Asian Mom Jenny and her son Chris Series 2: Part 1

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“Mom have you seen my sandals?” Chris shouted from his room.

I had asked him to finish packing before he left for school in the morning, but because we were “busy” the night before, he didn’t get the chance to.

“You can’t find them?” I asked, entering his room.

“I think you put them away when summer ended.”

I stared blankly at him, trying to remember if that was the case or not. “Have you dug through your closet?”

“Yeah, it’s not there.”

“Hmm. I’ll check the linen closet” I sighed, sounding slightly flustered.

“Sorry mom. I should’ve finished packing already” Chris said genuinely.

“It’s okay honey. Mommy didn’t exactly give you a chance to last night!” I smiled at him, embracing him for a kiss.

Even now, almost 3 months since Chris and I first started making out, I still couldn’t get enough of it. I loved the feeling of my son’s tongue in my mouth, loved how taboo it was, loved the way he made me feel young again.

“Hmm” I moaned. “How much do you have left to pack?”

“Not much” he answered quickly, knowing what I meant.

“Good” I said, basically ignoring his answer. With the rest of the day devoted to traveling, I knew that this might be the last chance I had to fool around for a while.

“Should I…mhmm…finish first?” Chris asked through my lips.

“In a minute honey” I answered, pushing both of us to his bed. I laid him down gently, with me next to him as we made out. By now Chris had understood there was little point in fighting against my sexual advances, he always caved in the end anyways! So instead of protesting, he began sucking on my tongue as his hands explored my body.

I rolled myself on top of him and grinded my pelvis into his, feeling his hard cock through his jeans.

“Mom I don’t think there’s enough -”

“I know honey. But mommy wants to make out a little longer.”

Chris nodded his head and moaned softly in agreement.

The last two months had been great. We grew even closer together and at times I felt I really was like his girlfriend. I had the chance to relive my teenage years again with Chris. Instead of staying home on weekends and studying like I did back then, I spent many of them with Chris, whether out on a “date” or even if it was just at home to enjoy a movie or just chatting. Instead of being the quiet shy girl I once was, I was now a much more vocal and bubbly person around him. And the sex of course was always amazing.

We never lost that initial spark and things never cooled down between us. And with Jessie gaining more independence as the school year carried on, I had even more time in the afternoon with Chris. So every chance we had to be alone together, almost always ended up with his cock in me. Chris also, over time, began being more accepting of my kinks; including fooling around in public places or whenever his father was in the house. One of my absolute favorite things to do was pull Chris into my bedroom for a quickie whenever my husband was showering in our master bathroom. It was a huge turn on for me to get fucked by him with Charles just one room away.

I also loved sucking Chris’ cock as he played games with his friends online. In order to make sure he was still spending time with them and not just with me or on schoolwork, I spent many afternoons on my knees. He was hesitant to try at first, but after just the first time, it became a staple for us. The thrill of hearing him attempt to talk to his friends through his mic as I went down on him was so exhilarating. And because he was often focused on the screen, he was able to last so much longer, allowing me to thoroughly enjoy myself. I loved the days when he came home after a big test; I’d fuck him on my bed and then spent the next hour or so in his room sucking his cock and talking while he played games.

On the two weekend trips that Charles left for “work”, I had Chris stay in my bed for the night, fucking me satisfied before spooning up to him and sleeping. Those nights were like bliss! I always woke up earlier than he did, with a morning blowjob so we could go at it again while his sister was downstairs enjoying TV.

As for my husband and I, it was the same as usual. Outside of the bedroom, there were no issues between us and we conversed with each other fine. I did notice him on his phone a lot more, always smirking as he texted enthusiastically. I didn’t know if it was me being more observant now that I knew about him and Sara or he was simply being sloppier about hiding it, either way, it didn’t matter. Charles and I had sex once in the last few months and it took everything I had to stop myself from laughing at how awful it was. It wasn’t just him, neither one of us showed any passion for it. It was just as if both of us knew it was about time to do it once in order to keep up the façade that our bedroom wasn’t dead. It was amusing to see him come back home in high spirits from his “business trips” just as I was feeling the same from fucking Chris all weekend. I guess in a weird way, it worked out for all of us.

Unfortunately the longer Chris and I kissed; the harder it was for me to keep my word. The feeling of his cock against me caused my hands to subconsciously unbuckle his jeans. I gently brought it out of his boxers and stroked him as he continued to suck on my tongue. After another a minute, I couldn’t resist myself anymore and scooted down until I could wrap my lips around his cock.

“Oh god mom!” Chris moaned, pushing my head down.

“Not so fast honey! Mommy wants to enjoy it!” I giggled, brushing his hand away so I could go at my own pace. I teased his shaft with my tongue, swirling it around from base to tip and lightly sucking the head of his cock. When I looked up at him, I saw that he had closed his eyes, just enjoying the sensual blowjob I was giving him.

His face made me want to tease him more, sucking him harder until he started moaning again, only to slow back down again and just lightly suck. Chris caught on pretty quick and opened his eyes to give me a confused and look, which I returned with my own mischievous smile.

“Mom stop teasing me!” he chuckled with a hint of frustration.

“What do you want mommy to do then?!” I giggled.

“Deepthroat me mom!” he exclaimed, returning his hands to the back of my head.

“You want to feel mommy’s throat?!”

“Mhm. Yes please” he pleaded.

I gave him another naughty smile before deciding that we were running low on time anyways, my husband was going to be back soon for us to leave. I shifted my eyes back to his cock and in one motion stuffed it all the way down my throat, causing Chris to moan loudly.

I had so much experience with him that deepthroating came naturally to me now. I hardly ever gagged, even with Chris pushing my head down and thrusting his cock into me, I had no problem taking it all. I loved the feeling of my throat being filled and Chris knew he could be as rough as he wanted with my mouth.

“Fuck mom!” he panted, shoving my mouth down to his base and holding it there before cumming down my throat. I licked his cock thoroughly with my tongue, making sure that it was clean of any left over jizz.

“I’ll go look for your sandals. You should finish packing honey” I instructed, getting off his bed. “We’re leaving as soon as your dad gets here.”

“Got it mom” he said, putting his pants back on.

I scrounged around the linen closet for a second before finding the pair he was looking for.

“Mom I’m all done!” my daughter exclaimed, running up to me.

“Yeah? Can mommy take a look?”

She nodded her head vehemently and took my hand, guiding me to her room.

I had already packed her clothe for the trip and only asked that she clean her room up before leaving. Upon actually seeing it, I was pleasantly surprised that she did a passable job. Sure, the bottom drawer was overstuffed with her toys and her desk still a little messy, but overall, not bad.

“Great job sweetie! And you have your little wallet?” I asked. I bought her one with some emergency cash and identification card inside; in the rare case she got separated from us.

“Yup!” she exclaimed, opening up the small pocket of her backpack.

“Good! Go watch TV until daddy comes home. He should be back in less than an hour!” I smiled, rubbing her hair.

“Okay mom!” she answered, grabbing her backpack and running off downstairs. I watched her leave, but my eyes were distracted by the continuing snowfall that was still pouring down outside. It had been going on for the better part of the day. A white Christmas was probably the only thing that I was going to miss here for the next week and a half.

“Honey, here they are. It looks like you were right” I said, handing Chris his sandals.

“I’m sorry, mom. What…what was that? I was…I was right?!” he exclaimed sarcastically.

“Don’t push your luck!” I shot back, slapping him playfully.

“Can I get that in writing? So whenever you question my decisions in the future, I will remind you of the time… that I was right” he joked.

I giggled loudly at his expression. “Yeah! The ONE time you were right!” I answered, making us both laugh.

“So, mom did you finish packing too?”

“Yeah, while you were at school” I answered, helping him organize his suitcase.

