Bacchanal Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Welcome to the Orgy

Now, I’d fucked my fair share of girls, and even had a couple of threesomes along the way, but at the ripe old age of twenty-nine, I’d never been part of an all-out, full-house orgy.

How I got there, I’m still not sure—my buddy Craig knew somebody who knew somebody, etc.—and late one Friday afternoon we found ourselves heading up to some other guy’s place up in the hills. You know the type—secluded mansion, all fake Tudor and imported Italian marble. I listened dutifully to the list of rules that boiled down to “Ask politely before diving in; no means no; no clean blood test, no barebacking.” (I had my blood tests verifying my lack of STDs in hand—there was no way I was spending my first orgy wrapped in latex.)

Anyway, this particular party, I was told, would have your average, run-of-the-mill swingers, augmented by a contingent of hired help (as it were) to do the things that the swingers weren’t necessarily into. As we entered the front door, I had a hard time imagining what those things might be, because there seemed to be almost nothing that wasn’t happening:

A pile of bodies to our right seemed to grow before our very eyes; if there was any body part not getting fucked or eaten, it was only a matter of moments before someone joined in and filled in the empty space.

On a nearby couch, a daisy chain of girls licked and sucked at each other, to everybody’s delight, including the crowd who had gathered to watch.

Over in a corner, a black girl with gorgeous caramel-honey blonde hair was suspended from the ceiling in an intricate network of knotted red rope that left her long, elegant legs spread wide open. Another woman was alternately flogging her exposed pussy and tonguing the swollen, wet flesh, while the girl’s cries echoed throughout the room.

I didn’t know who to fuck first.

I didn’t have to decide right away, however, as a scantily-clad hostess greeted us, collected our blood tests, and directed us to several small rooms where we could undress—as much or as little as we wanted, we were given to understand. I almost chose to leave my boxer-briefs on, but at the last minute, threw both caution and modesty to the wind and left them with the rest of my clothes.

We met up with our host, Dev, a jovial, burly fellow with olive skin and thick black hair, as we left the changing rooms. He was on his way to the kitchen, a tiny blonde in black leather thigh-high boots and a matching collar slung over his shoulder. “Oh, hey, you guys made it,” he said, clasping our hands as introductions were made. “Come and see this, you’re gonna love it!”

In the kitchen, he deposited the blonde on the marble countertop of the central island. “This is Oksana,” he said, turning on the faucet of the stainless casino oyna steel sink at one end of the island. “From the Czech Republic. I fucked her at a birthday party a couple of weeks ago—gorgeous, huh?”

And she was. Not taller than five feet or so, but with long, well-muscled legs; pretty almond-shaped eyes that I suspected would be even prettier without the heavy makeup she was wearing; and a moist, full-lipped mouth that looked made for sucking cock.

“This girl has the sweetest, firmest natural tits I’ve ever felt,” Dev continued as he hoisted himself onto the counter and maneuvered Oksana so that she was balanced, legs spread wide, on the edge of the sink, coming to rest just behind her. “But the best thing about her—” He lifted her and nestled the head of his cock against her exposed rosebud, “Is that she takes an assfucking like a champion!”

With that, he began sliding her down the considerable length of his shaft, while she gasped and wriggled. “Yeah, I feel different, don’t I, when you’re not all fucked open and full of other guys’ cum, huh?”

“So big,” she moaned, trying to reach for her clit.

“Uh-uh, no touching,” he admonished playfully, swatting her hands away. “You take me balls-deep, then I’ll give you something nice.” He ground himself in further, eliciting a squeal from her. “By the time I got to her last time—mmph—she’d already had five or six guys in her. So for tonight I told Mister J to get her ready, but not too ready, you know? And that I got first dibs on her—ah—there!” He grunted, shoving the last inch home. “How’s that feel, baby? Ten solid inches of cock, all buried in your bottomless little ass…”

“Please,” she mewled softly.

“Okay,” he chuckled. “Someone—turn that faucet over this way.”

“Oh…fuck!” she cried as he gripped her thighs and used his fingers to spread her lips, allowing the water to sluice directly onto the most sensitive part of her clit. Her hips automatically began to undulate, seeking more friction from the gentle stream.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you baby,” Dev groaned as her movements worked her ass up and down on his cock. “Hope you like it a lot, ’cause we are gonna destroy that beautiful little ass tonight. Gonna get wrecked, ain’t ya?”

Somewhere in the middle of her incoherent moans, she managed to gasp out a breathy, “Yes, please…”

“You heard the lady,” Dev said. “Both hands and her mouth are free, so get in here…”

Without even thinking, I hopped up onto one of stepstools that had been thoughtfully provided (this was, I thought, a quite well organized orgy) and slid my cock into her waiting mouth.

I’d never had oral from a professional before, and I was damn close to cumming even as her lips closed around me. She caressed all eight-plus inches canlı casino of my shaft (not as impressive as Dev’s ten, but still more than respectable), suckling at the head while lightly teasing the underside with her tongue. I grabbed the back of her head and thrust deeper, groaning.

