Anthony’s 18th Birthday

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Roberto Gambini considered himself a blessed man. Through hard work, compassion and sometimes a little shedding of blood, he had stealthily negotiated his family fortunes to great wealth. He had risen through the ranks to become the head of a notorious crime family, he commanded respect from all quarters; he gave praise and reward when it was due, but handed out just punishment with ruthless efficiency. He surrounded himself with people he could trust and treated them with dignity ensuring their loyalty in return. In more recent years, he guided business away from narcotics and from the attention of diligent law enforcement agencies. There were alternative safer but less lucrative avenues to make money like money laundering, gambling, protection rackets and prostitution; but safer from the law and the patch wars that went with drug trafficking. Legitimate investments through ill gotten gains would be the main source of long term revenue.

Roberto and wife Eleanor were blessed with two children, Catherine who had escaped the family clutches by studying marine biology and moving to Florida, and younger Anthony who was just turning eighteen. While Roberto adored his daughter like any father, it was Anthony who would take the Gambini name into the future generations; he was also being groomed to take over the family business. Anthony was already proving himself to be a worthy candidate to his father’s empire in years to come. For the last year or so, he’d been schooled by his father and a trusted accountant in some of the families more legitimate interests. Anthony had demonstrated both an interest and a natural flair for economics that bode well for the family.

Roberto had watched with pride as his son grew into a young man. His parents were good looking, and their genetics had delivered them two fine looking children. Anthony was almost six feet tall, his olive skinned body lean and taut with muscle. His dark wavy hair was worn longer than his father liked, but it was ignored as a battle not worth fighting. His face was almost beautiful, big eyes, full lips and perfect teeth. But what his parents really cherished was his love of life, his fine sense of humour and ready laugh, his caring attitude and friendly disposition. While Anthony was in a position of some stature, he was polite, respectful and declined to speak ill of anyone. He knew when to stay quiet and keep his ears and mind open. In his spare time he kept busy with one of his many interests, like sport, music or reading.

At the age of twelve, Anthony’s safety and wellbeing had been entrusted to a man named Mule. While Roberto had distanced himself and family away from the old wild days of family feuds, he knew that his only son would be a prime target for anyone wanting to hurt him or his family. Therefore, when his son was away from the relative safety of the family property, he was to be watched and protected at any cost.

While some men would consider babysitting a teenage boy a real pain in the arse proposition, Mule did not for he loved Anthony like the son he never had. On the other hand, Anthony loved Mule in return, and a strong bond had developed between them. Mule loved the boy’s inquisitive mind and easy going nature, his ability to laugh at himself before anyone else. They spent many hours in each others company, and they had become good friends.

But Mule didn’t take his responsibilities lightly; he knew that his well being would be in jeopardy if something untoward happened to his charge. He was a big man with huge shoulders that oozed strength and power. From a distance he appeared to be short, but up close he stood well over six feet and nearly as wide. His head was shaven and shiny giving him an almost animal like appearance. His usually charming and witty personality hid the physical and menacing violent tendencies that lurked close by. In his many years as an enforcer in the Gambini family, Mule had taken many lives. His preferred manner was with his bare hands, for there is nothing more satisfying than the resounding crack of a broken neck.

In the years that Mule had looked after Anthony, there had been only one incidence that required his intervention, and he had acted swiftly and decisively. On the second day that Anthony attended high school, his charming good looks came to the attention of two of the schools football jocks. They were big boys, full of bravado and their own importance, and they liked to have fun at others expense. They were disappointed when Anthony didn’t retaliate when they goaded him at lunch time, and decided to have a little fun outside the school gates as everyone left for the day. The opportunity to make a fool of him in front of hundreds of other students was too good to miss. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.

Mule was sitting in the car when the boys began jostling Anthony, a few pushes and a couple of slaps around the ears just for starters. For a man of his stature, Mule moved quickly, the crowd of students watched in paralysed fear as Mule seized each bully by the throat and lifted them high from the ground with his bare hands. They watched as the bullies faces turned casino oyna red with fear at the savage rage in Mules face, who then banged their heads together with a resounding crack and let them drop to the ground. The next day after school, one of the bullies father approached Mule to avenge his son’s humiliation. Mule listened politely and with great interest at the father’s indignation, then Mule suggested that he was only instilling some manners in his son, something which should’ve be done at home. The father took exception to the suggestion, and unwisely threw a punch at Mule. Mule, with great efficiency, demonstrated how to break a jaw, several ribs and an arm in a very short time; but then graciously drove the father to the nearest hospital for treatment.

