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It had been a gruelling couple of weeks on the road. We were all getting tired – not to mention cranky – and the idea of keeping it up for another couple of weeks was almost enough to make a man cry. Now, to top it off, we were back stage at a stadium where a show had been cancelled at the last minute, leaving us with a suddenly free evening. Or, to put it another way, taking away the one reason we had to be on the road in the first place.

I didn’t know how the other band members were handling things, all I knew was that getting the occasional blowjob from a groupie wasn’t enough to relieve my stress. And, without a show tonight, even that wasn’t going to happen.

Most of the band had left, in search of clubs or bars where they could drink their stress away. I was on my way to see the lead singer, Ana, about something, I don’t remember what, but I was so preoccupied with my thoughts that I neglected to knock, I just barged right into her dressing room. To my surprise, she was on the couch, underneath some topless young thing; obviously a groupie. The girl’s jean shorts were unzipped, and Ana had a hand inside, obviously fingering this girl to one of the best orgasms of her young life, while she continually kissed her neck and cleavage, and tweaked her nipples with her teeth. The girl was in some kind of personal heaven: Here she was, half naked, on a couch backstage with her personal idol. It was probably the high point of her life.

My relationship with Ana had always been strictly platonic, built on mutual respect – she was a fantastic singer, and I was a competent and instinctive guitarist – so I’d never expected to be present to see her in bed with anyone, let alone a woman. I didn’t even know she was bi! All I knew about her sex life was that she’d left a husband behind when we went on tour. But I was now discovering that she could be a skilled and wanton lover, when the mood took her.

The pleasure was finally too great for the girl, and she buried her face in the collar of Ana’s shirt as she came, trying to muffle the sound of her orgasm. As she did so, Ana moved her head, and finally noticed me standing there. I should have been embarrassed, having caught her in flagrante delicto, but I was far past that. Instead, I inclined my head in a “well done, my friend” kind of motion, and she smiled a slightly wicked smile at me.

“Ready for some real fun?” she asked, and by the way she maintained eye contact with me, it was clear that she was talking to both the groupie and myself.

The girl raised up her head, gently kissed Ana’s lips, and whispered, “Yes!” Ana got out from under her, discarded her tights, and sat on the arm of the couch. She spread her legs wide, and with no hesitation at all the girl positioned herself between Ana’s thighs, and lovingly got to work kissing and licking her way toward the heat of Ana’s pussy. She still had no idea I was in the room; all she knew was that her idol’s pussy was right there in front of her face, and she was going to make the most of the opportunity.

And she must have had some skill, because Ana closed her eyes, buried her fingers in the girl’s hair, and rolled her head back, momentarily forgetting about me to give herself in to the sensations radiating from her clit.

Feeling that this was the right moment to make my presence felt, I came up behind the girl, ran my hand over the warm, smooth skin of her back, and gently slid her jean shorts down her thighs, getting them out of the way. She barely even reacted, so intent was she on the pussy in front of her, but she did move a little, to make it easier to slide off the shorts, and raised herself up to present herself to me, so I knew that whatever came next would definitely be consensual!

I slid a finger – then another – into this girl’s soaking wet pussy. She moaned her pleasure, the moans going right into Ana, who looked up and smiled at me. As I continued to finger the girl, Ana stripped off her top, keeping eye contact with me every second, freeing herself to completely enjoy the moment without encumbrance, but also baring herself to me. Her nipples were rock hard, and to this day I have no idea if it was because of the pleasure she was receiving, or because of the control she was exerting casino oyna over this girl.

And at this point, we were both using her. She had started out as a groupie, but she’d graduated to sex toy. I managed to get out of my own clothes, withdrew my fingers (noticing the expected moan of disappointment as her hole became empty), and then placed my cock at her entrance. Again, Ana and I maintained eye contact as I slowly pushed into the girl. Ana tweaked one of her own nipples, and I playfully raised an eyebrow. My feelings for her were still platonic – I cared more for her as a singer than I did as a woman – but in this moment, I was essentially fucking her via this anonymous girl’s body. Perhaps more importantly, we were both controlling her; the feeling of power was intoxicating.

I was taking my time, but when I was finally balls-deep I allowed myself to break eye contact with Ana to close my eyes and savour the moment. This girl was young, tight, and obviously eager, so it was a moment to enjoy!

I opened my eyes back up, and Ana gave me a look that said, “well, are you going to fuck her or what?” So I slapped the girl’s ass, and started to do just that. I grabbed her hips, so that I could hold her in place; my thrusts wouldn’t keep throwing her out of position. After all, she needed to keep servicing Ana. Still, I hadn’t had more than a blowjob in two weeks, so I fucked her as hard as I could without sending Ana toppling off the side of the couch.

