Barbarian in Vegas

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Between overseas contracts I accepted a month long gig training special ops warriors in the desert of Nevada. We trained Monday-Friday on different aspects of urban warfare and I would teach them the latest techniques used overseas by the bad guys and tell them what to expect. The base is in butt fuck Egypt so we stay in dorms while training, But from lunch time Friday we are dropped off in Las Vegas and free to roam and party until around midnight Sunday.

I check into one of the hotels on the infamous Vegas Strip, shower and start looking for hell to raise. It’s Vegas so you can’t sling a dead cat without hitting a chick that is willing to put out. But for me, the hunt it part of the fun. As I get ready to leave the hotel and begin my hunt for pussy I walk past an elaborately decorated banquet room. It makes the banquet room from my main hunting ground at the airport hotel look like a broom closet.

I peek in and see lots of very athletic people drinking, shouting, and having a good time. The security guard at the front sees me, uncrosses his arms and opens the velvet rope for me. Without missing a beat I say thank you and walk in. This guard seems to think I belong here so I decided to blend in and figure out what the fuck I have stumbled into.

It’s only then I realize, I’ve stumbled into the end of season party for the crew and athletes of the popular strength and stamina obstacle course show. The one that started in Japan and has almost a cult following here in the states. Because of my size and build they think I am a crew member or athlete. The athletes think I am a crew member, and the crew thinks I am an athlete. I help myself to a drink when I see her.

I call her the queen of the course. Everyone’s favorite female athlete, Jess. She smoked a couple of the stages and set some records. Most of the athletes are still wearing their course attire and Jess is no different. 5’8″, shoulder length straight blonde hair, green athletic top and matching skirt with bike shorts under it. I can’t tell if she has naturally small tits or they are just extra confined. But she still has great hips, a great build and is solid. Not only an athlete on the show but a a stunt woman in Hollywood. I have seen my prey. casino oyna

She is already pretty heavily intoxicated so when I say hi she acts like she knows me and we went to college together or something, “HI!” and a big hug to follow, “HOW ARE YOU!? Thank you SO MUCH for coming!”

I just roll with it and start conversations like we are old friends. I can tell she rarely lets herself go and this is one of those rare occasions. During our conversation of catching up and her mom and “best friend” say they are leaving. They ask if she is OK and she reassures them that she is, she has me to take care of her. God only knows who she thought I was.

About an hour later she says she needs to pee and asks if I can walk her to her room. “Totally, I have to pee also.” We get to her room, she kept her key hid in the waist of her skirt. We get to her room and she tells me to pee first, she needs to call her agent. After she pees she steps out of the bathroom. I know I need to tread lightly. This chick has two black belts. I’m a bad ass but, fuck.

When she steps out of the bathroom, “Can I just be an honest enjun here?” Hand in the air like I’m taking an oath.

I can see the look of concern in her eyes, “Of course, what?”

“I have always had a thing for you. I really have.”

“Oh, Oh my… Well I’m flattered. I think you are hot. But you know. I tend to swing the other way.”

“I know. And I didn’t want to jeopardize what we have. But if you ever wanted to change that.”

She is now leaning against me, giving me a consolation hug. She looks up into my eyes and I have to go with it. I lean down and kiss her. She responds. We start kissing passionately. I’ve got a weeks worth of gun toting, war fighting testosterone built up in me. She has adrenaline and endorphins from her course run rushing through her. Plus any lust she has in her eyes for me and whoever the fuck she thinks I am.

As we stumble backwards to the bed I yank my shirt off. Her hands and mouth go to my body. My hands cover her tits. She lays back on the bed and I am on top of her. I quickly decide to test the waters. I run my hand up her thigh and she opens her legs. I start rubbing her through her bike shorts. She takes the initiative canlı casino and reaches for my waist line. She opens up my jeans and grabs my cock. She has a strong grip and eagerly tugs at my rock hard cock.

I pull back and start tugging her shorts off her. She raises her hips to help me. While I am standing I remove my jeans. I am now naked with the most sought after sports competition athlete and stunt woman in America, possibly the world. My cock is eager for action. I lay on her again and keep warming up her tight, muscular pussy with my fingers, first one, then two fingers.

“Put me in your mouth”, I whisper in her ear.

She pushes me back, looks me in the eye, “I’ve never done this before so I hope Im good.”


“No, just a couple hand jobs in college until I figured out I like women better. But I’m dying for some action. My girlfriend (who turned out to be her “best friend”) is on the rag this week. I don’t normally do this but we have been friends forever and trust you. Plus your dick looks SO amazing, I need to experience it.”

With that she proceeds to stick me in her virgin mouth. First she licks the pre-cum off the tip, never taking her eye off me. Soon she is pushing me as deep down her throat as possible. Technique wise it wasn’t a great blow job, but A for effort. It’s one Ill remember a while.

When I am ready to feel her pussy around my cock I grab her by her Pebble Flintstone inspired pony tail and pull her up to me. “Ride me.”

With an eager smile she nods, “Just pull out.”

And with that she nestles my head at her opening and mounts me. I feel no cherry before I hit her cervix but between chicks finger fucking her and an athletic lifestyle I’m sure she lost her cherry somewhere along the way. I’m holding her athletic ass as she wraps her tone legs around me.

My cock has unleashed her inner nympho. I reach up and grab her tits through her top. She takes the hint and pulls off her top. A cup tits but they are still fun. Just knowing I am one of the few to handle these little fuckers makes them amazing. I assault them with my mouth and hands.

When my mouth isn’t on her tits my mouth is on hers. She is focused on rooting her clit against kaçak casino my pelvis. She is moving at a frantic pace and soon she lets out a scream, “FUCK YES!” She is still coming down from the high of just cumming, “I fucking needed that. Fuck…”

I’ve been griping her ass through her skirt. She lays her head on my shoulder and kisses my ear and beard as I keep pumping up to meet her hips, “My turn. Let me cum inside you. I’ll go buy you a Plan B pill the instant I get dressed. I NEED to cum inside you.”

After a pause of contemplation, “OK”

I roll us, I put her on her back and I start bouncing my steadily tightening balls off her ass. I’m doing everything I can to push into her womb.

She has never fucked a guy before but her animal instinct tells her I’m about to cum. She hears me grunting and groaning so she coaxes me on, “That’s it, fill me. Fuck, yes!” As she runs her hands through her hair, head turning side to side.

Just then my molten seed, explodes out of the end of my cock. “Don’t stop, I’m cumming again!” She orders as she keeps thrusting her hips up to meet mine. My cock is throbbing but I keep pushing. Only when her pussy is done shuddering around my quivering cock do I collapse on top of her. She is holding my beard, kissing me with a passion nearing madness.

Only when she has gotten all she can handle she stops kissing me, “That was fucking fantastic. I mean, I can’t say that I am going to stop fooling around with my girlfriend but if you ever want to fuck again, tell me.”

I’m not heart broken but it does suck that I’m not who she thinks I am. I slowly get myself together, and tell her I am going to hit up the pharmacy and I’ll be right back. She said she would be here. I am hoping when I get back (with a tic-tac or breath mint, not an actual Plan B) we can have an all night fuck fest. But much to my disappointment she is dozing off. In fact, when I ask for a room key to get back in she is out like a light. Sadly, I don’t have anymore cum to give so I leave the room.

I decide to pack up my own room, check out of that hotel and go down the strip a couple blocks to another hotel. I don’t need her to bump into me in the hotel the next day and remember the insanity that took place and realize I’m not who she thought I was. I’ll let her get her own Plan B.

I don’t know if she experienced anymore cocks and I doubt my seed planted in its mark but it was still fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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