Anticipation Ch. 03

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I woke up aching and hot, my body already craving another release. My wrists and ankles were in restraint cuffs strapped to our four poster bed. I was totally nude above the cool sheets, my wrists above my head, my legs spread wide, with two pillows arching my hips upward. I was on full display for your hungry eyes, sparkling with desire at the foot of the bed.

“Good Morning, Kitten.” You smiled with a seductive grin.

“Morning baby.” I arched my back and tried to stretch, making that sound you love so much. I couldn’t really move more than an inch or two, because the straps preventing me from wiggling. “Just what do you have planned?” I purred, staring down my exposed body to my lover.

“Payback.” You didn’t say anything more, and I groaned with anticipation. I could feel my pussy start to pulse and you hadn’t done anything but speak. Your voice just does that to me.

You walked to the side of the bed and sat down beside me, a soft cloth in his hand. “Close your eyes darling.” You said softly.

My eyes closed, I felt you gently kiss my eyelids and brush my curly hair from my face. My breath hitched slightly when you kissed my mouth softly, teasing my lower lip with your teeth. As we kissed, you placed the silky black material over my eyes, and tied it gently but firmly at the back of my head.

” I want to be able to see you.” I said softly.

“I promise you will enjoy this. I want you to concentrate on just feeling the way I touch you and the pleasure I give you.” You whispered softly, kissing the shell of my ear. “Thinking of nothing but my touch on your soft skin. Don’t speak.”

“Mmmm,” I sighed and settled down into the pillows. I knew I was going to really enjoy this, and so were you. I felt you move from my side and go toward the end of the bed again. Very gently, you took my right foot in your hands and began to caress each of my toes, and then began to slowly massage both the top and bottom of my foot, teasing the muscles until they loosened and I groaned. I could feel the slick massage oil slide over my skin and begin to soften the bottom of my foot. Even though it tickled slightly, the pressure on the pad and heel of my foot felt so good. You moved up to my ankle, and the top of my foot, gently rubbing, feeling the tiny bones of my ankles. The heat of your hands moved to begin caressing the tight muscles of my calves, kneading and massaging the oil into the tissue until it began to relax.

The scent of vanilla almond wafted up my body and I breathed it in deep as your hands began to work over my knee, under, over and the sides, massaging in circles. The back of my knee tickled and I couldn’t help but giggle a little bit. If I hadn’t been so tied down, I would have wiggled away, but I couldn’t.

You had to move to sit between my spread legs to reach my thigh as your hands began to slowly caress my leg higher. You teased your fingers up the inside of my thigh for a second, and trailed them back down to my knee before you moved to massage the larger muscles of my outer thigh. Feeling your hands and fingers rub the muscles deeply, kneading the tightness away felt wonderful and I sighed.

There were no words needed between us, just feeling. I could hear your slow even breathing as you worked your fingers into my thigh, but I was more concentrated on the feel of the energy flowing out of your hands, creating a slight tickling and electric sensation. I could literally feel your love for me pouring out of your hands into my body, teasing my muscles and nerves, arousing me even more than I already was. I moaned when your fingertips brushed the crease between my hip bone and my fleshy mound.

I was fully exposed to you, and I knew you could see my most intimate parts getting wet for you. I knew you could canlı bahis smell my personal scent, even over the scent of the vanilla almond, because I could too. You slid one finger down the crease of my inner thigh, making my breath hitch in my throat. Slowly you teased us both, running your finger up and down, until I moaned and tried to arch my hips to get you to move your finger over to wear I wanted it most. You chuckled and moved your hand down to my knee, all the way down to my calf and over my ankle again, finally reaching my big toe. I groaned in frustration.

I could hear you rubbing more oil on your hands before you began the delicious sensations on my other foot and ankle, slowly working over my soft skin, massaging your way back up my other leg, just as slowly as the first leg. I didn’t want you to move so slowly, but I am normally a pretty patient person. I really had no idea how you could stand it, because you are totally opposite me in that way. You don’t like to wait for anything, so usually you give in to this sort of thing before I do. Still, you didn’t rush or hurry, even though I knew you wanted to.

We both groaned when you reached my inner thigh again and I arched my hips up off the pillow as far as I could, about two inches. I could feel myself dripping down my ass to the pillow as you caressed that inner crease of my leg again, teasing up and down, tickling and tormenting.

