April’s Encounter

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My girlfriend April and I went over to my buddy Brian’s house after work to have a drink and barbecue some dinner. We had all been friends for years, but April and I recently began dating. April was white and had black hair and brown eyes. She was only 5’2″ tall, but weighed about 185 pounds. She had something that you could grab onto, not like the skinny bitches you see around. April’s ass was her best asset as she really didn’t have that big of tits. But, April gave great blowjobs and was an awesome fuck.

Brian and I grabbed some beers and sat down in the living room while April went into the bathroom to change her clothes. After several minutes April came into the living room wearing a black leather skirt, black knee high boots and a black leather bra that had holes in it to show her nipples. April’s hair was pulled back tight into a ponytail. Her eyes were dark with makeup, matching her black lipstick. April also had an unlit all white cigarette dangling from her lips. April was ready to fuck.

April brought a lighter up to the cigarette to light it when Brian said, “You can’t smoke in here.” I looked at Brian and said, “Shut the fuck up. Watch and learn. You will like it when she smokes.” April smiled and lit the cigarette, taking a long deep drag of smoke into her lungs. She removed the cigarette from her mouth and held the smoke in for a few seconds then tilted her head back and blew the smoke out towards the ceiling. The sight of her made my cock harder than it has ever been. I motioned April towards my cock.

April walked over and knelt canlı bahis down in front of me. She undid my belt and unzipped my pants freeing my cock. April took another drag off her cigarette and put my cock into her mouth before blowing the smoke out. I could feel the hotness of the smoke surrounding my cock. I sat back and relaxed while April continued to give me a smokey blowjob.

I looked over at Brian who was sitting in the chair next to me. Brian’s eyes were glued to April’s mouth as she smoked her cigarette and sucked my cock. Brian had taken out his cock and was stroking it. I nodded my head to Brian and motioned him towards April’s ass. He wasted no time getting up and stripping his clothes off. Brian got onto his knees behind April and began rubbing her leather-covered ass. Brian lifted April’s skirt over her ass and began rubbing his cock up and down her pussy lips, finally sticking his cock into her wet and waiting pussy. April looked back at Brian and took a long drag off her cigarette then blew the smoke towards Brian. Brain began fucking April faster and smacking her ass.

As April was fucking Brian, she continued to smoke her cigarette and suck my cock. I grabbed April by the back of her head and forced her head down, taking my cock all the way to the back of her throat. April began gagging on my cock and causing her to salivate more and getting my cock slippery wet.

I grabbed April by her hair and told her to stand up and turn around. April stood up and turned around, sitting down onto my cock. She lit up another cigarette and blew the smoke bahis siteleri onto Brian’s cock before taking it deep into her throat. Brian began moaning. Brian said he had never had a smokey blowjob before and didn’t want it to stop. April took another long drag from her cigarette and put Brian’s cock in her mouth before letting the smoke escape. Brian nearly came in April’s mouth as he felt the heat of her cigarette on his cock. I continued to fuck April as she sucked Brian’s cock.

I wanted to fuck April’s ass so I told Brian to sit down and for April to start fucking him. April climbed up on his cock and began fucking him. I grabbed April’s hair and yanked her head back. I grabbed her throat and began choking her. I told her I was going to fuck her ass while she smoked another cigarette and fucked Brian. I put a cigarette into her mouth and lit it for her. She took a long deep drag as I began pushing the head of my cock into her ass. I could feel Brian’s cock on the other side fucking her pussy.

Brian said he needed to go take a piss so I popped my cock out of April’s ass and told her to get on her knees and open her mouth. I told Brian to piss in her mouth. Brian looked at April and she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I took advantage of the moment and began pissing in April’s mouth. Brian soon followed. We were both pissing in April’s mouth, making it overflow and run down her tits. I reached down and pinched her nipples and smacked her tits. April screamed out in pain. To shut her up I shoved my cock into her mouth. April grabbed my ass and bahis şirketleri pulled me closer to her making my cock go all the way into her throat.

I lied down onto the floor and told April to get on me into a 69 position. I told Brian to start fucking April, doggy style. April was sucking my cock while Brian was fucking her pussy right above my face. As April sucked my cock I could feel her pushing a finger into my ass. I began thrusting my dick into her mouth. April began pushing back and fucking Brian faster.

As Brian was fucking April, I could see his balls start to tighten. I knew Brian wasn’t going to last much longer so I told he to fill April’s pussy with his cum. Brian began shooting his load into April’s pussy. I could see some of it start leaking out from her pussy as he continued to pump his cock into her so I began licking up his cum from her pussy. Brian pulled his cock out of April’s pussy and she sat up, pushing her pussy down onto my mouth. I stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy, cleaning all the cum out of her pussy. April began to shake and I soon felt a rush of her own juices flood my mouth and down my face.

April moved down and shoved my cock into her ass. April looked back at me and put a cigarette into her mouth. She put a lighter to the cigarette and lit it, sucking in the smoke. I could not wait any longer and I began filling he ass with my cum. April filled her mouth with smoke and bent down putting her mouth over mine and blew the smoke into my mouth. When she pulled her mouth away from mine, she moved her ass up to my mouth and sat on my face, forcing me to clean her ass of my cum.

April and I got up and saw Brian was passed out on the floor. We gathered our things and headed home, looking forward to the next get together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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