Awakenings Ch. 05

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I found an old notebook as I was cleaning out the attic of the house we recently bought. It was handwritten by a girl named Jenny. I couldn’t believe the story that unfolded as I read those old and worn pages written in ink. I decided it was too good and needed to be shared with the world. Here is part 5, unedited.

The next morning mom came into my room while I was still in bed. She was wearing a pair of tight shorts and a white dress shirt tied just below her tits. The shirt was unbuttoned in a way that exposed a lot of bulging cleavage. The clear outline of her dark nipples told me she wasn’t wearing a bra. Mom said she wanted to talk to me about girl stuff. I was suspicious after last night, so I just listened.

“Jenny, sweetheart, as pretty as you are boys are going to want to do all kinds of things to your body. And they’re going to want you to do all kinds of things to them. I just want you to know that it’s not dirty or wrong to do these things. Not if you know what you’re doing. I’m curious, Jenny, if you know what I’m talking about or if you’ve already tried some of these things.”

I shrugged my shoulders. She wasn’t going to get anything out of me.

“You know when I was your age I was a pretty hot number. That was a long time before I met your dad. All the boys I dated just loved to feel my tits. I always let them. If I was enjoying the date I usually let them take off my bra and blouse – if I was even wearing a bra that is. Of course that would just get us both hot, particularly if he sucked on my nipples. Oh, I’m sorry, Jenny, does it bother you for me to talk like this?”

I shrugged my shoulders again. I couldn’t help but glance at mom’s hard nipples which were poking through her blouse.

“Anyway, we would usually end up in the back seat of a car kissing and feeling each other. I’ll never forget my first hand job. You know what that is, don’t you? I was out with this big football player. He was feeling my tits and kissing my neck and ear when my hand kind of wandered over to the front of his pants and started rubbing along his hard bulge. He unzipped himself and pulled out his penis. I touched it with my fingers and wrapped my hand around it. I couldn’t believe I was actually touching a real penis. I moved my hand up and down, slowly at first then faster and faster. I leaned over to look at it. It was dark, but I could make out the shiny head and the little slit in the top. I felt him swell in my hand, and then a geyser of white gooey stuff erupted from his penis and hit me square in the face. More and more stuff came squirting out onto my tits, arm and hand. God, I couldn’t believe how much there was. I was a real mess. Oh honey, I’m grossing you out, aren’t I?”

Actually, she was turning me on but I didn’t say so. I shifted so I could put a hand between my legs under the covers without mom knowing what I was doing. She traced he fingers down her cleavage while looking off in the distance, then continued.

“You can imagine I dated him quite a bit after that. He was the first boy to finger me. I’ll never forget the first time he did it. When put his hand inside my shorts and his fingers touched the bare flesh of my pussy I almost exploded. Then I felt his fingers go in me. I started humping against him like crazy. When I came I screamed so loud that I knew the people in the next car could hear me. After that I let every guy I dated finger me to orgasm, and I would reward them with a hand job. That was, of course, until I learned how to give blow jobs. You do know what a blowjob is, don’t you?”

I nodded my head yes. My fingers had worked me into a highly aroused state where I didn’t care what mom knew. I was frantically pumping my fingers in and out of my pussy. Mom had to know what I was doing. As she continued talking, she slid her hand inside her shirt and payed with her tits.

“Jenny, I’m just going to open my blouse if that’s okay. Anyway, one afternoon I went to the woods behind the school with this boy from my history class. We sat down against a tree and started kissing. I opened my blouse so he could feel my tits and then unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock – that’s another word for penis, but I think you already know that. Anyway, it turned out his cock was really big. I wrapped my fingers around it and pumped up and down. I leaned over to watch. I always liked to watch when the white sticky stuff would shoot out the top, even if it sometimes hit my face.

“As I stared at this beautiful cock he put his hand on my neck and pushed my face closer. It just seemed so natural to open my mouth and let it slide inside. I continued stroking him with my hand and let him thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. I was moving my own head up and down letting him go a little deeper on each thrust. I swirled my tongue over him as his cock moved in and out of my mouth.