It was at that time Mule gave Anthony some lessons on survival tactics. There was none of the martial arts or Queensbury boxing rules. He first instilled the virtues of walking away from any confrontations where possible, when unable to; then he should fight to win. Mule taught him how blind, maim and disable assailants with anything at his disposal, like a leather belt from his jeans or a plastic pen from his pocket. Anthony was a fast and willing student, and soon became somewhat adept under Mule’s unusual but affective tutoring. Anthony was a physically fit teenager who loved his sport, he played his football hard and fast, he tackled hard and would grin when he in turn was tackled. He would later discuss his performance with Mule who always attended his Saturday games. Mule would smile when Anthony commented that he’d have to run faster and play smarter to avoid those hard tackles, and the ensuing pain. Mule was proud that Anthony played hard but never lost his temper on the sports field, and he knew that the self defence skills that he instilled in the boy would never be used inappropriately.

Anthony had many friends, and the large family home with a substantial swimming pool was a popular destination even under Mule’s ever watchful eyes. However, when it came to the opposite sex, Anthony was certainly at a disadvantage. He was a good looking boy and the girls found his easy going disposition a little hard to resist. However going on a date with Anthony wasn’t all that exciting when the hulking Mule was always close by. A quiet park up in a car with Mule sitting in the front seat wasn’t all that conducive to good sex. It wasn’t that Mule was unsympathetic to Anthony having fun with the opposite sex, but his safety wasn’t to be compromised. Over the last few years, sex had been a familiar topic between Mule and Anthony. Mule would tell him of the good old times when he was younger, how he lost his virginity in a field and ended up with a butt ravaged in mosquito bites, and the times when he indulged in an orgy or two. Anthony had heard various comments about Mule’s nickname linked to the size of his cock and the damage it caused in the local female fraternity, one of the other Gambini enforcers suggested his name should’ve been donkey, not Mule. Mule laughed when Anthony once commented to him about it, but it was the only time that he could recall when Mule had been lost for words. Unbeknown to Anthony, Mule had discussed the girl problem with his father, they smiled at Roberto’s suggestion and a plan was hatched to remedy the situation.

On Anthony’s eighteenth birthday, a party was held in celebration. Friends and family were invited and it was to be one of the best days of his life, he just didn’t know it. At around ten pm, Anthony was extracted from the celebrations and was told to shower and dress in a suit. An hour later he sat rather intrigued alongside his father and Mule in the restaurant of a top hotel. His father told him how proud he of was him as they ate, he moved on to remind him of his obligations where the family was concerned, and how important it was to be discreet, especially where his mother and his involvement with the opposite sex was concerned. Anthony listened diligently but wondered where the hell all this was going.

Seventy floors above where they sat, twenty three year old Ella Bandino waited nervously but patiently in the penthouse suite. She was glad that it was nearly over, as she had waited nearly twelve long weeks for this very night. Ella was a stunning girl who looked younger than her years; she was tall and vivacious; her long jet black hair falling nearly to her waist. Her jade eyes large and high cheek bones gave her face a slightly angular look. She was beautifully made up; two hours with a beautician had ensured that she looked good for her appointed task. Her pert but ample breasts were sheathed in a blue halter top that displayed her tan shoulders and pierced navel. Below, a simple matching mini skirt displayed long powerful and shapely legs. Her feet were encased in blue low heeled shoes; for she didn’t want appear too tall.

Ella had recently fallen on tough times; she was part way through her optometry qualifications when her father passed away suddenly. He had been helping her financially but that assistance stopped when his casket was lowered into the ground. Her inheritance was small canlı casino but soon spent (albeit wisely). She struggled to earn enough money to continue to live and finish her studies, but was determined to do so. As a last resort she considered the oldest profession known to man. While the thought of selling her body disgusted her, a little investigation told her that a couple of tricks a week could make the difference financially. Ella knew that she had the looks to be at the high end of the market, and she enjoyed good sex, but doing it with someone she didn’t know or care for wasn’t going to be easy on her.