Instead of doing what I though you would do, what I wanted so badly for you to do, you moved up in between my spread legs, until I could feel you hover over my body, your arms on either side of my shoulders. Very gently, you kissed me and settled yourself over my exposed body, until I could feel the tickling sensation of your chest hairs brushing against my hardened nipples. I groaned into your mouth when I felt your thick length rub against the flesh of my mound and lower belly. You were already hard for me, and feeling your cock that close to where I wanted it most made me arch into you as we kissed. You sucked on my tongue for a second, and released my mouth, moving to my jaw and neck, kissing and nibbling gently as you began to rub yourself against my pussy, getting us both wet. I wanted so badly to be able to put my arms around you and pull you deep inside me, but I couldn’t move. In frustration, I tried to grind myself even harder against you, rocking my hips back and forth.

I felt you harden more, and groan before you pulled yourself off my hips and down lower, so that you could lick and bite my nipples without my constant hip movement to hurry things along and tease us both. With your lips and tongue you teased my nipples as you massaged the flesh of my breasts in your hands, making me moan and roll my hips as best as I could under you. Gently you nipped the tip of one nipple, making me hiss in pure pleasure. You did it again to the other, then licked away the erotic sting of it. Over and over you kneaded the tender skin, and suckled and bit my swollen nipples until I cried out under you, the pulsing ache of my clit only getting stronger as the pulling sensation of your mouth teased the nerves of my tender nipples, traveled down my smooth tummy, and settled on the cluster of nerves inside me, making my blood boil and my hips rock.

“Please, baby…”I arched my back, trying to entice you to hurry up.

“Shh…” You whispered. “Just feel me love you.” You went back to feasting on my nipples, circling your tongue, pulling my breast deep into your mouth as you sucked hard, making me whimper softly and groan. Your hot mouth on me only made my clit harder, more swollen. I could feel myself dripping heavily and my entire womb ached in arousal. I knew that if you touched me directly, I would explode almost instantly, which is exactly what I needed, wanted, bahis siteleri you to do.

I couldn’t keep the little sounds from escaping my throat as the pleasure intensified. With one hand you began toying with a nipple that wasn’t in your mouth, pulling and rolling it between your fingers, pinching in rhythm with your nipping teeth on my other breast. I cried out suddenly, when you sucked one nipple hard into your mouth and held the suction, my nipple trapped between your teeth, your tongue flicking and stabbing quickly.

My entire pussy pulsed and clenched tight. I was so close to an orgasm of massive proportions and you hadn’t even touched me down there. Fuck. It felt so good. You did the same to my other breast, making me cry out and moan again. I wanted so badly to wrap my legs around you, to hold your head to my breast, to rake my fingers down your back, and I was trapped under you, unable to move more than an inch or so. Not being able to move only intensified all the sensations. Every pull of your mouth, and twist of your fingers on my nipples sent an arch of electric pleasure to my clit, making it throb and clench and pulse. Each spasm taking me higher and higher, until I couldn’t catch my breath and little sharp cries escaped my mouth. I tossed my head back and forth, gasping…so close.

“Fuck me…please baby! I need you. I need you.” I cried, trying so desperately to arch my hips into you. “Now…oh please now!”

“What do you need, Kitten? Tell me what you want.” You said, continuing to pull on my tender nipples with your fingers.

“I need your cock in me. NOW!” I demanded, arching up under you more. You let go of my nipples, and put your hands on my hip bones, pushing my body back down onto the pillows.

“Not yet, darling. I want you to cum on my mouth first. I want to taste you explode on my tongue.” You whispered, kissing your way down my taunt and smooth belly. Your tongue in my navel nearly made me come, and I screamed in frustration and desire.

“Shh…” You chuckled, nuzzling your nose into my navel, then kissed each of my hip bones as you rubbed your hands down my inner thighs, and slowly kissed the soft flesh of my mound, teasing me even more.

