Ashley’s Pees Where She Wants Ch. 07

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Ashley is a 19 year old high school student, one of the last in their school’s grade 13 program which is now ending. She found a tablet she was able to translate and now she has the ability to control minds. She has used this power to fill her growing pee fetish she discovered one evening when she pissed into her 18 year old sister’s favorite teddy bear.

While studying her new tablet she was continually peeing into the school’s lost and found box. On Friday she did so once again only to discover the boy she soaked in the gym had hidden himself within the box. She tested out her new powers from the second tablet on him and he wound up swallowing a bit more than he had anticipated.


Ashley and Kevin met up after school and she takes him to her house. Once in her room she turns to him and says “Well, now we can get to work, and have some real fun.” She closes the door and puts her back to it. Eying Kevin, particularly his crotch, she grips the hem of her skirt and lifts it above her waist.

She notices the telltale bulge of an erection form. She tucks in the skirt takes off her shirt throwing it on Kevin’s face. Kevin removes the shirt to find that Ashley had stepped toward him reaching her hand for the bulge in his pants. She rubs it a few times before saying “You don’t mind letting me have another look at this do you?” Kevin shakes his head and immediately starts removing his pants. His penis comes into Ashley’s view as his underwear is removed and she gets a good look at it.

“Show me how big it can get.” requests Ashley eyeing his masculinity. He begins stroking at it a few times to get it to full size. Ashley begins rubbing herself, mostly hoping to help speed up his efforts. It works and soon he tells her “Here it is. This is full sized.” She looks it over and analyzes it in her mind. It looks to be about 7 inches long. She reaches out and puts her hand around it. Doing this she is able to touch her index and middle fingers of her smaller female hand to her thumb but none of the others.

“Have you had a girl touch this before?” Kevin with little reluctance, but no resistance thanks to her mental manipulation, shakes his head no. Ashley decides to try and delude him a little before testing her new powers on him. “You know I’ve heard that a guy sometimes gets even bigger the first time they’re stimulated by a girl physically, particularly so if he happens to have a special lust for her.” She begins moving her hand up and down along his shaft. Kevin begins to pant softly at the stimulation.

Then Ashley begins testing her powers of bodily manipulation out on Kevin. She focuses on the idea of permanently making it bigger, sending energy out through her hand into his cock. Within seconds she feels it as her touching fingers begin to part at his steadily increasing girth until it grows to the point that she cannot touch her fingers together at all. Kevin gasps in astonishment at the site of her stroking him; he had never seen it get this big before.

She ends her manipulation and strokes it a couple more times before looking it over once more. “Wow it really can get bigger. I was thinking that was just a myth. It looks like it’s done now.” Now that it had been “enhanced” by her power it seemed to be not just wider but longer as well by a few inches.

Curious about his new size he got a ruler out of his backpack and touched it to his groin just above his dick. The two of them looked and their eyes grew wide as they read out the number next to his tip. It was 10 inches now, and Kevin could believe he was in the double digits even. Ashley smiled at the site knowing she would be having fun with it quite soon. In fact she was going to try something new.

“That looks just wonderful; I’ve got to have a taste of that.” She gently pushed him into a sitting position on the end of her bed and knelt down in front of him. She had never tried sucking a guy off yet, but in this case she figured it was a good place to start. Now that she had new power she didn’t have the same concerns she used to.

She never did like the idea of sucking on a condom and didn’t get around that idea yet, but now that she was immune to everything she did not need one. Not only that she made sure she would not have any problems with the taste of cum, at least Kevin’s cum that is. She reached her tongue out to lick the head of his cock. She knew she would probably be about to change her perceptions and enhance the sexuality of its taste in a moment but for her first taste she had to know what it tasted like unmodified.

As her tongue made first contact and rubbed around the head she tasted cock for the first time in her life. It seemed to her to be a mild sweat taste but nothing really strong for good or bad. She thought about it a bit and decided to leave her perception of the taste the same, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri instead using her mental powers on herself to give the taste an association with sex.

Licking out again and starting from the base this time she licks him all the way up his shaft to the head. It tastes the same but this time she feels a warm feeling within her, like she is being physically stimulated but from no one particular place on her body and it feels really nice to her.

Licking him up and down the shaft a few times she spots a drop of moisture appear from the hole on the tip. On her next movement upwards she slides her tongue over the tip tasting his pre-cum, another first for her. This had a taste not too dissimilar from the cum she tasted earlier, but perhaps not as strong.

She reached within herself and created another link, associating this new taste to sex as well but with slightly stronger stimulation attached. Thinking ahead she also alters the association with semen to include stimulation as well, this one to help ensure she would gain similar enjoyment to whomever she was retrieving that cum from.

Ashley circles his head a few more times with her tongue before making contact with her lips kissing him on the end of his dick. She moves her head forward taking a penis into her mouth for her first time ever. Its size stretches her lips a little and she can only get about halfway down at first. She tries to pull him deeply into her mouth into her throat a couple times but it is too difficult. She decides she will have to figure out how to change herself to accommodate someone this big, especially since that could be anyone now. She knew she could always just make him smaller but the increased size was a sexy thought to her and she knew she would be able to figure out something soon enough.

