Answering Her Question

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[There is violence in this story. Consensual violence. There is also a threesome, woman to woman sex and discovery. The women in this story like pain. If you don’t want a story where a woman or women like pain, don’t read this story. Pain can be a powerful fetish.]


“Did I hear you correctly?” I asked.

“I’ll say it a different way. All my life since I was in middle school I have felt attracted to other girls. I dated boys in high school because that’s what all my friends did. I was more turned on seeing other girls changing clothes than in kissing boys or being with boys. I knew my Mom and Dad would freak if I did anything with another girl. So, I didn’t.” Kim was lying next to me in our bed. The last half an hour had been spent teasing her body and then eating her to a couple of orgasms


“And, I married Javier while I was in college. I had two kids with him. The marriage didn’t work very well and we got divorced. For financial reasons I got married again, to Mark. No kids with him, lots of arguments and lots of him screwing around on me. Then we met you two years ago. That helped us a lot.”

“Mark’s gone. How did I help?”

“Mark’s gone because he’s dying or has died. You know why he left. He left so I wouldn’t watch him waste away and die.” Tears formed in her eyes, but didn’t fall this time. “You helped us see what love really looks like. We’d both been married before. We’d both said we loved other people. You showed us how to really be in love. Mark left because he loves me and he loves you too.”

“Sometimes love hurts.”

“I know. It hurt when he left. I thought he didn’t love me. Now I understand better. I still wish he didn’t go, but I know it was love that had him go. It was love that had him give me to you when he left.”

“His idea. Your choice. You could have said no.”

“I could have. I thought about it. I thought about jumping of a bridge.”

“I’m glad you stayed.”

“I think I might be hurting you now. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Say it.”

She came to me. Her slender frame folded nicely against me and she snuggled into me. She was quiet for a time, then spoke.

“I love you. I think I may be willing to face something about me that I’ve suppressed all my life. I don’t want to get old and still wonder. Am I gay? Am I bi?”


“And, I want to find out.”


“Sue. I’m not super attracted to her, but she is our closest lesbian friend and I think if I asked her to she would have sex with me.”

“Why are you talking to me about having sex with Sue?”

“You’re my husband. I love you. We have an agreement about sex. I won’t cheat on you. Either we change the agreement or I don’t do it. My integrity is that important.”

“So, if I say no way you won’t have sex with another woman? You’ll stay with me and wonder for years what the answers are to your questions?”

“Probably. The pain of not knowing may get so hard to be with that I end our marriage so I can go find out. It’s taken me forty-five years to get here. I have no idea how long it may take before I have to find out.”

“You want my permission to bring Sue home and fuck her, have sex with her, in our bed?”

“No! Not here. Not in our bed. Maybe at her house, in her bed or in a hotel room.”

“I appreciate you being willing to talk about it. The couple down the street didn’t talk about sex and both of them cheated and gave each other STD’s. What I want to ask is this, what happens if you have sex with Sue and it is what you fantasize it may be? Will you come home, pack up and move out? What is the possible up side of this for me?”

“I won’t stop loving you. I don’t love Sue. I won’t come home and pack. I may want to include gay sex in my life but I won’t shut you out. I love you.”

“Ok. When do you propose to do this?”

“I need to talk to Sue. She might say no. She might not be interested in a skinny girl like me.”

“And, if she’s interested?”

“Maybe this weekend?”

“The whole weekend?”

“No. Friday night. Like we’d have dinner and I’d be home before midnight.”

“You are serious? This isn’t a fantasy?”

“Yes, I’m serious. Am I hurting you? Us?”

“Hurt? No. At least not yet. Do you like sex with me?”

“You are the best lover I’ve ever had. I enjoyed sex with Javier and with Mark but they never made me cum. I had to feel safe to cum. I feel safe with you. You make the stars explode!”

“Then you aren’t a lesbian. Maybe bi, but not a lesbian. As long as you don’t shut me out. As long as I’m still your husband, your partner, your best friend… go find out if you love women too.”

She tilted her face to mine and kissed me with her entire body. It didn’t take long and we again shared the physical intimacy together that we both enjoyed so much. We fell asleep after I filled her pussy with my contribution and she had cum three times.

In the morning, we changed the sheets and showered together before getting ready for work. When I dropped her off at work she leaned canlı bahis over and kissed me soundly.

