At the Water’s Edge

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Leah and I were burning up. We’d been riding horses all afternoon and the sun was bearing down on us. When she suggested a quick dip in a nearby stream, I readily agreed, dying to get out of these hot shoes and tight jean shorts.

After tying the horses up to the branch of a tree, Leah wasted no time in heading for the water, kicking off her leather boots and stripping out of her black denim shorts that were plastered to her rump from a day of hard riding, leaving her clad in only a pair of pink bikinis and matching tank top.

I couldn’t wait to get into that cool clear water, but as I slid my shorts down, I remembered that I wore a thong today – and not just an ordinary up the butt thong with a triangle in the front but a lacy white thong with only a tiny strip of nearly sheer fabric to cover me. Well, there was nothing I could do about it now, Leah would have to just look in the other direction.

She was lying back on one of the big rocks in the middle of the stream, letting her long blond hair flow with the current when I came in. I sank down to my knees and cupped the water in my hand for a drink, allowing the cool water to flow down my chin and soak my little white baby T. Of course, my breasts were on display with my pebbled nipples protruding, but this didn’t bother me because Leah and I frequently were topless around each other.

Most of the time, on days like this we’d just sit around in her room and let the fan blow on us. Or sometimes, when it wasn’t so blistering, we’d sunbathe on her roof. I even mentioned how perfect her small breasts were when she’d get down on the way she looks and how no boys really liked her. Then she would hug me and tell me how nice it felt to have my larger breasts on her, and that boys would have to like feeling breasts like mine as well.

I stood up, arching my back with my hands linked over my head, for a good stretch, enjoying the sun now that my body had cooled off. When I looked over at Leah, I saw that she was looking at me. I smiled. “It feels good, doesn’t it? I’m glad you suggested this spot.”

She licked her pink lips and her eyes wandered down to my crotch. “So am I.”

It didn’t make me feel uncomfortable, her watching me. I was proud of my body. I worked hard to keep in shape. The sun was getting hot again on my shoulders, probably because I have long black hair, and so I decided to lie down and get totally soaked this time. “Your step-brother sure seemed interested in where we were heading. What do you think he’d do if he found us out here like this?”

“Probably just stare at your beautiful body,” Leah said from right beside me.

I shielded my eyes to get a better look at her face and saw that she was ogling my breasts again. I just let her look her fill. “Well, I sure wouldn’t mind if he decided to bare that hard body of his and join us for a cool dip. Or even something else.” I laughed.

“I can see right through your thong,” she remarked, a little breathless. “Do you shave it?”

“Sometimes,” I mumbled as the water flowed over my curves. “But mostly I keep it waxed. It stays softer that way.” Then I couldn’t resist playing with her just a little. “And then I rub this special lotion all over, for a long time until it gets completely casino siteleri absorbed.”

“Oh,” she said on a lengthy sigh, before I splashed her and scrambled away.

We were giggling and splashing around when Troy came upon us at full gallop. Man, he looked good enough to eat. His brown hair had been bleached by the sun and his skin bronzed. He’d ripped the sleeves of his tight muscle shirt off to reveal his finely honed guns. He jumped off the horse before it even stopped without taking his eyes off me.

Trying to act cool, he sat down at the water’s edge. “What are you two up to? Trouble?”

I splashed him. “I guess that depends on your definition.”

“Mostly, we’re just playing around,” Leah chimed in, making her step-brother glance in her direction.

He looked her over, smiled and then turned his gaze back to me, not bothering to keep his eyes on my face. “Playin’, huh? Well, I happen to know a few games.”

“I’m sure you do, cowboy,” I said as I lifted my arms to smooth the dark hair away from face. “What did you have in mind?”

He removed his boots, and set them on the bank one at a time and then stood and stripped out of his shirt. His smooth, tan pectoral muscles rippled as he brought his arm down and rubbed his hand over his chiseled six-pack. “How about truth or dare?” He wore a pair of cut-off’s as well, but when I suggested he take them off, he grinned, unbuttoning only the top button. “I don’t think you’re ready to let the horse out of the barn yet. Or are you ready for that first dare?”

Though her step-brother was a eight years older than either of us, and already done with college, he didn’t get a bear belly like some of those other college boys do, and I didn’t mind the attention he’d begun to pay me whenever I came over to spend the night at his house. Most of the time he was the only one around, because Leah’s folks were always staying someplace on the weekends, and I frequently asked him to do little favors for me in kind of my little fantasy of us playing house. To this day, the most that had ever happened between us was a quick hug or an accidental brushing of thighs, and I couldn’t wait for something more intense. And from the looks of his bulging package, I’d say he felt the same. “I’ll go first,” Leah announced as she put a hand on my shoulder to bring me back to reality.

Troy spoke up. “Truth or dare?”

Leah looked over at me, biting her lip. “Dare.”

“I dare you to kiss Monica,” he drawled, stepping further into the water to where we were standing.

Like an excited puppy, Leah moved in. She touched her fingertips to my lips first and then tilted my chin up just slightly to bring my mouth up to hers. Her lips were soft and warm as they brushed against mine. Surprisingly, I could feel the stirrings of arousal between my thighs. I don’t know if it was because Troy was watching or because her tongue tasted so sweet in my mouth, but began to like it. Too soon, she pulled away, laughing and a little breathless.

The sun was scorching again, my shirt nearly dry, and I sank down into the water to get wet again. I stood up and looked from Leah to Troy who both had their eyes centered on me, roving from my chest down to my crotch. canlı casino I began to throb and feel my own moisture build. “I’ll take a double dare,” I said and looked to Troy for release.