“When’s our flight again?”

“6:45 boarding time. But we need to get to the airport earlier to check in and go through security and just in case anything delays us.”

“hmm” he nodded, stuffing the last of his things in.

With Chris wrapping up his packing, I received a text from my husband saying he was 10 minutes away. “Your dad’s back in 10. Let’s get everything downstairs and we can leave as soon as possible!”

Chris took his own luggage downstairs first before rushing back upstairs to grab mine and his father’s bigger suitcase as well.

“Thanks honey!” I exclaimed, giving him a kiss on the cheek when he came down the second time. “Could you get your sister’s too?” I asked.

“Sure, mom” he smiled back.

Just as Chris made another trip upstairs, my husband pulled into the driveway. I opened the door for him and greeted him with a hug.

“Wow it’s cold outside!” my husband said, shivering. “Oh good, the luggage is all down already. I’m gonna start loading it onto the car” he exclaimed, grabbing a suitcase and heading out the door.

“Sweetie! Do you have your backpack?”

“Yup!” she replied, holding it up for me to see.

“Good! If you have to go to the bathroom, go now! Otherwise, wait in the car. We’ll be there in a few minutes!”

“I’m okay mom!” she exclaimed, putting on her shoes before exiting the house.

“Is that all of it?” my husband asked.

“This is the last one dad” Chris replied, walking down the stairs with his sister’s small suitcase.

“Whoo! Okay! We should have plenty of time then” my husband smiled.

“Ok everybody in the car! I am just going to check on the garage door and stove” I said, shooing both the men out the door. I made a quick scan of the house before joining them in the car, taking the front passenger seat.

“So you excited to for winter break? Excited to see your grandparents?” my husband asked, looking in the rearview mirror at Chris and Jessie.

“Yeah! I can’t wait for Disneyworld!” my daughter exclaimed.

Every Christmas break, our families gathered either at our house or my parents summer place in Orlando. We alternated each year, and this year it was time for warm weather! It was always a festive time, if simply because of how lively it is with everyone there. My parents as well as Charles’ would be there, along with my younger sister Lily. This year, Charles’ younger brother and his wife, Mark and Rachel were also joining us. My sister was still single, while Mark and Rachel had a daughter a year older than Jessie, Elizabeth. The two young girls got along great together.

Charles’ parents were fantastically nice people. They were nothing more than welcoming of me from the moment Charles introduced me to them almost 20 years ago. And they were terrific grandparents, always calling each week and inquiring about the well-being of Chris and Jessie. Charles’ brother was a lot like Charles himself, fairly quiet and socially awkward at time. I did however get along very well with Rachel. She was, like me in a way, a very stereotypical housewife and never failed to make others feel warm and invited. She more than made up for the lack of comedy from her husband and was such a joy to be around and talk to.

As for my parents, they immigrated to the US in the early 80s after college in China. Over the last three plus decades, their English had become fine, albeit with the accent still present. They were very supportive of me and Charles when we married and I was always grateful to them for overlooking any racial differences. I got along fine with my parents, who have now retired in Florida and started enjoying all their free time. However, I was closest with my sister. She was almost 8 years younger than me, which gave me the special privilege of being both a sister and an authority figure to her as she grew up. And while my parents pinned their dreams of grandchildren on me, they pinned their career dreams on Lily, stereotypically pushing her to become a doctor. She ended up becoming not a medical doctor, but a PhD research fellow in biochemistry. She had her experimental side in college when she was finally free from my parents’ overprotective nature, but became much tamer as she grew older. I conversed with her over the phone or text almost daily, and was even tempted to tell her about me and Chris plenty of times! Ultimately I decided against it, not because I didn’t trust her, but felt it wasn’t right for Chris.

“Chris, how about you?” my husband asked further.

“Yeah it should be fun. It’ll be nice to take a break from school” he chuckled.

The rest of the drive was full of conversation, as everyone’s spirits seemed high from the holiday mood. We parked in the long term parking garage and had plenty of time to get checked in and find our gate.

“Mom can I see the tickets?” Chris asked, as we sat waiting at our gate.

“Here you go!” I answered, handing them to him. “What’s up?”

“Just looking at where we’re sitting”

“Did you want to –“

“Bad news dear” my husband said, interrupting us. “So the snow‘s caused some delays. We’re gonna be here another 3 hours before our flight takes off. “

The three of us all groaned, almost in unison, with my daughter leading the charge.

“I know, I know. But there’s nothing we can do” my husband said.

“What time do we arrive then?” Chris asked.

“Accounting for the time zone change, sometime in the morning.”

“What are we supposed to do til then?!” my daughter exclaimed, noticeably frustrated.

“Well, there are some shops. Do you want to go see them?” I asked, trying to comfort her.

“okayyy, I guess.” she sighed.

“Let’s go then! We’ll be back later!” I said, waving goodbye to Chris and my husband.

I walked with Jessie around the few duty free stores in the area for an hour or so. Most of the products were geared more for adults and the only thing she found entertaining were some magazines that had her favorite teen band on them. I let her stand there quietly reading while I took a look at the surrounding aisles, looking for things that would entertain me during the flight as well. I settled on getting a few magazines too, that would hopefully help past the time. We grabbed a few snacks, paid for everything, and headed back to our gate.

“Chips?” I offered.

Chris and his father both reached for a handful and I couldn’t help but giggle a little watching them eat; both using their offhand as a plate to ensure they didn’t spill anything. Chris did remind me a lot of Charles when he was younger, maybe that’s part of why my feelings for him had surfaced. While my husband had changed overtime, Chris was a small reminder to me of who Charles used to be. Of course he was still his own person, but there were certain qualities to him that he definitely picked up from his father.

We sat boringly waiting until they finally began boarding, bringing a sigh of relief to all of us. I was hoping to sit next to Chris so I could fool around, but I couldn’t come up with a good enough reason. So, I ended up sitting next to my husband while Chris and Jessie sat behind us.

Almost as soon as the plane took off, the flight attendant began serving food and drinks. The food was predictably bad and served more as a source of escaping boredom than anything else. Not long after we finished eating, my husband began dozing off. He had specifically asked to sit on the inside so that he could lean against the window as he tried to get some shut eye.

“Jess, sleep on your own side” Chris mumbled behind me.

I sat up and took a glance at the two of them, seeing my daughter trying to sleep as well.

“Come on Chris! Let me just rest on your shoulder for a bit” she protested.

“Lean against the wall!”

“No! it’s hard and uncomfortable” she said, much less energetically than usual.

Chris gave me a look that screamed “help me!, causing me to giggle at his predicament. But, it also gave me the perfect excuse to switch seats!

“Sweetie, do you want to switch with mommy? Daddy’s already asleep so you can lean against him!” I smiled.

“hmm okay!” she exclaimed, happily unbuckling her seat belt and climbing over Chris.

I quickly undid my own and swapped with my daughter, making sure she re-buckled her seat belt when she sat down. She wasted no time in scrunching up against her father to sleep.

“Could I get two blankets please?” I asked a flight attendant. I covered the two of them with one while keeping the other for Chris and me. Seeing them so peacefully asleep gave me the reassurance I needed for my own activities!

“Hello honey!” I whispered, giving him a quick kiss. Because of the unexpected delay, the flight had become a red eye, and the lights were already turned off. So aside from the few dimly lit TV screens scattered about, most of the plane was dark, especially the seats surrounding us.

“I’m so glad you switched seats with Jess!”

“So is mommy!” I exclaimed, kissing him hard on the mouth now. Chris returned my kissing with the same intensity. The constant humming of the plane itself hid our moans and noises perfectly, allowing us to casino siteleri make out as loud as we wanted.