That was Wednesday morning. At five-thirty that afternoon I stopped at the curb and Sue was waiting beside Kim. Kim opened the car door and Sue slid into the seat. Kim closed the door and I looked at Sue.

“Pull around the corner and park, would you please?” Sue said.

I did. I put the Mustang in Park and shut off the engine. I twisted so I faced Sue.

“Kim talked to me.” Sue said.

“I figured she would.”

“She invited us to have dinner, Friday night.”

“And she invited herself to be dessert.” I said.

“She told me this was Ok with you. I wanted to be sure.”

“When you say I’m Ok, I don’t want to be misunderstood. I’m scared. Kim may have sex with you and discover it is so much better than what she has with me that she never wants to see, feel, kiss or have sex with me again. That would devastate me!”

“I don’t think that will happen.”

“Didn’t it happen for you?”


“You had sex with a woman and sex with a man and for you the sex with a woman was so much better you never went back to men?”

“No. I’ve never had sex with a man. I’m a forty-two year old cock virgin. Never held one, sucked one or fucked one.”

“Well, Kim has. I’m her husband. I want to be her husband next week, next month and next decade. All of that is at risk. And, I said she should go find out if she likes sex with women too.”

“Why would you say yes?”

“Because Kim didn’t hide, didn’t sneak. She is unwilling to break our agreement. She trusts and loves me enough to be honest and forthright about it. I could win big. She could discover sex with a woman isn’t better than with me. She may end up happier with me because she tasted you. She may discover she likes sex with a woman enough to include it in our marriage. I may end up in a sexual relationship with Kim and another bi woman. She ends up happier and I do too. What scares me is the third option; she decides she wants to live a lesbian life. I lose her completely and she is happier. I love her enough to take the risk.”

“Ok. When you drop her here at work Friday morning plan on me bringing her home sometime late that night.” She leaned over, kissed me on the cheek and quickly got out of the car. Kim slid in and closed the door. She leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. It was a good, passionate kiss.

Kim made enchiladas for dinner, one of my favorites, and afterwards we watched some TV. To be accurate, the TV was on. I don’t know what was on. I was in my head. We went to bed after ten and didn’t mess around. I could tell her thoughts weren’t on sex with me. As I looked up at the dark ceiling above our bed I wondered what torture Friday night would be. I got about three hours sleep.

We showered together Thursday morning and I noticed she wasn’t very playful. I was cleaned and shampooed but the playful quality of our morning ritual was missing. I washed her and when I gave her breasts the extra attention I love giving, she hurried me up, saying she needed to get to work.

As we dressed I wondered if it was my imagination or was she wearing a bra and panties she usually only wore when we were going out?

When I stopped the Mustang at the curb in front of her office she said, “See you at five-thirty!” She opened the door and was gone. First time I didn’t get a good-bye kiss in four years. I honked the horn.

She stopped and turned back to face me. She remembered the kiss and came around to my door to give it to me. I opened the door and she bent in and kissed me. “I just forgot. Don’t make it mean anything. Ok?”

“What could it possibly mean?”

“Don’t be that way.” She kissed me again, closed the door and went to work. I waited until she was inside the building then I drove to my job.

I was a waste of time and money all day. Fortunately, it was a slow day. I had three machines I needed to overhaul and I could do most of the work without my brain being fully engaged. At a little after four some idiot started the emergency generator in our building and it sent a power spike through the building. Computers and peripherals went down all over the building. My boss let the four of us technicians know we needed to stay until the machines were up and running again.

When I called Kim to let her know she sounded excited. Sue said she would take Kim home. I knew their date had just been moved to that moment instead of Friday night. Kim ended the call by telling me she loved me and telling me to be careful.

The four of us worked long and hard to get all the equipment back up and running. Our boss drove all the way out to Orange County to our main maintenance facility to get more parts and circuit boards for us. It was two-ten when the door to my car closed and I headed home. From a little after four until two in the morning I had not thought about Kim, her pussy, Sue, or what they were doing.

I thought of nothing else on the way home. When I got home I was suddenly aware that bahis siteleri I didn’t have any idea how I got there. I’d been on automatic pilot. The front door was unlocked. After I was in I locked it.

As soon as I stepped to the bedroom door Kim turned on the light. She slept nude from the first night we were together. The light came on and she had a t-shirt on. The covers covered her legs and the t-shirt covered her chest and belly.

