicia simply adored Brandon, Brandon could say he almost loved her. But his mind would always wander towards Sara…

Sara, a Caucasian woman of 5′ 6″, had natural brown hair that she has dyed several times since a teenager in varying colors from brown, to red and most recently black. This was to contrast her deep blue eyes as she was always about doing something different than expected. Even her frame was in contrast to what Brandon’s taste in women suggested with voluptuous curves breasts a full 2 cup sizes than his current girlfriend Alicia. He once told Sara that he will always date women who look nothing like her in order for them not figure out that he actually is attracted to Sara. This proved quite easy for Brandon since he is a black man, although he’s never been exclusive to dating one race of woman, even going so far as to brag that it’s possible he has dated a woman of every race in his short lifetime. Sara found this cute and quite exhilarating, mainly because she wanted to know how many things he’s learned sexually from women of so many cultures.

She’s never been known be to the good girl by any means, even going so far as to have multiple boyfriends in high school or at least 3 men courting her at one time. Calling her an attention whore would be putting it likely; she was a star in her own right, going as far as to christen herself a local celebrity in school. No one ever disputed this title though and her gregarious personality mimicked this claim, becoming fast friends with most of the students she attended with. Her promiscuous nature prevented her from ever getting in a fully committed relationship until she met Jake who, although not the most attractive man in the world, did everything he could to impress her, including a dinner for two that he spent almost half a paycheck financing. It was all worth it when he proposed to her and Sara decided to settle down…unless the right opportunity knocked with Brandon.

On Sara’s side, Jake was in need of some assistance packing his bags for an outing this weekend due to his employment in the Army Reserves. He needed to go out to Nebraska to work on helicopters and would be gone until Sunday night. Sara, hating to be in a home by herself, usually ended up staying over her girlfriend Elizabeth’s apartment downtown, another contrast to her Middle American suburban home. With Stacy still being a bachelorette, she frequently discussed her various sexual encounters with both men and women, allowing Sara to vicariously live out her fantasies through her. As many times as they had spent the night together in the same bed, Elizabeth had never come on to Sara in a sexual way for what she felt was disinterest on Sara’s part. That would change this weekend…

Sara took her maroon Nissan Altima over to Elizabeth’s apartment a night early upon Liz’s request. This wasn’t a problem though as Jake did have his own car, so driving himself to the airfield on the Army post wouldn’t be a problem. Sara parked her car in the apartment buildings underside bonus veren siteler garage and rolled her suitcase towards the elevator and selected to go all the way to the top floor. She finally reached Elizabeth’s apartment and knocked on the door. A second later the very petite Elizabeth showed up and answered the door wearing a pair of extremely small denim shorts, unbuttoned and unzipped, and a red string bikini accentuating her perky tits. She was also barefoot and wore nothing else but her bright smile and her long curly hair down her back. Upon seeing Sara, Elizabeth gave her a big hug and took her suitcase while walking her in the door. Sara looked around the apartment and still couldn’t believe herself. Liz had a studio apartment as big as a warehouse. Sara always wondered how well Liz’s modeling gigs were paying and apparently, it was a lot. Most of the studio was empty, but only because of the high distance to the ceiling; the floor was laid out with two couches, furry rugs spread out sporadically, lots of lamps and candles, a bed in the middle of the room so big it was much larger than any queen or king size Sara had ever seen and everything in the house was white… with the exception of two cameras colored in dark grey. Sara asked Liz once before why she had two video camcorders. She told her that she films herself having sex and masturbating often and she always tells people she’s going to be taping them with the first camera. If they object, the second one is in hiding, still recording the affair. Under her white Alienware computer in the corner in corner of the studio lay a few hundred hours of proof in DVD form, DVD’s that Sara has watched often.

“I’ve missed you so much baby,” Liz said excited, hugging Sara with a much longer embrace.

“I’ve missed you too,” Sara said, blushing, “I’m sorry I haven’t been by much, but you’ve been busy a lot yourself.”

“Yeah I know. I just got back from Georgia last week. I had the best time at the photo shoot with Michael and this girl named Carmen. I gotta tell you about it later but we need to get things together for tomorrow.”

“I’ve been meaning to ask about that,” Sara said with wonder in her tone, “what’s going on tomorrow that you needed me so bad for today? It’s not an inconvenience or anything, I was just in shock.”

“Well, because I knew you were going to be here, I decided to throw a party like you’ve never seen before. I’ve thrown them a few times before but I didn’t know how comfortable you would be with it until recently.”

“Wow, that sounds major. What kind of party is it, I’m so curious now.”

“Well,” Liz started, “I’ve titled it the GLP. The Get Laid Party.”

“Come again?”

“Oh you will, trust me you will. I have the best times throwing these things. All my model friends and close acquaintances show up and basically, we get down a fuck the shit out of each other.”

Sara didn’t know how to react to such a thing. Just hearing the premise for the party made her eyes widen and a devilish grin run across her face. She had to know more though.

“So what exactly… happens?” Sara asked.

“Well, you can either come by yourself or with a companion, or two or three or more. Really, there aren’t many rules. Don’t get out of line, ask before engaging in anything and really, have fun. You can watch, entertain, strip or whatever but the biggest rule of the GLP is that we keep the parties out of our professional lives. What happens here, stays here. That’s about it.”

Upon hearing the rules, Sara stopped Liz from speaking any further and pulled out her phone and called Brandon.

“Yo,” he answered, “what’s good?”

Sara was biting on her index finger now, anticipating that Brandon would say the right thing to her. “Honey,” she started, “what are you doing tomorrow night?”