I took the blanket and spread it over our laps, giving me extra protection as my hands immediately searched for his zipper. Chris helped me unbuckle his jeans and slid it down just enough so that I could pull his cock out. He was already leaking plenty of pre-cum, which I used to lubricate the rest of his cock as I stroked him. Our mouths were still exploring each other and Chris’ own hand had found my tits, grabbing it roughly through my sweater.

At first I had tried to be discrete, casually pumping his cock so as not to give anything away. But as our kissing got heavier, my hand only went faster, pumping the blanket up and down as I jerked him. The rhythmic movement of my hand was also creating a clearly audible sound, but it was still low enough to not draw any attention to anyone else.

“Sit against the wall honey!” I whispered, pushing him back. I really wanted to fuck him, but there was no room to. Instead, I’d have to settle for just blowing him.

I took one last look around to see the passengers around us sleeping. Add in the fact that it was still very dark and I was way too damn horny anyways, it didn’t take long before I scooted myself to the edge of my seat to give myself room.

“Cover mommy with the blanket!” I smiled at Chris. I leaned down and wrapped my lips around his cock, slurping loudly as my tongue explored the length of the shaft.

“Oohhh…uuggghh!” Chris moaned, before following my orders and covering my head with the blanket. When I had cleaned up his pre-cum nicely, I went immediately to deepthroating him, sliding his cock all the way in before releasing to dance my tongue across the head. The combination of my husband literally less than 3 feet away and blowing him in public was getting me so hot and only made me suck his cock even more passionately. I had no idea what I looked like from the outside, but I was not holding anything back below the blanket, bobbing myself up and down his cock, not trying to hide anything.

Through it all, I could hear Chris moaning softly from above, gently pushing my head further down his cock.

“Mom, I want to look at you when I cum” Chris panted, lifting up the blanket enough to see my face.

I smiled back at him, happy that he was as turned on as me before returning my attention to my mouth. I took his length in my throat a few more times before finishing him off by circling my tongue up and down his shaft, swirling from the base to his head.

“Uuugghhhh….Fuck!” Chris moaned, covering his mouth up as he came. I stayed in the same position for a minute longer, making sure I swallowed it all before sitting back up again.

“Well that’s one thing I’ve always wanted to do” Chris joked, looking at me.

“Too bad we can’t fuck!” I whispered back with a teasing smile. I sat up to check on my husband and daughter, making sure they were still sleeping.

“Dad was snoring the entire time, quietly, but still snoring” Chris added, reconfirming my beliefs.

I smiled back approvingly at him before resting my head on his shoulder and swinging his arm around the back of my neck to hold me. Chris returned my affection by tilting his cheek and resting it on my head. It felt so romantic! Like if we were in a movie! Only instead of holding hands, mine was still playing with his semi hard cock.

“Is grandma and grandpa picking us up when we land?”

“We told them not to since we had no idea if our flight would be delayed again or not. So we’ll be taking a taxi”

“Ahh okay” he yawned, causing me to do so instinctively as well.

“Tired, honey?”

“Yeah I guess so.”

“Take a nap then. I think I will too. You don’t mind if mommy leans on you do you?!” I asked, pouting my lips to look innocent.

“Never you mom” he answered, hugging me tightly. I felt so warm in his embrace! I reluctantly took my hands off his cock and brought it out of our blanket before drifting off to sleep.

When I awoke, the first thing I heard was the familiar bickering between Chris and Jessie; ahh, the joys of being on vacation!

As I opened my eyes, I found myself still attached to Chris, lying on his shoulder.

“Guys quiet! Other passengers are still sleeping!” I whispered sternly, sitting up.

“Mom! Could you get my backpack? Chris wouldn’t budge because you were sleeping!”

I looked over at him and caught him smiling shyly at me before looking away. How adorable! He didn’t want to wake me!

“Okay, but you have to be quiet!”

I got up and hastily grabbed her bag from the overhead compartment, handing it to her as I took a glance at my husband; still lights out.

“”How long was I asleep?” I asked, realizing that the lights were dimly lit now.

“A few hours. We’re landing in half an hour or so” Chris answered.

I was hoping to fool around again, but saw it was too risky as most of the passengers were up now. So instead, I spent the rest of the flight talking to the kids, with my husband joining us when he awoke. Overall, the trip was exhausting. Between the delay and the minimal sleep at night, the only relief I got was setting foot into that warm, 70 degree Florida air. It was so inviting that I almost wished we could just walk to my parents’ summer home and not spend another half hour jammed inside a cab.

“Ahhh! You guys must be so tired!” my mother greeted us on the driveway.

“it wasn’t that bad!” I answered, giving her a hug and moving onto dad.

“Charles!” my mother exclaimed. “Your parents arrived yesterday!”

I watched the two of them embrace before my father greeted Charles with a handshake as well.

“Chris, you’ve grow so much! And you too Jessie!”

“Hi Nai Nai!” Chris responded, trying to impress her by greeting her in Chinese. I never emphasized teaching them Chinese, but both Chris and Jessie picked up a few phrases here and there over the years.

“Nai nai hao!” my daughter quickly added, trying not to be outdone. I watched, smiling as both my parents humored the two of them with their broken Chinese and hugged them thoroughly.

“Charles! Jenny! Good morning!” Charles’ mother exclaimed, walking out of the house as well. My mother in law, Nancy, actually hugged me warmly first before moving onto her own son and then the kids. It was the same with Charles’ father, Greg. As I watched them so happily welcoming us, I couldn’t help be reminded why breaking up our family would be so difficult. A divorce wouldn’t just be a shock for Chris and Jessie, but it would probably be more upsetting for both Charles and mine parents. They got along with each other so well and really approved of our marriage.

So after another round of joyous greetings, all of us finally made our way into the beach house. I continued to make small talk with my parents in Chinese, while Charles did the same with his, in English of course.

“Grandma, where’s Liz?” my daughter asked.

“Your cousin’s flight doesn’t get here until tomorrow. So todays it’s just us!” Charles’ mother exclaimed.

My daughter’s question reminded me of my sister. “Mom, where’s Lily?” I asked my mom.

“Yeah! Where is Aunt Lily?!” my daughter added excitedly. She had always gotten along with my sister, who spoiled her with presents and all the attention my daughter could’ve ever wanted.

“Still sleeping upstairs” my mother answered, rolling her eyes a bit.

“I’ll go see her!” I exclaimed, excusing myself from the living room.

When I got upstairs, all the bedroom doors were open except one. I slowly opened it and peered inside, seeing my sister still fast asleep on the bed. But just as I was about to close the door to leave, she woke up from the creaking of my footsteps.

“Just get here Jen?” she asked, still yawning.

“Yup. How about you?” I answered, turning back around to sit next to her on the bed.

“Flight got here yesterday afternoon. Spent an entire dinner with mom and dad pestering about when I’m going to settle down. Uuggh!” she complained. It wasn’t even two minutes and she was already complaining to me about our parents. I guess something’s never change!

“So no one’s willing to bite the bullet, huh?” I teased.

“Ha ha, very funny sis” she shot back with a smile. “At least I won’t be chained down with someone that…” she paused, realizing what she was about to say.

I didn’t mention to her about Chris and me, but did tell her about Charles’ affair. She was very supportive of me, but did find it odd that I wasn’t more mortified.

“Jen, I’m sorry. I just woke up and I didn’t mean to bring it up. I just –“

“It’s okay sis. I understand. And like I told you, it didn’t hurt as much as you imagine” I smiled half-heartedly.

“You still haven’t confronted him about it?”

“No. And I don’t plan to, at least not anytime soon” I answered, my mind turning to what I wanted to do with Chris this trip. “Anyways come downstairs, your niece wants to say hello!”

