Bad M.I.L.F Vol. 03 – The New Batch Ch. 01

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“Dean Brennan will see you tomorrow at two, don’t forget.”

“Wait a minute; you’re talking about Catherine Brennan, right?” I got this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“Yes, she is the current dean of students and a member of our board of regents.” The assistant abruptly hung up in my face as I nearly pissed myself in the back of that taxi. I’d never met her in any capacity before that afternoon in my kitchen and she probably would have introduced herself formally if I hadn’t already been strung out and stressed from my situation with her daughter Carry Anne and two of her grandchildren. Fear washed over me along with the memories of exposing myself to this powerful woman who could destroy my future and freedom at the same time. I’d pounced on her partly as payback to my ex-girlfriend and anger at the crazed antics of her granddaughter, Courtney McIntyre. Every bone in my body seized up as I saw my college education flash before my eyes.


BAD M.I.L.F Volume 3-The New Batch Ch. 1

I’d been up most of the night worrying about my collegiate future dosing off three hours before sunrise. I awoke midday with a migraine wondering if security would be waiting to place the cuffs on me after everything, I’d done to the matriarch days prior had me considering a jaunt to the airport and my parent’s home. The thought of explaining my predicament was daunting enough that I nixed the idea altogether as I showered. I cursed myself as I got ready, putting on a casual suit afterwards for a meeting that was still an hour away. She had introduced herself cordially enough after being found inside my kitchen, but I was having none of it. Her granddaughter had already done a number on me, so I wasn’t having it, thinking the woman was a part of some conspiracy. I pressed the matter for lack of a better term, ending up screwing the older woman to distraction until Courtney appeared interrupting what probably would’ve lasted well into the night. I hadn’t thought much about it after because of back to back episodes with Chrystal and Carry Anne. I packed the items left behind by Courtney into a bag before catching a ride over to the Dean’s offices. I was determined to find some inner clarity before the meeting with Catherine but found it awkward shaking my apprehension. There were already people there, even a guy with his attorney. Two security officers were speaking heatedly with a group of students in a huddle making me wonder just how crazy things had gotten outside my campus apartment.

“Hey cutie, what’s up?” I looked up from my inner thoughts finding a woman standing there I’d doubted existed until that moment.

“You?” She looked familiar.

“Malaya Padilla, nice to meet you, brother.” She was Filipina, still appearing like some nerdy, librarian chick with a thick pair of horn-rimmed glasses. Malaya was wearing a business suit and some Mary Jane-type shoes at the bottom of shapely legs.

“We know each other, right?”

“Depends, are you litigious?” Malaya scooted into a seat beside me, a little closer than I would have preferred, but I wasn’t intimidated.

“No more than anyone else; so, I feel like I know you from somewhere, what’s up with that?”

“We know one another in the most biblical of terms; ten minutes of which I spent distinctly riding your impressive cock.”

“Well, for your information Malaya, I was stoned.”

“Oh yes, a potent designer mixture of my own design; its great for parties, but then you already knew that, huh?”

“Bitch.” Her casual attitude was striking.

“Relax, I’m not sloppy enough to fuck with somebody without insurance; check it out.” Malaya produced her I-phone leaning forward showing me a video file of Courtney sucking me off. My face was in frame as I climaxed hard in the nineteen-year-old’s mouth.

“What do you want?!”



“Somebody asks, we were fucking that night; plain and simple narrative.”


“I have some other stuff you might not like; just say we were fucking if anybody asks. Don’t think about it, just say we were doing it.”


“So, that is a yes, right? I don’t have to go public with this shit and you can keep everything you’ve got. I’m just trying to keep things under the hat, brother and you really don’t want this shit going public, right?”

“Okay, just leave me alone, please.”

“So, that’s a yes, right?”

“Y-E-S.” I phonetically spelled it out, just wanting Malaya to go away. She was a non-entity as far as I was concerned.

“Thanks cutie; you’re so nice. Maybe we can get together some time when I’m free.” She was all smiles, giving me a kiss on the cheek before walking down the hall towards the dean’s office before returning minutes later.

“Dean Brennan will see you now.”


“Dean-Brennan will see-you NOW.” She emphasized as I recognized her voice from the call, I’d received on the phone earlier as we traversed the short corridor together.

“So, you were supposed to be watching Courtney during her weekend campus visit and you just plain fucked it up, huh Malaya?”