“I should have known what was about to happen when I felt him swell in my hand, but I was too absorbed with using my mouth to notice. Something warm and gooey splashed against the back casino siteleri of my throat. When I realized what was happening, I wasn’t sure what to do. I kept my lips wrapped around him and let him fill my mouth with cum. You probably know, Jenny, but that’s what they call the white gooey stuff that shoots from a boy’s cock. Anyway, before he was finished it began leaking from my lips and running down my chin. He finally pulled out leaving me with a whole mouthful of the stuff. I looked up at him and saw the satisfied but drained look of his eyes staring back at me. I just closed my mouth and swallowed.

“After that I became addicted to blow jobs. My dates always got one – well, usually two or three. Whenever I got the urge I would just find the nearest willing male. I even did some of the male teachers and a few of my friends fathers. Once I did the entire football team and coach in the back of a van at their championship celebration party. I must have swallowed a quart of cum that night. In the yearbook you may have noticed my nickname in high school was `BJ’. So tell me, Jenny, now what do you think of your mom.”

The image of mom at my age with her lips wrapped around all those cocks, and watching her openly squeezing her naked tits and pinching her nipples had me close to orgasm. I bit my lip to hold it back as long as I could.

“Tell me more, mom, like when you first did it – you know – fucked. Was that with daddy?”

“Heavens no. I didn’t meet you dad until I was out of college. Actually I liked giving blow jobs so much that I didn’t even think about fucking at first. I’d usually go down on my date after a few minutes of petting and have him cum in my mouth a few minutes after that. He’d finger me to a couple of orgasms and then I would go down on him again. Believe it or not, some of my dates could get it up for a third time, and we’re talking no more than an hour or two because I had a curfew. I won’t tell you how old I was, but most of the guys were still virgins and I was their first blow job.

“One night I was supposed to go on a double date with one of the older boys on the football team and his friend, only when they showed up there wasn’t another girl. They said she got sick so it would just be the three of us. After stopping at the local hamburger joint, we decided to go to a drive-in movie theater and watch some cheesy horror movies. We parked in a place where there were only a few cars so we could have some privacy. We spiked our cokes with bourbon and I got pretty drunk. Jake, my date, put his arm around me so I snuggled up to him. When we started kissing his hand went right to my tits. I was wearing a halter which he easily pulled down exposing my naked tits for him to explore. I forgot all about Mark who was in the back seat watching us.

“Well, baby, you can imagine what happened next knowing my addiction to blow jobs. My hand dropped to the bulge in his pants while he sucked my tits. I unzipped him, dug my hand in his pants and pulled out his naked cock. It was bigger than others I had sucked. I couldn’t wait to get my lips on it. I wrapped my fingers around its girth and started stroking him. It was a little tight with the steering wheel, but I had given a lot of blow jobs in the front seat of a car.

“Jake unbuckled his pants and pushed them to his knees. My head dropped to his lap and I felt this wonderful cock slide between my lips and into my mouth. I knew exactly how to use my tongue, lips and hand to extract maximum pleasure. I could tell it was working and knew I was about to feel his thick creamy sperm splashing into my mouth. That’s when Jake put his hands on the back of my head and pushed down. His cock lodged itself in the back of my throat and I thought I was going to choke, but I didn’t want to lose him. I pushed my tongue down his length and relaxed my throat. I let go of his cock which slid into me until my mouth was pressed against his pubes.

“He was fucking my mouth and slamming my head up and down his shaft, burying his cock down my throat on each thrust. I did everything I could to keep from gagging. When I felt his thick cum erupt in a powerful blast down my throat, I couldn’t swallow and started to choke. I was coughing cum, but Jake kept spewing more and more in one stream after another. I wrapped my hand around his slimy shaft and pumped cum all over my face while it drooled from my mouth. I was a real mess when he was finished. It was the first time I had taken a cock in my throat.”

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I let out a gasp as an orgasm swept through me. Juices gushed onto my fingers which were frantically rubbing my cunt. Mom pretended as though she didn’t even notice and continued on with her story, although now she had a hand inside her shorts fingering her own pussy. She climbed under the covers with me and continued her story.

“When I was finished, Jake asked me if I’d do Mark since he didn’t have a date. Mark already had his cock out and was stroking it in the back seat. He was even bigger than Jake. I climbed canlı casino part way over the front seat until I was able to wrap my lips around his cock. My ass was high in the air and bent over the seat, with my legs dangling behind me. I gave Mark the same treatment I had given Jake. He was moaning as his orgasm neared.