For now she decides she will take in as much as she can normally. She sucks her cheeks inward increasing surface contact. Bobbing her head up and down she continues licking him within her mouth. Kevin has never even been seen naked by a girl let alone a blowjob and it isn’t long before he is nearing an orgasm. Ashley senses this through her mouth using the extra perceptive abilities she had given herself in the past week and decides she would make it interesting.

Like she had done before she focuses her thoughts on him and through her mouth energy enters into his body that causes his body to go into overdrive producing a large amount of semen, semen that she would soon be devouring.

Then Kevin’s cock stiffens and twitches within her mouth and she gets ready. She reduces motion so that the head of his penis remains at the front of her mouth throughout her motions but continues to bob as he begins to pump his load into her mouth.

The first spurt shoots to the back of her mouth hitting the roof and dripping onto her tongue. The next and each of the following spurts land on the back to the middle of her tongue coating it in his cum. It begins to fill her mouth and she begins swallowing it fast enough to prevent her mouth from overflowing.

The taste was just like her first taste only there was a lot more of it this time. The experience of receiving it like this was exquisite and it was incredibly hot for her to have so much in her mouth. The mental stimulation it was causing due to her mental links was actually so great that it was almost like having sex just being on the receiving end of this mouthful of cum.

As he finally stopped unloading into her mouth she focused again on Kevin through the cock in her mouth, this time manipulating his physiological reaction to orgasm so that he did not lose interest in sex so immediately the way that guys normally do. She had something sexy in mind and she needed him horny for it to work.

Ashley had been swallowing his cum enough to prevent it from spilling, but after he stopped spurting she stopped swallowing holding the remainder in her mouth. It was nearly at capacity and she reached her hand around the base of his dick. She squeezed on his urethra and pulled along the shaft and as she did the cum still left within filled the remaining space in her mouth.

She stood up slowly and placing her hands on his shoulders planted a kiss on his lips. Her tongue entered his mouth as did some of his seed pushed out by the pressure of her cheeks. Startled he almost broke the kiss but looking into her eyes she was so pretty to him and he was strangely still so turned on that he could not bring himself to do so.

She moved her tongue within his mouth spreading his spunk within. To give him even more she pushed on his shoulders holding the kiss until he was on his back and she was horizontal on top of him. In this position gravity took effect and more of what was in her mouth flowed into his.

She reached down between his legs and focused her power and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri in seconds his slowly shrinking cock sprang back to full size as she made him horny and accelerated his semen production once again. Under this influence and his infatuation with Ashley he began returning the kiss with earnest. This was the second time she had made him take his own cum into his mouth and through her influence he was beginning to like being made to do this.

She held the kiss until he swallowed most of it, downing the remaining residue in her own mouth as he swallowed the last of what she had given him. She lay on the bed next to him for a few moments before her attention was turned to the increasing pressure in her bladder. It was time for another test.

She had originally thought of experimenting with making her piss taste sweeter and more intoxicating but for Kevin she had another idea. She put her hand over her bladder and focused on making her pee strong and dark, like it was the day she peed in Meghan’s drawer but even more so. Ashley wasn’t going to make her pee nice and tasty, instead she was making it concentrated and vile but Kevin was going to drink this anyway because Ashley had a plan.

She placed a hand on Kevin’s head and used a combination of mental and physiological powers on him to make this work and enhance the arousal he had apparently already had. She implants into his mind “You love to drink a woman’s urine, and will do anything to get it. Once you do it will send you into a near-orgasm that will last for ten seconds and feel like you are cumming hard but will not cause ejaculation. You will drink all girl pee that is put into your mouth no matter how it tastes because of how much it turns you on. The stronger it tastes the more it will turn you on. Even if the taste disgusts you, you cannot avoid swallowing every drop and doing what you can to get more.” With this programming complete she turns so she is over him again and crawls up his body until her pussy is over his mouth.

Seeing what she is doing he opens his mouth for her; aroused by the thought of what she was obviously about to do. A dark yellow stream of piss flowed out from between her lower lips and fell onto his tongue. The taste of her pee caused an intense reaction within Kevin loving and yet somewhat reviling what Ashley was doing in his mouth.

The taste as Ashley had planned was fowl but that just made it all the more hot for Kevin, who was unable to do anything but allow all of it access to his stomach swallowing as much as he could without closing his mouth.

Ashley was pleased with the colour of her piss and lowered onto his mouth so that none would spill. As she did so he began to lick her clit in circles through her stream. He swallowed and swallowed as she pissed and pissed into the mouth covering her groin. Lust built up within both of them and as Ashley neared the end of her pee she started feeling really incredible.

The last spurt of piss left her body and was quickly swallowed by Kevin, triggering the conditioning put in his mind by Ashley. He felt as though he would blast jizz all over her back but nothing came out, though it pulsed slightly. Ashley had however made this different from a real orgasm for a reason.

