Ashley’s Piano Lesson Ch. 02

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We were still in bed, enjoying the New York Times crossword and some hot coffee, when my phone buzzed to life on the nightstand, then began playing the ringtone dedicated to all of my piano students – ‘Ode to Joy’ from Beethoven’s Ninth. There weren’t many of those students – or their parents – that I was very interested in talking to at 9:30 on a Sunday morning while lying naked in bed, still warm and fuzzy after a particularly luxurious round of morning sex – your favorite kind.

I glanced over to my phone, spotted the name on the caller-ID, and immediately sat up, the covers slipping down off my skin, my tits bouncing free.

“Jacob, it’s Ashley. I’m going to answer.”

“Fine by me,” you said with a wink, pulling yourself up as well, and reaching over to play with my still-hard nipples as I answered the phone. I pretended to frown, but couldn’t keep up the act for long, and instead gasped a bit with pleasure as you pinched my left nipple, hard. I contained myself just long enough to answer the phone.

“Hi Ashley, how are you?”

“Um, I’m OK, Kristin, just need to talk to you for a few minutes.” I could immediately sense that something was bothering her.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” You sat up in bed next to me when you heard the concern in my voice.

“I can’t believe my parents are actually doing this.” She sounded like she was about to cry.

“What is it, Ashley? Talk to me.”

“Remember when I told you that they said I was on my own as soon as I graduated? And you told me you were sure they didn’t really mean that?”

“Yes?” How could I forget the conversation; I genuinely felt for the girl. Not because she was less fortunate; she’d grown up with every convenience, every need met, after all. But because her parents were arbitrarily cutting her off after her high-school graduation, apparently believing in an effort to teach her some sense of self-sufficiency as she went off on her own. A little bit late, I thought, for this girl who’d always had everything provided to her.

“Well, they do mean it. I can keep living at home until I leave for college in August, and they’ll cover food, but all other expenses are on me. And even if I save everything from my part-time job, it’ll only be enough for textbooks and first semester fees.”

“I’m sorry, Ashley. But I’m sure it will be OK?” I wasn’t yet understanding why she’d called me, other than for moral support.

“But don’t you see,” I could hear the tears flowing now, “I won’t be able to take any more lessons!”

Ah, that was the reason she’d called. I glanced at you, asking with my eyes whether you’d heard the conversation so far, and you nodded in the affirmative. In spite of her obvious despair, I couldn’t help but smile to myself, pleased that just a few more months of lessons meant so much to her.

“Ashley,” I said, putting on my best warm, calming tone, “don’t worry about a thing. Why don’t you come by early for your next lesson, and we’ll discuss what we can do about this.”

“But Miss Kristin, I don’t want you to give me lessons for free, that’s not why I called…”

I interrupted her before she could go on. “Oh, no, Ashley, that’s not what I have in mind. I understand you’re not asking for charity. Really, don’t worry about it, just come by early on Wednesday, how about 4 o’clock instead of 5, and we’ll work everything out, OK?”

“Um, OK, Miss Kristin, thank you, I’m so relieved.”

“No problem, Ashley. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I’ll see you on Wednesday.”

I set the phone back down on the nightstand and turned back to you with a grin.

“Kristin, are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?”

“Absolutely, why not?”

“You’re not concerned about corrupting the poor girl?”

“Are you kidding? Don’t you think we crossed that bridge, and then burned it, a few months ago?”

“Yeah, OK, I guess you’re right.”

It had been about three months since that day – the first, and so far only, time that we’d enjoyed a threesome with my hot eighteen-year-old student Ashley during her piano lesson. Ever since, there had been a remarkable lack of awkwardness from any of us, as we got through the spring recital, several more lessons, and her high school graduation – to which she sweetly invited both of us – without so much as a hint of discussion about what had taken place.

“Don’t worry, Jacob. I think you’ll enjoy what I have in mind.”

I was normally quite a stickler about insuring that I was paid for lessons, and reluctant to barter – believe canlı bahis me, the request came up fairly often from parents, especially in a rough economy like the one we’d been going through. But Ashley only had a few more months of lessons before going off to school. More importantly, sex with Jacob had been absolutely phenomenal since I’d given him the gift of Ashley, and I could only imagine how hot it would be for both of us to explore that a few more times.

“I’m sure I will, Kristin.”


Time seemed to crawl waiting for Ashley’s arrival – an hour earlier than her normal lesson time – that Wednesday evening. You seemed much calmer than I felt, casually working away in your office as I practically pressed my nose to the glass of the front window, watching for her.

Right on time as always, she parked and got out of her car. I smiled to myself as I saw her outfit, knowing how much you would enjoy it. She was wearing a light blue sundress with thin shoulder straps, fitted around her torso, and with a short, lightly pleated skirt that barely reached mid-thigh. Wedge sandals with straps wrapped a few inches up on her calves gave her long legs a sexy accent. And – matching as always – she had tied her long blonde hair up into a single ponytail with a light blue ribbon. Perfection in the gentle heat of an early-summer evening.

I opened the door almost immediately as she rang the doorbell, and welcomed her in. I was nervous about the proposition I was about to make to her, but quickly realized I had no reason to be. After all, the ice was already broken, it was just a matter of fanning the flames of her desire for you.