My sister quickly got dressed and followed me downstairs to say good morning to everyone. With her now joining us, we all began making our way to the dining room for breakfast. My parents left for the kitchen first, frantically scrambling to get the food prepared for everyone. And with my husband catching up with his parents and my daughter capturing my sister’s attention, it allowed me to stall in the living room a little longer, holding Chris back with me.

“Mom, someone’s gonna catch us!” he exclaimed nervously through my kissing.

I had him pressed against the wall and my face was buried in his own, so I could understand his concerns. Still, Chris should have known my kinky side well enough to predict I would never let this opportunity slip!

It was so hot hearing the loud conversations coming from the kitchen as I snaked my tongue in Chris’ mouth. He was half-heartedly trying to push me off with his hands while his lips returned my kissing. I’m not sure if he really wanted to stop, or knew that him struggling would only get me going more!

“Wan Qing, breakfast!” my mom shouted, using my Chinese name.

I held Chris a few seconds longer before giggling loudly and finally letting him go so we could leave for breakfast. We entered the dining room still holding hands and it was actually Chris who nervously pulled his away. Luckily, everyone else seemed too busy with conversation and food to notice.

The only two seats left were by the far end of the dining table, away from the door. Chris shimmied his way behind three bodies to the inside seat while I took the one across from him. With such a busy morning, I didn’t realize just how hungry I was until presented with a table full of options. But once my stomach was satisfied, my thoughts turned elsewhere. I was still super turned on from making out and was determined to get more.

The tablecloth we were eating on was long enough that it reached our laps, ensuring no one would be able to see anything from just looking down from where they were sitting. Add in the fact that everyone else’s attention was on catching up with one another, and it gave me the extra safety to go for what I wanted. I began sliding my right foot up Chris’ leg, watching his face the entire time. At first he seemed to not mind, but as my foot started sliding up higher, his eyes widened, staring back at me. By the time my toes had made its way to his upper thigh, Chris was pushing my foot away forcefully with his left hand while he tried to keep eating with his right. I loved making him squirm like this! And because he couldn’t use his whole strength without drawing too much attention, I didn’t have too much difficulty reaching his cock.

Once I was on my target, I smiled teasingly at him as I took another sip of my morning coffee. I began gently massaging his cock through his jeans with my toes and gradually, Chris gave up the will to fight. His eyes were darting across the table, checking everyone else’s reaction, especially his dad who was on his right, while I kept my eyes mostly on him. Seeing everyone oblivious to what we were doing, Chris slid his left hand underneath the table to guide my foot. I still had socks on, and it was quickly becoming a hindrance. So I began pushing my foot into his hands, placing my ankles around his fingers. Chris looked at me and understood what I wanted, helping me take my sock off.

I gave him a smile of approval, before digging my toes at his zipper, telling him what I wanted next. He shook his head “no” nervously at me, but I only returned him with a glare that made him quickly obey. He cautiously unzipped his jeans and unbuckled it as well, allowing my toes inside. He still had boxers on, but it didn’t provide any protection as I expertly snaked my toes inside the opening flap and pulled his cock out. I loved the throbbing feeling of his cock between my big and ring toe! Chris seemed to finally relent to the moment fully as well by grabbing my foot and rubbing it against the head of his cock. The familiar feeling of pre-cum on my toes caused me to smile at him, knowing what I could do to his libido no matter how much he protested! I wiped most of his pre-cum on my toes before pulling my foot back onto my lap and reaching my hand underneath the table, scraping up as much as I could on my index finger. I stared seductively at Chris as I brought the finger back to my hand, licking it clean in front of him before returning my foot back to his cock. This got the effect I wanted as Chris began tugging at my left calf with his foot. Understanding his intention, I placed my left foot on his lap as well, waiting for him to remove my sock again. When it was off, I brought both feet to his cock, nestling it between my toes. By now Chris was breathing noticeable faster and was squirming a little in his seat. I was too turned on to stop now so unless someone blatantly saying something to me, I was going to keep going.

I pulled Chris’ cock towards me, getting him to scoot as close to the table as possible so I could reach easier. My right toes played with the head of his cock while the left ones massaged the length of his shaft. In an effort to turn Chris on even more with my feet, I had gotten a sexy toe ring a few weeks earlier; a ring that Chris’ fingers were not playing with. As my feet sensually worked his cock, Chris snuck his other hand underneath the table as well to play with my toes. Neither one of us was paying much attention to anyone else, only hoping that the loud conversations meant no one was watching us either.

I kept it up for a few more minutes of casual teasing before re-positioning my feet to grasp his cock between my soles, readying him for a footjob. Chris responded by holding my ankles and gently guiding my feet up and down his cock. I couldn’t help but giggle a little as I stared at him, seeing his mouth gaped open a little while his shoulders ever so slightly moved up and down. My arches provide the perfect opening for his cock to nestle into as I started to rhythmically move my feet up and down, stroking the entire length of his cock. To mix up the pleasure for him, I switched stroking him between my arches and then with my toes, doing my best to alternate speeds as well.

I could tell he was getting more and more turned on as he tugged at my feet, causing me to inch forward as well. His hands were now doing all the work as he used my soles as his personal fucktoy, rubbing it up and down his cock. I only encouraged him by smiling widely at him, approving every bit of his lustful action. It wasn’t long until he moaned softly and placed my feet flat against his cock, drenching my soles with his cum. I instinctively gasped from the feeling of load after load of his cum landing on my toes. I desperately wanted to just pull my foot up and lick him clean, but knew it was impossible with everyone else around. I had no choice but to painfully bring a few napkins underneath the table, cleaning up the mess before returning my attention to the rest of the family. The conversations were still going strong and at least to me, there didn’t seem to be anyone that had caught on to our little activity.

“Wan Qing, do you want more?” my mom asked politely, holding up a potful of coffee.

“No thanks!” I answered.

“So, what’s the plan for today?” my husband asked to no one in particular.

“Beach! Can we go to beach dad? Please!” my daughter exclaimed. I couldn’t disagree with her. After a chilly couple of months of Northwestern fall, the opportunity of being in the warm South Florida sun and waters was almost dreamlike.

“Sounds good to me pumpkin!” my mother in law answered, getting quick agreements out of everyone else.

Our parents were already wearing summer attire, and with no intention of getting in the water, they stayed to clean up while the rest of us left to change. I brought a fairly generic turquoise two piece that was revealing but not overtly sexual. It covered most of my ass and only gave a slight indication of cleavage. My husband changed into his swimming trunks as well and we waited for everyone else by the door before leaving together, with my sister and I bringing up the rear.

“When the hell did you get that body?!” my sister whispered curiously to me as we walked.

I giggled at her comment. “Jealous?!”

“I thought you were a stay at home mom!”

“I’ve been doing yoga the last few months. It’s really helped”

“Care to teach me?”

“Are you being serious or just joking like always?” I asked with a smile.

“Totally serious! Your ass looks hot!” she exclaimed, giving it a playful slap, causing us both to giggle loudly. “No but being completely serious, could you help me get started? It sucks working behind a desk all day! Ughhh!”

“Yeah, I can show you. We’ll find time to” I answered. My sister wasn’t in bad shape by any stretch. Aside from not being as firm as me and slightly shorter, her frame was pretty much the mirror of mine. And anything I could do in yoga, I knew she wouldn’t have an issue either given enough practice. One thing she was blessed with was bigger boobs than me, but luckily after two kids, I caught up in that department as well!

It only took a few minutes before we arrived at the beach. It was just around noon and the weather was cooperating very nicely with a bright sun and warm enough temperatures to feel nice on the skin without being blistering hot. There were only a few other families scattered around the beach, canlı casino with plenty of space left for us to choose from.

My parents guided us to a nice little area that gave us some privacy from everyone else and we set our camp down; blankets, sun chairs, coolers, and towels. I laughed loudly as my dad and father in law both got earfuls from their wives when they had beers in hand before anything else was set. I guess some things are the same, regardless of culture.