A few inquires brought her to the attentions of Roberto Gambini and an interesting proposition. Roberto arranged to meet her in a hotel room; he sat and talked to her at length. He asked of her family and financial situation, and listened to her reply with some interest. She obeyed when he politely asked her to remove her clothes and then turn around so that he could take in her great beauty. He then asked her if she would consent to him making love to her, and for the first time Ella gave her body away for something else but love. To be honest, it was some of the best sex she had ever experienced, for Roberto was an extremely accomplished lover. Afterwards, Roberto asked her for a very special favour, one that would be very financially beneficial to her.

From that time on, Ella was forbidden from having sex with anyone else, male or female. She agreed to a medical to ensure that she was free from any nasty diseases. For her troubles, Ella was paid a significant amount of money up front to remain celibate, but also on the condition that Roberto would be advised if she had sex with anyone. It was a difficult ask for her, as Ella liked sex as much as any young girl, but she successfully managed to avoid boys and use her fingers and a vibrator to compensate. If everything went well tonight, she would be paid another much larger sum of money, more than enough to finance her way through the year. She would then be free to pursue men friends once again. And all she had to do for all this was to relieve Roberto’s son of his virginity.

Ella was nervous, could she manage to seduce Roberto’s son if he was overweight or ugly, or had a face full of adolescent pimples? And what if he was rough or violent or had some other deviant unexplored tendencies? Roberto had given Ella strict instructions that his seduction was to be conducted in a loving manner if she wanted her payment in full. He reiterated that his son’s enjoyment was paramount. She thought back to Roberto’s good looks and wonderful bedside manner and hoped that his son had inherited those traits.

Anthony still didn’t know what was about to befall him as the lift headed for the seventieth floor, his father and Mule were smiling mischievously but he knew better than to ask. They exited the lift on the top floor and stepped to the only door. Mule hit the buzzer and stepped back, all three men were dazzled by Ella’s loveliness as she opened the door and invited them in. For the first time, Ella’s eyes fell upon the handsome young man standing in front of her, and for the first time she realized that this night might just turn out okay.

“Anthony, I’d like you to meet Ella.” his father said. “Ella’s is going to take care of you tonight. She is my birthday present to you.”

Roberto turned to Ella, “This is my son Anthony, treat him well and make a man out of him for me please.”

Anthony’s eyes shifted from his fathers smiling face and settled on Ella, he grinned nervously as it finally dawned on him what was going to befall him. Ella’s sparkling eyes challenged him as she held a hand.

“Come with me Anthony.” she purred. “I think you and me will have much fun.”

Anthony let himself be led further into the luxurious suite, a spacious lounge with leather chairs and couches sat in the dimmed room. Champagne sat in a chilled bucket beside two long stemmed glasses. They looked into each others eyes, oblivious to Mule quickly checking the suite to ensure all as it should be.

“Have fun my son and do the Gambini name proud.” Roberto said as he walked to the penthouse suite door and closed it behind himself and Mule.

Outside the door, Roberto turned to Mule and handed him a key to the lift, “Make sure no one goes in or out. Bring up the lift when I’ve gone and lock it up here.”

“No problem.” Mule replied.

Mule eyed the carpeted floor where he would be spending a long night. He cared not, as he’d spent nights in far worse conditions than this.

“Champagne?” Ella asked breaking eye contact and moving to the couch.

“Please.” he answered as his eyes feasted upon her mini skirt encased swinging buttocks.

Anthony removed his jacket and tossed it over the back of a chair while the glasses were filled. He sat down and sank into the leather of a chair, and waited for Ella to pass his glass. She sat on the couch opposite him, lifted her legs up beside her and made herself comfortable, but made no attempt to pull down her skirt as it moved dangerously up her thighs. She took a sip and then kaçak casino looked over at her charge with a smile.

“So, tell me how a fine young man like yourself is still a virgin at the ripe old age of eighteen?”

Anthony returned her grin and carefully considered his answer while taking a sip of his chilled glass. He desperately wanted to race over to Ella and rip her clothes off, but he was old enough to realise that patience was a virtue, and some things are best not rushed.

