Banished to Purgatory

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I strode briskly down the hill toward the cannery, whistling merrily. A good night’s sleep with Maude allowing me to sleep in instead of assaulting my sexual organ for once ensured that I was bright eyed and bushy tailed for the day ahead. First up was a phone call to my nearly ex father-in-law, Benjamin Goodhew.

“Morning, Benjamin. I’m afraid I’m the bearer of extremely bad news.”

“You are bad news, young Derek. The only good news is that Bethany has found a far better man than you – Peter Gilbert the manager at the Eastwell branch and the divorce papers are on the way. What do you say to that, you ungrateful wretch.”

Gee, colour me green with jealousy — not.

“I hope she has a full and happy life,” I said as meekly as I could while laughing my head off. Peter Gilbert was a fully fledged poof, shit puncher and cock sucker and who was usually the fem in any relationship he had. I hoped Bethany had enough brains to buy a strap on dildo, and a large one at that.

“Well, get on with it, you ninny!” Benjamin snarled.

“I’ve been busy looking into things here and it’s bloody awful. You remember that contract you signed with Langhams? Well, we’ve been selling the cannery produce for less that it costs to catch it, can it and freight it, and we’ve been doing it for at least five years.”


“The cannery is going backwards at such a rapid rate you will have to close it today if you’re going to salvage anything out of it.”

“Shit, fuckin’ shit.”

“Last week, only two of the boats chose to land second rate catch here so the canning lines have had people standing around doing nothing.”

“Shit, shit, fuckin’ shit!” A man of limited vocabulary. “The workers haven’t been paid for five weeks and are not happy.”

“Fuck ’em, the shits”

“I haven’t been paid at all.”

“Fuck you, you ungrateful shit!”

“That cannery down the coast, Brown Brothers, I think, have offered 35 cents in the dollar and I think we should take it.”

“Not bloody likely! I’d rather close it down and let it rust rather than let those shits steal it from me. Bloody highway robbery!”

“There is another group of local business men who are willing to pay 55 cents in the dollar but they have no experience in running a cannery, but that’s the only other offer I’ve managed to find.”

“Shit, shit, fuckin’ shit! I presume you have paperwork to back up what you’ve told me?”

“Sent it up by messenger yesterday. You should have it this morning. The locals want an answer by mid day.”

“Fuck ’em, they can fuckin’ well wait.” And he slammed the phone down.

I was smiling broadly when Raewyn came through the door with my morning coffee. “You look pleased. All go to plan, then?”

“Yep. Hey, look at you.” She rapidly acquired some colour to her cheeks as I slowly looked her up and down. Firstly her short blonde hair had a softness and tidiness I had not seen before. She was wearing a hint of make up sufficient to show her marvelous blue eyes to advantage. But it was what she was wearing that really got my attention. Gone was the baggy pink sweater and formless jeans. The top was of some form of thin material and coloured a vivid light blue with a scoop neck displaying her mouth watering blue veined cans to my avid eyes. They nestled together with a pronounced cleavage that was riveting to say the least. The prominent bumps pointing at me would have been classified as dangerous weapons at any airport security in the world. Tearing my reluctant eyes away, I discovered that Rae had far less waist than I’d previously thought. Her hips while large were nicely rounded and she was wearing a skirt that moulded them nicely. My eyes flared as I noted that the skirt ended mid thigh showing off her strong tanned thighs and dimpled knees. I’ve always been a sucker for casino oyna big girls in minis and I’m absolutely sure that the desk rose six inches as my cock saluted in appreciation.

“Good grief, girl, you’re a walking wet dream.”

“Ooh, Derek, you have such a way with words.” Rae turned slowly enough for me to see the outline of her shelf like bosom and minced out of the room, her rolling arse cheeks and her shapely legs guaranteed a rapid sweating of the brow. I wondered what had brought on this change in attire from frump to sex queen.

I’d made several phone calls to various contacts including the bank, when Raewyn appeared at the door leaning against one of the jambs. “Bill Morrison’s here to see you.”

She moved away and Bill Morrison backed into the office staring after the vision retreating back to her desk. “Fuck me, young Derek, never realised what a sexy tart that Rae was. She’ll have all young deck hands, and a few of the older ones, treading on their tongues and fighting to get into her pants. Shit, we all thought she was gay but she’s obviously catting for a fuck. I’d give her one too, but my missus would cut it off if she found out.”