“I was looking forward to my second mouthful of cum when I felt my jeans being pulled down. I didn’t think anything of it. When he rubbed my pussy sparks of pleasure shot through me. Then he rammed two fingers up my cunt and finger fucked me from behind. I’d never been fingered like that – so deep and fast. An orgasm exploded from my pussy. I had to take Mark from my mouth.

“Jake got behind me and pulled my jeans and panties down even further. I went back down on Mark, this time taking him into my throat. Jake was wedged between me and the dashboard. I realized his hard cock was now pressed between the cheeks of my ass. I was on fire and began moving my ass up and down his shaft.”

Mom pulled off her shorts, then took my hand in hers and guided it to her steamy cunt, which was shaved bare except for a small tuft of hair. She let go of my hand when I began rubbing her where she wanted me to rub.

“That’s it, baby, right there… oooohhhh… keep it up. Now where was I? Oh yes. Well, I should have realized what I was inviting, but I honestly didn’t. I was feeling too good to think. Besides, I was working very hard at trying to get Mark to cum in my mouth. Jake slid his cock down my ass until the tip was pressing against my pussy. He moved a hand between my legs and spread my cunt lips – you do know what a cunt is, don’t you? Good. I could feel his cock sliding back and forth across my wet pussy. Then he pressed it into my opening. I felt my pussy stretching as he started to enter me.

“I swear to god, Jenny, it wasn’t until that moment that I realized I was about to get fucked for the first time. Oh, baby, you really know how to get a girl’s juices flowing. Would you mind sucking your mom’s tits while I finish telling you about Jake and Mark. Mmmmmmmm… that’s real nice, baby.

“Well, next thing I knew, Jake had pushed his cock deeper in my tight little pussy. He pulled back and pushed deeper still. I continued to hold Mark’s cock deep in my throat sensing that he was nearing orgasm. As Jake’s cock went deeper and deeper up my cunt my head began spinning. I could feel pressure building in my gut that was about to explode. Jake was finally all the way in me. He stayed there for a few moments. I couldn’t believe how completely filled my pussy was, or the pleasure that the pressure of his cock was giving me.

“Mark grabbed my head and slammed his cock in and out of my mouth. I was taking him deep into my throat on each thrust. Then Jake began fucking me slowly, but that was all it took to break the dam. My body exploded in a mind shattering orgasm. Somehow I was able to hold Mark in my throat which muffled the moans I was making as juices poured from my cunt and bolts of lightening shot through my body.

“That was when I felt Mark’s cum splashing against my throat. He held my head in place, bucked his hips several times and continued to pump streams of cum into me. I was on the verge of passing out from my own orgasm. I barely notice when he finally let his shrinking cock fall from my mouth along with a flood of white goo that dribbled over my lips.

“God, Jenny, I’m getting close. I know I shouldn’t ask, sweetheart, but would you do me with your mouth. You know, kiss your mom’s pussy and lick me with your tongue. You don’t mind, do you baby? Oh yea… that’s it. Oh shit. You’ve done this before, haven’t you… Ooooohhhhh. Let me finish the story and then I’m going to cum in your mouth, honey.

“Jake was hammering me hard by this time. My orgasm didn’t seem to stop, only vary in intensity from minute to minute. I was gasping and squealing, barely able to stand the pleasure that was consuming me. Mark pulled my head back to his cock and had me suck him to life. I heard Jake grunt and swell inside me. Then I felt his seed splash against the walls of my cunt. This sent me off on the most intense orgasm of all. He continued filling my cunt and I continued cumming. He finally pulled out and slid back into the driver’s seat. I could feel his goo running down the insides of my thighs.

“Mark pulled me over into the back seat, had me straddle his lap and slowly lowered me onto his cock until he was all the way up my cunt. He grabbed my ass cheeks and rammed his shaft in and out of me. He was even bigger than Jake and had me cumming after the first few strokes. I rode him for what seemed like an eternity until he finally came inside me. They both fucked me one more time before taking me home. I staggered into the house with a cunt full of cum, barely able to walk.

“Hurry, Jenny, finish me. Oh shit… aaaahhhhhh.”