“So, Ashley, why don’t you set your things down and follow me.”

“OK, Miss Kristin. Thanks so much for seeing me. I’m excited to find out what kind of arrangement you’ve got worked out for me to pay for my lessons for the rest of the summer!”

I didn’t answer her, merely smiling in response, and motioned for her to follow me as I walked down the hallway to your office, poking my head in and gesturing to you as well. Once I had both of you in tow, I made my way to the kitchen where I poured myself a big glass of water and drank it, methodically, as you both watched.

I set the glass down on the counter, wiped my mouth with my hand, and took a deep breath before proceeding with my proposal.

“Alright, Ashley. You know I can’t give lessons away for free, and I know that you don’t want charity.”


“But you do have something to offer that both Jacob and I are interested in, so I’m going to propose a trade.” I paused, and she gave me a puzzled look. “Do you remember that lesson a few months back?”

She immediately blushed, her face turning a bright crimson, as she quickly glanced back and forth between you and I. “Yes, of course, Miss Kristin. How could I forget?”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Oh, my god, yes. I’ve dreamed about it almost every night since.”

“So, I’m guessing you wouldn’t object to a little more quality time with Jacob?”

“Wow. Never. As long as it’s OK with you, Miss Kristin?”

“Good. Then here’s my proposal. You arrive an hour early for the rest of your lessons this summer. Your job during that hour is to pleasure Jacob. In exchange, I’ll give you your lessons for free.”

“Seriously?” Her jaw dropped. Clearly, she thought she was getting the better end of this deal. Funny, I felt the same!

“Seriously. I might just watch, or I might participate, that’s up to Jacob. That alright with you, honey?” I turned to you, awaiting your obvious answer.

“Um, gee, yeah, I think I can handle that arrangement.” You couldn’t take your eyes off her hot young body as you spoke.

“OK, so it’s settled. Let’s get started.”

Once back in the studio, I took Ashley’s hand and led her to the sofa, where we both sat down. As you stood next to us, I decided to take on the role of teacher again, and just watch Ashley go solo as I guided her.

“Pull him close to you, Ashley, and feel his bulge. Feel him with your fingers.”

She did as she was told, eagerly following my directions.

“That’s right, good girl. Now, unfasten his belt and unzip his slacks.”

I watched as her delicate fingers gradually undressed you, first working your slacks off your hips, and then pulling down your boxers, until your hard cock sprung free directly into her face.

“That’s right, Ashley, take him into your hands, then into your mouth. Suck him for me. Suck his hard cock.”

“Mmmmmmmm,” she bahis siteleri moaned as she gradually took your entire length, inch by inch, deep into her throat. I moved closer to her on the sofa and reached up for the ribbon in her hair, held each end of it, and pulled gently until it slipped free, her long blonde hair cascading down around her shoulders. You immediately responded, wrapping your fingers through her hair and grabbing it into a ponytail of your own making, twisting it, pulling her on and off of your throbbing cock.

Catching your eyes to ensure you were watching my every move, I began slowly freeing her from the top of her dress, beginning with her right shoulder strap, then the left, and then moving on to the straps of her bra, until her perfect, perky tits were worked free to bounce as she continued to bob up and down on you. Last, I unclasped the back strap and pulled the bra away from her, setting it neatly on the couch next to us.

I took her hair from you, freeing your hands to shift down to fondle her tits, and she moaned in pleasure at the sensation, as I now began controlling her rhythm on your cock with my hands on her hair. You were pinching her nipples hard now, and I could feel her breathing become more ragged, as you also moved closer to your climax.

Noticing that she had neglected your balls in her youthful, enthusiastic focus on your shaft, I took one of her hands in mine and encouraged her to stroke you, to fondle you, just as I knew you liked best, as she continued to take your full length deep into her throat. I knew you wouldn’t last much longer under this attention, and after a few more moments, I watched as you jerked, cried out in pleasure, and shot your load into her mouth.

She pulled away, gasping for air, but dutifully swallowed, reaching up to wipe from her lips a few drops which had threatened to escape her mouth. “Wow, Ashley,” you said as you caught your breath as well, “that was amazing, thank you!”

“Of course, Jacob, my pleasure!” She was flushed, her hair was wild, and she had a look of genuine satisfaction on her face. But glancing at the clock and responding to my own desire, I decided there was both the time and the need for more.

“You don’t think you’re finished, do you Ashley?” I attempted a stern tone which I didn’t quite pull off, but like the good sport she was, Ashley played along.

“Um, no, Miss Kristin. I know there’s still more time left before my lesson starts. What else would you like for me to do?”

“Let’s move over to the piano.”

I stood up, took her hand, and guided her across the room, encouraging her to sit on the piano bench once we arrived. As I did this, you finished removing your slacks and boxers, which had remained down around your ankles as she had so efficiently sucked you off. You then walked across the room to join us, naked from the waist down, your cock once again growing and pressing up against the edges of your shirt.

Ashley sat, her beautiful tits still free from her dress, but otherwise fully clothed, as you and I stood next to her – one on each side of the piano bench.