Jessie wasted little time before rushing into the water, screaming happily along the way.

“Hey dear, we’re gonna go to a local bar nearby. There’s a bunch of NBA games on today and –“

“Yeah yeah! Go! You’re all the same! Your dad’s been pestering me about that the whole flight yesterday!” my mother in law answered, shooing the guys away playfully.

“Chris…uhm. I don’t think the bar will –“

“It’s okay dad. You guys go enjoy the game. I wanted to go for a bit of a swim later anyways” Chris answered with a smile.

“Hnnggh!” my mother in law groaned sarcastically. “Leave it to my grandson to be the most mature” she joked, getting a laugh out of all of us.

“We’ll see the night games at home later. Alright Chris?” my husband said, trying to save some face.

“Yeah, you won’t miss everything! The good games are the West teams anyways!” my father in law added.

“Hey! That’s…ok that’s true. But still –“ my dad stuttered, getting all three men to laugh.

I watched as the three of them began heading off away from us, talking excitedly. I had always been grateful for how easily our families got along. And it was surprising that among the three of them, none were athletes growing up, yet all seemed to develop a fondness for watching professional sports along the way.

“Aunt Lily! Come and play with me!” my daughter screamed, from the edge of the water.

“Coming!” my sister answered, rushing off.

My mom and mother in law had already gotten comfortable lying down on towels, and began chatting about TV soaps they were watching. I found it funny at how “Americanized” my mom had become after living here for so long.

“Honey you want to help rub sunscreen on me?” I whispered in Chris’ ear.

Chris took a look at his two grandmother’s lying on the ground in front of him busily talking, and leaned in to give me a quick kiss.

“Mom you look so sexy!” he whispered, grabbing my ass.

“Why don’t you get it all shiny then?!” I teased, holding up the bottle to him.

I took Chris’ hand and led us a few feet behind my mother before spreading my own towel on the sand and quickly taking a seat, letting Chris kneel behind me as I watched my sister and daughter play in the water from afar.

His hands wasted little time in spread the sunscreen on my back, massaging it along the way. When he finished that, he shifted to my shoulders and collarbone, making sure he never missed a spot. I surprised him a little by grabbing his right hand and bringing it inside my top. He paused at first, making sure we were safe, and then began groping my tits and pinching my nipples as I leaned back into his chest. I tilted my head back, allowing us to kiss at the same time.

I wanted to fuck Chris right there, but it was way too risky, even for me. My mom, despite not paying any attention to me, was too close for comfort.

“Should I do your front?”

“Yeah!” I exclaimed, getting up and sitting down on a beach chair next to my towel. I angled the chair about 45 degrees so that I was comfortably lying back while still being able to watch Chris in front of me.

He carefully knelt beside me first, blocking my mother’s view with his body and began applying the sunscreen on my stomach. His hands were turning me on too much and I soon grabbed it, guiding it inside my bottoms and onto my pussy.

“You’re so wet mom!”

“Get in front of mommy” I asked, pushing his shoulder gently.

Chris followed my instruction and did as I asked.

“hmm just like that honey” I said softly as Chris continued with his fingers. He soon abandoned the sunscreen bottle; using his right hand to fingerfuck me as his left thumb rubbed my clit. I sat back, closing my eyes and enjoying the touch of his fingers, almost forgetting where we were. I was so caught up in it that I untied my bottom, giving Chris full access to explore.

And despite all the pleasure he was giving me already, I needed more. I sat up and took one glance at my mom and mother in law, making sure they were still oblivious to us behind them, before grabbing Chris’ head and plunging it in my pussy. Chris didn’t resist and instead hungrily attacked me with his tongue.

“Ahhhhh!! YES!” I panted, pushing his head in more.

Chris was sucking loudly on my clit, and only the sound of the waves and howling wind saved us from getting caught. I began digging my fingers into his hair as his tongue worked magically. He explored every inch of my pussy, making sure to pay extra attention to my clit.

“Fuck! Fuck! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” I moaned, jamming his head into my pussy and holding it there as I climaxed on his face. “Ahhhhhh!” I trembled.

Chris had to hold my body still to prevent me from making too much noise on the chair. It took a few more seconds before I finally came back down from the orgasm to see Chris’ smiling face.

“Should I finish mom?” he chuckled, holding up the bottle.

“Go ahead, honey.”

Chris stayed in front of me, rubbing the sunscreen across my legs as I fixed my bikini bottom. His hands were firm, but also gentle as he worked from my thighs all the way down to my ankles.

“Mom your feet are so cute!” he exclaimed, picking them up and dusting off some of the sand on them. On Chris’ request, I had painted my toenails turquoise to match my two piece.

He took his time, gently getting as much sand off as possible before bringing it to his mouth and taking my toes in one by one. He closed his eyes, and I could see the passion on his face as he sucked on each one. I loved the feeling just as much, especially at how excited he always was to play with my feet. To encourage him, I spread my toes as wide as possible, allowing for his tongue to explore in between.

“Take mommy’s toe ring off!” I teased. I had stopped wearing my wedding ring altogether a few weeks ago, replacing it with the ring on my toe, symbolizing I now belonged to my son and not my husband.

Chris smiled brightly at me as he wrapped his lips around my ring and used his teeth and tongue to gently remove it.

“Now, put it on the other one!” I said, bringing up my left foot to his waiting mouth. Seeing him on his knees as he literally groveled at my feet was so sexy!

Chris took his time, taking care of my other toes and leaving my ring toe for last. He had done this little activity on his own countless times and it showed, as he expertly slid it on.

“Ugghhh!” he moaned, sniffing my feet loudly.

“You should hurry up honey. Your aunt and sister are heading our way” I said, looking past him.

Chris turned around to take a look himself before begrudgingly letting go of my feet and taking a seat next to me.

“Mom, come in the water!” Jessie exclaimed.

“Yeah Jen, the water’s nice and…warm” my sister said, stuttering a little as her eyes looked surprised.

I took a glance at where she was looking and noticed that my nipples were clearly poking through the fabric of my bikini top. My face instantly turned a shade of red as I sat myself up, trying to discretely hide it.

“Sure. Just give me a second, to finish with the sunscreen” I said, trying to hide my nervousness.

“Come on Chris, let’s go!” my daughter exclaimed, pulling her brother up. Chris was oblivious to my situation and didn’t take much convincing until he was up and running with Jessie into the ocean.

My sister had stayed quiet with both the kids around, but now with them gone, I knew it wasn’t going to be the case.

“When’d you get that? Or should I ask who’d you get that for?” she teased, pointing at my toe ring as she watched me put sunscreen on my calves.

“What? I just thought it looked good”

“Oh please! You’ve never worn one, so it must be for someone! And it’s not for Charles, so…” she asked further, gasping her mouth open for dramatic effect.

“Really, I just thought it looked nice. That’s all!” I answered with a half-smile. Besides, there’s no one else here to wear it for.”

“Ok fine, be like that! I’ll find out sooner or later!” she exclaimed. “Should I do your back?”

“No. I had Chris do it earlier” I answered instinctively, before realizing it might not have been the best choice to tell the truth.

“Chris, huh?” she said, smiling mischievously. “That swimsuits a little revealing in front of him don’t you think?”

“What, this?! It’s practically the same as yours!” I bantered back.

“Yeah, but I’m not the one sitting less than five feet away from him with my nipples poking through my top! It’s like 80 degrees out so don’t even try to use the “it’s just chilly” excuse!”

I was caught off guard by her directness and was left a little speechless.

“So who had you turned on so much, huh?” she teased further. “Or was it Chris himself?!”

“Oh please! Now you’re just being crazy! He’s my son!” I exclaimed, trying to sound convincing.