“Umm, nothing actually; I just got off the phone with Alicia and she told me that she’s going out to the club tomorrow. You know I’d rather be at home so I decided to stay in and watch Pulp Fiction again. Why, wassup?”

Sara was now grinning ear to ear. “Do you remember where my friend Liz stays?”

“The freaky little model chick? Yeah, downtown off 93rd, top floor, big ass building. You need a ride home or something.”

“No, I need you to come over. I’ll be here for the weekend.”

“Okay, I can do that. Should I bring anything?”

“Just your sexy self.”

Brandon let out a small chuckle. “I can do that. What time should I come?”

“Hey Liz, what time?” Sara asked. After Liz responded, Sara told him, “9 O’ Clock.”

“Cool, I’ll be there at 8:45.”

“I’m all for it. See you then.”

“One day,” Brandon ended.

“Soon,” Sara responded. Brandon caught this immediately but thought nothing of it at the moment.

“Soon,” he quipped back.

The night of the party, Sara and Liz started getting ready around 6 in anticipation of the first guests to arrive around 7 or so. They showered separately and took turns blow drying each others hair before putting on some deneme bonusu veren siteler lingerie for the event. Elizabeth, matching the décor, wore thick, white heels that lifted her about an inch off of the ground, white thigh-high stockings, lace panties and see through teddy with a silk white robe that only covered about half of her ass. She even wrapped her hair in a bun so it wouldn’t have to get in her way.

Sara wore only her lace, black bra and panty set she just bought from Fredrick’s of Hollywood. Aside from the lace itself, the set was completely see through down to her nipples and shaved pussy. Luckily she also brought her black heels that strapped all the way to the bottom of her knee with silk, hoping beforehand that she had a need to wear them.

Liz designated Sara the camera person for this party. The second camera was hidden in a place where it could view the entire room and what went on and Liz wanted to make sure that she could enjoy herself this time instead of watching most of the action later as she had to in the past.

Around 7, Sara took a seat on the couch closest to the door, holding the camera in hopes of getting familiar with it quickly. She figured out how to record when Liz appeared in front of her, looking as though she wanted something.

“Hey,” Sara said, looking up at her. “I got this thing to record.”

“Really,” Liz said, matter-of-factly, “is it recording now?”

“Actually yes,” she said, pointing in at Liz, viewing her on the small LCD.

“Good, make sure you get this.”

Without warning Liz got down on her knees and spread Sara’s legs apart. She then pulled her black panties to the side and began to tongue Sara’s pussy down. Sara let out a sharp gasp of pleasure, not expecting what was going on right then. She was in no mood to stop the act either as the sensation was overwhelming yet completely enjoyable.

“Oh…my,” Sara started to say between pants.

Liz lifted her head up briefly, “you got that camera on me?” In the minute since she started Sara actually did forget to keep the camera on her. Oh shit, she thought to herself before she moved the unit back in Liz’s direction. Sara could only imagine how long Liz had been wanting to do this but was so caught up in the moment that she didn’t bother to ask, at least not then. As she became more relaxed, there was knock at the door, followed by the door opening and a couple walking in. Sara looked at them with surprise but Liz kept on licking as though no one had entered the room.

“Hello-o-o-o,” Sara stuttered trying to greet the man and woman, a couple in their late 20’s.

“I see the party began a little early,” the man said. “That’s always a good sign. Nice to see you again, Liz.” She continued at what she as doing for another moment or so before the girl who came in with her came in and slapped her hard on the ass. Instead of screaming, Liz pulled herself up and looked at the red-headed woman. “Hello May,” Liz said to her. May bent down and began passionately kissing Liz, grabbing the back of her head to pull her closer. Sara was in awe and kept the camera on the two of them.

“Can I take over for a second?” May asked Liz.

“Sure,” Liz responded. She got off her knees and headed for the door as May bent down in her place and began licking away at Sara in a slower fashion than Liz had prior, almost letting her tongue crawl around Sara’s bottom lips. Sara couldn’t help but smile and moan yet kept the camera focused on May now.

Liz walked to the dimmer switches near the front door and softened all the lights. She then walked from candle to candle, lighting each one individually with a long red safety lighter. Lastly, she turned on her stereo and made sure to play her soul music collection in a non-stop mix at a loud, but not deafening level. As she turned around from her stereo to approach Sara, she noticed the man, Hank, watching May enjoy herself with Sara. He was masturbating on a nearby chair to the sight and Sara was obviously in the middle of an orgasm. This brought a smile to Liz’s face as she looked on. Sara smiled back with a look of approval as though to say, ‘thank you.’

Things continued to get hotter as more guests started flooding in afterwards. Couples, groups of three, four and five walked in, some models, some close friends and even one that Sara had seen a few times who worked at a local bank branch. Liz was well connected to the ‘freaks’ of the city and at 50+ people in attendance, this proved it. Sara reserved herself to camera duties after her initial orgasm. She then walked the party from place to place, filming multiple acts. She saw a girl being eaten out on the kitchen table as another woman sucked him off. She watched another couple having sex on one of the glass tables, the woman in the reverse cowboy position, yelling at the top of her lungs. Surprisingly, she didn’t see Liz too often during the first couple of hours of filming but didn’t mind as much as she was comfortable in the atmosphere and felt like she belonged the whole time. Somehow over the loud moans and music she heard a knock at the door. She knew it had do be Brandon as it’s the only knock she’s heard the entire night since Hank and May entered. Apparently, everyone is so familiar with Liz throwing GLP’s that they just walked into the apartment without caution.

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