Appointment with a Lover Ch. 01

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This is an original work and as such is protected under the copyright laws of the United States. Please do not duplicate, copy, print, distribute or exchange this piece without the expressed written permission of the author. This work is pure fantasy, and not based on any actual events. My format has changed slightly, as I have written it with the plan of making an audio recording of this erotic story, and that required a style shift. Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.


It started out as any ordinary day for me, busy at work, but slightly distracted by the need to get away from all of the deadlines and pressures of my job. It was a bright, clear Thursday in early June with temperatures expected in the mid-70s, and I made a mental note to myself to put in a request for some vacation time – and soon. My name is Lauren. I am 32 years old, single, and I work as an Analyst in a small engineering department of a Fortune 500 company in Chicago. I had been at work about 4 hours, researching the resource requirements for a technical project, when my desk phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and recognized the number as belonging to Chuck – a good friend I enjoyed spending time with when we both had the chance. I smiled as I picked up the phone and answered, “Good morning! It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you. What are you up to?” His voice was deep and sexy as he simply said before hanging up, “Lauren, I miss you and I want to see you tonight. Meet me at my place at 8:00 pm and be prepared for some fun. Don’t be late.”

As I hung up my phone, I smiled to myself as I thought of him. Chuck is someone I can always make time for – a friend with perks. We had met at work and became very good friends over a few years, although our relationship did not turn sexual until after he left the company for a better position with another firm, about a year before. We knew about each others’ past relationships and were buddies that enjoyed the occasional romp in bed together – without the commitment of being tied down, and there was no jealousy if one of us got involved in a relationship with someone new. The thought of our last encounter came to mind – we had gone out for dinner and clubbing, then my place. It was the first time my balcony had been used for sex (since I lived in the place), and god, it was great! I got some interesting looks from my neighbors the next few days after that, but it was a good time.

I guess he knew I needed a little distraction and the chance for some ‘me’ time. We had been exchanging e-mails, since he had been recently traveling with his job. He was the construction manager for a series of malls going up throughout the US, and he had recently been spending a lot of time going from Chicago to Atlanta, New York, and Albuquerque to oversee multiple projects. He had told me the general timeframe when he would be home next, so I was pleasantly surprised to see he’d made it back a few days earlier than he was scheduled – progress on the sites must be going better than expected.

He knew just how to get to me, too – by calling me close to noon, it would leave me wondering the rest of the day what he had planned – enough of a diversion to keep me off kilter just a bit for the last half of my afternoon. But instead of letting my mind wander about Chuck and his plans, it fueled me to concentrate on my immediate task. I skipped lunch, knowing if I finished my reports, I could leave early. If I daydreamed too long I’d never make it there on time, so I made a quick call to set up an appointment for a manicure later that afternoon, put up my Do Not Disturb sign and got back to work.

By 3:00, I had finished all of my required bi-monthly spreadsheets and charts and turned them in. Mike, my boss, did a quick review of the status reports and updated projections and we had a short meeting regarding the presentation we had to do the following week. Mike and I made a good team – he knew he could count on me to get the job done and was impressed with the work I turned in. We were both pretty driven, and a good match when projects came up.

“Mike, since I’m done with the required reports, would you mind if I left a little early?” I asked, knowing he wouldn’t say no. He replied, “Well, since I’m headed out the door anyway for a ‘late meeting’ on the golf course, I guess I can’t say no. Go ahead…As a matter of fact, since everything is done on this until the meetings next week, go ahead and take tomorrow off too. You’ve been putting in a lot of hours on this and I appreciate it. Go have some fun.” Hmmm, an unexpected 3-day weekend starting off with a special date, I thought to myself. It couldn’t get much better in my book, so I smiled, said thanks and waved goodbye. “See you on Monday, Mike – have a great weekend!”

As I walked out of the building to my car, I wondered what Chuck could possibly have in mind for me. He was an attentive lover, so I knew the evening would be perfect. I got into my new Toyota 4 Runner and headed off to my manicure appointment. The casino siteleri car was a present to myself after a promotion I received a few months before. I had special-ordered it and picked it up a few weeks ago. I enjoy outdoor activities and wanted a vehicle to accommodate those whims. Chuck hadn’t seen it yet, other than in a picture sent through an e-mail, so I was especially excited to show him my new wheels. It was a deep blue 4-wheel drive with all the bells and whistles, that I researched endlessly before I finally signed on the dotted line – one of the drawbacks of being an analyst – EVERYTHING gets scrutinized to the last detail.