“Ashley, you look quite comfortable for playing the piano. But for what I have in mind next, I’d actually like you to raise the piano bench quite a bit. Please, let’s raise it as far as it will go.”

I loved having an artist bench – not only because of the comfortable leather seat, but also because it was possible to raise and lower it, allowing students of various ages and sizes to be comfortable. But now, I saw it for the first time as a piece of sex furniture.

I dropped to my knees next to Ashley and helped her turn the knobs, watching her tits bounce as she worked hard to raise the bench up, slowly, inch by inch, until it finally reached its maximum height. I then encouraged her onto her back, lying down on the comfortable bench, which was just big enough to support her back. Her head tipped back over one end, her ass cheeks rested on the other end, and you quickly realized why I’d raised the level – she was now perfectly positioned to take you into her mouth once again, which she eagerly did as you stepped closer to her.

I remained on my knees, and slowly pushed her legs apart, the skirt of her dress riding up on her legs as I did so. Once I had her legs spread wide enough that I could position myself between them, I shoved her skirt completely up to her waist, giving you an excellent view of her visibly wet panties as I began to stroke her with both hands.

I moved my hands all over her inner bahis şirketleri thighs, around and around her pussy, occasionally dwelling near her clit, but all still with her panties still on, until she was panting with desire, clearly wanting me to go further. All this time, she didn’t let your cock out of her mouth, and you’d found a comfortable rhythm, pressing in and out, eagerly watching as you could see your cock bulge in her throat with each stroke.

I quickly pressed her legs together just long enough to slip her panties off, then pushed them apart once again, and eagerly dove in to taste her, licking her dripping wet pussy as you watched. I kept one hand on her clit, and brought the other up to her right breast, which I began gently kneading.

You brought your hands gently to her throat now, massaging, helping her to relax to take your entire length in long, slow strokes, as she panted in pleasure from my attention to her clit and pussy. I was darting my tongue in and out of her quickly now, knowing how sensational it must feel to her, but also how much it would leave her longing for something more, to be truly filled.

After several more minutes of this attention, with Ashley writhing on the piano bench but never quite reaching climax, and watching you steadily build in your intensity as you fucked her throat, I decided it was time to give you both what you wanted.

I pulled my tongue out of her pussy for the last time, and just as she whimpered in disappointment, I forcefully plunged three fingers into her dripping hole. She gasped, and you mercifully pulled out of her mouth long enough to let her cry out in pleasure.

“Would you like to have something a little larger in your tight little pussy, Ashley?” In spite of all that had happened, all the barriers already broken down between us, I could hardly believe the words as they came out of my mouth.

“Oh, god, yes,” she panted in pure lust.

I stood up, and you and I quickly swapped positions. I knelt once again, this time pulling Ashley up to her elbows so that she could watch as you entered her. I reached around from behind her and began playing with her tits, gently kneading, occasionally pinching, and she watched, wide-eyed, as you positioned yourself to enter her.

After rubbing your cock gently against her pussy lips a few times, lubricating it in her free-flowing juices, you plunged into her in one deep thrust, the slap of skin against skin loudly filling the room.

“Oh, god, Kristin,” you said to me between thrusts as you picked up a steady motion, “she’s so tight, I’m not going to last long.”

“Then I suggest you make her cum too, Jacob. I want to watch you both cum, and then lick up every drop!”

“Oh, god, yes!”

“Rub her clit while you fuck her, yes, that’s it!”

I was pinching her nipples hard now, twisting and then releasing them as she let her weight fall back against mine, her head over my shoulder, no longer able to hold herself up as the incredible sensations overwhelmed her. You were fucking her hard and fast now, rubbing her clit, and I felt her begin to tremble with powerful waves of pleasure beneath you.

I could only imagine how tightly her pussy must be clenching your cock now, as Ashley began to cry out when her orgasm hit with its full power, “Oh, wow, yes, yes, yes, yesssssssss!”

You were only a few seconds behind, pulling out of her and shooting your load onto her clit, a few drops reaching higher onto her belly. Gently pulling away from supporting her, I stood up, walked a few steps around the bench, and knelt between you. Ashley again pulled herself up to her elbows to watch as I first took your cock deep into my mouth, licking you clean, tasting her on you.

I then moved over to Ashley, her legs still spread wide, and cleaned her thoroughly with my tongue, starting with her belly, then moving to her inner thighs, all around her pussy, darting my tongue inside of her just briefly, and then sucking the last drops of your cum from her clit as she arched her back in pleasure one last time.

“Thank you, Ashley, thank you, Jacob, for giving me exactly what I requested – that was wonderful!”

“Wow.” Ashley was nearly speechless.

“So, Jacob,” I said, turning to you, “I think it’s time for you to leave us to our work. I’ll look forward to seeing you after I’m done with this lesson.”

“Can’t wait,” you said with a grin, as you grabbed your clothes and left the room.

Ashley, meanwhile, stood up, found her bra and panties, quickly scooped her hair back into the ribbon-tied ponytail, and set to work to lower the piano bench back to a level appropriate for playing. Her efficiency impressed me as she launched into her scales.

This was going to be a fun summer.

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