Anya Ch. 01

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I had just received a call from my secretary Anya telling me that I had to come in to the office because the board of a rivalling company wanted to meet me and ask a few questions. As I am the founder, and sole owner of this business I expect my manager to do the work. That is what I employed her for. Well, maybe the guys wanting to see me will actually buy the company from me, and I can retire at the grand old age of 20. You see I’m the owner of not just any old company. But a company who are major operators in four countries (Thanks to the net), and generates profits of roughly 7.8 million a year. Of course I only get about 1.2 million a year; the rest goes back in to the business. As I founded the company when I was 15 (Through my parents name), I have about 5 million in the bank. I have ‘invested’ in 8acres of land on a small island. Unfortunately I have not had time to actually build anything inhabitable on the 8 acres I own. The only bad bit about the island is that it’s inhabited. The rest is paradise. Now the natives aren’t hostile or anything. In fact when I flew down to the island to meet them, I was happy to see that most of them were women. There were a few men, but they were at least above the age 40.

So back to the office I go. I entered the rather small building (As an internet company we only need about 7 large rooms for our personnel). Anya greeted me and told me to go up, and that the visiting board were meeting my manager; Helen (A forty year old woman who I had employed near to the start of setting up this business). Now I was the one who employed Anya; every one of our executives has their own secretaries (Hell that’s what being an executive is all about.). Most of the other secretaries are about 40+ but I hired Anya because a) she had a damn good CV (resume) b) She was the same age as me, and so I would be able to joke around with her, but most of all c) She was hot. She was a little shorter then I, but most of her was made up of legs. And she did nothing to hide those fantastic legs. She has long blonde hair that goes all the way down to her ass. When she walked away from me, I’m always mesmerised by that great ass. It has to be said that she has caught me a few times looking at her ass, but she just smiled and carried on with her job. Her boobs aren’t huge, but they’re large enough to have a good tit fuck between them. The best bit of her has got to be her eyes though; big and blue. I would kill to have those eyes looking up at me whilst she was on her knees below. Her face reminded me of a little squirrel; she was cute. Her nose was perfect, and her mischievous grin was a real turn on. Over the years we have grown to be best friends, but never really seeing each other out of work.

So I was pretty disappointed when she said that she had some things to be do down here, so I assumed she wouldn’t be following me (Or rather leading me) up to the second floor. I pushed the button to go up to the second floor, the doors were just about to shut, when Anya quickly put her hands in the gap, the doors opened and she slid in.

“Jesus! I told you I had SOME things to do; I didn’t mean go up with out me!” She sounded angry, but there was still that great smile on her face.

“Awwwwww sorry hon, I’ll be more obedient next time,” I replied in mock sadness.

“Yeah you better!” She laughed.

She pressed the button, and the doors shut for the second time. Thankfully no one else slipped in. As we were going up, I just couldn’t resist a peak at her ass, damn it was a good looking ass. I bet it would feel great in my palms, and it would look even better bent over while I was ploughing in and out of her pussy.

“You know this elevator does have canlı bahis mirrors,” Anya startled me, and I jumped. Luckily she had a smile on her face.

“I’m so sorry. But I am a 20yr old, and I do get horny!” I laughed

“Don’t be sorry, I like it. I’m flattered that a gorgeous guy like yourself finds me attractive,” She smiled again.

This conversation was going well, and I thought that now or never was the time to ask; the girl I had jerked off over for the past two years, out.

“D’ya wanna get dinner sometime? We can check out that new mall they built, and do some shopping after too. You know; if you want.” I asked rather quickly; at first I wasn’t sure if she had actually heard me.

“Yeah! Of course! I would love to!” She said with a smile.

The elevator beeped. I was relieved that I didn’t have to talk, and arrange details of our date until after the meeting, which went quite well. The visiting board did seem to be very impressed when told how much profit we make a year. After the meeting I was told by Helen that she thought they would probably put in an offer. I told her I wasn’t gonna settle for anything under 30 million. She looked quite down trodden at that. She was all for being taken over because she knew that a big company like that was sure to keep her on, and probably give her a huge rise.