“Hardly, the girl is an entitled casino siteleri poser; but we share an appetite for unmitigated chaos. Imagine my surprise when I arrived at your flat to find the clueless nitwit playing with your oh so manly cock? Can’t lose a prime position here on campus because of Dean Brennan’s gullible granddaughter.”

“I get it.”

“Of course, you do, cutie.” Malaya pinched me as I stepped into the office.

It was the first time I’d ever been to the dean’s office as I generally kept a low profile on campus. I was pretty much an amended shut-in owing that behavior to a single-minded educational focus. My peers had me pegged into the bookworm slot when I’d was halfheartedly kidnapped friends determined to get me laid. My subsequent meeting with Chrystal had led to this moment as I was about to meet some kind of judgment at the hands of her grandmother, Catherine Brennan. This office was deep, rectangular and furnished with comfortable, yet dated pieces that spoke to her storied tenure on the college. I was surrounded on either side by huge, stocked bookshelves.

“Yes, I understand your feelings on the matter perfectly and will take that under consideration.” Catherine was sitting behind this large oak desk covered with a large number of student files that presumably belonged to other suspected students. She was facing away from me peering from an antique chair out of the window at the campus proper.

“A vendor is being vetted for the restoration, but I must register my reservations about the matter if some members of the student body felt strongly enough about the issue to take to defacing the monument.” I could hear someone yelling on the other end of her receiver.

“Wednesday then, eighteen holes over the matter and the tarp stays over the statue. We will make our best efforts to find those responsible and expel them from this institution.” My heat leapt into my throat as I wondered if the “fix” was in. Malaya’s actions would seem to dictate that course of action by a powerful woman embarrassed at being turned out. Carry Anne had probably placed that bug in her ear after finding me with her teenage daughter. In that instant, I was determined not to make it easy for Catherine to dispense with me.

“Oh.” She looked genuinely surprised finding me there as she turned in her chair.

“Yeah, I’m there too, Catherine.” I reclined in the seat trying to appear unfazed by my situation. I also wondered how the chair she was sitting on supported her massive ass.

“Yes, this is awkward indeed.”

“Tell me about it.”

“My office handles these matters in tandem with our security staff; there was no way I could avoid it even if I wanted to young man.”

“So, what are the other big wigs going to say when they find out Courtney is responsible for this mess?”

“Uhm, we can’t be certain of that for sure; there’s going to have to be a long, protracted investigation of the matter at hand. My granddaughter isn’t even on the list of suspects.”

“But I am, Catherine?!”

“It was unfortunate, but your apartment door bore a spray-painted mark that was found at several other vandalized locations around the campus.”

“That was put there by your granddaughter, Courtney; but then again, you already know that, huh Catherine?”

“It seems there is some unmitigated hostility in the air.”

“More big words, but it’s all plain black and white when you look at it from the outside. Guess that’s why you scooped Courtney up and bounced while I was asleep, huh?”


“Calm down grandma, don’t want anybody finding out about us, do you?” I watched her fidget about in her seat looking for some way to explain me away. Catherine wanted to cheapen me as a person even though she’d also been with me.

“That is not an accurate assessment of the situation at all, sir.”

“Right; how’d you look in the mirror after getting ten years of neglect washed away in a single day? This my reward for handling your big monster ass, Catherine?!”

“You don’t understand the gravity of this matter; it’s complicated!” I rolled my eyes as Catherine spoke feeling emboldened.

“Man, never thought I’d hear this shit; what a progressive world we live in these days. Surprised you didn’t leave a pair of C-Notes on the bedside table, Catherine.”

“Stop it; you must allow me to explain.” I’d had enough of her crap standing up as she flinched. I glared at her for a few moments before walking over placing my right palm flat on her desk. I leaned in close looking Catherine directly in the eyes.

“You’re not pinning this shit on me, bitch.” Her thin bottom lip quivered and shook a bit as minute crows feet appeared at their corners.

“How dare you!” Catherine gasped.

“Yeah, right.” I’d already started walking out of the office, trembling hands shoved inside my pockets.

“WAIT!” Her movements were ungainly as a number of files toppled onto the thin, gray carpet when she rose to her feet. Her fingers were interlocked in front of her zaftig figure as she cautiously approached me. Catherine had this sort of crestfallen countenance as she softly approached canlı casino putting a hand on my bicep. I carefully peeled her fingers away never taking my eyes off hers. There was some hurt on her weathered features, but you could tell that she was particularly attractive in her day. Catherine Brennan had her hair pinned up leaving a rounded face open to scrutiny.

