Backdoor Man Ch. 11

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This story is a continuation from my older account.


I was in the middle of the thirteenth swat to Carly’s fine bottom when I heard a tap at the door. I rushed to answer it, and there was Natalie, who immediately grabbed me to give me a kiss on the lips before pushing her way inside and letting Armin crawl inside the bedroom on his knees. I was a bit stunned, even more so when Natalie grabbed the paddle that I used this time and swung it herself at her own sister’s tush.

“Sorry, Sis, but I had to try it on you at least once. Here, babe, want to swat Armin?” Natalie spoke first to Carly and then to me, notably not asking his view of it.

“Sure, don’t mind if I do,” I chuckled, striking Armin, who playfully wiggled his hips in response.

“So, what brings you in here?” I asked her, rather curious.

“Foursome, perhaps? What do you say? We’ve had one-on-one time quite a bit today. You’re not opposed to a little orgy between the four of us, are you?” Natalie offered me, slipping her fingers inside her sister’s twat and licking her fingers clean immediately afterward, “Mmmmm, juicy! I love the way that she tastes. She really is sweet!”

“Please, Master … pretty please … can we do it? Can we all fuck each other?” Carly begged me, while still bent over the foot of the bed, while I resumed swatting her tush a little more, much to her delight.

“Well, I wouldn’t be opposed, but where to begin? Suppose you, Natalie, and I all asserted our domination rights a little early, eh? Just between the four of us, as a preview of cumming attractions,” I proposed.

“I like that! I like it a lot, in fact. Armin, get on the bed and lie down on your back. I own his cock, right? And you own Carly’s mouth,” Natalie observed.

“And she owns his. Carly, sit on Armin’s face, lean over, and start a sixty-nine with him!” I commanded her, and she obeyed without hesitation, even kissing the head of his dick as she peeled back his foreskin to suck his cock.

It wasn’t very long before the two of them went at it like crazy, their mouths and genitals engaged in almost a race to see who could get the other one off first. Neither of them seemed to care that the other still had bodily fluids remaining from sexual encounters that they recently had, with Natalie’s juices still on Armin’s dick and my jizz still leaking from Carly’s snatch. They eagerly gratified each other, orally, until Natalie and I looked at each other and almost telepathically agreed on what to do next.

Before Carly knew it, her mouth was pushed back from Armin’s dick long enough for Natalie to straddle it, but then Natalie simply began locking lips with her sister. Still sitting on Armin’s face, Carly continued to use him that way, even as Natalie now rode her slave-fiance ruthlessly for her own pleasure. While that happened, I parted Natalie’s cheeks, lubed her up, fingered her butt a little, and then eased my cock inside her ass. We were all soon going hot and heavy, too, my dick plowing Natalie’s tush while she bounced on Armin’s dick with her twat and Carly used his face like her own personal pussy massager.

Given how both Carly and Natalie reacted to this little orgy of ours, it was apparent that they both had similar attitudes and feelings about sex, namely that they could easily be accused of nymphomania, as if that were a crime. If it were a crime, there would at least be grounds for indictment, if not conviction. The jury was still out, but the evidence was piling up. Certainly, they were sex on legs, that much was clear, erotic goddesses in the flesh, full of hedonistic delights and eager to please. The sheer intensity of their lusts made me now understand why they were close friends with Rich and Brit. In fact, I wondered if either of them had been intimate with either of that couple that now served me, but that was a question for another. If they hadn’t been sexually involved with Rich and Brit in the past, I was determined that they would be in the future.

There was no doubt in my mind that Natalie’s asshole qualified as a wonder in its own right, being just as hot and tight as Carly’s in its own way, though clearly neither was a virgin hole. I wasn’t surprised by that. I would have been more surprised if neither Giovanni nor Trent had sodomized them at some point. Who could possibly have resisted an offer of anal sex from either woman, and I was confident that both would have made said offer by this point. These women lived for sex, or so it seemed to me, and I turned out to be far more right about that than a stranger might have guessed.

In fact, it wasn’t too much longer before Carly came with several consecutive climaxes on Armin’s face, flooding it with her juices, at which point Natalie leaned over to lick her sister’s fluids off Armin’s face. That was the final straw for Natalie, who came wildly, jerking, thrashing, and squeezing both dicks until both Armin and I were forced to shoot our loads far inside her. While Natalie took a second to regain casino oyna her land legs, once she did, she simply seized her sister, pushed her on top of Armin, and sat on his face to make him hard again. It worked liked a charm, as he became stiff again with remarkable ease and I didn’t take much encouragement myself to react to the chance to do to Carly what I had just done to her sister.

