Bad Luck for Me

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I wasn’t very happy. My boss made me take a vacation because I hadn’t taken one in years. Ever since I divorced my wife, I simply drowned myself with work. I didn’t want to date or even look at another woman. I was just so damn heart broken. Heather was perfect to me. I guess she didn’t feel that way about me since she had an affair with her old crush from high school.

My boss said that I was still too young to be working like a hermit. Granted, I’m in my late twenties, I just didn’t want to get out there and date again. He suggested I take a camping trip of some sort. Working in the tech industry can really spoil you. Not knowing what else to do, I took his advice. I booked a 3 night stay at some camp grounds near Mount Baker.

I’ve never been the outdoors type. My family never went camping. I’ve gone a couple times with some friends when I was still married, but Heather usually packed everything and I was in charge of getting us there and back. I looked in my closet to see what camping gear I had. After finding the necessities, I shoved them into my Prius and left. I’d packed a notebook, a sketchbook, and my guitar just in case I got some kind of inspiration while I was out there. I doubted there would be wifi or even a cell signal at the camp grounds.

Mount Baker was a couple hours away and half way there I noticed the sky was no longer blue. The dark clouds rolled in like a thief in the night. I wasn’t worried though, I figured by the time it started to rain, I’d be at the camp ground already. Boy was I wrong. When I got to the foot of the mountain, the rain was already coming down. I slowly drove up the mountain until I saw a sign that pointed me towards my destination. I got very uneasy when the paved road turned into a dirt one.

I took a deep breath and trudged on. Times like this I wish I had a Jeep or some kind of all wheel drive vehicle instead of this damn Prius. Luckily, it didn’t seem like I had to travel up or down a slop of any kind. But whatever luck, ran out. My front end dipped with a sicken thud and jolted my body down with it. I was now leaning to my left at an alarming angle. I tapped my gas pedal and could hear the wheels spinning in the mud. I reversed and got the same result.

I was stuck. My heart sank as I opened my door to get out. My front driver side was laying at ground level. I looked around to see if I could maybe jam something down there so that the tire would catch when I gunned the engine, but no luck. I tried to use my phone to see how far away the campground were but had no cell signal. Frustrated and nearly feeling defeated, I started to frantically look for anything that could help me get out of this terrible situation.

I was soaking wet and decided that maybe the best canlı bahis course of action was to sit in my car until a park ranger found me. I was starting to worry if a bear or mountain lion could be out there. I sat there cursing myself, my boss, and Heather for what was happening to me. This would have never happened if Heather wasn’t a whore. Or if my boss would have just minded his own damn business, I wouldn’t be stuck here. Just then something in my rear view mirror caught my eye.

A big pickup truck was rolling towards me. Finally, a break! I got out and tried to flag it down. The big old green Ford truck pulled up next to me. The window rolled down and a older rough looking guy asked if I needed some help. I nodded so he hopped out to survey the situation. He introduced himself as Ben and said there was nothing he could do. He didn’t have any equipment to pull me out but the rangers would be by in the morning.

I told Ben I was headed to the campgrounds, which was lucky for me because he was staying there for the week also. We quickly grabbed my stuff and tossed it in the bed of his truck where he covered it with a tarp. The camp site was another 20 minute drive, that gave us enough time to chat. I gave him my quick summary of why I was there and he explained that he was retired and went camping. hunting, and fishing very often.

My campsite was only a couple down from his. Since it was raining, he thought it’d be a good idea if he helped me set up my tent. After we dragged it out, Ben asked where my tent poles were. I looked and looked but couldn’t find the little green bag they were in. I must have left it at home or misplaced them. He chuckled and asked if I’d like to camp with him. I didn’t really have a choice at this point so I relented and thanked him.

He was defiantly prepared. At his site, the tent was up, there was a fold out table with a chair and a nice covering over it. All of his stuff was dry under it. He notified my his tent could fit 6 people so there was more than enough room. I unpacked my stuff under his covering and thanked him again. I took a good look at him. He was a burly guy. You could tell he know how to work with his hands. Ben was a true mountain man. He the beard and everything. I bet in his younger days, he was a very handsome guy.

I was snapped out if it when he asked me if I had anything to eat. I grabbed a couple cans of pork and beans. I took them and asked where the can opener was. I flushed red and shook my head to myself. Ben busted out laughing.

“You don’t go camping much do you boy?” He chuckled. Ben grabbed his knife and expertly opened the cans up. I was amazed how easily he did things. He started a campire and said I should go and change before I got sick. I got into bahis siteleri the tent and changed. Inside he had his sleeping bag, a duffel bag of clothes, and what looked like a very sharp machete. I guess you could never be too careful. As I was moving about, I accidentally kicked his duffel bag. I saw a couple porno magazines. I flipped through one and saw pictures of women getting fucked in every position imaginable.