I got to the salon and asked for the whole works – a French manicure to show off my long nails, a paraffin wax to make my hands extremely soft, and got a quick trim to my blonde shoulder-length hair to shape up my style a little, as I was going to schedule that in the next couple of weeks anyway. As I was attended to, the stress of my busy day began to melt away and I really began to relax. I enjoyed being pampered and emerged from the salon energized and looking forward to the evening ahead.

It was about 5:00, and as I headed home, my thoughts turned to Chuck. He was a handsome man, 34 years old, about 6’3″, 195 lbs with short black hair (a product of a military background), usually clean-shaven, and deep piercing brown eyes. He worked out regularly, and looked as good in jeans and a t-shirt, as he did in a suit. He had a quiet and reserved manner, a quick and intelligent mind, and was a great conversationalist with a good sense of humor. His exterior was tough to crack, but once it happened, he was your friend for life and he would trust implicitly. We had similar work-ethics, and a tendency to get a little too involved in our jobs – we love the thrill of sinking our teeth into new projects and seeing them through. It was probably why our romantic relationships never seemed to quite work out with others and a direct cause of why our friendship continued to stay strong.

I pulled into the parking garage of my apartment building – I lease a 12th floor loft apartment in downtown Chicago, close to the University of Illinois. I greeted the doorman with a cheery wave as I entered the elevator to go upstairs, my mind occupied on what I would wear that evening. As I got to my door, there had been a package left outside – a long box, tied with a blue ribbon. I pulled the card out of the box, and it said “To tonight – I can’t wait to see you. Chuck”. Inside the box were a dozen beautiful long stemmed roses – 6 white and 6 yellow (my favorite combination). I took the box inside, arranged the roses in a crystal vase, and went to draw a hot, luxurious bubble bath for myself.

As my bath was running, I packed a small overnight bag with comfortable clothes for the next few days. Chuck lived about an hour away, and he didn’t like the idea of me driving alone after dark so I normally spent the night when we got together – and he didn’t know that I had the next day off, so I hoped he would be pleasantly surprised. I focused on selecting an outfit for the evening, and selected a fitted, sapphire blue sleeveless cocktail-length dress with a deep V-neck and back that accentuated my long legs and slender waist. I selected a matching bra, panty, and garter set I had purchased a couple of weeks before – black satin with red embroidery. The bra was enough to support my C cup breasts, showing off my cleavage just right, the matching panty was bikini style with 3 string ties on each side, with a matching garter belt. Chuck loved garters and thigh high stockings, and I had a nude pair that accentuated the healthy sun-kissed glow of my skin. I finished the outfit off with a pair of black high heeled sandals and my favorite silver necklace and earrings. I normally dressed casually for work, so it was a treat to get dressed up a little and look special. I knew there would be a candlelit dinner waiting for me, so the outfit I had selected would be completely appropriate.

With my outfit selected, I got out of my work clothes and ready for my bath. As I undressed, I studied myself in the mirror. Not perfect by any means (I don’t believe there is such a thing), but nice to look at. I’m about 5’8″, 145 lbs. I’ve given up on ever seeing anything less than a size 10 or 12, and I’m okay with that. I’ve never had a model-thin type body and I’m comfortable with my looks. I consider myself to be attractive, and I’ve never had any complaints. Golden blonde hair with a few darker streaks, blue eyes, and fair skin with a healthy looking glow. My breasts are full and perky with light pink areolas and thick nipples, and I’m proportioned well between my bust, waist, hips, thighs, and ass. I love my legs and enjoy wearing outfits to show them off. “Not a bad package,” I said to the reflection as I finished undressing and slid into my hot bath.