I was very grateful for those blue potency pills by now, as I began pumping and thrusting in and out of Carly Weinstein’s asshole, while she rode Armin for all that he was worth. Natalie, meanwhile, sat on Armin’s face and made him lick her pussy clean of his own spunk, even as my cum leaked from her ass onto his face. We took a bit longer to get going and reach our heights of ecstasy this time around, of course, since I had already cum twice in just an hour. Even so, I was soon very much balls deep inside Carly again, letting her enjoy my dick fresh from her sister’s butt as it plundered her own booty now.

We kept fucking for nearly half an hour as I used Carly’s slippery bottom and Armin impaled her cunt with his rod. Natalie soon made him lick her butt clean, too, eating an anal creampie that I had left behind, and he showed no signs of resenting or being disgusted by it. Carly saw that and threatened him that the next time that she sat on his face, she would make sure that it was after I had butt-fucked her so that she could make him lick my jizz from her booty as well. Far from ruining Armin’s mood, this threat intensified it and he actually came inside her almost instantly upon hearing those words.

Unable to hold back after I realized what just happened, I emptied my balls of their contents through my prick into Carly’s colon, making her bottom nice and gooey as I pulled out of it. Sure enough, Natalie slid off Armin’s face and Carly climbed back on it, making Armin taste both himself and me from her two holes, while Natalie licked a bit of my cum off his nose and upper cheeks. It wasn’t much longer before she became even bolder and joined Armin in rimming Carly for a second or two as they brought the younger Weinstein sister off to another epic orgasm while I watched and noticed that my cock wouldn’t go soft.

Noticing this, Natalie wiped my dick clean, bent over the bed and made her intentions plain to me by saying, “Okay, Master. Time for your turn in my twat, please! I’m so ready to have you inside me, though I’m not fertile yet. I will be, though, and when I am, you’ll be the first person to know it, so you can decide what to do about it.”

“Yes, I’m serving you notice, dear Natalie, that I intend to book both your womb and your sister’s in advance for my spawn the first time around. After that, depends on my mood and attitude at the time. I just love the idea of seeding two sisters at once, watching my issue grow in their bellies, and knowing that I bred both of them at the same time,” I declared, “Don’t worry, Armin. You’ll be rewarded in time for claiming my brats as yours, I swear.”

“That he will! That he will!” Natalie announced as I fucked her good, while Carly did another sixty-nine with Armin.

“Care to take this into the living room, stud?” I heard Sherry from behind us, as we hadn’t fully closed the bedroom door during these last sexual stunts.

“How about we all take this into the living room and have ourselves a proper orgy at last?” I suggested, while Natalie pushed back at me with enthusiasm.

“Honey, I thought that you’d never ask!” Natalie told me as she added, “Let me finish up with this round, though. Hey, you own Armin’s ass. Why don’t you peg it while Becky here feeds Carly her tits?”

“I love that idea!” I blurted out as I continued to enjoy Natalie’s fantastically slick pussy.

“Me, too!” Carly agreed as she dove for Becky’s bosom and Gustavo’s ex-wife simply brought her face up closer to nurse.

It was a while before we actually made it to the living room, in fact, as the orgy began to spill out from the master bedroom to the hallway to two or three other rooms in short order. I watched as Sherry rammed Armin good and hard from behind with her strap-on, taking full advantage of her rights to his ass while I plowed Natalie from the back and Becky soon had Carly’s head nestled in her bosom to suck. While I fucked Natalie, I found my cheeks parted and a tongue sliding between them, which turned out to be Trent’s as Devi pegged him good herself.

I couldn’t fight that pleasure much longer any more than I could that of Devi burying her strap-on inside my butt while I kept taking Natalie and Trent now screwed his temporary mistress with all of his vigor. It was just too much pleasure, as I felt her dildo rub my prostate the right way and felt her sweet kisses on my neck. It wasn’t too long before this turned into a complete train, with Trent now taking Giorgio up his ass, while Armin did the same to Giorgio, and Sherry buggered Armin for the hell of it. I spilled a decent load inside Natalie’s twat, canlı casino but the pills kept me nice and hard in spite of that.