“Swallow him, Oksana,” Dev grunted, still pistoning into her ass. I could tell from his labored breathing that he was close to shooting, and when she opened her throat and took me all the way down, so was I.

“Shit…not yet,” I groaned. “Wanna fuck her ass, after you…”

“Almost there,” he panted. “When she cums…squeezes her ass around you…ungh! Yes! Fuck!” he shouted as Oksana’s orgasm triggered his own and he shot his load deep inside her.

I pulled out of her mouth before I could reach that point of no return, then quickly took Dev’s place on the countertop, letting her ass slide down my rock-hard pole. She let out a soft ohhhhh as the running water was turned back onto her already-sensitive clit, so I motioned to the guys who were waiting for their turn. “Make it hotter,” I said, enjoying how she cried out and squirmed at the increase in temperature. “Get one of the girls in here,” I continued. “Let ’em eat her pussy while I fuck her.”

I kept my movements slow while we waited, using the time to get us turned around so we were facing the edge of the counter for easier access to her pussy. “Gonna feel so good, someone sucking on that perfect little clit while I pound your ass,” I murmured to her. “Might even take a taste myself later.” I looked around to where Dev was recovering, beer in hand, watching the action. “If we want to…is it okay to eat them out?”

“Aw, hell yeah,” he laughed. “Mister J keeps his ladies ridiculously clean. Fresh blood test for every session. Dude’s the best service in town—oral, anal, bareback—you could even shove your tongue in her ass, once we clean all the cum out of it.” He grinned slyly. “Which we might do, later.”

Just then, one of the guys led in a busty redhead. “This is Candi,” he said, bringing her up to the island.

“Hello, Candi,” I said politely. “I’m Mike, and this is Oksana, and we would love it if you would eat Oksana’s pussy while I fuck her. We really want to see her cum while I’m in her ass. Are you game?”

She knelt on one of the stools between Oksana’s spread legs. “I am so on it,” she said, giving the blonde’s shaved slit a ridiculously long, slow lick. “She tastes fantastic—and she’s fucking dripping already.” With that, Candi went to work on Oksana’s cunt, her tongue flickering over the girl’s spread pussy lips and throbbing little bean.

Oksana opened her mouth to moan, and found a cock sliding down her throat, courtesy of one of the guys who had been waiting patiently but had finally climbed kaçak casino up on the counter to get in on the action. Since her other holes were fully occupied (Candi having shoved first one, then two, then three fingers into Oksana’s open pussy), I began thrusting in earnest, flexing my hips and buttocks to get as deep inside her as I could.

As I bounced her up and down, I realized that I was far more comfortable with this situation than I’d expected to be. Sitting naked on a kitchen island fucking a high-end hooker balls-deep in her ass while a growing crowd watched and recorded it on their phones felt…well, not completely natural, of course. But considering that my original plan was to show up and maybe fuck a couple of girls in a darkened corner, I was feeling a lot less shy than I would have thought.

While I was ruminating, a bunch of the guys had pulled Candi off pussyeating duty and were busy stuffing all of her holes, but another woman, a brunette (possibly one of the swingers), had eagerly taken her place. She’d gotten a fourth finger into Oksana, which piqued Dev’s interest. “Think you can get your whole hand in there?” he asked, idly pouring some of his beer down over Oksana’s mound, which the woman enthusiastically lapped up.

“I’ll need some more lube, but sure,” she said. One of the omnipresent bottles was procured, her hand was slathered up, and in it went, to everyone’s delight. Oksana shrieked, but she was well pinned between my cock and the brunette’s fist, and we quickly established a pistoning rhythm—as I pulled out, she pushed in deeper, as I pushed in, she pulled back, letting her fingers stroke over Oksana’s g-spot.

Oksana was shouting something in her native language, but all I could concentrate on was the feel of the brunette’s hand, almost stroking me through the thin wall between Oksana’s pussy and ass. I was close to cumming, but wanted to feel the gasping, shuddering blonde cum first. Then the brunette bent her head back to Oksana’s clit and began licking and sucking at it again.

She exploded, bucking and writhing as another orgasm burst through her. All of her muscles quivered in one giant contraction, squeezing around my already-throbbing cock, sending me over the edge into my own climax. With a shout of exhilaration, I slammed myself completely inside her as I sent spurt after spurt of cum deep into her ass.

After a gentle slap to her buttocks and a “Now don’t you lose any of that!” I retired to the sidelines to catch my breath while I watched her take two guys who could have been twins. They stretched her out on top of the brunette so the two could eat each other while the twins took turns fucking her—nine or ten strokes from one guy, then nine or ten from the other guy. Despite the interruptions, it didn’t take long for them to deliver loads number three and four to her ass, and I found myself wondering what it felt like to have that much cum in there. I hadn’t felt much of Dev’s while I was fucking her, but now there was three times as much.

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