I arched my hips as much as I could and groaned as you softly kissed the outer lips of my pussy, licking and nipping a little with your teeth, all the time avoiding my clit and warm slit. I was starting to come down a little from all the sensations you created on my breasts and nipples. I groaned in frustration, and gasped when you kissed the spot directly above my hot aching clit. I was dripping for you already, and feeling your warm breath only made me wetter for you. Without warning, I felt the flat of your tongue lick from the bottom, all the way up, gathering my juices. I groaned and gasped at the sensation of your hot tongue on my tender flesh. I was so aroused, I cried out when you finally reached my clit and began flicking it back and forth on the tip of your tongue. It wouldn’t take long to make me cum for you at this rate.

I lost myself in the sensations and the pulling and circling on my clit, making me whimper and moan continuously. Each time I thought I was going to hit the peak, my body just went higher, craving even more. Not being able to move only enhanced the pleasure and sensations, because I couldn’t wiggle away if the intensity got too much. I had to ride the pleasure, no matter how sharp and intense it was.

I was so distracted from the wonderful feeling of your mouth sucking on my clit, I barely noticed you slipped a finger inside me until you found my g-spot and started rubbing it. I shouted and bucked my hips, gasping for breath at the intense pleasure. I tossed my head back and forth, wiggling as much as I could. It felt so bahis şirketleri good. Your tongue never let up, circling my engorged clit and sucking it rhythmically until all the sensations gathered at once, deep inside me. I moaned deep and long, my legs shaking, and you knew I was close. You sucked my clit into your mouth hard, holding the suction as your fingers pressed and massaged my g-spot faster and faster. It was exactly what I needed. I exploded my juices all over your hand and mouth as I screamed your name in a full body shaking orgasm. I moaned and arched and squirmed, but you never let up, your tongue riding me through the most explosive orgasm of my life. My body shivered through the aftershocks and smaller orgasms, making me gasp and moan, until eventually your fingers and tongue stopped moving and you let me come down from the stars.

I was still limp from pleasure, when you moved yourself above me, removed the blindfold and slipped your thick and incredibly hard cock inside me, an inch at a time. The pressure of your cock sliding inside and stretching my still very sensitive pussy walls only made me continue to gasp and spasm, this time around your cock. I stared up at you and watched your pleasure across your face as you moved faster inside me, feeling me tighten around you. I moaned each time you slid fully inside, and you only moved faster, and harder, this time taking us both to the stars. I was at your mercy, unable to arch my hips into you, and you took full advantage, and pounded yourself into me faster and harder, until we were both groaning and moaning in pleasure, the sounds of my juices and our bodies sliding together only enhancing the sensations. I could feel my body start to shiver again and tingle in anticipation of another climax. I could tell this one was going to be even more intense than the last.

“I’m close again baby…come with me this time.” I whispered, and moaned as you slid deep inside me again. I could feel the heavy bulb of your tip sliding in and hitting my cervix at each push inside, and because I was already so aroused, it felt wonderful. “Come for me, Tiger. I need to feel you explode inside me.” I said, arching my hips as much as I could, wiggling my hips.

You groaned and began pumping into me even faster, grunting and groaning. I could feel your hard cock pulse inside me and I knew you were so close. “Come on baby…come for me.” I cried out, feeling myself tightening and the storm gathering again. I was right on the edge, the pleasure almost pain, but I didn’t care. “Harder!” I cried out, tossing my head back, pulling at all my restraints, trying to get you deeper inside me.

You slammed into me as hard as you could, and howled your pleasure with me as I felt you pulse deep inside me, spilling your seed, sending me over the edge again. You kept slamming yourself inside me, groaning each time you spurted more of your release into my tight and hot well.

My body was shaking and pulsing, hot and shivering in aftershocks of endless pleasure. I was completely boneless beneath you, and I couldn’t even open my eyes. I felt you resting comfortably on my swollen breasts and hardened nipples, and enjoyed the pressure of your body on top of me.

“That was wonderful Kitten. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.” You said softly, kissing me gently.

“Of course I did.” I said, smiling contentedly, still unable to open my eyes. “I like your idea of payback.” I giggled. The giggling made us both moan from more aftershocks of pleasure.

“Me too, darling. Me too.” You said softly, carefully pulling out of me, making us both moan. You moved to unbind my hands and ankles from the bed, but left the Velcro straps on me. I finally was able to move, and I rolled off the pillows, ignoring the gigantic wet spot and pulled you back into the bed. We fell asleep with you spooned against my backside, one hand over my breasts, and the other cupping my mound. We slept away the rest of the day, snuggled close. I love our weekends together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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