She crawled back down his body and lifted herself so that she was right over his cock. Using a hand she placed him at her opening. She placed the other hand on her lower abdomen and focused her power inward. She was immune to disease but did not feel like getting pregnant just now so she created a temporary barrier to block off access to her deeper insides. Any cum that got into her could only get as far as splashing into her womb at most. With that in place she lowered her moistened pussy down onto him.

His now quite notable circumference made this slightly difficult but she was able to relax herself and with a little adjustment to her own physical capacity he began to enter her body. Kevin began thrusting up into her; putting more and more of his cock into the descending girl each time. Eventually her pussy lips made contact with the base of his shaft. His new size made her feel more fullness than she had felt with any of the other guys she had sex with and it was an incredible turn on.

She started bouncing up and down on Kevin, her new sex toy. That was essentially what he was to her. She was able to use him as she wanted and manipulate him physically and mentally to suit her needs. She could have done this with anyone of course, maybe even turned a girl into a guy if she really tried, but it made sense to use Kevin.

For one he liked her to begin with and while anyone could be made to think of her as the hottest female on earth something about being attracted to her normally made it feel more true to her. Another reason is that she kind of liked him, he was nice enough güvenilir bahis şirketleri looking and the idea that he sought out to be debased by her, to have her pee all over him, was quite the turn on to her and made the idea of constantly manipulating him for her needs seem less cruel and more mutual. He had obviously like being submissive so it wasn’t like forcing someone who wasn’t into that sort of thing from the start.

Being so near to orgasm he didn’t take to many bounces to reach the point of orgasm again. Ashley sent energy through her inner walls into the dick it held captive. In the throes of passion she made the enhancement of his semen production a permanent enhancement. He would always produce twenty times the usual quantity. Ashley already knew that she had found the first person she would use for her sexual purposes over the long term she figured she may as well just give him a permanent upgrade rather than having to think about it each time.

She rubbed her clit as she bounced on his cock and made sure to enhance the sensation enough so that she could cum when she felt the first shot of cum inside her.Kevin began furiously pumping back against her bounces and within moments he was squirting the first of his enhanced load. It rushed through his inner tubing and splashed against the inner walls of her pussy.

His cum partially filled her insides when it got to the point that it was leaking profusely out of her. Ashley’s orgasm began on his second spurt and she was in such bliss that she almost didn’t notice the cum now soaking into her sheets. She couldn’t think of what to do at first as the cum pooled around Kevin’s butt on her bed. Hurriedly she rolled onto her back pulling him with her so that he was now on top.

With gravity on her side she was receiving his load entirely and containing whatever cum was spurted within her. Ashley had solved the leak but there was still cum on her bed and she had to deal with it fast. She tried dipping a finger into in and commanding it to evaporate but since it was not part of a person’s body it did not work. She absentmindedly put the finger to her lips and tried to hurry up and think of an answer.

Tasting the cum on her lips she thought to lick it up but with Kevin on top of her she could not reach it quickly. Thankfully the cum was not too thin but it would not take long to soak through her sheets into the mattress. Before another second passed Ashley turned to Kevin and quickly she commanded him to lick up the pool of his cum, there was no way she could get to it quickly but he was right there.

Kevin pulled out of Ashley forcing the remnants of cum within his cock onto her and knelt down in front of the small pool. Under her mental control he did not hesitate and his tongue raced through the pool lapping it up as quickly as possible. “Hurry up and just suck it in, then give me another kiss.” Ashley continued. Watching him as he began inhaling his splooge on the bed she stuck two fingers into her honey pot.

She fingered herself for a moment before removing her cum coated fingers and raising them to her upper lips instead. She sucked off her fingers enjoying the taste and feel of it. He kissed her and their cum smeared tongues intermingled.

Eventually the kiss ended and Kevin lay on the bed. She would have gotten up more quickly but if she turned over she would spill out so instead she fingered herself two more times; returning her fingers to her mouth the first time then to his the next. Turning her focus again inward she created another barrier. This time she was sealing the semen within her, she had a couple ideas what she could do with it.

She could just let it leak out somewhere, or squirt it out onto something for fun. With her powers she knew she could think of something interesting when she remembered earlier today watching cum shoot into an open mouth. She touched her clit and focused. She watched with glee as her clit began to grow slowly and surely. It changed shape and morphed until it was about 8 inches long and about as big around as she guessed would easily fit into someone’s mouth.

Then a hole appeared in the tip and she made it extend down into the reservoir of semen she had within her. She could not make any cum herself but she would be able to use Kevin’s. Now that she had her own temporary penis tapped into that supply she just had to think of where it would go, or more specifically whose mouth it would go into.

She thought of Kevin here but that was unnecessary. He had already eaten his own cum and she could always get more of his to give to him. This cum she could take to someone else. This cum she could try giving to another girl even. Then her thoughts turned to her sinter in her room nearby. She was easy to get to, but the idea of making her sister perform oral sex on her didn’t really appeal to her. Then she remembered Meghan.

Ashley headed to her kitchen as Kevin headed out to go home. “You replenish your supply, I’ll be seeing you later” she said before he closed the door. She made sure to grab a bottle of water before heading out to Meghan’s place. She thought to herself “I’ve got to reload too.”

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