She smiled and asked if I wanted some food. I shook my head and sat on the bed. I began undressing.

“Honey, I need to talk to you.” She said.

“To tell me you’ve already had your Friday night dinner?”


“Shall I continue undressing?”

“Yes! You live here! I’m your wife!”


Her arms went around me and she kissed me. “I love you! That didn’t change.”

She helped me undress. When I slid under the covers she asked, “Are you too tired?”

“Too tired for?”

“I’d like you to love me.”

“So you can compare? I don’t think that’s fair. You and Sue had all evening, dinner a glass of wine or two, soft music and neither of you was tired. I’ve been at work for seventeen hours, I got nineteen hours worth of beard, nineteen hours without a shower, and you want me to get it together and give you great sex? I lose in the comparison.”

“I don’t want to compare. I already know you are the winner. I love sex with a woman! I love what we have better! I know I want both!”

She was all over me. Kisses and her hands doing all the things she knew I loved.

I responded as any man would. She saw my response and did her best to swallow it. When I was rock hard and ready I shifted her and got between her legs. I slid inside her and we let our passion take us. I hoped our neighbors slept soundly as we made noises.

Kim held on to my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist. We kissed and my hips thrust my cock as deep into her as I could go.

“Oh Honey! I love how you do me! Fill me up! I’m close! Harder!” She said her words of encouragement faster and faster, louder and louder.

She lifted my hands from the bed and put them on her tits. I squeezed. She moaned and I bunched the t-shirt between my hands and her wonderful tits.

The pressure built and Kim lifted her legs higher. She knew I loved the feeling her channel gave me when her legs were high.

“God! Kim! I love you! Here!” I thrust hard, the cum shot into her and I stiffened. My hands squeezed her tits and then I arched my back and lifted my hands. The t-shirt tore away from her chest and I saw her naked tits!

They were bruised and showed teeth marks! Sue had damaged her! Her nipples were both bitten and one had bled from the bites!

“Oh my God, Kim! What did she do to you?”

She pulled me down on top of her, held me close and whispered to me, “It’s Ok. It looks worse than it is. We just got carried away. It’s Ok. I’m Ok.”

Kim rolled me onto my back and she put herself on top of me, her tits pressed against my chest.

“Are you bitten and bruised other places?”

“Yes, but it’s Ok. I’m Ok.” She kissed me repeatedly. I calmed down some. Suddenly a thought hit me. My eyes opened wide and I looked Kim in the face.

“You liked what she did to you?”

“Yes.” I almost didn’t recognize her voice. She sounded like a six year old little girl.

“You wanted her to bite you? Hard enough to draw blood?” I wanted to yell, but I didn’t.

She nodded. “They were the most powerful orgasms of my life. The pain just made them stronger.”

“So, what we just did was nothing, for you? Now you want Sue to hurt you?”

“No! What I want is for You to hurt me. What I need is the pain. When you did me just now you grabbed my tits and it hurt so good. I cried out! You thought it was my orgasm and it was but it was even better because the pain added to it for me! When your wonderful cock slammed into me you slammed against my bruised pussy and it was better than ever! I can trust you. You won’t scar me.”

She showered me with kisses and begged me to suck on her tits, finger her pussy. I did what she asked and found she was right. The pain did something for her that wasn’t there when the pain wasn’t there. Somewhere in the pain was pleasure.

I fell asleep before dawn. We stayed in bed all day Friday. I called in to work and they had figured I wouldn’t be in. Kim called Sue and they talked for half an hour. Kim came back to bed wearing a t-shirt. She didn’t like how she looked, either.

At about lunch time I got on the internet and researched how to treat bruises. I went to a pharmacy and got some arnica. We used it as directed and the tenderness improved by dinnertime. I also bought frozen peas and used the bags of peas as ice packs. They helped. I applied some anti-bacterial cream ointment to the bites, which had started getting red. At a little after five the doorbell rang.

I went to the door and Sue was standing on the porch. She carried a basket in her arms. I opened the door and she came in.

“I bahis şirketleri brought you both dinner and some care for the bruises and bites.” She put the basket on the table. Sue was wearing shorts and a huge t-shirt. I was arguing inside over how to treat her. She had beat my wife up! Kim had wanted her to do it! She was hurt and needed care and the perpetrator of the damage was standing in front of me!