Her cheeks sagged a bit offset by the high collar of her blouse. Catherine was visibly fretting, placing a hand on my peck as if to stop me from leaving. She appeared at a loss for words, drawing her hand backward finding the lower rung of some beads hanging from her neck. I could see some effort on her part to speak, unable to find the right words. Before she could utter a sound, I leaned in pressing my lips to hers finding the inside of her mouth easily. Her left breast hung heavy in my palm finding no resistance from the Rubenesque matriarch. I abruptly drew away backing towards the door, unwilling to let nature take its course.

“By the way, I fucked your granddaughter yesterday.” Catherine for her part, looked shocked rubbing her jowly cheek, her mouth agape. I left her alone in the large office pondering my next move if Catherine came after me. Unsurprisingly, I found Malaya behind the door in the corridor staring wide eyed with this incredulous grin on her face.

“What, I didn’t say your name?”

“Man, you are my fucking hero! Dinner’s on me babe, you game or what?” Malaya locked her arms around the closest bicep, smiling up at me. I stared at her for a few seconds feeling the swell of her modest chest against my arm. Malaya nodded profusely wanting an answer before I simply shrugged. She would serve as a fitting last meal if my world turned upside down.

“Hey, do I have to pay for dinner, first?” Malaya asked sweetly.

It was completely comical for me, Malaya and anyone within watching distance as I walked up the short steps to my front door carrying the petite, twenty something like a baby. Her arms and legs were locked around my chest as the sexy Filipina made out with me as I fumbled for my keys. Once inside the apartment our impromptu acrobatics continued as I turned the athletic student upside down holding her aloft as she went after my zipper. Her plump, muscular thighs ended up locked around my neck.

“Where are your panties?”

“I took’em off in the car; didn’t you see that shit?”

“NO!” I’d been looking at my phone finding a ton of messages I ignored while Malaya chattered with our driver about some band they liked.

“More eating, less talking.” She ordered yanking my erection out in the open.

Malaya Padilla turned out a revelation of physicality taking my endowment in all ten fingers nearly taking half of me between thick lips, all while upside down. Her taste was unique and distinctly exotic as my arms locked around her abdomen completing the maneuver. Her technique was decidedly intense, vacuum sucking and stroking hard. Her grip on me was vice like as her moans filled the living room. Malaya’s actions had me involuntarily working my hips against her chin.

“Come on meat, lets get over there on the couch.” Malaya wanted to move things along as I lowered her to the floor. She made it to the couch in three paces yanking up her skirt, revealing a fuller butt then I would have imagined. Malaya tossed her thick horn-rimmed glasses on the coffee table mounting the couch with a pronounced arch in her back. Her posture spoke to her sexual experience as I stuffed her tight cunt full.

“Hey, lets get down on the floor so you can REALLY give it to ME!!” She suggested ten minutes into our coupling.

“Uhm, sure.” Her enthusiasm threw me off as she scrambled down onto the floor.

Malaya got down on my living room floor demonstrating more of her gymnastic prowess in a prone position with her lower back arched up off the floor supported solely by her knees. Her legs were spread nearly adjacent to her pelvis as she rode low to the floor. The Asian beauty formed a perfect “Y-Shape” from my vantage point. Even despite my particular proclivity, Malaya had an incredible looking bubble butt.

“Loose the rags, GET DOWN HERE and FUCK ME UP, dick boy!!” She rolled her hips impatient to get started.

The Asian student went from 0 to 1000 in seconds rolling and bouncing her bubble butt against me. It was almost like getting a massage as she used her hips to stroke my girth with surgical precision, leaving only the bottom third of my member exposed. I couldn’t believe how wet Malaya’s syrupy insides were. Her needs were locked in place providing a stationary target for my thrusting overtures. Her skirt had ridden up onto the small of her back, still proving to be somewhat of a hindrance until I drew the zipper down tossing it away. Malaya was ahead of me pulling her blazer over her shoulders, discarding it like a t-shirt with this manic sense of urgency. This had the added effect of ruffling her brunette, shoulder length locks as she propped herself up on both palms.

“Pagod na ako ng paghihintay, ngayon ako ay may lakas ng loob ngayon!!” Malaya screamed so excited that she spoke in her native language.

“Oo, kaçak casino iyan! Nararamdaman ko ang lahat ng ito sa aking tiyan!! Fuck yes, gawin ito tulad na!!” It was futile getting Malaya under control as she got into our negotiated hookup. I was taken aback as she rocked her hips, essentially masturbating me with her sex.