Leah chimed in, “Kiss me.” Then Troy added, “And then suck on her nipples.”

I wasted no time in fulfilling the dare. I kissed Leah the way that she kissed me and took it a step farther as I lightly pinched her nipples with my fingers. She moaned into my mouth as I slid my tongue further in. Slowly, I lifted the damp shirt off her lithe body and pressed my breasts against hers, feeling the satisfaction of her taut nipples boring through my shirt and knowing that she was excited to be kissing me. Her hands moved around my waist and grabbed hold of my shirt as she urged my arms up and freed me of the wet garment. I continued to kiss her, loving the feel of her soft lips on mine, and also the feel of her small breasts on my flesh. Lowering my head, I took her tiny pink nipple into my mouth and suckled. Her fingers tangled with my hair as she held my head to her breast and cried out my name.

“Dare,” Troy said after a while of being left out of the picture. I came up for air and looked at him. “I dare you to take your shorts off.”

He did and stood before us, naked and glorious. His erection grew even larger under our gazes, nearly stealing my breath at the thought of that humongous muscle inside of me. And I wanted him all for myself. “What next?” I answered him with a shrug of my shoulders. “You should have said double dare. Now it’s Leah’s turn again.”

“Double dare,” Leah whispered, coming closer to kiss me again, not waiting for Troy to make up his mind.

“Get on your knees, rip off Monica’s thong and then eat her pussy,” Troy said, moving a hand down to stroke his blessed member.

For a moment, I was jealous watching him, wanting to put my hand on him and feel the hot, silky steel of him, but then I felt Leah’s tongue on me. She ate me like she hadn’t eaten for a year. Her pink tongue was tireless as she moved it over my clit, over and over again as I felt the tension build and watched Troy entice me with his slow strokes. My knees weakened and Troy reached an arm out to steady me. I moaned and my head fell back in a quick, and somewhat unfulfilling, orgasm.

Troy was gorgeous. Just looking at him made me want more, and I could tell by the trace amount of juice on the tip of his penis that he felt the same way. “Leah, dare me to suck on Troy, to take all of him into my mouth.”

“I don’t want to,” Leah whined.

I knew what she wanted and I had to appease her in some way. “The next double dare Troy will make me eat you and finger fuck you, does that sound good?”

Leah nodded. “But only if you let me suck on your nipples while you suck on Troy, alright?”

I was already down on my knees, the little river rocks digging into my flesh, but I didn’t care. I licked the tip of his dick and tasted his salty juice. I took him deep into my mouth wanting more of that delicious stuff. I took him all the way down my throat; he must have been at least ten inches. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and pumped while I sucked faster and faster. Then Leah moved in between his legs and started kaçak casino on my tits. Man! I didn’t know I could feel like this. I found myself wishing for a way to have something in my mouth, something sucking on my tits and something riding hard and fast inside of me all at the same time. I fondled Troy’s balls and felt them tighten up right before he came into my mouth. I swallowed the sweet nectar and smiled up at him as swung his leg over Leah and sat down in the water beside me.

I laid back as Leah continued suckling me and slowly inserted her finger inside of me. Soon her rocking finger became two and then three and then faster as I felt the tension build again. But I wanted more than Leah’s hand, I wanted Troy. Suddenly, he kissed me and brought his hand to the breast that Leah didn’t have in her mouth, kneading my wanton flesh. “Oh, Troy. I want you,” I moaned into his mouth just before I came.

The pouty look on Leah’s face had me taking her face in my hands and gently kissing her before I stood and lead her over to the big, flat rock. Turning her so that her back was to the rock, I kissed her again and rubbed my thumbs over her nipples while Troy watched from behind me. Laying her down, I wasted no time in stripping off her panties and settling my mouth on her cunt. She had it shaved in a V and her soft, curly hairs felt surprisingly nice against my lips. “Is this what you want, sweetie?” I asked as I licked her clit, causing her hips to arch upward. The power of sex I held over her was a powerful aphrodisiac and I found myself enjoying my task very much.

I ate her slowly, savoring her tangy flavor and drinking all of her desire. I licked her all over, loving the feel of my tongue inside of her. I could tell by her moans and the way she was shaking that she was about ready to explode, so I slowed down even more and put my finger inside of her. She was tight and clamped around my finger as I picked up the pace and rocked her world.

I felt a hand on my backside, and figured that Troy had recovered and was ready to join the party. The head of his penis pressed against my cunt and edged inside slowly. He took great care to make my body used to his size and to not overwhelm me. Then he pulled out and thrust in fully just once, but once was enough. Orgasm washed over me and I just about collapsed into Leah’s pussy. I sucked her and flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue as I slid another finger in and she came. I licked up all of her juices as Troy rode me slow and deep. My body came to life again and my skin was sizzling with electric current. Every thrust almost had me weeping for the joy of it and then he stopped.

I stood up and turned around to see that Troy was in some secret communication with Leah. Then he put his hand behind my neck and kissed slow and deep. I guess that’s the way cowboys do things. The next thing I knew, Troy was on the rock and turning me around to sit facing away from him as he lowered me onto him and then pulled me back to lay on him. He had one knee up and a foot braced for support while my legs were spread wide and he rocked his hips. Then Leah leaned forward to kiss me as she played with my breasts. This had to be heaven!

I didn’t think it could get any better, but then Leah moved down my body and plied her fabulous little tongue to my clit again as Troy filled me. He stiffened and moaned, emptying his precious juice into me. I shattered, wondering briefly what we would do when got back to the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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