Ben called out that the food was ready. I put everything back to where I found it and went out to eat. During dinner, Ben told me about his wife passing years ago. He was formerly in the Navy and owned a construction company. He broke out some beer and we talked into the night. I’d had a hell of a day so I said I was gonna turn in. He agreed and he was also going to bed. As he zipped up the tent behind us, I unrolled my sleeping bag. Ben got settled in his as I got a surprise in mine. It was soaked. I was tired, buzzed from the beer and had no more patience.

Ben must have sensed something because he asked if I was ok. I told him my sleeping bag was wet and he said I was the unluckiest SOB he’d met in a long time. He laughed and unzipped his bag. Come on boy, hop on in. I won’t bite. I just wanted this day to end. All I could think about was a tree falling on us while we slept since I was so unlucky. I tried to keep a distance away from Ben and not make contact but it was useless. We ended up back to back. That was probably the most ideal way of two guys to sleep in a sleeping bag. As I dose off, I cursed Heather and my boss one last time.

Feeling groggy, I awoke in the middle of the night. Something was tickling my neck. I realized it was Ben’s beard. I froze as I felt his big hand caressing my ass. He was mumbling in his sleep, “…Come on…Marian please…oh Marian.” He must be dreaming of his wife. To my shock and horror, I could feel his manhood erect against me. I felt a little embarrassed for him. He’d helped me so much today, I didn’t want make him feel bad or awkward. I was hoping maybe he’d quickly wake up or something.

The worst thing I could imagine happen was he dry hump me, cum and then leave me alone. But my bad luck was still over me. His rough hand slid under my sweats and underwear. Ben said something about Marian’s sweet ass as he nuzzled his face into the back of my neck. He was starting to dry hump me and pull down my underwear. I closed my eyes tight and hoped that he would stop soon. Confused, I felt my own cock hard as a rock. The thought of Ben potentially fucking me was erotic. As he fondled my ass, my breathing became harder. Something was coming over me. I wanted him to fuck me.

I helped him be pulling down my underwear and exposing my ass. I reached behind and fumbled with bahis şirketleri his under wear until I freed his cock. I wasn’t sure how big it was, but it had some girth to it. Horny like a bitch in heat, i pressed my ass against him. His other arm slid under me and grabbed my chest as if there were tits there. His cock was sliding up and down my ass. I could feel his precum slip into my crack with every thrust. This was going to be my way of thanking him.

“Oh Marian,” He growled in my ear as I could feel the head of his cock start to enter me. I braced myself as the pressure began. He must have noticed something because he was no longer doing the dry humping thrust. He felt the pressure also. Ben slowly entered in me. I fought back a scream as his cock slid into my virgin hole. I kept thinking that it was ok, this was my way of thanking him. He stroked my ass and massage my chest as he continued to slide into me. I felt his hips against my ass and I knew he was all the way in.

I sighed and felt him withdraw slowly, only to slowly slide in again. I couldn’t believe I was letting this man fuck me. But I didn’t care. Ben pulled me tight to him as he started to slowly fuck me. I could feel his heavy breathing on my neck as I reached down to stroke my hard cock.

“Oh yes Marian. Play with your pussy while I fuck you baby,” He breathlessly says. The burning in my ass was starting to subside into some pleasure. I just wanted to make Ben feel good. I timed my stroke with his thrusts. He was starting to pick up some speed. I could hear the ruffling of the sleeping bag and the skin on skin slapping of him against my ass. I tried to stay quiet, not knowing if any other campers were around. I really didn’t look when we got here. But I couldn’t help some moans and grunts escape my lips.

I wanted more of him inside me. I started to thrust my ass into him. He must have gotten the memo because he gripped my ass and really started to give it to me. He growled, “You like that baby? You want more?” Still inside me, Ben rolled me to my stomach and then hammered his cock into me. I grabbed a pillow and moaned like a whore into it. With his hands on my hips, he fucked me like a possessed animal. I couldn’t take it anymore, I came…I came hard.

I felt my mind go numb. I was being used like a bitch and still didn’t care. I raised my ass and clenched it. That did something because Ben started to moan. His hands slipped under me and grabbed my chest. He rammed and rammed my ass until I felt the last push and a warm feeling filled me. Ben collapsed on me and rolled to his side with me still in his arms. I could still feel his cock in me, softening as his cum slid from my thoroughly fucked hole. I heard him snore and with a smile on my face, I fell asleep also.

Was I gay now? I don’t know. I just know, Ben just fucked me, and I enjoyed it. Let’s see how the rest of the trip will go. I’m hoping that at least every night ends just like this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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