I slumped in to bed that night, and my Shared Folder for what good porno’s I had downloaded. Huh! Only one. Well, it will be enough for tonight. I didn’t get to jerk off that night cos I was too tiered. Well, that just meant more tomorrow. But of course unless I get lucky, with Anya…

My date with Anya went very well. She wore a thin, but very short skirt, and a blouse. To my surprise I found myself sitting with her at dinner, and actually checking out the women in the restaurant. Now I wasn’t gonna complain about that! But I did wonder ‘Could this girl be bi?’ and if so, GREAT! When it was time for me to drop her back at her place I was sad that I was hoping I was about to get laid; the date had gone very well after all. So I walked her back to her door, and stopped. We both looked at each other, I wondered if I was gonna get lucky or not. But then she moved in to me, kissed me lightly on the lips, and moved away. I moved towards her, and she put her arms round my neck and opened her mouth to mine. We just stood there kissing, for about one or two minutes when I had the great idea of moving my hands lower from her lower back to her the top of her ass. There were no complaints, so I lowered, and grabbed her ass, and pulled her further in to my mouth. She was wearing quite a low skirt, so I went lower, and stroked her thighs for a while, and then travelled back up and under her skirt.

She pulled back. I thought she was gonna tell me to stop, and that I was going too fast. But instead she said,

“I think we better move this indoors,”

She turned and put her key in the door, and in minutes I was sitting on her couch, with her on top of me. I again reached for under her skirt, and felt her ass through her panties. I started to take them off, and felt her pussy lips that were dripping wet, and to my enjoyment, completely shaved. I turned, so she was lying on the couch with me on top. She started to pull my tee shirt off, I helped her do it. She then attacked my pants, and I was naked in front of her in seconds. She immediately grabbed my cock, and started to slowly stroke.

“You know I’ve wondered what your cock looked like ever since the first time I caught you staring at my ass,”

She then looked up with those beautiful eyes and started to lick my head with tiny strokes. I bent over, and started to rub her ass through bahis siteleri her skirt, I flipped her skirt over and then progressed to her pussy. At this point she progressed to sucking my head. I found her clit and started to rub it. Anya started to moan, so I sped up the rubbing, but never put any of my fingers in her pussy. I want her absolutely begging for me to stick my cock up her pussy. I started to just rub her lips, but never entering her pussy. After a while I started to rub some of her juice on to her cute little ass hole, and was amazed when she started to giggle. I started to put pressure on her ass, and my finger finally popped in. I only put it in up to the first joint. By this time I was about ready to come, so I pulled out of her mouth with a little difficulty; when I pulled back, she just went with my cock. It was like she was glued or something! Now all this time she had only been sucking, and licking the head. I was shocked to know that I had found a girl that could take me so close to coming without actually putting my cock in to her mouth.

She looked up for some explanation, and I just picked her up, and threw her on the couch again. She was astonished when I just sat next her, with my hard cock pointing at the ceiling. I patted my leg, and she got the message. She climbed on top of me, so her face was just inches from mine and lowered herself on to my cock. I stopped her from impaling her self, by grabbing her ass, and holding her there. I held her with one hand, and with the other started to rub my hard on her pussy lips. I never entered her. By now she was looking very distressed. We had been simply fore playing for about one hour, and she had not had anything up her pussy yet. I rubbed my cock on her ass hole, and she moaned.

“Unghhhhh please! Just stick in me! Any where! Just stick it in!”

I was not convinced she had waited long enough, and so I put my cock between her ass cheeks, and started to effectively wank myself on her ass cheeks, all the time rubbing my cock on her pussy. She started to scream and moan at the same time, and so I thought she had waited long enough. I lifted her up with both hands and asked her;

“Are you ready?”

“Fuck yes! Please just put it in!”

I started to slowly lower her, but couldn’t resist a further bit of teasing; so I rubbed my cock on her pussy lips one more time before slowly impaling her on me. God she was tight! I actually had a bit of trouble getting in to her she was so tight! After the initial resistance, I got in ok. I couldn’t help but wonder if she was clenching her pussy muscles so it would be that tight. My questions were answered when she clamped down on my cock, and gripped me so hard that if I was about to come none would actually come out! I let out a moan, and she laughed.