By the time that everyone in the house joined in, the train stretched from Carly at the very front, with Becky using a double-headed dildo on her, to Natalie taking her with a harnessless cock, to Devi pounding Natalie with a strap-on, to me invading Devi’s ass for the hell of it while Trent used my ass. Sherry was inside Trent now, Armin was inside Sherry, Brit penetrated Armin, Rich took Brit, Giovanni used Rich, Giorgio sodomized his brother, Arnold buggered Giorgio for a change (very odd for those two), Sanjay plundered Arnold, Gustavo used Sanjay’s ass, and Rajiv gave Gustavo a butt-fucking that he wouldn’t forget. It was an entirely anal train, from Carly to Rajiv, and it lasted for a good hour, probably due to the number of times each of us already came, rather than because of any willpower in the face of such delightful sodomy.

It wasn’t until we all came at last from this newest act of hedonistic glory that we finally relaxed and departed for the living room as planned. When Arnold grabbed the camcorder while walking funny and leaking Sanjay’s spunk from his asshole, it was apparent what was next. It was going to be the orgy to end all orgies, or so it felt, but first we had to get ourselves worked up a little again. Natalie and Carly brought out wipes and cleaned off both cocks and plastic pricks, but notably no effort was made to wipe the jizz from any holes from which it oozed.

“No reason not to let the smell of sex stay in the air and the scent of so much cum helps a bit with that, don’t you agree? Cum, lady juices, and sweat, all mixing together in the air, and to make things even wilder and steamier, why don’t we all lie down on sheets on the living room floor, if my sisters will be good enough to lay those sheets down … and rub our bodies together? I know that I’m gay, but this whole situation is so damn sexy, just the total sexual abandon as we finish off our 24 hours of service to each other, that even though we never planned things to quite get so mixed up like this, why don’t we just go with it? We had plenty of time for bondage, after all, and we can always set up another 24 hours, or just agree to resume the bondage when the orgy is done,” Arnold suggested.

“How about this … we turn the 24 hours into a full weekend. I can let the staff handle the shop this one Sunday and it won’t kill me. Right, babe? We simply fuck each other like crazy, and then resume the couplings, you know, the bondage pairs that we’re already assigned until Monday morning. Sound like a good deal? Sure, this was a surprise, but why not enjoy it and make the most of it?” Devi proposed for her part.

“I love it!” I chuckled, swatting Rich and Brit on the tush to remind them of their special place in my heart as my first submissive playthings.

“Thank you, Master!” Rich said while Brit began sucking my dick to show her own gratitude.

“How does Devi taste, babe?” I asked Brit, as she winked at me and Sherry began sucking Rich’s cock as well.

“To the extent that there are any traces of Devi left on your prick, she’s delicious! At least her ass is! I’m glad that she cleans out so well!” Brit told me as she kept pleasuring me orally.

“I have an idea, if you guys are open to it. It sounds crazy at first, but hear me out. Part of me still wants to belong to Donald completely, but part of me wants to be available to all and particularly to Sherry. Would anyone object if I propose that we all drop this business of personal contracts and assigning body parts and just agree to serve Donald together? How about it? He’s the one person that everyone here, and I do mean, everyone, wants to service, or am I way off-base? I move that we all tear up our current contracts and write a new one together, vowing to serve Donald for life as his sex slaves, while recognizing that he has the right to handpick, shall we say, Top slaves and bottom slaves to distinguish between switches and pure subs?” Rich suddenly spoke far more than usual, but Brit especially gave him thumbs up.

“Hey, it would simplify things, we wouldn’t have to worry about this game, fun as it is, nor about whom to serve … we’d all serve Donald. I’m not even that into guys, hell, I’ve always thought of myself as straight, but I would bend over for Donald any day of the week, guys. Twice on Sunday, which is tomorrow, in fact. Fuck who owns what parts. Donald would own it all and assign the use to whomever he pleased. I love it!” Gustavo shocked me with his agreement.

“Count me in. I’m nearly always a Top, but I would easily bottom for Donald. He’s that kind of guy. I haven’t been with him yet sexually, but I would love to experience it at last. Plus, he’s cut, so in this case, for me, bottoming would be a bit easier than if he were uncut. There are some advantages to being fucked by a circumcised guy,” Giorgio coughed, making him the fourth person to go along kaçak casino with the idea, if you counted Brit’s non-verbal gesture, which I did.

