Becoming Bree Ch. 07

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Sabrina felt sexually liberated now. Although she hurt, just a bit, she was anxious to keep fucking. She and Tera talked long into the night.

Of course, the two playmates did much more than talk. They showered together and when in Tera’s big bed, Sabrina showed her gratitude to her loving aunt. She sucked, licked and nibbled Tera’s hot pussy until the beautiful brunette was writhing and screaming, begging for the release of orgasm. Having developed some mastery of her new skills, Sabrina kept her on the brink for a few hours, finally letting her cum in a shuddering climax. Then Tera cuddled close to her lover, murmuring words of endearment, shocked at how far Sabrina had come in such a short time.

Still sensitive, Tera nursed gently on Sabrina until her lover came gently. They fell asleep in each other’s arms, anticipating the next day.

The next morning, Sabrina wanted to explore her newfound sexuality and be bold and daring, go out and party with other people. Tera suggested they go clubbing and do a little shopping beforehand. That idea sat very well with Sabrina, who had never been allowed to go out dancing. Heather went all the time, but the idea was new to Sabrina.

The two women went to a local store and Sabrina treated herself to some “Clubbing” clothes. A short leather skirt was a must. She bought a low-cut blouse and black lacy bra to wear underneath. She had the stockings already, but thought that a new pair of black stilettos would complete the “vixen” look she was going for! She and Tera had been going to a tanning salon for a few days now, not that Tera needed it, her skin was so beautiful.

She was surprised however, at Tera’s outfit. She wore a long black dress, her hair elegantly pulled back, stockings and garters and high-heeled, strappy sandals. She looked magnificent, but totally in contrast to Sabrina’s vampy look.

Tera looked at her playmate and smiled at her confusion. She kissed her softly on her ruby-red lips and said, “Don’t worry baby, you’ll see what it’s all about soon! I promise you, my pretty baby won’t be disappointed.”

When they arrived at the club, Sabrina found out exactly what Tera was talking about. Brightly lit, a sign called “Level 3” flashed at them. Tera smiled. “The first level is basic dance sugar, all kinds of music. The second level is funky, hip-hop and the like and the level I’m going to is ballroom, verrrry elegant and sensual! I thought you might like it!”

Sabrina did like it and thought next time she might like to try the ballroom. A quick peck on the lips to Tera and the two women parted company for the night. Sabrina knew that her lusty aunt would fill her in on the erotic details later on.

At first, Sabrina felt extremely out of place in the dance club. She’d never been to a lot of dances, of course, her father had forbidden it. The clothes she was wearing certainly would have scandalized canlı bahis him. These were the kind of clothes Heather wore, she giggled to herself.

Luckily, Heather had taught her to dance at her home, so she was comfortable with that. As she moved on the dance floor, Sabrina felt a lot of eyes watching her. “Let them!” she thought to herself as she wiggled and bumped in time to the music.

The sexiest of those eyes belonged to a young couple, Stacey and Calvin (“My father’s name, his fault!,” Calvin joked as they enjoyed their drinks). The three of them seemed to hit it off from the minute the couple danced near her. And Sabrina could feel their stares on her hot body, especially her sweet ass, as she swayed sensually in time with the music.

Both of them turned her on enormously. Calvin was a buff, bronze god, with wavy blonde hair and green eyes that danced when he laughed. He was easygoing and friendly and seemed to adore his girlfriend.

With good reason. With short-cropped blonde hair, “cupcake” tits (which Sabrina could see easily through the girl’s tight top) and long sexy legs in a micro-mini and heels, Stacey was adorable. You could just eat her up and Sabrina hoped to do just that verrrry soon.

The pair made her feel quite welcome, including her in all facets of the conversation. They listened to Sabrina intently, laughed with her, occasionally one of them would lightly caress her arm or hand, to show their interest. That interest was most definitely mutual and Sabrina felt herself heating up, wanting to get out of the club and into some wild sexual action with the hot young couple.

Sabrina was becoming comfortably tipsy on the drinks she was being served. As she become more comfortable, her arousal level increased. She wanted to be fucked, she wanted to be licked, she wanted sex and she wanted it sooonnn! If they didn’t ask her to fuck, she was going to ask them – goddamm, she was horny!

Sabrina didn’t have long to wait though, as Calvin and Stacey suggested they go to their apartment for some food and to “Sober Up”. Sabrina felt her pussy tingle – she hoped they’d be doing some eating alright, but not necessarily food!

Desire for unbridled, three-way, fuck-me-baby sex overcame her common sense and Sabrina found herself riding in the car with the hot young couple. During the car ride, she and Stacey rode in the back. Stacey’s gentle, knowing hands gently caressed her legs, teasing, innocently but flirtatiously. Sabrina knew that the second either of their tongues touched her pussy, she’d explode, she was that hot!

The trip to their home seemed excruciatingly long, but was probably less than ten minutes. As the 3 of them exited the car, Stacey surprised Sabrina by pinching her on the butt. She grinned at Sabrina and said “There’s more where that came from!” Sabrina purred to the adorable young blonde, “I’ll hold you to that bahis siteleri darling!”

Sabrina said with a warm smile “Nice home. I can’t wait to see all of it.” She thought inwardly “Especially the bedroom, and soon!”