“So what? He’s also a teenager and seeing you in that” she said, pointing towards my tits “might make him forget you’re his mom” she giggled. “I bet he loved applying sunscreen to your back!”

“Oh my god, stop!” I exclaimed while laughing. I wasn’t sure if she was being serious or just joking around like she always did.

“Jen, you better be careful around him at this age!” she teased further. “Unless of course you want something to happen!”

“Wow! You have no shame do you?” I gasped, getting up to playfully slap her arms.

“Fine, fine! I’ll drop it!” she laughed, holding my wrists to stop me. “Let’s go join your son in the water. I bet he’ll love to see you wet!” she laughed loudly before running into the ocean.

I took a glance over at my mom, grateful that she and my mother in law had both appeared to have dozed off and didn’t hear any of our conversation. I doubt they would’ve taken what my sister said seriously, hell, I didn’t even know if Lily, herself, was being serious or not. But I didn’t want to give her the opportunity to pry anything out of Chris if she was, so I quickly ran after her into the water.

My sister did get one thing right, the water felt amazing. It was a pleasant surprise to feel it as warm as it was this late in December. It made me even more jealous of my parents fortune of spending year round in this type of weather.

After all the teasing and other extracurricular activities I had on the beach, it was nice to spend some fun family time together, splashing each other and enjoying the feeling of the ocean. And even though Lily shot smirks at me every time I got a little close to Chris, it was still an enjoyable experience overall. We spent about half an hour in the water before all returning back to our cooler for some refreshments and snacks.

By now it was early afternoon and a few more people from the surrounding beach homes had also come out to enjoy the nice weather. The four of us sat relaxing on our towel, feeling the calming breeze of the wind as we quenched our thirst on ice cold soft drinks. Soon my mother and mother in law woke from their nap to join as well, chatting about our experiences over the past year and what we wanted to do in the coming week.

We agreed that with Mark and Rachel coming tomorrow, we would all take another two days to relax before spending the few days after that in Disney World, celebrating Christmas there as well. The plan excited all of us, regardless of age. But with the warming sun above me, it didn’t take long until I began to doze off myself.

When I awoke, the sun was noticeably lower in the skyline and I felt incredibly refreshed. It had been months since I had the pleasure of taking such a relaxing nap under such good weather.

“Finally awake, huh?” my sister asked.

Her voice directed my attention to my left, seeing her lounging on a beach chair reading.

“What time is it?”

“It’s just past 4. You were out almost 2 hours” she answered.

As I sat up, I felt a towel slide down from my chest to my lap.

“Chris did that for you. He was worried about his mom getting sick” my sister smiled, seeing my slightly confused look.

“Still not dropping it?”

“I saw the way he was looking at you! But I don’t have to tell you that do I?” she giggled.

“Oh, please! I bet you’re just jealous you can’t have the same effect!” I shot back, purely in an attempt to return the teasing.

“Fine! I’ll admit I’m a little jealous that you somehow look better than me at your old age” she said sarcastically. “But you have to admit that you are definitely teasing him too!”

I stared back at my sister, answering her with my smile but not saying anything.

“I knew it! You’re always talking about him too! You like the fact he has a crush on you don’t you?!” she said, slightly in shock.

I was conflicted. If I denied it any longer, I knew she would only pester me more about it, finally getting me to confess eventually; and by then there would be a whole lot more gloating. Also, if I admit it now, she might think there’s just a little bit of innocent flirting between us and nothing more.

“Fine! Yes! I like the fact that my son has a little crush on me! It makes me feel young” I answered with a grin.

My answer caused my sister to giggle loudly at me. “See, wasn’t that easy! So he’s got a little foot fetish huh?!”

I instinctively looked down at my feet, which were covered by the towel Chris had placed on top of me. It gave me a warm feeling knowing he was watching out for me even if I was asleep.

“Whatever’s the case, I think it’s kind of cute!” she smiled. “and a little hot too!” she said, nudging my arm with her elbow.

“Don’t make me regret telling you that!” I said, both joking and serious at the same time.

“I won’t! I won’t! Have you guys –“

“Where is Chris anyways?” I asked, cutting her off. I was not prepared to answer the question she was about to ask and had no choice but to change the subject.

“He’s playing in the sand with Jess” she answered, pointing to our right.

Before she could return back to her previous line of questions, my mother fortunately interrupted us.

“Wan Qing! Xiao Qing! We’re heading back inside!” she yelled from behind us. I turned around to see her and Nancy heading back up the stairs and towards our house with a few umbrellas and folding chairs in hands.

“Ok!” I shouted back.

“I guess we better clean up!” I exclaimed to my sister.

It seemed to distract her enough as she began gathering her own belongings. I quickly rounded up Chris and Jessie to help us and we soon headed back home. The beach was behind the house, and thus when we returned, we had the option of using the outdoor shower to clean ourselves before going inside through the basement.

“Sweetie get back here! You’re gonna get sand in the house!” I shouted on deaf ears.

My daughter was already running gleefully inside, carrying her sandy footprints with her.

“I’ll go take care of her. Why don’t you make sure Chris doesn’t make the same mistake” my sister said, winking at me with her back to Chris.

I shot her a glare, but was secretly glad that she left Chris and I temporarily alone. I’m sure she had no idea what I was about to do with him, but I was happy nonetheless.

“Honey, get in the shower!” I exclaimed, pushing him inside. I quickly hooked the door behind us, enclosing us inside.

“Thanks for the blanket earlier, honey!” I said, giving him a kiss. All the talking with my sister about Chris had made me miss him even more. It took me seconds before I had my left hand inside his trunks, tugging at his cock. He was already hard and was kissing me back passionately.

“Did you have fun today honey?” I asked, trying to make small talk as I worked his shaft.

“Yeah! Especially before we got in the water” he chuckled.

“I think we should fix that then!” I smiled, spinning around to turn the showerhead on. The water came out cold at first, causing both of us to leap into each other’s arms until it warmed. And once it did, it only added to the mood.

Chris’ right hand glided across my arm, feeling the slickness of my skin from the water. His left hand, went through my shoulder length hair, caressing the tips with his fingers as we made out. My own hands were busy, untying his trunks until I could slide it off his legs. I gave his cock a few strong pumps, mesmerized by the sound it made in the water.

“That feels nice mom!”

“Yeah?!” I asked, pushing him against the stall wall underneath the showerhead. Chris’ hands left my sides and went to my ass, untying my bottoms before rubbing the flesh of my cheeks. With my pussy now exposed, I slid his cock to my opening, rubbing along my pussy lips as our tongues danced across each other. I couldn’t help but think what my sister would say if she saw us doing this!

I was about to go down on Chris but he was already guiding his cock into my pussy before I could move.

“Uhhh!” he moaned, breathing a sigh of relief upon entrance.

The black sandals I had on gave me just enough of a height advantage for us to fuck properly while standing up. We quickly swapped positions; Chris now pinned me against the wall as he thrusted his cock upwards into me. The feeling of the water raining down our faces only increased the sensation for both of us. And Chris’ cock was driving so hard into me that I was having difficulty standing up, even with the support of the wall. To relieve the stress, I hopped onto Chris’ chest, wrapping my legs around him and letting him carry me as he fucked my pussy.

“Fuck mom! This feels amazing!” he panted, his words slurred by the pouring of the water above us.

I was caught in my own euphoric world, eyes closed, holding tightly onto Chris as his cock provided me endless pleasure. I knew I was probably leaving long scratch marks across his back but Chris didn’t seem to mind. If anything, it seemed to only fuel his sexual drive.

“Oh Fuck, honey! Give mommy that hard cock!” kaçak casino I whispered into his ear. With my words, his grasp around me ass tightened as held me even tighter against the wall as he pumped his cock into me. He continued until his arms became too tired from holding me up.