“Oh, it’s like that, huh?” She glanced back over her shoulder with this self-assured smirk on her face.


“You’re a little young to be going the mid-life crisis route, so I’m guessing your control issues are reactionary. You seem a little put off by my style and I know you stuffed Dean Brennan who’s about as uptight as a woman can get. So, you got it first, huh?”


“Somebody showed you the way; turned you out and you’re ashamed of it, huh?” Her hips never stopped undulating as she tensed up around my girth. Malaya had a predatory look on her face even running her tongue over her plump lips.


“Yeah, sure it is cutie; so, it was Crystal maybe, but I’m thinking someone else, perhaps? Definitely not Dean Brenan even though you boinked that monster booty, huh? Oh yeah, you’ve got a nice fucking cock, dawg…So, uhm I’m guessing it wasn’t Courtney because I saw what she did with the dick and it was oh, so fucking lame.”

“We fucking or what, Malaya?” I was growing weary of her line of questioning.

“Both.” She gasped open mouthed, breathing heavy and hard arching her back upward until her apple butt was wedged against the base of my erection.

“Stop talking.” She smirked pulling on of my hands up to her covered breasts. I could feel these piercings in her modest chest.

“Getting, close am I, cutie?” Malaya mouthed as I tweaked the piercings in her boobs, before covering them with my hands outright.

“Shut up.” The buttons on her shirt popped coming apart as I felt this sheer material under my fingertips. Malaya was wearing a nylon bra that was more ceremonial in nature than anything else.

“Not the ex-girlfriend, lame sauce Courtney McIntyre or granny tight britches, eh? OOOOHHHH, so uhm, you went for the complete set huh? Don’t try to hide it; I’m a psychology major, you know.”

I mashed and shoved my unit against her slit with strong, yet short thrusts putting my back and everything I had into giving Malaya Padilla the business. The resultant shriek was ear splitting as she began squirting all over the carpet beneath her. The sound of my pelvis slapping up against her butt was deafening. I yanked the shirt away from her back finding some angel wing tattoos there, while her thick nipples were pierced with black and red beads on either side. The only articles of clothing on her body were white knee-high stockings and the aforementioned Mary Jane-type shoes which were had a heel built into the sole. Malaya’s figure was comparable to that of a swimmer or Olympic level gymnast, enhanced visually with a lightened olive complexion. I used my strength moving forward up on my knees until I could plant my hands flat on the carpet on either side of her body. Malaya followed my movements expertly lowering herself onto the floor with barely any change in posture. I’d wanted her to shut up, putting an excessive amount of force behind my actions, but found myself outclassed when I she began licking the space between my thumb and pointer finger, signaling her approval.

“Oh yeah baby; this how you fucked your girlfriend’s mommy, huh?”


“Yeah sure, I’m not judging, or anything dick boy; just keep it up cause I’m about to fucking explode all over your thick cock, baby!!”

“Just SHUT UP, already!” This seemed to set her off as Malaya worked her hips hard in this circular motion that took us both over the edge. The verbal aggression seemed to fuel her sexual nature. I was suspended over her in a sort of prone, pushup position giving it everything I had. Both of us were glistening with perspiration.

“OH SHIT, NAKAKUHAY AKO ANG MALUSOG SA MALALAKING KITANG IBA PANG!! NAGPAPATAKBO NITO AKO SA AKING SARILI!! OH FUCK, OH SHIT!!” True to her word, Malaya climaxed explosively underneath me for nearly five minutes as I took advantage of the situation capturing her athletic legs between my thighs. It only took three thrusts before I pulled out coating her peachy cheeks in milky glaze. I tapped my semi-spent cock on her left cheek before dismounting.

“You don’t know anything about me.” I found a seat on the arm of my couch staring at the mess I’d made. Malaya rolled over on her side cupping one of her pert, breasts with this lazy smirk still on her face.

“Help me up, babe.” I reached down pulling her up to her feet easily enough. Malaya rewarded me with this deep kiss encircling my neck with her arms. Her tongue wrestled sensually with my own, making me grow hard again. We both stared down at my tumescence while she softly stroked it to full hardness. She grinned at me before kneeling and taking me between her plump lips again. Her technique was different this time, more calculated with attention to detail to the crown and underside of the shaft. She managed to throat me in several toe-curling intervals before standing to rub my cock against her mound. It was a different sensation than I was used to combined with her pillow soft hand gestures. I shot several thick ropes of cum onto her pubic mound while she cooed in my ear.

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