I was frowning and shaking my head as jealous thoughts entered my head. I snapped out of it and regarded Bill with what I hoped was some degree of composure.

“Gotcha, young Derek, you’ve the hots for that young girl and here I thought you couldn’t get it up unless they were fat and fifty.”

“Fuck off, Bill.” I got back to the business at hand and briefed him on where we were up to. Bill was the senior captain of the trawling fleet. We had several discussions culminating in his agreement to head up the local consortium of ‘businessmen’ to buy out the cannery.

“Will he go for it, young Derek?”

“I think he will. In the stuff I sent him yesterday was a request for an interview by that Fred Jacobs, the bloodhound reporter from Business Daily. Knowing my unlamented father-in-law, he will do anything rather than let his enemies know that he’s failed at something. He’ll jump ship and we will jump right in.”

I then outlined the new business plan that involved invoking the clause ceasing the contract with Langhams if the business changed hands, showed him the art work for the can labels that made prawns, squid, various fish and rock lobster look positively mouth watering, and the new contract with Langham’s main rival food chain that contained clauses relating to market fluctuations ensuring the cannery would never again be operating in anything less than a profit situation.

The phone rang. It was the father-in-law. “Fuck you, Derek, you lousy incompetent shit. I’ve signed that fuckin’ contract with that local contract, and because you’ve done such a shithouse job looking after my business, you can get fucked. I’ve sent the divorce papers with the contract and I never want to hear from you again, you worthless worm!”

For the second time that morning, a phone was slammed in my ear. Grinning, I gently replaced my receiver and gave Bill the thumbs up.

“I think that calls for some celebrations at the pub tonight, young Derek. Better get your end away early because you’ll be legless by midnight.” He left the office and turned off the master switch for the filleting lines, stood at the top of the stairs and told the workers that they now owned a canning factory that he and his fellow skippers, as partners would be fully supporting it. Further, young Derek would be staying on as manager even if he had to shackle the little fucker’s legs to the desk. The applause and cheering was somewhat stunning to me but I managed to go out to the landing to shake Bill’s hand and raise it in victory. Bill then advised the new owners that they could have a half day off but all to report to the pub by five.

“Are you coming home for lunch, canlı casino young Derek?” Maude yelled up at me. She was immediately surrounded by half a dozen randy old tarts demanding an invitation.

“Thanks Maude, but no. I’ve a teleconference with a marketing firm for our new product line and that’s likely to last hours. I’ll meet you at the pub no later than five.”

Maude looked disappointed and was bustled out by a throng of happy workers going home to get into their glad rags. Bill shook my hand and told me he would meet me at five.

I returned to the office and was met by Raewyn. Gently she hugged me and bussed me on the cheek. “Congratulations Derek. Not only have you won a bright future for the town and the workers, you’ve also won their hearts and minds. Now, off to that teleconference, I’ve got serious programs to write.” And off I went to three hours of heavy marketing strategy and decisions.

Straight after I’d hung up, I saw the lights go off in the outer office. Raewyn appeared at the door, closed it and leant against it in such a way as to thrust her bazookas into greater prominence, if that were possible. She withdrew her hands from behind her and showed me an icy bottle of champagne and two glasses.

“I heard what that old bugger, Bill Morrison said about getting your end away before you got on the booze with him and his old cronies. I wish to volunteer. I might warn you that I’m absolutely hopeless when it comes to alcohol. One glass and I go all wobbly! I do believe that I’d probably be completely shameless, just like me mam.”

She advanced toward me and placed the bottle and glasses on the desk. “By the way, me mam also told me what I was missing out on by hanging onto my useless virginity. Heavens above, I’m 26 and overdue to be popped, don’t you think, young Derek.”

I was pouring the champagne and almost dropped the bottle as she slowly pulled her top up and over her head. Her delicious breasts had been pulled up as she did so and once clear of the top they dropped back and positively quivered at me, her beautifully turgid nipples irritated all day by the top loudly announced their need to be suckled. My straining dick sent a quivering response.

“Get naked, young Derek, and clear the desk. I’ve a need that’s urgent and only you can do something about it.”

I ripped my tie off and frantically unbuttoned my shirt as I took in the sight of Raewyn bending slightly to push her mini skirt down from her well rounded hips and over her muscular thighs. I caught a glimpse of her elongated tits and was halfway out of my shirt when her blonde bushy pubes came into view. She wore no panties!! As I unbuckled my belt, I saw the skirt puddle at her feet and watched her straighten up. The sheen on her inner thighs and the sudden aroma of aroused female was clear evidence of her heat. I dropped my strides and kicked my shoes off, never taking my eyes off the naked woman in front of me. I deftly rid myself of socks watching as her hand moved between her thighs and using a finger commenced frotting herself. Another hand reached out to the end of her mountainous breast and pinched an already excited nipple.