The water felt great as the final touch to my afternoon of pampering. I had added a touch of bath oil to the water, and it felt wonderful canlı casino to run my hands over my arms, legs, shoulders, and breasts as my skin drank up the moisture, turning silky smooth. I touched up with the razor where I needed it – I keep myself shaved around my pussy lips with just a small patch of blonde hair on my mons, above my labia. After shaving, I ran my fingers lightly along the sides of my labia and inner lips, slippery from the soap, and stroked my pussy lightly in anticipation of what was to come later in the evening. It was exciting to feel the soft, smooth wet lips under my fingertips, the bare skin tingling under my touch and I lightly squeezed each of my breasts with my left hand and rolled my hardening nipples between my fingers. I did not stroke myself to a climax, as I was saving that for Chuck. It had been two months since we had seen each other, and I wanted him to have it all. As the water started to cool, I stepped out of the tub and proceeded to dry off and rubbed lotion all over, my skin tingling from the bath and my sensitivity heightened from the expectation of things to come. I finished my prepping by putting on my make-up and a light touch of Casmir – my favorite perfume.

By this time, it was about 6:30 and I needed to get going. I slipped on my undergarments slowly, enjoying how the silky fabric felt against my soft skin, slid my stockings up each leg, and hooked the garters. I put my jewelry on, then the dress, followed by the shoes. I checked the look in the mirror and was very satisfied with the pretty reflection that stared back at me. Knowing he would be pleased, I gathered my overnight bag and purse and headed back down to the parking garage. I turned a few heads on the elevator, and was greeted with a lustful stare from the doorman on my way out, although he tried his best to hide it. I answered his look with a seductive smile and headed to my car. I got out on the I-90 West toward Algonquin, where Chuck owned a home on about ten acres.

Chuck lived about an hour northwest of Chicago, and I enjoyed the drive to his house. The evening rush-hour was over, so the drive was peaceful and relaxed. I wasn’t really in the mood for what was on the radio, and I enjoy listening to erotic audio stories. I had a couple of new CD’s that had just arrived that week, so I loaded one into the CD player, letting the stories unfold as I drove. The soothing cadence of an erotic story, read aloud by a sultry female voice or a man’s deep resonate tone, with a great selection of background music and erotic sounds made the drive pass like it was nothing. I was already looking forward to seeing Chuck, and the audio stories made my anticipation even more intense, making my pussy slightly moist before I even got there.

I made the drive in a little less than an hour, so I was a bit early. When I pulled into his driveway, he saw the car from the window and was out to greet me before I even put it in park. He was standing there in a pair of khaki dress pants and a burgundy button down shirt. His rugged, handsome looks were classic, as he opened my door and held out his hand to help me out. “You look beautiful, Lauren!” he exclaimed and went on to say, “I’ve missed you the last couple of months!”, and he pulled me into a hug that enveloped every inch of me and leaned down to give me a soft warm kiss, his subtle, rugged cologne wafting to my nose.

After he pulled away, I told him, “I’ve missed you too. E-mails are great, but this is so much better!” I got a good look at him, and was surprised that the usually clean-shaven face was sporting a very handsome mustache and trimmed beard, and his hair was a little longer than I was used to seeing, and he looked terrific. I touched his cheek with the back of my hand to feel what I thought to be a 4 or 5 day growth of hair (the point where it’s really soft). “I love the beard,” I told him, “When did you decide to do this?” He smiled a little, replying “I just thought I’d try it. I seem to remember you saying something one time that you thought facial hair was sexy. I started it a few days ago.” I laughed as I remembered the conversation in which I had said that. “It looks great – you look like a young, dashing Sean Connery.” I stroked it with the palm of my hand and gave him another quick kiss, liking the change he’d made.

He opened the back door and got my overnight bag out of the car and gave my new toy a good once-over, as he always did whenever I purchased something big. He offered his approval of my selection and said he’d give it a test drive later. “So, what time do you have to be out of here tomorrow to get back to work?” he asked. I shot him a big grin and replied, “Mike gave me tomorrow off. I got a surprise 3-day weekend! Are you ready for a houseguest?” He picked me up in a hug so strong that my feet left the ground. “That’s awesome – I was hoping for that. I don’t go back to Atlanta until Wednesday next week.” he said excitedly.

