Benji wants to experiment – Chapter 3

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Summer came and went and Benji worked in his Dad’s bar, {“Downunder”} as his Dad became more alcoholic and spent most of his unconscious time asleep in the back room of the bar.

What he didn’t know was that his Dad was Bi, so often allowed customers to fuck his arse, or he would blow them, just to keep up customer numbers.

A black guy entered the bar. “Where’s rubber lips, fuckbrain?” he enquired. Benji didn’t know what he was on about so asked if he was in the right bar. “You what?” he asked.

“Don’t be fucking smart kid,” he said, “Where’s the guy with a mole on his face?”

Benji realised that his Dad had a mole there, so said, “He’s not on today.”

“Well, you’ll have to do,” he said, reaching over the bar to grab Benjie’s head. “FUCK YOU,” screamed Benji and grabbed the guy by the head and smashed it into the bar. The guy slumped to the floor. Two regulars kicked the guy several times in the bollocks and guts. “OK. Stop!” said Benji, coming around to the customer side. “Thanks for your help, guys.”

The guy was bleeding from his nose, mouth and ribs. Groaning he held his stomach, coughing up blood.

“You made a bad call in this bar, Buddy,” said Benji, “come with me” he said taking him into the back room.

Fortunately, Benji’s Dad appeared in the bar, partly sober but ready to serve. “On you Dad,” said Benji.

The black guy was somewhat restrained as he asked, “Where am I?’

“You could be in hell. But you’re lucky – you’re still in “Downunder”. The guys wanted to kick your fucking head in, man. This is a good bar where people look after each other. I stopped them from killing casino oyna you, big mouthed cunt. You could redeem yourself,” I offered.

“Fuck you. I don’t give in to white honkies,” he said defiantly, “bring them on and I’ll face them.”

“OK Fuckwit. Your choice,” I said, “GUYS, THE BLACK CUNT WANT’S A FIGHT,” I screamed. Within ten seconds the room was full of our white regulars, who kicked the living shit out of the aggressive black guy. He was left broken and bleeding on the floor of the back room. Blood seeping from his mouth, staining his shirt and jeans from other wounds.

“OK”, I said, kicking him in the balls. “HOW STRONG ARE YOU FEELING NOW, SCHWARTZ?”

“Fuck you honky,” he said.

I kicked him in the mouth, breaking several teeth, making him spit blood.

“Wanna go some more? Or do as you’re fucking told,” I screamed.

“OK, OK, you’re the man,” he surrendered. I commanded him to lay on his back and get his cock out.

This he did. It was fully 11” long and hardening.

“You’ll like this,” I assured him

I stripped off and eased my arse onto his black rod. Shit it was BIG, but I forced myself down onto it. “Now fuck me.” I commanded him. He went off like an express train, fucking my arse like there was no tomorrow! I could only gasp as he fucked me like never before, then suddenly groaned as he spurted a litre of cum into my bowels. His cum and the blood from my strained arse was all over his stomach. I loved it and wanted more.

“You be here next Tuesday at 7pm,” I commanded Duke, “ I want your black cock and more.”

“You got it, boss,” he said happily.

Tuesday canlı casino came, as did Duke, plus 2 brothers! “What’s happening?” I asked. “You need more than just me,” he replied with a knowing smirk.

“Dad, I’m on a break for an hour,” I called out, as Dad took over serving. I took the three black guys down into the cellar.

“You’ve got a fucking nerve,” I told Duke. “We’re going to find your nerve endings and stretch them. That’s a promise,” he said without emotion.

I was quickly undressed by his brothers, Jaimie and Spark, and lifted onto a table, face down. “If I scream the whole bar full of white guys will kick shit out of you 3,” I threatened.

“But you won’t coz you want this,” said Duke, pulling out his huge hard cock.

Jaimie was not one to die wondering, so he grabbed my face and started to french kiss me. Spark saw the chance while I was distracted to grab my balls and start sucking them. He thrust 3 fingers into my arse, making me gasp. With a lick of his cock he pushed against my sphincter. Another push and his cockhead ‘popped’ inside my arse.

“Geronimo,” he shouted, and thrust hard into my arse. He shagged unmercifully for a good ten minutes, before shooting heaps of cum into my bowels.

Meanwhile, Duke stood in front of me, proud, holding his 12” weapon – “you gonna choke on this,” he asserted. “A fucking boy’s winkle,” I retorted in defiance, “Is that all you can manage?”

He shoved the giant cock into my mouth, almost breaking my teeth, choking me and then began to fuck me with never a thought of pain. I was totally defeated. He fucked my mouth remorselessly for 10 minutes kaçak casino and shot his thick cum into my mouth, holding my nose so that I had to swallow. To my surprise it tasted really good! I wanted more cum in my mouth.

Spark seemed detached, but soon became aware, hearing Duke’s love call. He took my head in his hands, forced his hard cock into my mouth, grabbed my arse cheeks, and started to fuck my mouth. Soon though, he withdrew his cock, turned me around and pressed his now rigid 12” digit against my sphincter.

“Please no,” I pleaded. “That’s an Oxymoron,” said his husky voice. I was surprised at his level of education! Spark’s prick pushed against my arse cheeks, ‘popped’ as it entered my anus, then he fucked me mercilessly for a full 20 minutes, despite bloody outpourings, tears and pleadings, etc. When he cum, he washed the inside of my bowels like a shower. I was breathless. He moaned then just rolled over onto his back.

I literally felt empty when he withdrew his mighty prick.

Duke saw his opportunity and soon had buried his prick in my arse up to his balls. If there was a steam train that fucked quicker or harder than Duke, then I wouldn’t want to meet it – he just fucked my brains out! After he flooded my bowels with his thick cum, I thought I’d be glad when he took his prick out of my anus. Only thing was, he was just beginning!

He fucked me unceasingly for another 40 to 50 minutes, cumming another 3 times and flooding the bedclothes. I wanked myself to orgasm twice while this was happening.

I just loved having Duke’s black cock in me, as well as his ‘brothers’ attention.

Next day, I looked up how many ‘black’ bars there were in the city. There were 33. I couldn’t wait to visit them all!

. . . to be continued . . .

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