I could see that Ana was getting close, but I had ideas about that. I pulled out, slapped the girl’s ass once more, and said, “over.” She stopped eating Ana’s pussy long enough to turn over onto her back, and Ana lowered herself back down onto the girl’s face. I waited a moment, for her to start to get back into the zone, and then slid into the girl once more.

As I say, the girl was good: it wasn’t long before she had Ana on the brink again, and I was about ready as well. Finally, Ana collapsed into my arms for support, and I could feel her body shuddering as she murmured into my ear, “oh fuuuuuuck…” I let myself go, too, and shot jet after jet of cum into the girl – who, herself, perhaps from all of the excitement above (and inside) her, also seemed to be having her own climax, based on the sounds she was making. Or maybe she was just crying tears of joy. Whatever.

Ana’s body eventually stopped convulsing, and I heard her whispering, “god I needed that!” To which I responded, “Tell me about it!”

We both climbed off of the groupie and got ourselves dressed. The girl didn’t seem to be in a hurry, she was languorously rolled over on her side, basking in the afterglow. I gave her one final slap on the ass. “Come on,” I said, “time to go. Get dressed.”

We somehow got her out the side door, without anyone seeing us.

“I hope we’ll see you at tomorrow’s show!” Ana told her, and gave her a last kiss on the cheek, before shutting the door on her.

The show the next day was fantastic. Perhaps it’s because the singer and one of the guitarists were in very good moods – there was definitely a looseness to the performance that hadn’t been there recently – but whatever the reason, we put on a good show.

I don’t usually find the time to look at the crowd during a show, I’m too busy doing my thing, but near the end of the last set I noticed the groupie near the stage, gazing adoringly up at Ana. I also noticed that she had a few friends with her, each more cute and star struck than the last. (One of them was eyeing myself more than she was eyeing Ana, which was a good sign.)

After the show, everyone wanted to go out and celebrate. I told them I’d join them in a bit, knowing full well that I wasn’t planning to go, but figuring they’d get a few drinks into them and forget all about me.

I went back to my dressing room, to make a few notes about song ideas I’d had during one of our jam sessions on stage (and to give everyone a chance to clear out of the place), and then I made my way over to Ana’s dressing room.

She answered quickly after my knock. “I thought you might pop by,” she said teasingly. “I’ve got some friends for you to meet.”

The groupie from last night was there, of course, but so were one… canlı casino two… three of her friends! They were so star struck and shy to be in Ana’s presence it was fucking adorable. Except for the one who had eyes for me, luckily.

The setup of the room was different from the night before; she’d set up two armchairs, side-by-side. I immediately intuited what Ana was going for; they were almost like thrones for a king and queen. This was going to be fun.

Finally, Groupie

, from the previous night, mustered up some courage. “Ana,” she said, “this is a friend of mine,” indicating the brunette to her right. “She… she really likes you, but she’s embarrassed, because, like, she’s never been with a girl before.”

“I see,” Ana responded. “What do you think we can do about that?”

“Well, we’re, like, best friends,” she answered, “and we’ve kissed a couple of times. I think she’d be okay making out with me.” The girl we were all discussing had turned bright red, by this point, but she wasn’t arguing – she obviously wanted a girl-on-girl experience, but would never have been able to bring herself to admit it, under normal circumstances.

“Ah!” Ana said, understandingly. “I’d love to see that, actually. We’ve been performing all night – why don’t you two put on a show for us?”

And then, as if she couldn’t get any more adorable, the brunette whispered something into Groupie

‘s ear, too shy to say it out loud in front of her friends and her idol. Groupie

conveyed the message: “She will, but she, like, doesn’t want our friends to watch. We all go to school together, and… and she’d be embarrassed.”

“Oh, I think we can keep them occupied,” Ana responded, and she and I got our clothes off, and then sat side-by-side in the chairs. The girls were cute, but they were no dummies – they knew what we wanted. The third groupie got between Ana’s thighs and started working. The girl who’d been eyeing me earlier needed no further prompting, either: I had hardly sat down before she had my cock in her mouth, immediately progressing from hero worship to cock worship.

As our two pleasure toys had gotten to work, Groupie

was starting to tenderly kiss the brunette, and slowly remove her clothes. Eventually they were on the floor, naked bodies writhing together, while Groupie

fingered the brunette. Her whimpers of pleasure were incredibly erotic, aside from the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed sitting there in my “throne,” while the naked girls put on a show for me.

Why had kings of old ever bothered with court jesters, when they could have gone with this? Months later, Ana wrote a song called “On Top of the World,” and I’m sure she was specifically thinking about this moment, when she wrote it.

Our pleasure toys also managed to get their own clothes off, without losing too much focus on their “work.” Ana’s girl started playing with her own clit, and mine started tweaking one of her nipples.

