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I unlock the door and let myself into your apartment. I smile as I am greeted with your scent when I step into the apartment. I lay my keys and purse on the counter. I surely wouldn’t want you walking in and thinking of shooting me because you think I am a robber.

I walk to the bathroom and turn on the shower. I watch as the mirror steams from the heat of the water, coating it with a fog. I walk back into the bedroom and have a seat on the chest at the foot of your bed. I unbuckle my shoes and remove them. I sit there looking around your bedroom, thinking how much I love being here with you and how lucky I am with all the time I get to spend with you. A warm smile spreads across my face at the thought of you, a flutter filling my stomach as I think of how much I love you.

I stand up and lower the straps of my dress from my shoulders. I pull my arms from the straps. The soft material slides down my body, stopping to catch on my hips. I shake my hips slightly and the material continues it’s descent, slipping over my legs and ruffling around my feet. I raise my fingers to my bra and unhook the single clasp holding the pieces together. I shake my shoulders as I slide the material from my body. I reach up and cup my breasts, the cool air rushing over my skin, my nipples tightening a bit from the air. I softly slide my palms over my nipples and think of you again, the roughness of your palms are such a different contrast than my soft, smooth ones. I smile thinking of the touch of your palms, how just the brush of them can make my nipples harden instantly.

I lower my hands slowly over my ribs, my hands moving out to my sides and feeling the soft skin, my hands coming back to the center and caressing my stomach. My mind still thinking about your touch. I can almost feel you next to me. My hands move down and I slip my fingers between the waistband of my panties and my stomach. I think of your lips kissing my stomach. I rock my hip slowly, thinking about your lips on my skin. I push the lace from my hips, feeling it slide over my thighs, down my legs and hitting the floor. I pick my clothes up and lay them on the chest before I go back into the bathroom.

I walk over to the sink and run my hand over the mirror, clearing a space for me to see my reflection. I look down and see your soap on the sink. My mind again wondering to you and how I sit and watch you shave, my eyes tracing more over the ripples of your body than actually watching you shave. I pull my hair onto the top of my head and fasten it loosely with a barrette. A few stray pieces fall down over my shoulders and neck. I stare into the mirror thinking of how you sneak up behind me in the morning, wrapping your arms around my waist and pulling me into a strong hug. Your kisses soft on the back of my neck as I brush my teeth, your lips brushing across my forehead. Your lips touching mine when I finish brushing my teeth, your kisses gentle and sweet.

I step into the shower. The water covering my skin as I wonder what you are doing at that very moment, wondering if you are in the car yet or still working. I pull the bottle of shower gel from the shelf and pour it onto the sponge. I rub my hands together watching the liquid turn into foam. I run the sponge down my neck, I think of your fingertips on my skin. I sweep the sponge over my shoulders and across my collarbone. I think of your fingers washing my canlı bahis skin, your touch tenderly skimming across my skin. I lower the sponge down between my breasts. I trace the outline of my breasts with the soft sponge. My mind again thinking of your hands massaging my breasts, your fingers teasing my nipples. I rub the sponge a little harder over my nipples as I feel them stiffen from thoughts of your fingers pinching, rolling, tugging.

I step forward under the water to rinse the soap from my skin. The water is soothing, but makes me think of your kisses on my skin. I step back again feeling the air on my skin. The air causing my skin to goose bump. I lean down and run the sponge over my legs, stopping to slowly brush the sponge over my calves. I think of your fingers moving over the muscles of my calves, the tips pressing firmly against my skin. I slide the sponge up my legs, over my knees and behind my knees. I glide the sponge over my thighs, feeling the softness on my skin. My mind wondering to the touch of your tongue skating up the insides, licking and nibbling into my flesh. I look down as if I can see you there, watching your green eyes as you look up at me, your tongue moving closer to my wet lips. I slide the sponge up the insides of my thighs, stopping when I reach my lips.

I move back under the water, the foam disappearing from my skin. I can feel my clit throbbing already, just aching to be touched. The warm water rolling over my skin only enhances the feelings running all over my body. I look down and watch the streams of water flowing over my skin, watching the water cover my already hard nipples, sliding down between my breasts and over my stomach.

I move back and see the beads of water forming on my skin. I pour more shower gel onto the sponge and rub my hands together, watching the liquid change to foam. I slide the sponge over my stomach, over my hip, over my cheek. I lower my arm and rub the sponge over my outer thigh, then up the back of my thigh. I switch hands and run the sponge up the inside of my thigh and bending slightly to wash the back of my thigh before sweeping the sponge over my cheek and hip. I turn my back and stand under the water. My hair plastering to my head from the spray of the water. I stop to unclip my hair and pull it up tighter against my head. I fasten the barrette back around it, feeling the stray pieces clinging to my neck and shoulders. I stand under the water, enjoying the water washing over my body.

I turn back around and step from under the water. I take the sponge back into my hands and hold it under the water as I watch the soap rinse from it. The white stream swirling and going down the drain. I reach up and put the sponge over the showerhead. I reach over and take the shower gel back into my hands, turning it to the side and squirting a little into my hands. I rub my hands together feeling the slickness of the liquid in my soft palms. I slide my hands up the inside of my thighs slowly before brushing my fingers over my lips. I tease my lips, very gently rubbing my fingers over them, letting my fingernails scratch lightly against them.