“Sit on the bench honey. Mommy wants to ride you!”

Chris quickly nodded his head before taking a seat on the bench. I repositioned the showerhead so it could reach us before joining him. Chris was breathing hard, so I started off slow, just grinding against his cock as we made out.

“You like fucking mommy in the shower?” I asked, rocking myself lightly on his cock.

“You’re so sexy when you’re wet mom!” he answered, placing his index finger in my ass.

“Oh YES! Finger me honey! I love having you fill both of my holes!”

I rhythmically bounced myself up and down Chris, my feet slapping against my sandals each time I squatted down on his cock.

“Oh fuck, mom! I need to taste you!” he said, pushing me off of him.

I giggled from his desperate plea and quickly took his place on the bench as he knelt down in front of me. Chris pulled my ass to him, hungrily digging his tongue into my asshole.

“Ohhhhhh! Fuck!!!” I moaned, from the feel of his tongue. As the water dripped across my body, it only increased the slurping of Chris’ action as he made out with my asshole.

“Honey, grab the shower heard!” I panted.

Chris got up on his feet and removed the head from its fixed position and handed it to me. I immediately plunged it onto my pussy, letting the jet streams massage my clit.

“Ohhhhh!!” I moaned.

Chris was still standing up and with one hand on the showerhead; I grabbed his cock with the other one, guiding it to my mouth. I tried my best to give him a good blowjob, but the sensation on my clit was overwhelming my ability to multitask. Chris picked up on it as well by grabbing my hair and thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth on his own. Every time he hit the back of my throat, I pushed the showerhead even harder on my clit.

“Fuck, you look hot doing that!” he exclaimed, taking his cock out of my mouth. “I want to fuck your ass at the same time mom!”

I was so far gone because of the vibrations on my clit that all I could do was nod and slide my ass further out on the bench for him. Chris quickly got himself in position and slowly slid his cock in me. The water was rushing down from my pussy to Chris’ cock, making it that much easier for him to enter me. It only took him a few seconds to warm my ass up enough to start pounding into me at full speed.

“Uuugghh! Fuck!” Chris moaned, staring lustfully into my eyes.

“Fuck mommy harder! I’m almost there!” I shrieked, gasping for breath.

With my words, Chris instantly increased his pace and added to my pleasure by fingering my pussy as well.

“YES! YES! Uuugghhh! Oh Fuck!!” I moaned, climaxing hard. I could feel myself squirting my own juices out, coating Chris’ fingers. But the more I released, the harder Chris fingerfucked me, causing me to squirt even more. When my pussy finally stopped, Chris surprised me by pulling out of my ass and entering my extremely sensitive pussy.

“FuuuccKK!” I screamed, my hand dropping the showerhead to my side. The water sprayed loudly on the wall across from us, hiding the loud smacking noise Chris made as he fucked me.

“Ohhh God! Yes! Mom, I’m gonna cum!” he exclaimed.

I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him into me, holding him in my pussy as he shot his load.

It wasn’t until we both stopped moving that I realized we had been in the shower far too long.

“Honey, we have to get back in the house soon” I said, tapping Chris’ chest with my feet.

“Ok mom. Should you go back first?”

“Yeah, that sounds good. Just wait a few minutes and then follow!” I said, getting up to give him a kiss.

I quickly grabbed my bottoms and put them on before leaving. Luckily when I got back, no one was in the basement. I changed into an old t-shirt and shorts before heading upstairs to find my sister helping my mom and mother in law in the kitchen while Jessie was busy playing on her phone.

“That took long enough. What were you two doing down there?!” my sister asked, walking up to me.

“Nothing” I said sarcastically. “Just helping my son wash away some sand.”

“And did he return the favor?” she teased further.

“That’s between me and him” I answered. I couldn’t deny it felt good joking back and forth with my sister about it. It was both a turn on and stress relieving at the same time.

“Well it looks like he did a good job!” she exclaimed, glancing up and down my body. “Then again, he should. You guys were gone for quite a while.”

“Oh please! It was not that long!”

“Well you know what they say; time flies when you’re having fun!” she smiled mischievously. “And I’ll bet you guys were having tons of fun, weren’t you?!”

Just as I was about to answer her, we heard the sound of Chris coming up the stairs. He gave us a quick greeting before scouring the fridge for food.

“Wow, you really wore him out didn’t you?!” she exclaimed.

“Oh my god you’re the worst! I should never have said anything!”

“Yeah, as if I wouldn’t be able to figure it out without your help! Everyone else might be oblivious but I see the way he looks at you and you’ve done nothing to discourage it” she said, looking down at my shorts.

Her words made me laugh a little at how accurate it was. Ever since my feelings for Chris started to surface, the way I dressed changed dramatically. I now rarely wore jeans or thick sweaters, instead sticking with softer fabrics to ensure Chris could cop a feel whenever he wanted.

“Besides Jen, you know I’ll never tell anyone, right?” she asked, more genuinely this time.

“I know, but just your teasing is bad enough as it is! “ I giggled. “And you better not say anything to Chris, you’ll embarrass him!”

“I won’t. So did you –“

“That’s personal. Don’t even ask!” I said sternly, causing my sister to laugh.

“Fine, I’ll find out on my own eventually!”

Her words both excited and scared me. I was already on edge that she knew there was something going on between us, but I had no idea how she would react if she found out we had already done stuff as well.

With Lily willing to drop the subject, I joined everyone else in the kitchen and began helping out with dinner. It was so fun to be in the kitchen with just us girls as we worked together and chatted. The guys came back not too much later and together, as a family, we sat down to eat. Dinner, much like breakfast earlier in the day, was festive and full of laughter. We ate slowly, sharing stories and jokes as we gorged ourselves full before scattering apart again. Chris joined his father and them in the living room watching TV while I stayed with the girls again, chatting over some wine.

Even though the four of us talked about very ordinary and even boring subjects at time, my mind kept circling back to Chris, or more accurately, what I wanted to do with him. I don’t know if it was the few glasses of wine or the constant teasing all afternoon from my sister, but all I wanted to do was get Chris alone and feel his cock again. Luckily, it seemed everyone else was having too good of a time to notice my decreased participation in our conversation.

From my seat, I could see the four guys enjoying the game from the living room. I sat there, scheming of a way to get Chris alone again; there was no way I was waiting until tomorrow morning to fool around. As my mind ran through possibilities, an opportunity presented itself. Chris slowly got up off his seat and walked towards the kitchen. I waited for all but half a minute before quickly excusing myself for the bathroom and followed him.

“Oh, hey mom!” he greeted happily, refilling his glass with another cup of soda.

I slid the door close behind me and stared lustfully at him, watching the expression on his face change as he recognized what I wanted.

“Mom, no, it’s way too-“

I cut off his words sharply with a deep kiss. My hands quickly made my way across his body, pushing him against the counter. Chris tried to fight me back, but like always, it turned me on more. I giggled loudly at his futile attempt to get past me. His own hands were trying to grab a hold of the fridge and shimmy his way past me, but I countered him by grabbing both his wrists and leading his hand to my ass.

Instinctively, he began to squeeze, massaging my ass cheeks.

“Mom, we shouldn’t. Everyone’s in…the other…mhmmm…room” he muttered, while still enjoying my tongue. His words might’ve said no, but his hands and mouth were betraying him.

“What’s the matter honey?! Don’t you like mommy’s ass?!” I teased, sliding his right hand down my shorts.

“I do” he whispered, almost relenting completely to the moment. But he surprised me with more willpower than I expected.

“Mom, we shouldn’t! It’s way too risky! And mom…have you…have you been drinking?” he asked, taking a whiff of the wine off my breath.

“Did you taste it on mommy?!” I giggled, still pinning him against the counter. I dug my tongue deeper into his mouth, moaning as I did.