True to their word, Stacey and Calvin were convivial hosts. The food, Roast Beef Sandwiches, cheese and wine; was filling, the wine keeping her buzz alive. Finally, Calvin stood up. “It’s time for bed!”, he announced to Stacey, who nodded.

“You coming?”, he said to Sabrina with a wide grin.

Sabrina practically ran to the bedroom, kicking off her heels as she did so. The room was made for seduction.

Candle-lit, the room was beautifully decorated and a soft scent wafted throughout. The flickering glow of the candles illuminated both of Sabrina’s soon-to-be partners.

Now attired in a baby-blue silk teddy, Stacey looked even more edible. Sabrina knew something new about herself as she lusted after this luscious new playmate.

She was realizing that although she loved fucking men, she was more selective about them. But women – heck, she loved them in all types. She found Asian women hot, Tera’s dark sensuality appealing, women with curves made her drool. This scrumptious blonde was making her head spin. She ached to take those cupcake tits in her hands and fondle them, squeeze them, bounce them. She wanted to suck those beautiful nipples while Calvin watched Sabrina and his girlfriend acting like hot, horny lezzie-sluts.

But it was her friend Heather that flitted through her mind a lot lately. The hot little redhead was in and out of her thoughts and all of those thoughts were wildly erotic. She would have to do something about that, but she pushed those thoughts into the back of her mind for another time.

Stacey walked over to Sabrina, hips swishing seductively, eyes lit with lust. She pulled Sabrina to her, and with a savage growl, kissed her seductively.

Sabrina could feel Calvin’s hot breath behind her and his hands squeezing the cheeks of her ass. It was all she could do to keep from cumming as the lusty couple led her to the bed.

They pushed her down on the bed, grinning with wanton lusts as they eyed their new prize. Both partners thought Sabrina was the hottest, cutest little thing they’d brought home in a long while. As Sabrina lay prone on the bed, Stacey straddled her new playmate’s face as her lover inserted his tongue deep inside Sabrina’s dripping snatch. He was magnificent, almost as good as her beloved Tera. And the taste of Stacey – tart, yet inviting and sensual. Fuck, she thought, I am going to have a night to remember!

For her own part, Stacey ground her nearly-shaved pussy against her new lover’s adept tongue. Whoever had taught this little bitch to eat cunt had been a good teacher, she was great. Stacey felt the juices flow from her pussy in abundance, yet Sabrina wasn’t missing bahis şirketleri a drop.

Sabrina hadn’t underestimated her orgasmic potential either, she’d already had one cum under Calvin’s lapping tongue. But it wasn’t his tongue she wanted, it was a big, throbbing hard cock! As if in synch with her thoughts, he shoved his throbbing member into her horny cooze. “Ohhh, fuck, goddammm, yesss, fuck me, fuck me hard, you big-cocked bastard!”

Calvin’s shaft thrust in and out of her, thrilling Sabrina with every stroke. She could feel his veiny shaft move in and out of her and tightened her pussy muscles around it. She was vaguely aware that Stacey’s sweet pussy was no longer above her face, yet was totally unprepared for what was next.

Calvin was pumping in and out of her pussy, adept at his fucking, causing Sabrina to scream incoherently, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”, in a sing-song pattern. But all of a sudden, she felt a tongue flickering at her buttocks, licking her asshole.

It felt indescribably sinful, Stacey’s tongue slithering in and out of her ass. But the next thing she felt was a hard prick invading her ass!

She turned her head to see Stacey, now wearing a strap-on dildo, busy fucking her tight ass. At first, she resisted the foreign feelings, but minute by minute, it began to feel better, until she began to move in time with the rhythm of the two fuckers in bed with her. From the big grins on both of their faces, they were having as much fun as she was!

In and out they moved, they had to have done this before, the couple were so in synch. Calvin would move one way in her pussy, his playmate another. Sabrina could barely move back against them, so packed with cock – real and artificial – she was. Her body was rippling with little mini-orgasms as the two sexfiends fucked her, over and over and over again, passion overtaking all three of them.

Sabrina’s head was spinning, so intense were the feelings in her pussy and ass. This was an incredible feeling, wild and sexual, free and lusty. She felt both the lovers tense and felt Calvin’s cum shoot, spurting all over her tummy. Stacey stopped her ministrations to her ass and licked her lover’s cum off Sabrina, and with that, both girls shuddered in orgasm. Stacey whispered “He’s a great fuck, isn’t he? My big brother is the best fuck a girl could want!”

The perversity of fucking a brother and sister at the same time overwhelmed Sabrina and she felt herself cumming yet again. The old Sabrina would have been shocked, the new Sabrina didn’t give a damn, she just wanted them to fuck her again.

Later, it was Sabrina’s turn to put on the fake cock and she devoured Stacey’s cupcake tits as she had wanted to do, while she fucked the girl and listened to her squeals of delight. Her brother’s massive dick was in her ass and she loved all of it.

After hours on intense fucking and sucking, all of them cumming many times, the three of them shared wine and noshes, then settled in for sleep. The sleep was long in coming, for within a short while, all 3 were hot for fucking again.

It was a long and magical night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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