I was so fucking horny that I twisted around and swung my leg over mom’s head. She sunk her tongue into my cunt while I continued kaçak casino licking her. Mom came first. She dug her fingers into my thighs and bucked her pussy into my mouth. She tried unsuccessfully to muffle her screams. Juices gushed from her cunt into my mouth and all over my face. She kept cumming and cumming as she squirmed and bucked below me. She finally calmed down and went to work on me with her fingers and tongue. She knew what she was doing and had me squirming and gasping about in less than a minute. She sucked the juices from my gushing cunt until I finally stopped cumming. “I’m really glad we had this little talk, Jenny, aren’t you,” mom asked while pulling on her shorts. “My baby is growing up so fast. I’m glad I could share what I was going through at your age. We’ll talk some more about you next time. I want to hear all about what you’ve been doing with that sweet tasting pussy of yours.”

Mom pulled on her top and stood by the side of the bed looking down at me with her hands on her hips. She was so beautiful and sexy. I couldn’t believe I had just sucked her pussy, the same one dad had fucked thousands of times and had been wrapped around John’s cock yesterday.

“I think I’ll go wake up your brother. He’s getting so big, don’t you agree?”

Mom winked at me with a knowing smile. She leaned over and kissed me on the lips, lingering long enough to let our tongues mingle, then walked out and closed the door.

The next day after school I ran home hoping John would be there to help me get off. I was disappointed when I found him with two of his wrestling teammates standing in the kitchen. My pussy needed pounding, but it looked like I would have to wait until later. I introduced myself and talked with John’s friends long enough to be polite, then excused myself so I could get to my room and finger my dripping pussy.

I pulled off my jeans and climbed face down onto the bed. I spread my legs and lifted my ass in the air, shoving a hand into my panties until my fingers found the searing folds of my cunt. With my other hand I squeezed my tits and pinched my nipples. I closed my eyes and imagined Mr. Kelty’s big cock thrusting in and out of my cunt as I bounced up and down on it. A quick but mild orgasm washed over me causing me to gasp. Juices gushed across my fingers.

I grabbed a bottle of baby oil and coated my fingers. I pushed a hand under the back of my panties and pressed a finger against my sphincter. It easily slipped into my asshole. I pushed a second finger up my ass. With my other hand I shoved two fingers into my pussy and fucked both holes at the same time. I imagined Mr. Hayes catching me with Mr. Kelty and deciding to punish me by fucking my ass while Mr. Kelty continued to fuck my pussy. I was spewing obscenities as I squirmed against my fingers.

“Oh god yes… fuck my pussy, Mr.Kelty… pound you big cock up my cunt… aaaaahhhhh… shove it deeper in my ass, Mr. Hayes… yes. squirt you hot thick cum inside me… uuunnnnggghhh.”

I didn’t hear the door open. I was oblivious to the world around me as I neared a powerful and long overdue orgasm. I was so close that I didn’t even notice my panties being pulled down. I screamed. My pussy gushed juices all over my hand. I was still cumming when a hard cock pressed against my lips forcing me to open my mouth. It took me a moment to realize that this was real and no longer a dream. I also realized it was a cock I had never sucked. Behind me someone pulled down my panties. Two fingers slipped into my pussy. I tilted my ass in the air while I sucked the cock in my mouth. The fingers were pulled from my pussy and replaced by a big hard cock. I moaned when it slid deep into my cunt. I heard my brother’s voice nearby. “I told you guys she wouldn’t mind.”

The cock in my pussy pushed deeper and deeper. Then it was fucking me. I realized that it was the first time two cocks had been in my body at the same time. I loved it. Both cock slammed into me faster and harder. The guy fucking my face had a tight grip on my head and slammed his cock into my mouth hard and deep. Spit was drooling from my lips as I tried to keep up with him. The cock in my pussy slammed me forward onto the cock in my mouth driving it even deeper. I heard a grunt behind me and then his hot cum was shooting into my cunt. That’s when my pussy exploded.

The cock in my mouth moved quickly to my pussy. I felt it slide deep into my body. He fucked me like a maniac jerking my body forward on each thrust. My pussy was tingling so much I could barely stand the pleasure. I felt like I was going to explode into pieces. I heard him grunt and thrust deep into my pussy. More hot cum sprayed into my cunt. My fingers clutched the bedspread with a death grip. My entire body was shaking as one orgasm after the next ripped through me.

When I caught my breath I sat up and looked at the two guys that had just fucked me. John was standing right in front of me with his hard cock dangling a foot in front of my face. I leaned forward and slid my lips down the shaft and felt the familiar ridges of his hard meat against my tongue. Two minutes later he filled my mouth with stream after stream of cum until it was drooling from my lips. I swallowed the rest and continued sucking him to keep him hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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