“Oh fuck. Let’s at least go –“

“Shut up! Mommy wants you here!” I giggled, grabbing his cock. I quickly began sliding his shorts down as Chris half-heartedly fought my hands. But the harder I kissed him, the more distracted his hands became, until finally I had his cock out in the open.

Because of the alcohol, I had no care at all if someone was to walk in. I was by no means drunk, but had more than enough to be judgment impaired.

“Uuugghh!” I moaned, getting his cock in my mouth. Chris moaned with me and his hands were now on my head, no longer resisting me advances. I started off by just teasing his head with my tongue, but Chris knew too well about the risk we were already taking. He immediately began to thrust his cock into my mouth as he held my head still. I had no problems at all with his approach and let him do as he wished, keeping my throat open for him to slam into.

“Fuck, mom! You’re such a slut doing this here!”

His words inspired me further, causing me to slurp even louder on his cock, risking that the noise of the TV was enough to drown it out. Every time Chris let go of me so I could get air, I made sure to spit on his cock, covering it with my saliva so it could slide it in and out of my mouth even easier.

While Chris continued to assault me orally, my own hand had worked its way into my shorts, rubbing my clit roughly. The harder my throat was being abused, the faster my fingers worked. I could feel my climax building and without even realizing it, I had pushed my shorts aside, letting me squirt all over the kitchen floor.

“Ooouggghh!” I panted, breathing rapidly to recover my breath. Chris, however, didn’t give me any breaks as he still hadn’t cum yet. Not letting me go to recover, his hands remained around my head, fucking my face forcibly.

“Ahhh Fuck!” he gasped, covering up his scream. His cock was so far down my throat that I didn’t get to taste his cum at all. As I swallowed him, his grip around me relaxed until I could pull myself off his cock. I gave the head a few twirls just to clean him up.

“You look so sexy doing that mom!” he said, petting my hair.

“Let’s see how you look cleaning mommy up then!” I teased, standing back up. I gently pushed Chris’ shoulders down as he got on his knees.

The floor below my feet was still covered with my juices. I stepped out of my sandals into the puddle, soaking my toes in it and bringing it to Chris’ mouth.

He hesitated at first, but I didn’t give him a choice, shoving it into his mouth while giggling loudly.

“Suck on mommy’s toes!” I instructed, choking him with my foot.

Chris went from a state of shock to passion in an instant, his tongue darting in between my toes as he circled each one. He gave extra effort in sucking on each toe individually, cleaning it thoroughly before he voluntarily brought my other foot to his mouth and repeated the process.

When he was done with that, I took my foot out of his mouth and pushed his head down towards the ground.

“Lick mommy clean!” I instructed, stepping both my feet into the puddle again. This time I stomped into it, covering my soles as well. Chris happily licked the ground surrounding my feet as well as my soles until I was satisfied.

I pulled Chris up, giggling the entire time, and began to kiss him again. As we made out, Chris was too busy fixing his shorts to notice the creaking sound of the floor outside the kitchen. Before I could break it off in time, I could hear a low but audible gasp from the entrance. But the gasp wasn’t followed by screams or a slur of expletives. In fact, the sound of the creaking floor had stopped altogether.

With the sky being pitch black outside, the large windows served as almost a mirror. From the corner of my eyes I could see my sister, trying to hide herself behind the sliding kitchen door as she watched us.

I think normally I would’ve been shocked, but given my tipsy state, it was more hot than anything else! “Fine, since you were so curious before, you can see for yourself now!” I thought.

Chris was facing the wall with the door, but I angled him so that he wouldn’t be able to see her. I also closed my own eyes, letting her safely watch to her heart’s content. I passionately made out with my son, kissing him deeply as our lips made rhythmic smacking noises against each other. Through our oral embrace, I moaned extra loudly, hoping that she could hear.

“Let’s see if you can give mommy a hickey” I whispered.

Chris obliged willingly and began sucking lightly on my neck, but it was on the side away from the door. I gently moved his head to my left side to give my sister a better view. Even without seeing, I knew my face was filled with lust. Chris’ hands, that had stayed on my upper back was now moving down gradually. Initially, I didn’t want to show my sister that much of our relationship, but Chris’ tongue was making me hard to turn him down. So I went the opposite direction, guiding Chris’ hands onto my ass on my own.

We continued for another minute before I moved his left hand to my tits while leaving his right one on my ass. Chris surprised me by turning me around, now pushing me up against the counter with me facing the doorway. His action caused me to instinctively open my eyes as my hands grabbed the countertop to stabilize myself. Almost instantly, my eyes made contact with my sister. For a second we both stayed still, unsure of how the other would react. Lily was the first to move, bringing her glass of wine to her mouth as she took a sip and smirked mischievously at me.

That smirk gave me all the approval I needed! I smiled back at her as I pushed Chris’ head deeper into my neck. I let him work for a few more seconds and then brought his lips back to mine to make out some more. Chris’ hands were roughly massaging my ass now, pushing most of my shorts inside my asscrack so that he could play with my cheeks freely. My back was away my sister, so I had to gradually rotate us so that she could see just how naughty we were being! My sister’s face was still in shock, but in a good way!

I giggled loudly at her reaction. It was almost as if we were conversing without ever speaking a single word. With Chris no longer facing her, Lily had slid the door open a little more, not hiding behind it but openly watching us. I continued to make out with Chris, but after another few minutes, I could feel him getting less reluctant to do so; probably afraid of being caught.

“Mom, I should get back soon. Halftime’s almost over and dad’s-“

“Fuck what your dad thinks! Kiss me some more honey!” I said loudly, hoping my sister could hear.

I think she did because as soon as the words left my mouth, I could see her giggling openly from my comment. I made sure to make extra smacking noises between our kiss, ensuring Lily was getting a good show. I had no idea how far I wanted it to go, but figured everything so far could be “blamed” on alcohol and bad judgment.

My eyes stayed on my sister, watching how she reacted. Gone was any shock or smile on her face, instead, replaced with rosy red cheeks from witnessing the lewd act in front of her. She held her wine with one hand, while her other one was gently rubbing her pussy on the outside of her shorts. It was subtle, but definitely present. Her complexion looked between a state of slight pain and reluctance; reluctance in accepting that what she was seeing was turning her on.

That look energized me as well as I kissed Chris. I could tell from his body language that he was a little uneasy and really didn’t want to be there anymore, but I was too turned on by everything to care. I kept him there for my own sexual satisfaction, just so I could make out with him more and satiate my exhibitionist appetite.

Just as I was about to take things to the next level by guiding Chris’ hands under my shirt, I saw my sister’s attention turn away from us. She gave me a quick look of alarm and left the doorway, right before I heard the sound of my mother’s voice.

Chris and I immediately separated ourselves from the interruption and fixed our clothes.

“Ok, mom. I should get back to the game. Halftime’s probably already over” he answered, giving me a kiss and bolting out the door before I could grab him back for more.

I took a few minutes to clean up any leftover fluids and left back into the dining room, reclaiming my seat. As I sat down, my sister was already giving me her usual playful but judgmental glare. But as I knew she would, she made no mention of it and the rest of the night was spent just gossiping about other things.

For once, I headed off to bed first as Charles was busy watching his games well into the night. Before I fell asleep, I got myself off one last time with my fingers, reliving what had happened earlier in the night. I couldn’t help but wonder what my sister’s reaction was going to be once she was completely sober. How would I respond to her? How would she respond?

Author’s Note:

I apologize for the delay in the story, but I was a little busier than expected in the last few weeks. Each one of my chapters are fairly long and do take a lot of time in both planning and writing to ensure it’s quality is good. Please feel free to leave suggestions and constructive criticism is always welcomed. There will be another chapter up hopefully Sunday or Monday at the latest. Enjoy!

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