“I thought I told you to be more obedient? Next time when I tell you to stick it in a hole you stick it in!”

Damn she was good. I slowed down the fucking, and we leaned together and started to kiss again. I started to unbutton her blouse. I couldn’t believe I was till the only one who was naked. I unbuttoned her blouse, and found she had a striking black bra on. I took no time taking that off, and was met with most gorgeous pair of boobs I have ever seen. I leant in and kissed each dark nipple. I started to lick them, and Anya moan. With on of my hands I started to pinch her nipples and silenced her squeals with my mouth. Whilst we kissed I moved a finger to her ass hole and started to finger it again. Just as I got it up to the second joint, Anya let out a scream and came. My balls were drenched, and my cock was now so slick, that I thought about speeding up this fucking. So I picked her bahis şirketleri up, and asked her

“Which way to the bedroom?”

She answered me between moans, I put her down on the edge of the bed, and started to fuck her so fast, my balls hardly had time to slap against her gorgeous ass. She wrapped her legs around my ass, and joined in the rhythm. I was about to come, and told her. She started to clench down on my cock, and my come was safely kept in my balls. I once again started to ram her hard and fast. Her moans were now grunts through clenched teeth. I couldn’t believe how much her boobs were jiggling around, and begging to be sucked. I leaned down to once again suck her boobs. Anya grabbed my head and started to moan again. I worked her tits, and then started bite them. Just little nips at first, but then when Anya’s moans started to become louder, I started to bite down quite hard on her nipples. She started to scream, and before I knew it my balls were drenched again, and I gave her one last hard ram and stayed buried to the hilt. She started to buck everywhere, which felt great on my cock. After her orgasm had resided, she leant up and said

“My poor baby, I haven’t let you come once have I?”

To my dismay she put her feet on my chest, and pushed me out. I popped out, and she shifted back on to the bed. I looked at her like a kid who had just had his favourite toy taken away from him. She laughed and said

“Well come on and kneel over me silly!”

I did as I was told, and she grabbed my cock with her mouth. She actually seemed to like the taste of her own pussy juice, as instead of sucking me; she was just licking my cock clean. I started to fuck her face, and she soon got the message. She sucked me in but let me pull out, and then she sucked me back in. we went like that for a few minutes, and then she spat me out, and started to tongue my balls. She first took my left ball in, and started to massage it with her tongue, and then she did the same with my right ball. Anya said in the sexiest voice I’ve even heard her use

“Could you fuck my titties please?”

Well who was I to say no? I put my cock in between her boobs and started to fuck away. Every time I pushed up, she popped me in to her mouth, and gave my head a little swirl with her tongue. Damn this felt good. I was wondering how she was gonna stop me coming now, and wondered if I was gonna be allowed to come in her mouth. She would defiantly spit though but this evening had been the best I have ever had! To my total shock she said

“Remember to come in my mouth, not on my tits.”

Well, I stuck my cock in her mouth, and started to pump away. She just sat there, and sucked me in. I felt my come starting to build up, and warned her. She just started to suck me faster, in fact she then pushed me on my back, and started to really go at me. I could see her getting lower and lower with every thrust. I decided to really push her, and drove all the way up. She just took it as it came I felt my self going in to her throat. Well that was too much. I shouted at her that I was going to come, and she amazed me yet again by saying

“No! Wait! I want to taste it in m mouth! Not yet!”

Even though I didn’t wait, she was much too quick, she had my head back in her mouth so quick, that first wave of come hit her right on the tongue. I dunno why, but she never spat or swallowed. She just stayed there moaning, whilst I pumped more come in to her mouth. I dunno where she was keeping it all, but by the fifth wave she finally got up. She was smiling that sexy smile again. It didn’t register with me at first, but she actually swallowed my load. After she had swallowed my entire load; it took her about two and a half gulps. She said simply

“Damn that was nice. I dunno how some people can spit it out!”

She then slumped on top of me, and went to sleep.

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