“My hubby rarely talks, at least compared to me, but when he does, he usually has something useful to say. Case in point. I fully agree, in case you missed it with my thumbs up bit. I’m all on board. Of course, hubby and I are his, anyway, but this would really drive it home!” Brit winked at me.

“Oh, bloody hell! You know that I’ve been fighting my urge to surrender to Donald, anyway. Just totally melt into his arms and yield everything, but when you guys do this, well, I cannot allow anyone to prove more devoted to this bloke than I am. Sign me up, lads and lasses! I will gladly draw up a covenant of sorts, and any of you who wish to sign on with it, surrendering your bodies to Donald Abramowitz, my sweet Master, go for it!” Sherry declared, kissing my face repeatedly to make her point.

“Well, you already know MY position! He’s not just Master to me. He’s Daddy! He’s hubby! He’s my lover, my stud, my fiance! I’d love to share the pleasures of serving him with others, because I could see the ecstasy sure to follow when he pounds you into next week! He certainly has with me! It’s been the best day of my life, serving Donald!” Carly peppered me with kisses, too, while Natalie joined her.

“Count me in! You’re not getting my sister without me … Daddy!” Natalie told me with yet more kisses.

“Hey, as long as I get to keep rimming everyone, bending over for men, and fucking women, why the hell not?” Trent grinned, even as Giorgio put his arms around him from behind.

“Always, lover. Always!” Giorgio assured him.

“Exactly!” I told Trent, touching his chin.

“I imagine that in this harem, no one will be left unsatisfied. Donald here strikes me as a sort of benevolent dictator or patriarch. He’d treat us all wonderfully and we’d have more sex than we knew was possible!” Devi spoke her mind, backing up her husband, “Besides, my lord husband already submitted and what’s good enough for him is good enough for me.”

“Yes, a harem. Exactly what we need to be! We’d all know nothing but pleasure, I think, in this harem of his!” Rajiv threw his support to me.

“What he said,” Becky replied, putting her lips around my cock now.

“Hey, my brother can’t be enslaved without me! Brothers don’t let brothers do that alone! I’m not gay and I’m not even really bi, but I don’t have to be to enjoy this! I’ve already fucked Sanjay. If I can do that, I can bend over for Donald!” Giovanni announced.

“And Mistress has declared her intentions to submit, so I must as well. I cannot fail to follow Mistress!” Sanjay stated openly, earning a kiss from Sherry.

“What about me? You can’t take my sisters without taking me!” Arnold observed.

“I don’t suppose that I would be forgiven by Sherry or Natalie if I failed to sign over my assets, too. Besides, I love the idea of serving a guy like Donald. He seems perfect for the role. All I have to do is bend over and whatever else commands, right?” Armin commented, offering himself up as well.

By then, Sherry had filled out her contract, and it was presented to everyone under the camcorder, so we would be recording the voluntary submission to me. Everyone, myself included, read the document before signing it, and frankly, it was pretty straightforward. It awarded me full ownership of fifteen willing people, nine men and six women who would submit to every sexual act that I proposed, service me on demand, be at my beck and call, and generally obey me in all aspects of their daily lives. They all agreed to be tattooed as my slaves, too, marking them as mine for life.

That this group included three ostensibly heterosexual men was most extraordinary, but then one didn’t have to think about sexual attraction in order to obey, did one? The only difference between this and “bro jobs” or “dude sex” was that this involved bondage, domination, and other kinks rather than just plain sodomy. Of course, all of the three had already fucked other men, so “straight” was a more a matter of identity and branding than of exclusive attraction or interest by now. There was a theory that everyone was at least potentially bisexual or omnisexual, but that a variety of psychological and physiological factors turned a switch that made some people resistant to either same-sex or opposite-sex desires … or both, or neither. The last category were the ones who emerged as openly bi, the second to last as asexual.

I wasn’t going to worry too much about that as I signed my end of the paperwork that formally consigned (though not legally binding) fifteen others to me, body and soul. I felt more than a little responsibility wear on me, but then I also felt tongues exploring my body as my new playthings apparently resolved to remind me of the benefits of taking on this burden. It wasn’t much longer before I was hip deep in pussy and ass, the latter both male and female, as my cock entered Becky from behind and she started begging for more. I already decided to set up eight couples, though those would be legal matters, as all fifteen people involved besides myself would be at my command.

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