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“Call me later, if you are not too busy. I have something I want to ask you,” she said as we ended another long telephone conversation. It had become a routine over the last few weeks especially with all the project related issues that we had to discuss.

“Sure.” I said, with the affirmation that she liked. She knew I would have kept my promise and it was one of the many traits that she had fallen in love with. It did not matter that we had not discussed at anytime our emotional or physical inclinations. We were able to relate very comfortably at the professional level and it was assumed that it would not have been hard to transfer that respect into romance.

As promised, I made the call and as if it was a major event Theresa had already showered and was relaxing, watching TV, waiting on my call. It wasn’t normal for her to tell me all the preparatory activities, but today she did. I did find it a little odd that she did, but without taking too much notice, I went off into our professional discussions about the communications plan for our fast approaching conference. I was president of the local chapter of the professional development association, which was host for the regional conference aimed at making the issue of professional development a moot point for economic development. In addition to my day job and the overall operations of the association, I was responsible for overseeing the process of getting the news to the wider public. It meant being on the talk shows and in the newspapers.

Theresa was a senior account executive in a major communications firm, which allowed me, and the association, to capitalize on her many contacts in the media. She was also very sharp in finding opportunities that would allow us to become more visible as the event drew closer. In the process we grew closer as well, often sharing lunch or breakfast to review plans and as fillers, talk about our personal lives. Her life was rather interesting, especially when it came to sexual exploits. For someone who was very involved in the church for many years, she had a lot of steamy, adventurous encounters to report. At first, I was a little surprised as to how much she was willing to share; after all we had only been professional colleagues. There was little doubt after a few similar meetings that she really liked talking to me; I did enjoy her company, although I was rather slow to react to the chemistry.

I did the usual when I got home. canlı bahis Stripped to the nude, had a sandwich and a drink, showered then took my lounging position on the couch to watch TV. The life of a single male tends to be like that. Not that I did not get my fair share of action, but there were times, like today, when the option was to take a rain check and have an easy night, so to speak. After catching up on the news and my favorite reality program, I took some time to review some of the plans for the conference. In the process I remembered my promised call to Theresa. I was a little wary, since I was not sure what exactly she wanted to talk about. Deep inside I was hoping that it had nothing to do with her past relationships, as I had no desire to become a relationship counselor for her. It was fine to talk about professional issues but I had just gone through a mutual break-up and would prefer not to be engaged in that type of discussion.

Our chat was going great. She sounded very relaxed, and as always, the crispness in the way she enunciated making her sound more proper than she really was. Her tone was mellow and sexy which made it very desirable to have phone conversations with her. We chatted about the plans for the conference, her projects at work and, eventually, my own plans. I had just bought a house and was doing renovations. After about twenty minutes, in the middle of a thought, the question came.

“Do ever think of fucking me?” she casually asked. It felt like she had detonated an emotional explosive. For a few seconds I was stunned and eventually I was able to respond.

“It has crossed my mind a few times but I always thought you were so organized and professional that ..,” my response faded as I struggled to find the politically correct response. I had never really taken too much notice of her sexually to that point but it seemed unfair to drown her seemingly strong desires with my oblivion.

“OK, so you never thought of me like that or is it that you are just being professional?” she continued.

“You could say that, but it does not mean that I never noticed your well shaped legs in your mini skirt at our meeting last week.” I replied as my confidence slowly returned. We started to chat about sexual positions, preferences, previous encounters and current desires for a few more minutes until I took the conversation to another level.

“How would you like me to come over there and bahis siteleri suck your pussy till you erupt?” I quizzed teasingly. “I would also make sure that you feel the full length of my cock, which is already hard.” I was seriously aroused and wanted to fuck Theresa really bad. It felt animalistic but very sexy. It had been sometime since I had been in a situation with someone who was this bold. The adrenaline rush was unbearable. My offer stunned her somewhat and her response was somewhat hesitant.

“Are you serious? I would love to, but it is a little late.” was her carefully worded response.

It would normally be a twenty-minute ride to her place but tonight I was prepared to take ten. I was already slipping on my shorts as she finally accepted the offer and within minutes I was standing at her door in more ways than one.

She was more than ready when I arrived. The doors were unlocked, the lights were dim and she was scantily clad in a black teddy. We wasted no time. Soon we were busy rolling from point to point in her freshly powdered king-size bed, I was kissing all over her torso, her breasts, all the way down to toes. Her nipples were hard and large and her breasts were very firm giving no clue that she had breast-fed her only child for almost ten months. Her pussy was warm, wet and her brush cutely shaven in a mowhawk. As I got to her pussy and started to lick on her clitoris she began to tremble as if in shock. After suffering the pleasure for a while, she asked that I stop. We retreated into another round of kissing and fondling. I could not resist, in spite of her pleading, the chance to slide my finger inside her hot, wet pussy. I finger fucked her till she had a gigantic orgasm while pleading for me to stop. The force of her orgasm forced her to grab hold of the headboard and as if she was falling of the side of an ocean liner in the middle of nowhere, she gripped it as if her life depended on it.

I stopped plugging her pussy with my finger, allowing her time to recover, which she did. After a few moments catching her breath she turned her attention to my cock. With a few minutes of gentle massage, she reactivated my cock’s full attention and engaged it with a big lick. She started to suck my balls then moved all the way up the shaft of my cock, at the bulb shaped head, she, in meticulous way, licked it in a circular motion before gulping it deep into her mouth. The pleasure she was getting sucking bahis şirketleri on my cock was conveyed by the moans released each time her mouth slid down my rod. At one point she looked me in the eye with a childlike smile, which expressed her delight. As she sucked on my cock I could not but wander back to the phone call, which led me there. An hour ago I was at home with not even the faintest idea that I would be in the course of a wonderful blowjob.

I soon came back to my reality and with my cock cherry red at he head, I told her it was time to feel her pussy on my cock. She did not hesitate. Slowly she sat on my cock and all seven inches faded into her creamy cavity. Her pussy was tight, moist, with regular contractions, which made my cock even more excited; it was rather endearing. There was the need to be fucked and I obliged. For the next twenty minutes, which felt like only ten, my cock was sliding in and out of Theresa’s love hole like a piston in a well-lubed chamber. The motions were well synchronized, and even when she would toss her head back and shout “Oh Fuck”, we did not lose a beat. Eventually, I came, pumping hard and filling her with cum. A moment later she was climaxing as well with an even greater grunt of “Oh Fuck”.

The next day we had a meeting at her office. My morning was rather busy with no time to review the previous nights happening. On my way to her office I could not but wonder what her reaction would be. My limited anxiety was wasted as our meeting went very professionally with very few signs that last night was on her mind. As all the attendees prepared to leave her office she asked that I hang around for a short time afterwards, as there was an issue with the communications plan that needed to be finalized.

With the others gone, she closed the door to her office, something she always did when she did not want to be disturbed. As I sat on the chair adjacent to her desk, she slowly walked over and in one motion rolled her skirt up exposing her bare pussy.

“Do you want to fuck me again?” she whispered in my ear.

There was no need to answer. The setting was daring and my cock responded without hesitation. Without thinking, my zipper was opened and my cock released inviting her to sit on it. A quick fuck in her office was not what I had planned but, again, her boldness was exposed and I was not prepared to disappoint her. After we both had orgasms, we tidied ourselves and reviewed the communications plan. As I stood, picked up my leather folder, and started to move towards the door, Theresa, in her typical manner, smiled and thanked me for stopping by. She need not have said that. I was always welcome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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