“Because I’m ugly and of simple mind.” he replied after savouring the pleasure of the chilled champagne sliding down his throat.

Ella laughed, “I don’t think so Anthony. I bet you’ve broken a few hearts without even realising it, probably missed opportunities on your part.”

Anthony shrugged his shoulders, “Maybe, but I’ll guess I’ll never know for sure.”

“So, do you like what you see? Am I pretty enough for you?”

Anthony smiled politely and hoped she couldn’t hear his thudding heart.

“I think you’re very beautiful. But I’ve been told that beautiful women don’t necessarily make great lovers.”

Ella smiled mischievously and licked her sweet lips; she gazed across at Anthony with the same intent of a predator eyeing ups its prey for the first time. Oh this is going to be fun, real good fun she told herself.

“Well, if you believe that, you’ve got a lot to learn tonight. Why don’t you come over here?” she suggested patting the leather beside her.

His answer threw her off course.

“Would you mind if I take this chair outside? I suspect my friend will be sitting outside the door on the floor.”

“Errr, sure.” she replied.

Ella watched as Anthony tested the weight of the chair before picking it up with ease and carried it to the external door. He balanced the chair on his thigh and opened the door, he found Mule getting to his feet from the carpeted floor.

“Thought you would appreciate this.” he said placing the chair on the carpet outside the door.

“Thanks.” Mule replied. “This fucking carpet ain’t as comfortable as it looks.”

“Carpets fine, it’s just that your fat arse is too bony.” Anthony replied humorously.

Mule laughed loudly, “I hope she fucking kills you. Don’t come crying to me if you can’t handle her.”

“Fat chance, she’s already told me she doesn’t care for overweight geriatrics. There’s a few sewing and gardening magazines in here if you get bored, should be right up your alley.”

With a glint in his eye, Mule raised his ham sized fist, “You better get back in there before I teach you a little respect for your elders.”

Anthony returned to an amused Ella who patted the empty space beside her, “Over here.”

He obeyed and eased himself down alongside her catching the sweet scent of her perfume for the first time. She twisted herself sideways and looked at her quarry with seductive interest.

“I want you to know that I’m not gonna be a push over. If you want me, you’re gonna have to seduce me. Like anything worthwhile, it has to be earned.”

“Show me your hands.” She then asked.

She took his offered hands and studied them.

“Lesson number one.” she stated. “Women like men with nice hands. There’s nothing worse than a man groping them with grubby rough hands and fingernails. These will do just fine.”

“What’s lesson number two?” he asked quite happy to play her little game.

Ella grinned as she sat astride his lap facing him providing his first glimpse of black panties under her short skirt.

“Women loved to be kissed, do you know how to kiss?” she asked before lowering her lips to his.

Her lips were sweet and her tongue cool from the champagne, Anthony opened his mouth to allow her tongue to find and explore his. He felt her hands on his face as she pulled him tight; the kiss long and passionate. His nervous hands began to wander over her smooth skin, around her thin waist and up her back. Anthony’s experience with other girls had been extremely limited, up until recently it had been a few stolen kisses and the odd grope. But a few weeks ago he’d got a bit further with Donna Martin, a pretty little blonde that played for the girl’s soccer team. While sitting in back seat of her mother’s car after practice and under the camouflage of a less than innocent kiss, Anthony had managed a hand inside her bra and then a tentative exploration under her skirt. His unhindered hand caressed the outside of her panties between her slightly opened thighs. Then his fingers slipped under the front of her panties and through her curls. Donna’s hand clasped his wrist but let him continue as he explored a pussy for the first time.

While his practical skills were untried, he would rate highly in theory. Hours of surfing porn sites on the net via a broadband enabled computer in his bedroom had provided a detailed education of what was to be expected. But the warmth and the slick wetness between Donna’s curl covered lips were exciting to the touch. Her head lay back on the headrest as Anthony’s eager fingers tweaked her clitoris and then slipped inside her. But alas, a car door slamming close by broke the moment and Anthony’s wet hand was forcibly removed from between those lovely thighs. That night, he lay back in his bed, took himself in hand and fantasised about what might have been.

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