Kim came into the kitchen and they embraced. It was tenderness. Then Kim looked and me and read everything that was going on inside me just from my face. She helped me sit down and said, “Don’t be angry with us. We both discovered pain as an enhancement together.”

“You’re the one with bites and bruises!”

“No! Sue has them too.” She grabbed Sue’s shirt and lifted it. As it came up I saw that Sue was damaged just like Kim. Bite marks on her tits, bruises all over her chest.

“Show him the rest.” Kim said.

“He’s the first man who’s ever seen my tits.” Sue said.

“Show him the rest!” Kim said. It wasn’t a request it was a plea. I needed to see it all.

She unfastened her belt and dropped the shorts to the floor. There were six or more hickies on and around Sue’s shaved pussy. Her lips were swollen and looked very tender. Kim turned Sue around and turned herself around with Sue. Her shirt came up and off. I had not noticed the hickies on Kim’s ass and the back of her thighs. They were matched by the ones on Sue.

I knew what I needed to do.

“Sue, tell me what you absolutely need to do this weekend. What you must do.”

“Go shopping for food. I have damn near nothing at home. I should do laundry too.”

“If you don’t do laundry will you be forced to wear dirty clothes to work on Monday?”


“Then, laundry can wait. Give me your shorts and shirt, please.” When she bent to pick up the shorts I could tell it hurt. I took the clothes and put them in the washing machine. I added soap and started the machine.

“Wait! I need those!”

“You aren’t going anywhere. I can take care of both of you, help you heal quicker. You are staying the weekend with us.”

“But, I’m naked.”

“And, so is Kim. I’ll get both of you t-shirts to wear if you want, but they will get medicine on them.”

Kim said, “If we’re going to be naked, so are you.”

I lowered my shorts and my semi-erect cock sprang into view. Sue’s eyes went wide.

I got the arnica and spread it on both women. We sat down and ate dinner together. After dinner I spread a sheet on the couch and sat both women on it. While I had been researching bruises I had read that a bag of frozen peas was a good cold compress that speeds the healing. I had bought six bags of peas. I got all six and applied them to the three most prominent bruises on each woman.

Fifteen minutes later we moved the peas bags to other bruises. After half an hour the peas went back in the freezer.

By ten that night we had iced the bruises three times and had put ointment on the bites twice.

Sue said, “Where am I sleeping?”

I answered, “In bed with us.”

“I don’t sleep with men.”

“Then sleep on the couch. The bed is more comfortable.”

“He did say sleep, not fuck.” Kim added.

“Ok, but I’d like Kim in the middle.”

“Ok.” We went into the bedroom and bathroom, did our rituals and got into bed. I went to sleep quickly. I believe they whispered for quite a while.

In the middle of the night I needed to pee. I got up and took care of my need, being careful to make a minimum of noise. As I got back in bed, I noticed Sue’s hand holding Kim’s breast. It was a very erotic sight. In seconds I was back asleep and having an erotic dream.

When I opened my eyes again it was light in the bedroom. I was uncovered and both women were to my left. I was flat on my back, except for my morning hard on, pointed up toward the headboard.

My head turned a little and caught Sue looking at my erection. Kim’s eyes were closed but I knew she was awake.

I whispered, “You can touch it, if you’d like to.”


“Ok. Relax. When Kim wakes up she’ll suck on it and I love how that feels.”

Kim shifted a little and put her hand over Sue’s on her breast.

“I love how Kim’s breast feels in my hand when I do that. Does it feel great to you, too?”

“Yup.” She whispered.

Kim’s hand reached for me and found my chest. A few seconds later her hand snaked down and found my cock. She grasped it and slowly stroked.

“Oh God!” Sue whispered.

Kim moved Sue’s hand from her breast down to her pussy. Her eyes were still closed. She stroked me and Sue’s eyes never left watching her stroke me.

I saw Kim’s eye open and her lips showed the hint of a smile to me. I got the hint. Very slowly I turned towards Kim and Sue and got up on my knees. Kim kept a hold of my cock. I moved closer to her face and her mouth slowly opened. Her mouth was a little more than a foot from Sue’s face.

She gently pulled my cock into her mouth and took half of it inside. The hand she had used to guide my cock into her mouth let go of me and went behind her, directly into Sue’s pussy. Sue started to recoil but stopped. Kim was sucking me and stroking her boss’ pussy. I got to watch and feel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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