As we walked into his house, we chit-chatted about what had been going on kaçak casino since we had seen each other last to catch up with the stuff we missed through e-mail. I stepped into the foyer and made my way through the comfortable living room while he took my bag up to his room. I loved his house and enjoyed spending time there. He had a large, rustic cabin with four bedrooms and an office, a huge kitchen with a sitting area and a see-through fireplace to the living room. There was a wraparound deck off of the sitting area in the kitchen that had a great view of the acreage and the woods behind the house. It was just so different from the hustle of downtown Chicago that I saw every day and it was a great place to get away to.

Chuck came back into the kitchen as I was admiring the view, and without saying a word, poured me a glass of my favorite wine. He came up behind me, wrapped one of his arms around my waist and handed me the wine with the other. He gave me a quick hug and a soft kiss in the nape of my neck. “Mmmm, you smell delicious – I love that scent on you,” he said softly. “I’m so glad you’re here. I’m sorry I didn’t speak to you longer on the phone, but I wanted to get everything ready for your arrival.” I laughed, “What would you have done if I hadn’t shown up?” I was teasing him and he knew it. He slipped away to get dinner on the table, and said, “I figured if you had any doubts, the roses would be a clincher.” He laughed and his eye twinkled mischievously.

As he walked into the dining room, he called out, “Are you hungry, Lauren?” “Starved”, I replied, “I skipped lunch to get my reports done so I could leave early. Your phone call gave me the energy boost I needed to concentrate. I was out by a little after 3:00.” He smiled, knowing I had made a special effort for him. I followed him to the dining room – true to form with the makings of a quiet, intimate candlelit dinner, and sat down when he held out my chair. Another arrangement of a dozen white and yellow roses adorned the table, with a blue bow around the vase. He had been busy too, and I appreciated the gesture. Chuck was a great cook, and tonight was no exception. We enjoyed a light meal of salad and grilled chicken over fettuccine with a couple more glasses of wine, and some soft jazz playing in the background. Good friends, good food, and good conversation – the evening was perfect. I could only imagine how he would top it off. Whatever his plan, I knew I was in for a very pleasurable evening.

When we were done with dinner, he ushered me into the living room and told me to make myself comfortable. He refilled my wine glass before returning to the dining room to clear the table. I settled into one of his big, comfy leather chairs, rested my head back slightly and closed my eyes, enjoying the soft music and relaxing from head to toe. “I love being here,” I said in the direction of the kitchen, “it’s so peaceful and stress-free.” He had come up behind me without me knowing it, and laid his strong hands softly on my shoulders. As he lightly rubbed and squeezed my shoulders, he whispered in my ear, “I know – it’s so much better than living out of a hotel room,” leaving a soft kiss on my earlobe.

The living room was illuminated by candles, and a soft breeze was coming through the open windows, the warm summer air adding to the mood. His CD collection seemed endless, and he had made the perfect selection of continuous music. He came around to the front of the chair I was sitting in and held his hand out in an invitation to dance. I allowed him to pull me up out of the chair and draw me close to him as we began slowly moving to the rhythm of the music. His strong arms wrapped around me and even with my high heels, I was a good 4 inches shorter than he was. He gave my dressy outfit a long look and asked, “Do you want to go out someplace? Seems a waste that I’m the only one that gets to see you looking this beautiful…” I pulled his face closer to mine and silenced him with a tender kiss. “No, you told me to come here prepared for some fun and I did that. This outfit is all for you, and we can go out another time.”

It seemed to be the only invitation he needed, and he proceeded with his seduction of me. He continued the rhythmic movement of our dance, and bent his head down, putting his lips on mine. His tongue slipped easily into my mouth to touch mine and his arms swallowed me up as we shared an eternity of intimate kisses. His mouth left mine and I sighed deeply, as his soft warm lips found my neck and his kisses were like feather touches on the most sensitive spots on my neck and throat. My hands were around the back of his neck and my fingers entwined themselves into his hair, tugging gently when his lips or tongue met with a delicate part of my skin, sending jolts of desire through my body. He held me with his right arm around my waist, and his left hand roaming over my body, lightly touching my right breast, then down my waist and hip, then rubbing his hand over my round ass cheeks. Encouraged by the soft moans of arousal escaping from my throat, he moved his lips back up to mine and kissed me with greater passion. I knew this was only the tip of the iceberg, as I returned his kisses with enthusiasm, my excitement growing with each hot touch of his lips.

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