Autofellatio Lifestyle Pt. 01

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I wasn’t exactly an extrovert when I was younger. I was always the guy who just fantasized about banging hot girls rather than chatting them up and actually doing it. My hobby was stroking my cock with a furious vengeance on a near daily basis. Usually I did this to a myriad of discarded porn magazines the nearby 7-11 threw out every month.

I’m always looking for new ways to make myself cum. Before leaving home for college I invented my own stroke sleeves from toilet paper rolls, old silk curtains, and Vaseline. Unfortunately, I discovered these were only good for one or two uses before falling apart. I never had the money to buy good latex sleeves from my local sex shop so I was forever eying anything with reasonable penetration potential for its usage in my odyssey of personal self pleasure.

I have a penis of average girth, but I’m 8 inches fully erect, so every orifice I happened upon was always evaluated with those specifications.

My greatest invention ended up being an 8 inch long PVC pipe I found at a nearby home construction site. I lined the inside and end edges with a bicycle innertube, cut to exact dimensions, and held in place at each end with stripped copper wire from a discarded clothing iron (I’m very resourceful when properly motivated). This I would then lube up with hand lotion or cooking oil and stroke myself silly. It was incredible and I was quite proud of my own ingenuity. I could slip it between my mattress and box spring and fuck it until my knees couldn’t take the carpet burn anymore. Later I figured out how to place it beneath a pillow while lying in bed and screw it until I came.

I was my own best friend for quite awhile after that. My drinking buddies even commented that I hadn’t been around for a few months. I couldn’t exactly tell them I was busy masturbating though. Every day during the summer before I left for college I would spend hours stroking my cock with güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my toy until I blew my wad. I got to be quite the cum whore. I could easily stroke for an hour or more non-stop, foregoing the opportunity to orgasm a few times just to keep the delicious rhythm going towards one giant, eye-crossing explosion. I went through untold quarts of hand lotion, Vaseline, cooking oil, or any reasonable lubricant I could get my hands on to keep my toy slick and gooey.

Every few months or so I would change out the rubber tubing or upgrade the wire wrappers at each end. I discovered that I could invert the rubber tubing so the head of my cock would rub across the raised logos and lettering, enhancing the sensation against my shaft with every stroke. I experimented with external bicycle tubing as an orifice lining. The raised traction grooves provided a really intense surface but tended to irritate my shaft with the prolonged use that I required. Ten speed tires worked well but required me to constantly rotate the pipe as I stroked to get the full effect of the raised rubber surfaces, so in the end the basic innertube worked the best. After I started using commercial strokers much later I still kept my PVC pal in steady operation until I was nearly 23 years old.

When I moved away to go to a college 200 miles from home all my stroke paraphernalia came with me. Once I settled into my new apartment with my new found privacy I soon got the urge to ‘up my game’ and shoot for greater intensities. The ‘friends with benefits’ weren’t exactly breaking down my door yet. At first I started experimenting with various cock rings to increase girth and friction while screwing my devices. This evolved from cinching the base of my cock with black hair bands to eventually using commercial cock rings.

One early Monday morning before heading out to English 101 class I sat in the floor with my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri back to my bed and decided to introduce a little vacuum to my daily ritual by bending over a little and sucking the end of my PVC toy while my cock was good and hard inside using a nice snug cock ring around the base of my hard pole. This expanded my erection from my normally solid 8 inches to almost 9 inches in length. The suction made a dramatic difference in my pleasure and my engorged penis turned shiny and dark red from the constriction. It was on this first encounter sucking the end that I discovered I could slip the entire head of my cock that now stuck out past the end of the pipe past my lips and teeth and into my warm mouth almost effortlessly. Now I had been licking my own precum and sperm off my hands for years, but tasting my own fresh, warm precum oozing from my warm penis was really overwhelming. It was incredibly sensual, erotic, and dirty all at the same time. I stopped stroking and just held the head of my penis in my mouth and began rubbing my tongue across the base of the glans while I moaned with rhythmic delight and pleasure. The experience felt very homoerotic. It made me think, “this is what gay men experience when they suck cock”. It took maybe 60 seconds before my orgasm began deep in my center. I had been stroking with Vaseline and my entire face was now greased up from ear to ear but I didn’t notice until much later. The taste of petroleum jelly mixed with my own juices was a humorous experience and I just kept the steady rhythm going.

As I pushed myself into my mouth, darting my tongue into my tips orifice for more juices, I felt my orgasm building and knew I what I was going to do thinking, “Oh God, yes!” There was no way I could have stopped or pulled away even if I had wanted to, and I really wanted to taste my sperm. I bend over a little farther, despite the resistance in güvenilir bahis şirketleri my back, sucked down an extra inch of my warm shaft, and released hot blasts of cum onto my tongue and into the back of my hungry mouth. The taste of my own cum shooting directly into my mouth wasn’t what I was expecting. It was a lot hotter, having never been exposed to open air, and having never left the confines of my own body. It reminded me of salty bleach as it pumped onto my tongue in convulsive pleasure. As I swallowed the initial load it felt a little repulsive, yet really erotic. I’m sure I rolled my eyes as I took the 7 or 8 powerful spurts into my hungry mouth. I continued to caress my head with my tongue until I began shaking involuntarily.

I collapsed back onto the floor almost frozen in shock as my body slowly relaxed from the tension. Cum oozed down my chin and onto my sweaty chest from the blast that I didn’t catch. I smeared the dribble around with my fingers, rubbed it all over my lips, then slowly licked them clean. Cum continued to ooze from my cock onto my thigh as I slowly returned to a flaccid state.

After recovering I felt like I’d really gotten a hot blowjob. My penis tingled from the attention and I could taste my own semen on my breath for nearly an hour afterwards. Thinking about how I had essentially transferred my own hot cum from my balls to my stomach without leaving my body was at first a bit strange but at the same time it got me very aroused soon after my refractory period. After a few stretches I was soon at it again, this time without the PVC pipe. Despite being totally straight I felt like a naughty little gay cocksucker, hungry for more dick, which my lover was happy to provide. I was both giver and receiver and wanted to please my little friend very much with my new skills. I was so excited. Now I could get blown for as long and as often as I wanted. My lover was always available whenever I was and never said, “No!” Obviously I never made it to English class that day. In fact I didn’t leave my apartment that entire weekend. I managed 4 orgasms that first day over a 6 hour period of time before I collapsed from exhaustion and back pain. It was clear I was going to need a training program.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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