Bar Stars Ch. 02

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Ch. 2 – Lacey

Just another night at the Bar Lacey, you said to yourself. Drinks with the girls, dancing and many smoke breaks to get some fresh air, from the stuffy club filled with people. That was until Greg and Derrick came along.

They came at you on the dance floor, for guys they danced pretty well. Their strong bodies, doing a great job of filling out their dress shirts and from their tight black jeans you could tell they both had equally cute butts. Interested and slightly tipsy from the drinks you allowed yourself to be lured away from your girlfriends.

They offered a round of shots and you accepted, thrilled when they ordered your favorite. Taking it back like a champ you suggested a smoke break and they enthusiastically agreed. Outside it was quiet enough to talk, you learned they were best friends and roommates renting a house. The light in the smoking area provided illumination to look them both up in down in detail.

In the Bar they looked almost identical, because of their clothing. Out here it was clear they were very different. Greg was taller, towering over you at Six feet, while muscular he was Lean and Trim. He had dark hair and shining hazel eyes which shifted in the light and seemed a different shade every time he blinked. He was handsome and had an easy smile which never seemed to leave his full lips.

Derrick was shorter by an inch and had a more solid build, His hair was light brown, with Pale Grey eyes and strong features. It was hard to tell which was better looking, they both stood miles ahead of most of the douchebags who came after you at the bar. Greg rolled up his sleeves revealing dark tattoos, snaking up his arm.

The talk was pleasant, they seemed genuinely interested in what you had to say and you learned they were both in their final year of college. You caught both of them checking you out at some point in the conversation, you were rocking a sexy black dress and heels and it sent a tingle of excitement through you at being admired by such cute guys.

You considered which one you wanted to pursue but couldn’t make up your mind so instead heading back inside you dragged them both onto the dance floor.

This time around the dancing got much more physical, you took turns grinding up against either of them, feeling their hard bodies pressed against yours. Warmth started casino oyna to spread over your body as you got aroused, such close proximity was getting you excited and you could feel your pussy starting to get wet against your panties.

This only got worse when both of the guys sandwiched you between them and you felt not one but two hard lumps pressing against you, signalling that you were not the only one aroused.

This went on for a while, you danced and drank staying with them the rest of the night until Derrick the more vocal of the two suggested we all go drink at their place. Greg was sober enough to drive so you waited with Derrick, having one last smoke at the bar.

Thinking internally which guy you wanted, you knew they both wanted you. It was so obvious you would have to be a fool to miss it, the tricky part was picking one of them over the other. You liked them both, and you couldn’t decide which you would rather have more.

The thought was pushed aside as Greg rolled up in a sexy Black coupe with red racing strips. Derrick hopped in the backseat and you settled into the passenger seat. You had lots of time of time to decide you figured, the night was still young.

The Drive was short, you and Derrick spent most of it laughing and enjoying swings of Malibu from a flask Greg produced. They had a super nice house, clean and organized with all matching modern furniture, for students they seemed to be doing pretty damn well for themselves you thought absently as you settled between them on their black sectional couch.

The liquor was getting the better of you, as you found yourself being very friendly. Kissing both of them and thanking them for inviting you. The boys produced a deck of cards and you all settled into the drinking game. But more and more that warmth you felt in the club was building, feeling their bodies against yours had gotten you horny.

You would need to fuck before this night was done and as it progressed you found yourself less interested in the game and more interested in the two hard bodies on either side of you. Overcome by sudden lust and boldness, you placed a hand in both their laps and sudden suggested. “Why don’t we play different game?”

“Sure, what did you have in mind?” Derrick asked.

Licking your lips, “Well, you boys have been so good to me tonight, I want to be good canlı casino to you.” Reaching into their laps and caressing their noticeable hard on’s through their jeans. “That is, if you don’t mind sharing.” Amazed at your own boldness and excited to no end at the possibility, you waited for their response.

They looked at each other, a moment later they nodded and turned back with wide grins on their faces. “Oh we can share” Greg smiled.

With that you peeled off your dress and exposed your perky breasts. The boys moves in each one taking a breast and playing with it, sucking your nipples as they peeled off their shirts, revealing their muscular bodies.

Admiring Greg’s dark tattooed chest you caught a hint of cologne mixed with the smell of your own wet pussy. You wanted some attention between your legs so badly you stood and pulled Derricks head, pressing his face against your wet panties. He pulled them to one side and ran his tongue across your pussy lips. Finding your clit he began eating you out furiously, Kissing, licking and sucking anything he could reach.

It felt so amazing you shuddered in pleasure, looking over at Greg who had peeled off his jeans and boxers. Revealing a nice sized cock, already hard and ready to fuck. Enjoying Derrick’s tongue you took hold of Greg’s shaft in your hand and stroked it as he kissed you, his hands teasing your breasts. Feeling that hard cock in your hand overpowered your enjoyment of Derricks tongue, you needed this in you right now.

Breaking off from the boys and peeling off your panties, you went on your hands and knees in the middle of the living room. Giving both of them an amazing view of your ass, you turned your head and called back. “So which of you boys is going to fuck me first.”

Greg moved forward since Derrick still hand his pants on, you were so wet that he had no trouble working that big hard shaft inside you. Crying out in pleasure as he fucked you doggie style, you turned to see Derrick patiently waiting for his turn. Feeling guilty for leaving the guy who just gave you head hanging, beckon him over. “Come here derrick, I’ve another perfectly good hole for you.”

Taking him in your mouth was a challenge, both boys were quite big. It was a tight fit on both ends, but it felt so good you didn’t care. You sucked Derrick eagerly as your pussy got pounded. It kaçak casino felt great having a hot guy on both ends. The Hotness of the situation sent waves of pleasure as the first orgasm washed over your body. You had to pause sucking Derrick off while you regained composure.

The boys took this as a cue to switch places, and you took Greg in your mouth. You could taste yourself all over him and it only further excited you. Derrick entered your freshly fucked pussy, you noticed he was slightly shorted but thicker. It was so tight he could barely fit, but once he started thrusting nothing else mattered. You had become a slave to these cocks and as long as they kept fucking you, you would be happy.

Returning to the task at hand you swallowed Greg up with renewed vigor. He gathered up your hair and let you take him deep as you could. A moment later he rewarded you with a heavy load of cum, it filled your mouth and surprised so much that you let him go and got a sticky facial. Swallowing the remainder, you pushed back against derricks hips with your own. Both of you working each other up until you both came hard. Feeling Derrick drip from your pussy, you notice neither boys looked tired or soft.

On instinct you rose to your feet and pressed yourself against Greg, His shaft twitched at the close proximity to your dripping cunt. Guiding him home you let him enter you, as Derrick closed in behind you, his thick cock pushing up against your tight ass, you hadn’t expected this. But everything was so hot you let him slowly work himself in your ass, thankfully he was still slick from fucking you.

Both boys started fucking both your holes as you become sandwiched between both guys. The feeling is indescribable, you can feel them pressing deep, literally grinding your G-spot between them. Under this kind of treatment and recently climaxed yourself, you let out a scream of ecstasy as you cum hard between the guys.

This just makes them fuck you harder, building themselves up to orgasm as you lose focus and ride the back to back orgasms and try and stay on your feet. You can help it as your body wracked with pleasure, your knees buckle and both guys hold you up as they fuck you. Totally supported, and over stimulated you let out one last gasp before they both explode inside you.

The guys gently lower you to the floor before collapsing themselves onto the carpet, all three of you gasping for air. You wonder faintly what the rest of the night has in store. You might need to take a breather, but tonight certainly wasn’t finished yet.

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