Backyard Fantasies Ch. 02

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Mrs. Brenda Dunn is my mother’s very sexy girlfriend and our neighbor had just begun sliding her hand inside my jeans when my cock jumped up to meet her grasp. It was electric as I felt her grinding her nipples into my bare back as we watched my mother from outside her bathroom window undressing for her nightly shower.

“She does have a sexy body; doesn’t she?” Mrs. Dunn commented as her fingers wrapped around my swelling cock.

“Oh yeah! I’d do her in a second!” I replied with bubbling excitement.

“Really? Hmmm, is that what you think about when you’re watching her… fucking her?” She asked very intently.

“Yeah sometimes I do. I think about a lot of things really.” I admitted openly… sensing a new very open friendship had now been formed as her hand was squeezing my cock in a milking fashion.

“She’s a horny one… I can vouch for that.” She said as she lightly chuckled. “I’ve seen that body covered in cum before.” She hissed as she was now beating my cock with the same intensity as she’d given me in my bedroom.

“What!” I muttered… almost to the point of having trouble just standing.

“Does that turn you on?” She asked just as my mother stepped out of her panties to reveal her beautifully trimmed bush… her breast also now bare and full.

“You’re just saying that.” I replied with an urgency to hear more.

“Do you want me to tell you about it?” Mrs. Dunn asked already knowing the answer as my cock had jumped inside her hand when she first mentioned it.

“How could you have… mmmm” I muttered while straining to speak from the excitement… my head getting light while watching my mother washing her body through her glass shower door… wow!

“My house… July 4th weekend” She told me. “Oh look… she’s bending over to wash her feet! Mmmm!” Her grip was so tight now and her nipples while very distinguishable protruding into my bare back as her hand worked my young, hard penis.

“Ughh!” I was getting so close… “We were at my grandmother’s house that weekend! You couldn’t have.” I replied.

“Your mother wasn’t” casino siteleri She hissed into my ear while sensing the build up in my balls. “Look! She’s getting out… keep it down.”

“She said she had to work the holiday to catch up on a change of procedure that had to begin the next Monday.”

“Come on now really… she’s a librarian at a school” Mrs. Dunn replied as she grasped my cock and squeezed the base of it to hold me off… Just then my mother stood in front of her vanity mirror… drying herself gently with her towel.

“Mmmm damn I’m close” I murmured.

“Mmmm yes… I know.” Mrs. Dunn replied. “Look at her… mmm would you use your tongue on her?”

“Ohh yeah!” I moaned while trying to maintain myself as my mom started to rub lotion or cream or something on her breast.

“Mmmm she’d like that I bet… I could hold her legs open for you… maybe even have her tastes me while you lick her!” She said to me while kissing and licking the inside of my ear and beginning to beat my cock harder again.

“Mmm… oh yeah!”

“You want your momma’s pussy juices in your mouth?” She asked me while pulling me harder into her chest as she stroked my cock. “Mmmm… look at her rubbing her naked body… right in front of you.”

“Mmmm yeah!” I replied slightly louder.

“Do you want to see your mother fucking?” Mrs. Dunn asked with a devious tone.

“Yesss!” I moaned.

“I want you to shoot your cum when she bends over to put her panties on!” She demanded. “I want you to shoot it right under her window onto the house!”

“Ughhh… mmmm OK!” I moaned louder.

“You want her to know how you feel don’t you?” Mrs. Dunn asked with a tone that made it almost sound like that that wasn’t a question. At the same time pulling my jeans with her left hand down to my ankles leaving me standing there basically naked while she jerked my dick in her hand… wow!

“Ohh yeah! I want to give it to her!” I groaned.

“Mmmm yeah that’s it… You want to fuck momma don’t you?” She hissed.

“Mmmm yessss! I moaned.

“Mmmm she’s canlı casino bending over! Look at her ass! Look at that pussy… mmmmm… shoot it!” She ordered. “Give it to momma!!”

“Ohhh urghh!!! Yesssss!!!” I moaned under slight restrain squirting my cum all over my mother’s wall… It was like I was cumming onto her!

“That’s it baby!” She said as she suddenly rammed her finger into my ass… working it in and out. “”Give it to mommy!!! Let me see you shoot it inside of mommy!”

“Fuckkk!!!” I was shooting rope after rope on cum underneath her window.

“Mmmm! That’s it!” Mrs. Dunn replied in full lust.

“Mmmmm… wowwww!!” I was spinning as my mother walked out of her bathroom with her robe wrapped loosely around her and turning out the light.

“Mmmm! How was that?” Asked my mother’s best friend with my cock still being worked in her hand and her finger still deep inside my ass.

“Amazing!! You realize we’re going to be spending lots of time together now don’t you?” I asked rather presumptuously with a slight laugh. “That is if you want to… I didn’t mean to assume…” I rambled as she cut me off.

“Oh I think you know I don’t mind… Not one bit actually.” Mrs. Dunn replied with a laugh in her very sexy slightly raspy voice.

“I want to know more about what you were saying about mom on the 4th!” I replied like an excited child just waking up on the day of a long awaited vacation trip to Disney World.

“You want to hear about it or see for yourself?” Mrs. Dunn asked with a very arousing tone in her voice.

“How?” I replied.

“Just leave it to me.” She said with a wink.

“OK!!! You’re great!” I replied as I leaned forward and kissed her right on her lips only to find her tongue ready to dart deep inside my mouth. We kissed for how long I’m not sure… Just then she broke the kiss with a sudden idea.

“You know Patsy once told me that she caught you masturbating… Is that true?” She asked whilst the wheels turned faster inside her head.

“She told you that!? Umm yeah… she did.”

“Did it turn you on kaçak casino when it happened?” She asked.

“At first I was just shocked… but later it did… That’s one of the things I think about when I masturbate now.” I admitted.

“Hmmm really? Will you be here at about 3:00 tomorrow?” Mrs. Dunn inquired with lust in her eyes.

“I can be… why?” I asked, my curiosity now peaking.

“I’m suppose to go shopping with your mom around lunch time tomorrow and when we get back I want you to leave your bedroom door slightly open with your music turned up and… do you have a picture of just your mom?… No nudes a normal one.”

“Yeah why?” I replied.

“Perfect” She replied with a big grin.

“What are you getting at?” I asked with an equally big grin on my face.

“You want to find out some things about how sexual your mom really is don’t you?” Mrs. Dunn asked me while kneading my bare ass with her left hand and grinding her breast into my chest.

“Sure!” I said.

“OK then what I want you to do is tomorrow at 3:00 in the afternoon be on your bed stroking your cock with your mom’s picture beside you or even better lying just slightly in your hand, your eyes closed and your headphones on but leave the music down so you can still hear, leave your door slightly open and give us a show stud!” Mrs. Dunn instructed the plan perfectly while practically drooling from the mouth. “Also I have an old baby monitor that I’m going to bring over when I pick up your mom… I’ll get here early… I’ll put the receiver just inside the closet door of your bedroom and the transmitter in your mom’s room somewhere… after we walk away from your room and go into hers I’ll close the door… when you hear that turn the monitor on!”

“Wow your good!” I said in amazement.

“Honey you have no idea… Your mom is quite a piece of work too ya know.” She said with a lustful wink.

“Maybe it’ll turn you on to hear us talk about your dick while you’re jacking off in the next room.” Mrs. Dunn added.

“I can’t wait!!!” I said as my cock twitched at the thoughts of it all.

“Okay love, we’ll see you tomorrow.” Mrs. Dunn instructed as she pulled my jeans up and dressed me.

“Yes Ma’am!” I replied with a 100 thoughts running through my head.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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