Putting the wine and glasses to one side, I cleared the desk in one swoop and moved around the desk and reached for her. Her eyes widened as she saw the aroused state of my cock, pointing and quivering at an eighty degree angle, and weeping drops of desire onto the carpet. I had just taken both her shoulders in my hands when she suddenly dropped to her knees, grabbed my rigid dick with both hands and licked the drooling pre-cum from base to top. Then, like a starving waif, her hot mouth descended and engulfed the already sensitive head.

“Please don’t Rae or I’ll explode,” I groaned. I lifted her up and spun her around so that her large bum rested against the desk. It kaçak casino was my turn to drop to my knees and parting her strong thighs with my shoulder, I saw her beautifully shaped cunt for the first time. I slowly licked up the juices on one thigh while looking up at her. Her eyes closed in rapture as I slowly licked the other. Unable to resist, I reached up and grasped her magnificent torpedoes just as I started licking her oozing twat from bottom to top. She groaned as I deliberately avoided the burgeoning button of her clitoris while I coaxed her outer lips to peel open to reveal the hot moist inner lips. While pinching her rock hard nipples, I stabbed my tongue into her hot depths then swooped upon the quivering tiny cock like clit that had burst from its hood. Several sucks later, my chin and chest were suddenly covered with a burst of her viscous climax. Absolutely incredible!!

She swooned back onto the desk and grabbed me by my ears to haul me upright. “Fuck me, Derek, fuck me or I’ll die.” Her knees rose and separated further as I reached for my cock. Forcing it to horizontal, I swiped it up and down her oozing cunt and then finding the right spot pushed it in an inch or so. I grabbed her breasts and slowly, ever so slowly, used them to pull my cock into her tight love canal until I fetched up against her cervix. Slowly out and then rapidly in to sheathe myself entirely within her grasping cunt vastly enjoying the primal need to inseminate, to dominate, to make her mine.

Raewyn heaved her rounded stomach up and groaned and I felt a sudden rush of fluid on my balls. Could this woman cum or what!! I lowered my head to her heaving breast and began to suckle first one then the other nipple as I started pistoning in and out of her in the age old dance of love. Faster and fast I went until pleasurable restraint gave way to the primal need to plant my seed. I did, copiously, raising myself up on rigid arms as I shouted my release. She dragged my head down and kissed me passionately poking her tongue into my mouth in time with my slowing thrusts.

“Oooh, Derek, that is positively the greatest enjoyment I’ve ever had and better by far than my dildos. Oooh, it’s still hard and getting harder. Get down on the floor and let me have a ride.”

That first sight of this magnificent woman as she gently rode me to numerous climaxes while ensuring her mammaries were well lavished and handled will stay with me until my death bed.

Just after five, we entered the crowded pub to raucous cheers, jeers and filthy talk occasioned no doubt by Rae’s post orgasmic blush and her sexy outfit. Cries of “Derek’s had his end away”, “Rae you filthy wretch, I haven’t had him yet”, “Fuck me, she’s had a right going over”, and such like further heightened her blush and made me get a little red in the face as well. My comment that we had been going over reports were greeted with howls of derision and laughter and one comment that flew at us insisted we’d been cumming over reports instead, made me laugh.

Raewyn had her arm through mine as we fought our way to the bar only to be joined by Maude who put her arm through my other elbow. She looked around me at Rae and grinned widely. “I told you he would be ripe for the plucking if you wore that outfit, or was that fucking. Don’t look at me like that, young Derek. Sometimes you lame brained men need to be dragged to bed, you’re so stupid. Now don’t you go getting pissed as Rae’s mum and I have a surprise for you later and if Rae is still up for it, she’ll be joining us.”

Rae and I never got married but we lived together and had a brood of kids. The sight of her pregnant, great ballooning tits over her fecund tummy as she rode me would have me spurting in seconds while she yelled for more. She was happy to share me and often joined in. The cannery, fishing fleet and town prospered and I continue to thank my lucky stars that my ex-wife and father-in-law had come home when they did while roved up Jenny, their old cook. I could not have been banished to a better place, ever!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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