Occasionally, as Ana’s toy kept up her ministrations, Ana would reach over to grasp my hand as she shuddered through an orgasm. And then it was my turn, and I couldn’t hold off any longer either.

“Sit back,” I told my cock worshipper, and she did, with an expectant look on her face. I stood over her, and stroked myself some more, until I started to rain down cum on her cute face and breasts. She moaned as the cum hit her perfect skin, as if the mere touch of it was causing her own orgasm.

“I think she needs to be cleaned,” Ana said, and suddenly the other three girls were all over her: licking and kissing the cum off of her skin. They were kissing the cum off of her face, and licking it off her breasts; one girl would kiss away a drop of cum close to her lips, which would turn into a deep french kiss; two girls would be cleaning her breasts, and end up kissing each other; Ana’s toy was licking around a breast, and when she tweaked a nipple with her teeth, the girl yelped with pleasure. She really liked having her nipples tweaked.


, who was still the boldest of the group, left my girl to go over to Ana’s chair and start kissing her, and fondling her breasts. Ana slid down the chair so that they could grind against each other better. She started running her fingers through kaçak casino the girl’s hair, and down the side of her jawline, as they kissed.

I wasn’t paying much attention, though, because my gaze was focused on the pile of girls in front of me. I was hard again, and got down to join the throng, easily sliding into my groupie’s pussy. I got into the swing of things, and occasionally joined in with kissing the other girls as they all made out with each other, but mostly I focused on fucking. But I wasn’t the only one who’d noticed her nipple fetish: after a while, as I fucked her, both of the other girls were attacking her breasts and nipples with their teeth, and she was bucking and writhing under me in pleasure. I glanced over to see that Ana and Groupie

were on the floor, scissoring each other to their own orgasms.

“Here it comes,” I mumbled – more to myself than anyone else – but my girl heard me. “Yes!” she cried, and wrapped her arms and legs around me as tight as she could (with two other girls partially in the way). She kissed me, hard, and tried to pull me as deeply as possible into her. I groaned and came deep in her, and she came in my arms as well. “Mmm,” the other girls cooed, simply because they were in the moment.

The other two drifted off, after a moment, and went off to pleasure each other, but I stayed in my groupie’s arms for a moment, to enjoy the afterglow and kiss her eyebrows, her nose, her mouth, her neck… We spooned on the floor, and watched the others. Somehow, Ana and Groupie

ended up joining the other two, and ended up in a big pile of sapphic goodness.

“God that’s a sexy sight,” I murmured in her ear.

“Mm hmm,” she agreed.

“Hey,” she said quietly, a bit later. “Can you… can we try something?”

“Sure,” I responded, “what did you have in mind?”

“Well,” she responded, moving my hand to her breast – as if I needed that kind of mental manipulation, at this point! – “I’ve never tried it… you know… in the butt before. And I just wondered…”

I was already hard again, at the thought of taking her anal cherry. I squeezed her breast, causing a slight, nipple-related shudder, and said reassuringly, “Let’s give it a try.”

She got up and went around the back of the chair, so that she was leaning over it and watching the other girls writhing around on the floor and climaxing all over each other. I came up behind her, and, to start off slowly, moved a hand slowly down her back, cupping her ass cheek, and then sliding a finger into her tight hole. She immediately tensed up, and bit her lip, but after a moment she loosened up, and I was able to move my finger more easily in and out of her ass.

When I felt she’d had enough warming up, I slid my finger out, and positioned the head of my cock at her hole. I didn’t give her a chance to ready herself, though, I immediately plunged the head in, and then waited a moment for her to get used to the sensation. She closed her eyes and gasped, but as before, she relaxed after a moment, and I began pushing in and out of her.

I moved my clean hand around so that I could start fingering her clit, and I could feel her practically melting under me.

I glanced over at Ana, who was now on her back being pleasured by the other three girls, and we shared a look.

Between the feeling of my cock in her backside and the pleasure radiating from her clit, my groupie didn’t know how to process all of the feelings she was feeling, so she just let herself be pleasured, until, to my surprise, she didn’t just cum, she squirted, soaking the back of the armchair. Her legs were bucking, making it hard to keep fucking her; I had to lean against her, pressing her against the chair, to keep control of the situation.

I waited until she was done, so that I could get my hand free, and then held onto her hips and started fucking her in earnest, finishing by depositing yet another load inside her. When I pulled out her legs were wobbly, so I picked her up and carried her around to set her on my lap in one of the armchairs, to recuperate.

Eventually I went to use Ana’s shower and wash the ass off my cock, and when I got back into the room the festivities had wound down. The girls were getting dressed; even my groupie, who was still somewhat dazed.

As they left, she came over to kiss me on the cheek. “Thank you,” she whispered, and I’d never felt so magnanimus about using a girl as a fuck toy in my entire life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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