I push my fingers between my lips and I gasp softly when I feel my fingertips make contact with my clit. My mind wondering to you again, thinking of your fingers rubbing my clit. I slip my fingers around my clit and feel it vibrating between them. I push my clit bahis siteleri out and gently brush my fingers over it. My moans getting a little deeper as my fingers skate across the surface of my clit. My thoughts again going back to you as I explore my pussy. I drop my hand down to my tight hole. I circle my index finger around the wet opening. I push gently sending my finger into the soft folds of my pussy. My pussy closes so firmly over my finger. I smile to myself at how tight I am. I curl my finger inside my pussy, feeling the wetness and hotness. I close my eyes as I think about you: having me pressed against the wall, your tongue licking inside of me your fingers pushing in and out of me, your cock moving in and out of me with the swollen veins scraping my opening. The moans coming deep from within my throat at the thoughts of you.

My mind goes to you yet again, wondering if I open my eyes will you be standing beside the tub?

Your voice is playfully teasing, “Good thing I’m here. You need someone to wash your back.”

I look up at you and smile softly. “How long have you been there?” I ask as I watch you climb into the tub with me.

“Long enough.”

You stand behind me. I lay my head back against your shoulder, tilting my head upward. You lower your lips until they touch mine. You kiss me gently. I slide my hand through your hair and hold your mouth to mine. Only stopping to lick your lips before slipping my tongue between your lips. Your lips suck my tongue, your arms enclose me in a strong hug, you pull me back against your body. I slide my hand along the back of your neck. I can feel your hair dampening from the moisture in the air. We share a really long, slow, deep kiss. I lift your tongue with mine and pull it into my mouth. My lips tenderly closing around your tongue, my lips sliding the length of your tongue. Your lips press tighter to mine as I bite at your tongue.

You kiss my ear, whispering, “You know, I love coming home to these kinds of surprises.”

You run your tongue over the wet skin on my neck. Your lips graze over my shoulder and up the back of my neck. My fingers push back into my pussy, the tightness sucking them deep inside. Your kisses move down across my shoulders, your hands move up to cup my breasts. I tilt my head forward as I feel your tongue slipping over the back of my neck.

Your words caressing my ear, “Don’t remove your hand from your pussy. I want you nice and wet by the time I get there.”

Your teeth nip at the back of my neck, your fingertips pinch my nipples hard. My stomach contracts from your touch, my nipples swelling up between your fingers. You slide your hands down my slide, your arm sliding underneath mine, your hands resting on my hips. Your hands hold my hips as you grind against me. I feel your cock growing hard against the small of my back. My own fingers pulling leisurely through my hole. My body burning with desire and pure lust for you. Your hands caress the curves of my hips before moving down and coming up the insides of my thighs, your fingertips brushing over the back of my hand. Your hands move back to my hips. You hold me firmly to you as you grind harder next to me. I feel your cock snaking along my ass. I sway my hips back against you, your cock becoming rock hard beneath me.

You bring your fingers up to the back of my hand again. Your fingers resting on bahis şirketleri my hand as you feel me pumping them in and out of my aching pussy. Your fingers brush across my clit. I jump slightly as you touch my clit. You rub my clit with a relaxed pace. My fingers driving deeper into the softness of my pussy, my juices squishing all over as I drive further into my pussy.

Your words steaming in my ear, “Cum for me, baby.”

The words sending waves of pleasure over my body. I feel myself clenching around my fingers and replaced with wetness as I gush over our fingers. You add more pressure to my clit when you feel my body trembling next to yours. Your teeth bite into my neck, your tongue slides up my neck and your lips taking my earlobe. The sucking making me cum more, my fingers disappearing into my pussy. I grip around them, holding my fingers tightly in my pussy.

My breathing coming in short gasps, the steam from the shower making my body even hotter. You pull your fingers away from my clit when I stop moving my hand. You reach down and pull my fingers from my pussy. I watch as you bring my hand to your mouth, your tongue licking over my fingers. I lay back against you as I watch you cleaning my hand. You suck my fingers into your mouth. My pussy tingles more from the feel of your warm mouth on my fingers. I let out a slow, deep breath as I press to you.

I open my eyes and step back under the water. A smile creeps across my face as I think about you. I lift my head and let the water run over my face. I lower my head and feel the water cascading down my neck and back. Wow, you get me so excited without even being here. I laugh softly thinking about you.

I turn the water off and step from the shower. I grab a towel before I head back into the bedroom. I remove the barrette from my hair and let my hair fall down. I feel it sticking to my back, feeling the weight against my skin. I run my fingers through my hair and dry it with the towel. I slowly run the towel over my body, wiping away the beads of water. I walk over to the chest, spread the towel out and have a seat. I smooth lotion all over my body, thinking once again of your hands. I slide my panties back on before walking over and pulling one of your shirts from the closet. I slip it over my arms and button up a few of the buttons towards the bottom.

I hear you unlocking the door to the apartment. I watch the door of the bedroom, waiting for you to appear in the doorway.

A smile spreads across your face as you come over to me and squeeze me in your arms. You look down into my eyes, “You know, I love coming home to these kinds of surprises.”

I laugh from your words. “What?” You ask, slightly puzzled from my reaction.

I shake my head, “Déjà vu. I was just thinking about you in the shower and you said those exact same words to me. Amazing.”

I take your face into my hands and brush my lips over yours. I slide my arms around your neck and hold you close. “I’m happy to see you.”

You hug me tighter before pulling away, “I’m going to shower, then you can show me just how happy you are to see me.”

I roll my eyes, shake my head and walk away from you. You grab my hand and pull me back to you. You brush my hair off my face and look into my eyes. You lean down, kissing my lips tenderly. I pull your mouth closer to mine as I feel your soft lips on mine. You break the kiss, smile into my eyes and kiss my forehead before you let me go.

“I’m glad you’re here, honey.” I hear you say as I watch you disappear through the doorway. I curl up on the bed, eagerly awaiting your return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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